Time For The Blame Game Claim!

The cat sees it all the time. Humans like the blame game chime. They never did the crime. Oh know, it was that scary looking mime. Or maybe that pointy rock. That culprit is a lock.

A little late.
A common trait.
But never you,
As slow as glue.

Oh no, it was this.
That caused no bliss.
Wait! It was a slow driver.
No, you had to stop for a sky diver.

Works not done,
As in all but none.
But it wasn't you.
Just so busy at your zoo.

The phone kept ringing.
The buzzer kept dinging.
Those youtube videos kept playing.
Oops, forget what I'm saying.

Never took out the trash.
I got a bad rash.
It just could not be done.
Plus it weighs a ton.

My poor arm.
Can't cause it harm.
Poor poor me.
I can't do it, you see?

The dog went on the floor.
Typical butt sniffer lore.
But it is all its fault.
I never locked it away in a vault.

Who cares if I was away,
It was just for a day.
Not my fault the pup went on the floor.
Do I have to do every chore?

Come what may,
I'm sick today.
I just can't do it.
See the color of my spit?

Poor poor me.
I hurt my knee.
I got a paper cut too.
There is nothing I can do.

Lazy humans near and far as they go as slow as if they were walking through tar. What else is there to say? Maybe they will whine more for you at your bay. Don't you want to hear the excuses of each lad and lass? Should just do it and it is done like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Humans like the blame game chime"
    It's someone else at fault all the time
    Blame game
    All so lame
    Such elements just not worth a dime!


    1. Nope, not worth a thing
      As they let the blame fling
      Thinking they are king
      and not a ding a ling

  2. "Walking through tar," I like that phrase
    People always in, rather a haze
    Take responsibility, a lesson learned
    Take your lumps if they're earned
    Your call at 2 AM could do some harm
    And then say you're Jake from State Farm

    1. lol got a deal for you
      Insurance one month for the price of two
      That would perk one right up
      Until they realized they were fooled worse than a pup

  3. I'd post a longer comment but the computer's going slow (just kidding...and blaming something other than me). ;)

    Happy, happy weekend to you and the cats. :)

    1. lol well slow computers can annoy a bunch
      Even if your excuse today as out to lunch

  4. Hey, I often get the blame for things around here!

    1. Yeah seems to be the way
      Blame the cats night and day

  5. I wanted to be first today
    But the sunrise stole my attention away
    Had to make up an excuse, too
    Because it's fun at your zoo

    1. haha an excused was needed
      So #1 couldn't be seeded

  6. See where the blame takes you
    maybe it's not your role to partake in...

  7. I always get the blame around here but only from the cats so that isn't so bad. One of these days, I am going to be first. Have a great day Pat.

    1. haha good luck being first
      Bet you get the blame when their water bowl is empty and they want to quench their thirst

  8. those who shift the blame are just lame

  9. If you can't take the blame you shouldn't have done it

  10. The blame game doesn't end
    With "I'm sorry, my dear friend"
    It goes and goes with all the same
    Grown up kids who only blame.
    I blame all blamers
    It's their fault
    Their blaming crap
    They'll never hault.
    Unless they're caught
    Having an affair
    Then say "I'm slime" and emote
    But only for the cameras
    Or to get your vote.

    1. Yeah, they want a vote
      So hit a high note
      Even after the affair
      As they get something more rare
      A scorned wife
      Will ed one's ability to make life lol
      a snip snip
      For the double dip

  11. Try not to make excuses at my zoo
    when I arrive somewhere late
    but never like it when
    I make someone have to wait


    1. Yeah I hate making one wait
      And I hate when they make me wait at my gate

  12. There's an excuse for everything it seems.

  13. If it's your shame
    then take the blame
    or blame it on a frame..

    1. Or one with a weird name
      Or blame the fame lol

    2. haha to that one must proclaim
      pay someone to take the blame...

    3. haha that many do
      Those with dough in view

  14. In the south everyone likes to blame Obama

    well that's not true, they never blame him when things go right. High gas prices? Obama's fault. When they're low? they have nothing to do with the president.

  15. I'm never late.
    That's not my fate.
    Folks get surly
    when I show up early.

    1. Yeah I avoid late
      Late I hate
      But then I have to wait
      As late is their trait

  16. Lots don't want to own up
    And sit innocently with their cup
    But if I were a pup
    I'd say the human ate my homework up

    1. haha the pup might not win
      That argument at their bin

  17. Lazy we are
    Near and far.
    Whiny, too
    At many a zoo.

  18. That is all some people do well

    1. True, cant take that away
      Or they'd have nothing to say

  19. having just drove 4 hours to get home...i ran into a couple slow drivers...not that i actually ran into them, but got stuck behind them, i did consider running into them but i didnt...but i know a few...and i can still rhyme true...

    1. haha I'd want to run into them too
      But that would just make things crazy with the insurance that came due

  20. Some days I feel like I am the one doing all the chores. My new motto is: I ain't your maid. Clean it up or get out :)

    1. lol that is a good motto to live by
      Then some of the chores others will try

  21. I cry poor me sometimes... but find out If I don't get off my arse nothing with get done.

    1. That is the truth
      Have to get off your arse at your booth

  22. Not Me is popular in my house,
    Not Me is not quiet as a mouse!


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