Why Carve This Thing At Your Wing?

So the cat can see faces once more, some are fun, others are a bore. But either way all that mess just causes the cat dismay. Why bother with such a thing when you can carve faces in other things at your wing?

Look at the above,
If guts you love,
Go for it.
Get your surgeon on a bit.

But two in one,
Could easily be done.
Grab the mutt and shave,
It will sure be a fav.

If your mutt has hair.
Could create a face that is rare.
Plus get a hair cut.
Two in one with the mutt.

Heck, do it to a human head.
Some hair just causes dread.
A carved mohawk for the gawker.
That would be a shocker.

The grass could still be green,
At many a scene.
So mow a face in the lawn.
Could also play an alien crop circle con.

Make a face out of money.
That would be funny.
Then pay your rent.
No need to spend a single extra cent.

Wear a mask.
That is an easy task.
Then you can be scary,
With a face like a strawberry.

Or just ask a cat,
They will help you stat.
Show a bit of skin,
Some scratches will turn into a facial win.

Draw a face on paper,
Such an easy caper.
Then tape it to the door.
Face and showing off skills at your shore.

That is a win win.
Aren't I helpful at my bin?
Screw the pumpkin,
That is just a sin.

See, no need to make a mess, you can do more with less. The cat will help all too. Just line up at my zoo. A scratch here and a scratch there and you'll have a new tattoo at your lair. You may shout something crass, but that never bothers my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I found two pumpkins at my door
    Big surprise forever more
    Who left them, was it the pumpkin fairy
    No is was visiting worm-queen Terry

    1. aww, that's nice that she left you pumpkins :)

    2. haha hopefully no worms were in each one
      That would be kind of ironic under your sun

  2. "Why Carve This Pumpkin Thing At Your Wing?"
    Ok, so one has to for it is all about Halloween
    Scaring someone
    Can be lots of fun
    But don't get killed if by a trigger-happy being


    1. yeah watch out for the yappy
      And the super trigger happy

  3. Never carved...but like to eat
    Maybe give it a try
    To find a secret conduit?...

  4. We don't carve ours. Too much effort!
    I have thought about mowing a message on my lawn.

    1. Yeah too much indeed
      Would be funny for a message to take seed

  5. I don't carve as they just tend to rot
    I keep them whole and like them a lot.

  6. We're going pumpkin hunting this weekend w/grandma, grandpa, and a cousin of the kids. I love the messy fun... I probably won't do it when the kids are grown though. :)

    1. Kids can make it fun
      But the nastiness still wants to make me run

  7. But the mess is really fun
    I'm gonna fling it, you better run

    The seeds can make for quite a snack
    Unless it's taste that you lack

    The pumpkin puts on quite the show
    When the candle fills it with glow

    It's not as messy as carving a cat
    Tell me what you think about that

    Carving a cat would be too crass
    Once I shove a candle up its ass

    1. If you hit an not miss
      I'll fling it back with a hiss
      The seeds are great indeed
      Kill parasite within you with each seed
      If a candle is shoved up my ass
      Things may blow with my next bout of gas

  8. We've never really had one of those things to care out here!

    1. No crappy guck to get through
      A score for your zoo

  9. What rhyming fun!
    With carving pumpkins,
    I am done!
    No more little munchkins
    coming to my door,
    and cleaning out the icky guts
    is such a chore
    and drives me nuts!
    Have a good day
    with sparkling sun
    at your bay
    and oodles of fun!

    1. haha raining here
      No sun I fear
      But yeah nasty guck
      No more so you're in luck

  10. We sure don't carve the pumpkin. Way too messy. But pumpkin pie is really good and you can buy that already made. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Messy as can be
      We'd rather pitch them in the sea

  11. i never liked carving them but smashing them was another story

    1. Smashing can be fun
      As long as no clean up needs to be done

  12. Time to think about carving a pumpkin! Love to see all of the original jack-o-lanterns on porches at this time of year!

    1. Some of the designs are fun to see
      As long as no carving is done by me

  13. I took my little MushyFace pumpkin picking last week with every intention of carving it the next day. Then I spent the night thinking about the mess, and decided to leave it sitting on the stoop. It's very pretty in its natural form anyways, right?? :)

    1. lol a good excuse to leave it be
      Wait until she gets older and wants a carving spree

  14. No carving for me. I get enough pumpkin everything this time of year anyway.

  15. Yes it's true.
    Carving a pumpkin's a hard thing to do.
    I get all cut up and can't carve through
    And the cut-outs need be clever too
    Just roast pumpkin seeds and I'm thru
    Wait, I need a piece of pumpkin pie
    With ice cream too.
    Okay, now I'm thru.

    1. haha all about the food
      The seeds kill things that are rude
      No chocolate at your sea
      That can't do for thee

  16. Haven't carved a pumpkin in years
    but always had fun when I did
    except for digging out its guts
    that was something I could rid.


    1. Yeah the guts are the worst part
      Can't take that to heart

  17. Pumpkins make me gag but some are turned in to works of art!

    1. Anything can look good I suppose
      As it strikes a pose

  18. Not carving here.
    But I love Jack O lanterns someones are really beauty!

    1. Not gonna do it
      Figured you'd have a recipe for every pumpkin bit

  19. Hmm carving a pumpkin is something I'd do
    a creative outlet, even if there is some goo
    I know this might cause your ocd a fit
    save the seeds and roast them for a bit
    they are really healthy for you to eat
    why not grab a handful as a treat
    if you don't like to carve you could paint
    as long as the smell doesn't make you faint..

    so let me know what you think, as another
    light hearted fool adventure comes into view

    1. haha I can't paint at all
      Look like a 2 year old at my hall
      Carving disturbs my ocd
      So I'll leave that to thee
      Off I go for a view
      Before some babysitting is due

  20. it's been a while since i carved a pumpkin face but cooked some pumpkin soup for dinner tonite.... though that doesn't count, right...?

    1. Well it is kinda the same
      Your cooking may look more tame

  21. I would rather have the pumpkin pie or soup, smiles ~ I find it a waste to see all those pumpkins thrown away after halloween ~ have a good weekend Pat ~

    1. Yeah they get chucked aside
      After the halloween ride

  22. Haven't carved one since I was a kid,

    did not like the smell I did

  23. I like cat's idea. I've got three pumpkins to carve tomorrow. I am really not looking forward to dealing with pumpkin guts!

    1. Yeah not fun at all
      Slatting such things on the wall

  24. But what is Halloween without a jack-o-lantern? And of course a black cat.

  25. My face once looked like a strawberry, Mr. Cat
    Teaching with my fly open... how about that?

  26. Great post Pat, pleased to be back reading your wonderful verses.

  27. i wonder what my cat would think
    if i tried to carve something in his hair
    yeah that would stink
    and i imagine him on the brink
    slinking in at night to give me a fright
    and with a claw take out the light
    in my eyes, surprise!!!!

    1. haha yeah you'd need to move far away
      If you tried that at your bay

  28. Love carving pumpkins
    Love the squishy goo
    And when I light the candle
    It makes me smile and... "BOO!"

    1. haha you can carve for all
      As not many seems to like it here on my wall

  29. Pumpkin pie is the best reason why
    Oh the things we do for fresh pumpkin pie!

  30. Happy to be the dissenter here, we're carving tomorrow, and I'm excited this year and can't wait! Woot! :)

    1. haha enjoy that at your bay
      I'll look at the final display

  31. I got Manzanita a couple of pumpkins for her porch. I don't think she is going to carve them. She wants to keep them for the fall....

    1. They stay better that way
      Just there on display

  32. I don't carve them. They are gross inside. I make hubby do it with the kids then I take the seeds and eat them all myself lol.

    1. lol that is the best way
      Watch well in the guts they play


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