The Halloween Nazi Is Last Amongst The Cast!

So the cat figured he would save the out to lunch for last. What? The insults shouldn't come that fast? She can take it fine, after all the Halloween Nazi may chop off your head and on it dine. Now ends the 100,000 convo run. When 200,000 comes we'll have more fun.

The Halloween Nazi is here,
Even with Halloween so near.
Don't you need to go turn into a witch?
Aren't you feeling that cackling itch?

How gruesomely fun to be here today.
Bantering with you never causes dismay.
You know I love Halloween at my abode.
But if the cat isn’t nice, I’ll turn him into a toad.

Pffft if that came upon this guy,
I'd give you a wart right on your eye.
Then you'd live Halloween all year around.
But hey, plenty of acting gigs for witches can be found.

A wart on my eye would be extra sweet
Better than having them on my feet.
Warts make witches look mean and scary.
Kind of like Pat's back, which is all kinds of hairy.

You stared at Pat's back you say?
Was your crystal ball on the fritz that day?
The cat knew you had a thing for back hair.
I bet you have walls of it in your evil lair.

Back hair on the walls.
Fingernail scrapes down the halls.
My evil lair is quite a fright.
Would the cat be brave enough to spend the night?

The cat knows who to call,
To clean the place from wall to wall.
So nothing will be a fright,
When I bring Mr. Clean's bald head in sight.

Mr. Clean isn't going to have your back.
I have his head mounted on a plaque.
You'll have better luck giving the Ghostbusters a ring
If you don't want to end up as my next play thing.

A taxidermist with a back hair fetish at your zoo.
Damn, your own reality TV show could come due.
And all I can say is, oh dear,
I'm snip snip and have nothing to play with, so no fear.

A reality series sounds like fun.
Then the money I'd make by the ton!
However, my potion recipes and what's buried under porch I need to hide.
Best not invite the cameras in for prying eyes.

There you are. Now all know near and far not to knock on the Halloween Nazi's door. She really is something of lore. She will put you beneath her grass. She will never catch my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Mr. Clean's mounted head - now that would b a site.
    Happy Halloween and been a great month of guests and fun!

    1. Yeah that would sure be a sight
      Been fun to give the guests a flight

  2. 'not to knock on the Halloween Nazi's door'
    That's very good advice or you'll end up sore
    A sly taxidermist?
    with back hair fetish
    Better not get floored with unlikely bad odor


    1. haha a triple feature
      Avoid that halloween nazi creature

  3. Wonderful Halloween poem Pat, made excellent reading.

  4. What I found truly scary
    Is discovering Pat's back is hairy!

    1. haha got an oh me oh my?
      Never fear that is a lie

  5. An Octoberfest with all the best
    putting bloggers on the banter test
    all because the cat made a request
    great collaborations with your guests
    could the cat be a bit umm possessed
    many thoughts had to be expressed
    halloween nazi last who would've guessed
    Is she the witch from the east or the west
    hope the raven doesn't caw from his nest
    It's Halloweeen cat how will you be dressed
    running from hall to hall full of zesty zest
    my missing piece in your treasure chest
    what secrets do you hide in your vest
    hoping to make it to the mountain crest

    It's Fall Happy Halloween All

    1. haha look at you go
      With the same end rhyme high and low
      Many guests sure did show
      Still a few surprises just so you know
      Wait until Tuesday for a new foe
      May tramp on a toe
      Enjoy the mountain top
      Hopefully no wood you'll have to chop

    2. It's impressive. She MUST be a poet. I told her so, but she refuses to KNOW it. Now, where's my milk?

    3. Maybe in a bit of denial
      With the poet dial?

    4. That must be it
      But she's still a hit

  6. You're messing with her ON Halloween? Yeah...that's just asking for trouble. She's got friends you know. Halloween friends (said in a scary whisper). ;)

    1. The cat is not afraid
      He'll spray her with Raid
      Add a flame with some gas
      A roasting halloween lass

  7. Hmmmmm, my crystal ball sees nothing but treats this halloween!

  8. Thanks a lot, Cat, for the warning
    Nix witches house until the morning
    Her ways are simply, oh so evil
    Perhaps more so than the bad Kneivel

    1. Yeah steer clear
      She may give you warts from ear to rear

  9. A wart on your eye
    that's worse than a sty
    but what can we expect
    from the cat but disrespect
    on this of all days
    when children arrive at our bays
    I have a trick for the cat
    never a treat just a rat

    Happy Halloween, Pat!

    1. A trick you say
      Like your scary display?
      That won't work
      One eye isn't a perk
      But out you can lurk
      On Halloween no one will go berserk

  10. Mr. Clean better watch his back hair

  11. Remind me to never step on her doorstep

    1. Yeah go the other way
      She may throw you in the bay

  12. I knew you'd have a good rhyme for Halloween!!!

    1. Always have some fun
      Even as halloween gives a run

  13. I just told my husband that once we move to our next house, I'm going to break out my Halloween spirit and start decorating each year. I LOVE Halloween but we don't get many trick or treaters here.

    1. Hopefully you'll get a bunch at the new one
      And can have some halloween fun

  14. Spray her with Raid, you say?
    Tell her to keep her mouth closed as you spray! haha.

    1. haha from experience at your zoo
      As a numb tongue will ensue

  15. Pat, this has been lots of fun,
    your 100,000 convo run!
    It's been great to meet each guest,
    as they throw at you their rhyming best!
    The Halloween Nazi was super fun,
    sure wish this guesting wasn't done.
    I have to admit, I'm not in the know.
    To see HN's blog, where would I go?
    Have a great Halloween Day
    at your hairy, scary bay.

    1. Halloween Nazi is Theresa at my sea
      She comments of every post added to the tree
      Can find her with ease
      But she may give you fleas

  16. Happy Halloween

    Ghost says Boo

    Owl says Hoo

  17. Ug! This is my THIRD time trying to comment. The first two times I wrote a snarky comment about how you can keep the hairy back fetish person but give me Mr. Clean....but now I've lost my patience. Just give me Mr. Clean!!!!!

    1. hahaha the cat just wants to make you squirm
      Making you repeat things for a third term
      See how many times you can say the same
      Before you want to murder and maim

    2. I knew you were behind my technical difficulties, cat!! :(

  18. Happy Halloween to the king of rhyme
    I hope your spooky night is a grand ole' time!

    1. haha same old same old I'll bet
      Is what it will be for the pet

  19. A woman fears a hairy back
    And wonders, "Does a razor he lack?"
    Shave it while he's asleep, she might
    If only to decrease her fright.
    So she can go to sleep at night.

    1. I'd welcome that
      Except for a cat
      Then a hairy back is fine
      Thankfully no hair on Pat's does align

  20. That witch sounds so mean!
    She should be pilloried!
    It must have been quite a scene
    to interview Hillary.

    1. Bill thought it was a thrill
      He ran off after popping a pill

  21. However you and the cat
    celebrate this day
    I hope it is a good one
    filled with lots of play


  22. The Halloween Nazi's timing is impeccable. I don't think I'll venture near her lair. She might show me back hair and give me a scare!

    1. Yeah run the other way
      She has quite the scary bay

  23. Happy All-Hallow's Eve to you, too!

  24. okay I am waiting for the cat's toad costume...

  25. Happy Halloween to you!! Manzanita and I might dress up and cause quite a fright tonight.

    1. haha have to take a pic of that
      And show it at your blog mat

  26. Now that's a scary and mean-sounding witch at your place,
    Warts and hairy backs and cause fright on any face.

    1. Yeah that is just one nasty sight
      No wonder on a broom she takes flight

  27. Dining on heads? Is the Halloween Nazi a zombie? Anyway, we hoe Pat's back clears up. MOL! Happy Halloween to you all!

    1. haha be nice to clear up of the pain
      But that is a whole other lane

  28. Happy Halloween to everyone. We also hope that Pat's back gets all better too. Have a good one.

    1. haha who knows when that will be
      Back here is rather crappy

  29. haha...the hairy back made me think of a movie - can't remember the name though... a group of animals breaking out from a zoo and experiencing some adventures... i have still a pumpkin on the table that i wanted to carve a face in for halloween but had no time so far..

    1. Madagascar? Or The Wild?
      Just paint a face on it, easy and mild

  30. Hope the good deeds eliminate all warts
    and hair will be the defending guards!
    So be it! - (wave my wand)

    1. Eliminate the back issues for me
      And I'll take the warts with glee lol

  31. You surely save the best for last
    And by the Nazi got duly sassed
    What a shame this day is almost done
    Hate to end having so much fun

    1. A month of fun
      To give a run
      As they came
      With their claim

  32. orlin N cassie....thanx....KNOT... ta shit azz werk.... we iz total lee late N gettin heer two day ~~~~~~~its gettin sew we canna even sneek round blogger any more frum thiz place oh employ with out sum one sayin... due sum werk


    heerz two a happee haunted halibut howl o ween week oh end ♥

    1. haha need to get a bigger chair
      Hide the screen at your work lair

  33. I'd like to meet the Halloween Nazi face to face
    I wonder which of us would begin the chase!!
    Happy Halloween. Boo!

  34. A cat to a toad
    A wart on your eye
    Could it be that ghosties
    Have come out to spy?

    Happy Hallow's Eve
    To Orlin and Pat
    And of course Cassie
    Must not forget that

    Are you going to play tricks
    Or eat treats instead
    Either way, don't peek
    At monsters 'neath your bed!

    1. haha the cats hide under the bed
      So might bite the monsters on the head
      No trick or treats
      Just sleeping between the sheets

  35. That mean ol' witch is just understood.
    Invite her to tea, and I betcha she would
    Park her broom in a closet and visit a while.
    Heck!You might even make that old biddy smile.
    And while she's sipping and nibbling, she may
    May the warts and the back hair all go away.

    1. haha well if she can cast such a spell
      May invite her in for a while where I dwell

  36. Halloween Nazis, oh dear, oh dear
    They won't pass out candy
    While they're drinking beer

  37. A hairy back... could this be true?
    Now, I wonder how does she know this about you?
    Did she use a crystal ball?
    Are you sure that's all? ;)

    1. She made it up with ease
      After I gave her fleas

    2. As easy as one two four
      Right there at your door

    3. Easy as that
      Maybe two at my mat

  38. Awe! I feel so special getting a spot right one Halloween ♥ What a fun time rhyming with you on such a fun subject!!!

    1. haha your own special day
      Fun was had indeed with the display

  39. back hair on the walls
    i am not usually OCD
    but that one would freak me....

    1. haha yeah that would make many run
      As back hair hung a ton


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