The Gawker Comes First With A Convo Burst!

So the cat is nearing 100,000 comments at his sea, with about 40,000 done by me. But oh well, they still count for the comment ringing bell. Anyway, to celebrate the cat will give some commentators a chance to speak. Some conversations may not be for the meek. If not here you never responded or email was hidden away, just so you know at your bay. To start it off the longest running commentator, Brian aka The Gawker, is here, one of the first to find my little rhyming rear.

The longest running commentator at my sea.
I guess zombie feet can't make him flee.
Have you already gawked such thing around?
Can't be worse than stepping in crap barefoot from a hound.

zombie's sweet, better than pickled pigs feet,
and stepping in poop makes the censors beep beep beep
out my words, absurd i know, i try to keep it clean
around the kids at the show---speaking of dogs
mine are beat with all the running, all in good funning

Well at least in type you can bleep bleep bleep,
In real life you may offend without a bleep sweep.
Running around and funning, I hope no germy hand shakes.
That would make the cat go done-ing and put on the brakes.

whats already broken cant break, no germs can touch
this mohawked freak, i even wash my hands after
taking a leak, cleanliness is not the godliness you seek
my type? are you trying to hit on me? ha.  wink. wink.
err...back to running, in case you don't believe i am funning.

I think you confused the cat with a leg humper,
A wink wink I'm a mohawked freak could be put on a bumper.
Of course you may get some cat calls there,
Needing to wash your hands and seeking godliness at your lair.

ha. when i worked making tires we washed with lava
before retiring to the break room to get our java
still did little to get the rubber res out the creases
but it did wash away and piddle so dont fear diseases

Geez, where haven't you worked a job?
Tires to corporate to teacher to car jacker repo man, are you in the mob?
Witness protection at your mountain way now?
Good way to avoid the wood chipper or waking up to the head of a cow.

things i havent done are few and far between, i can do
anything i dream, even held a few jobs that might make you
scream///hand cream anyone? would you like that on the plate
or in a bun? i was in on a sting operation once, busted some
grand theft larceny nuts & met the mob at dinner w/ a friend
concrete shoes were not my end---

Well I guess it is good to have friends in low places too.
They could do any dirty work for you.
Except you seem to do that as well by the sounds of it.
I hope it had nothing to do with the loo and cleaning umm spit.
Any more thoughts from the Gawker,
As we end this proving we're both off our rocker?

i was a rocker too, Romulus & The Tall Beers was the name too,
a rather metal gig//long hair, no wigs//played parties for fun
no biz, but all said and done this was fun--be seeing you soon
i will be the big eyes goon lurking ---but never twerking.

A rocking gawker that doesn't really come as a shocker. How tall were the beers though? Bet they made you need to go. And there is the first visitor at my sea with his rhyming spree. Done it all from stepping in crap to performing a rap. Next he'll go be shot into space or run a three legged race. Not sure which will come to pass. But feel free to tell my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. great post am I the first to comment? lol

    1. Both at 7
      We are even!
      A close call


    2. It's actually 3am where I am at. I stayed up for the past hour just to see if I could beat you to the post. :P Too fast for me.

    3. Mary,

      Hank is very quick a hard one to beat as he will defeat all who try to break his number one spell..

    4. Hank is in there some fast
      Has a streak that can last
      3am at your zoo?
      Damn, a nap may need to come due

    5. It's 6am for me.

      an early bird to be

      or not

    6. Well that isn't as bad as 3
      Only an hour behind me

  2. Congratulations to the cat........also your good self.
    Loved this Monday post.

  3. "A rocking gawker that doesn't really come as a shocker"
    A prolific Brian giving time with comments such a wonder!
    Wonderful set
    That one gets
    The blogging community will always have space for more!


    1. Not really a shocker
      Gawker off his rocker
      Always space
      For more to embrace

  4. haha i was wondering when this was coming, it was such a fun thing
    to bounce back and forth of the email sorts...congrats on the near
    milestone, you hear...i remember back when it was a little less
    crowded here

    1. Yeah there was a time
      When only a few came to chime
      Then it just grew
      Always fun bantering in rhyme at my zoo

  5. Sounds like Brian has done a lot, great idea for a rhyme convo to

  6. That was fun I liked the bouncing back and forth
    Brian from the south, the cat from the north
    who knew Brian had so many hidden talents
    I guess all this adventure creates some balance
    or perhaps, you two are off your rocker
    but, never fear I don't think you need a doctor
    always fun to be a bit outside of the box
    as your mind turns the key and unlocks..

    It's fall, what's next to appear on your wall

    1. Well off a rocker is fun
      Who knows what can get done
      The gawker has done a ton
      Even a naked run
      Talent there though?
      I just don't know lol

  7. Conversations do take place
    Even when not face to face
    Email back and forth is fun
    Can also talk while on the run
    100,000 comments in the sock
    Many from Gawkers gawking gawk
    He's there for you and others too
    Very faithful at your zoo

    1. There from the start
      Pushing my cart
      Putting up with the cat
      Adding to each stat

  8. I want to know more about the metal gig!!
    That's a lot of comments, Pat, even removing yours from the total.

    1. Yeah 60,000 isn't bad at all
      You two can rock away at some filled hall

  9. The gawker
    with the mohawker
    one of my favorite talkers.
    His resume is a long one
    and he's only just begun!

    Congrats on all those comments!
    Being lonely you can't lament.
    Look how far you've come, too,
    from the cat in the hat crew!

    1. Yeah a great in blogland
      As he hops around the blog sand
      Who knows what else he'll add
      And yep, sure came a long way at my pad

  10. That is a lot of comments, that is for sure. Good for you and your rhyming ass. Well done. Keep up the good work. And have a great day too.

    1. The cat will hit 200,000 one day
      As he continues on his way

  11. Every Vrian always has something to say!

    1. Missed the B
      But still something to say at my sea lol

  12. Okay this one had me a bit lost but "leg humper" will certainly remain with me for the rest of the week...

    1. haha a convo that is out to lunch
      A whole friggin bunch

  13. Nearing 100,000 comments - holy cow!
    That is some milestone for sure.

    1. Yeah ever so close at my sea
      By the end of the month 100,000 will come to be

  14. Wow, that Gawker is sure a big talker. He's done it all, unless his tales are tall. Now he's even been rhymed by a cat, how about that! Good luck reaching 100K and have a good Monday.

    1. Yeah he's done much and can yap away
      Which works fine for my yappy bay

  15. Nice job on the comments! We'd like to think we contributed a decent amount toward that. Also, "Romulus & The Tall Beers" is pretty much the coolest band name ever. I don't care how tall the beer is... as long as it's tall.

    1. haha yeah that is a good name indeed
      And you contributed a bunch, even a rhyme soon at my feed

  16. Yay for 100000 comments minus 40 thou. That's nothing to sneeze at for sure.

    If anybody could rhyme like that, it would be Pat Hatt. I'm just saying.

  17. At least the Gawker doesn't twerk!

  18. So this is the big kick-off then. Very glad to see it as so many of us have been hanging 'round here for so long. So Brian is responsible for first coming along and making you believe you had something of interest to say. Poor sod, if only he'd known then what he knows now.

    Nice of you to include us in your celebrations Cat. You're not such a bad sort after all.

    1. Yeah, look what he helped start
      The cat created so many more thanks to a few at my cart
      Fun to include a few
      And make fun too

  19. Definitely a record of which to be proud!

  20. Props to Brian for being a loyal follower! And congrats to you on the numbers!

  21. orlin N cassie

    hole lee crapz thatz a lot oh comments....just think if ewe had dollar for everee one.....faaaaaaaaaaaaa....patz azz wood be rhymin frum hiz own private isle land still oh just a wee bay !! conga rats guys N heers to one bazillion mor ♥

    1. lol a dollar for each one
      And to that private island we would run

  22. Having a lot of different jobs sure keeps a guy on the run.
    But it also sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Yeah experiences abound
      When a lot of jobs are found

  23. lots of comments at your place
    neat to keep track of who was the first one
    interesting trivia statistic to bring up
    if anyone wants it just for fun


    1. Yeah was easy to keep track back then
      Not so much now at my den

  24. A leg humper still beats a face jumper
    100 grand you say cashing in today?
    If only at your bay!

    1. Like to cash in
      Then be debt free at my bin

    2. Never been debt free
      And I never will
      It's like climbing a hill
      When there's no top to see

    3. Yeah stuck in a rut
      Debt one can cut
      Go into bankruptcy
      But then screwed are thee

  25. Yay on all the comments. Your sea is a popular place to be.

  26. Brian sounds like he has been in every job

  27. 100,000, how cow!
    You've got me beat by 9/10s; wow!
    And I wondered all weekend if Hank made 50;
    He's up early with typical hanky panky!

    1. Get 50 indeed
      Here at my feed
      You got more views
      Double mine as they peruse

  28. The gawker is funning.
    The gawker is cunning.
    As a mobster, I'll bet
    The gawker was stunning.

    Congrats on 100K!
    I'm in dismay.

    1. The gawker might put one down
      Better watch out if he comes to your town

  29. Brian is really one of my favorites friends an d has a lot of humor sense lol

    1. Yeah can pick at him a lot
      And he can take it and return the plot

  30. Congratulations! That's awesome. I always feel intimidated commenting here because I don't rhyme very well anymore. I used to love to write poetry, but I've lost my touch!

    1. haha no need to rhyme at all here
      Some do it, some don't, nothing to fear

    2. Im lazy to rhyme !only Imake sometimes:)

    3. haha you're too busy cooking to rhyme
      At least most of the time

  31. Congratulations, Pat! 100,000 comments ~ That's WILD! Have a good one!

  32. You sure get the Chatty Cathy's here!
    Congrats on almost 100,000 dear!

  33. That's a lot of sass back coming your way,
    I can't imagine responses adding up to 100K.

    1. The cat loves the sass
      Given to his little rhyming ass

  34. Loads of comments
    Over the years
    You must be proud
    Crack open some beers

    Brian's your first
    Awww that's sweet
    A loyal blog buddy
    Sure can't be beat

    Must take a lot of time
    To respond to all
    Amazing feat
    At your hall

    1. Takes a while here and there
      But get used to it at ones lair
      And then just away you go
      And rather easy when 5 months ahead with the rhyming flow


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