A Gift To Make Spirits Lift!

The cat will help you out at your sea, just in case you have an enemy. There is one gift that will top them all. At least 99 percent of the time at your hall.

No need for dung,
That post as been flung.
Can send that in the mail,
They sure would wail.

But then they would know,
That they were your foe.
If they don't already.
Instead keep things steady.

Don't go all mean.
Be cheery at your scene.
Get them the best.
One that beats all the rest.

It will bring a smile,
And not be vile.
Just listen to the cat.
This is where it's at.

Get them something great,
To nothing else it can relate.
$1,000,000 is what it is.
Wait! Don't in your pants take a whiz.

The cat means a lottery ticket.
Then they won't picket.
You will have gave them a gift,
And their spirits will lift.

They will scratch away,
Wasting time at their bay.
Score one for you,
Made them waste time without a clue.

They will hold out hope,
That the one letter, number, etc. won't elope.
That it will show to make three,
And they can yell, yippee!

Score two for you.
Gave them hope and not much came due.
They can use the ticket to feed the ducks,
Or just maybe they will win two whole bucks.

And the best of all.
Most re-up at their hall.
So if they win a bit,
They try again at their pit.

See, you can make them waste tons of time and have them win a whole dime? Isn't that better than dung? Of course you could also pop a lung. If the one you gave was the winner, you just gave your foe a golden plate dinner. Hmmm maybe mailing dung is the way to go. Don't want to enrich your foe. That is the cat's advice in mass. I am just such a helpful little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. You did it today
      Fine run Truedessa
      Getting to be hotter!


    2. Wow, I cannot believe what I have done
      I beat Hank today under your rhyming sun..
      I had to be on my toes as Hank is quick
      as he gives his mouse a click click..

      Hey as they say here you never know
      a dollar and a dream and away you can go...
      with a scratch you can even defeat a foe...
      or maybe even make yourself a little dough

      have a great day there at your bay...

    3. Good Morning Hank,

      I was up early so thought I would give it a go!
      Wishing you a great day..

    4. Thanks Truedessa Ma'am
      You are a gem!


    5. Hank beat twice in a row. 1st time I've seen that

    6. In for the win
      There at your bin
      That isn't a sin
      Did Hank in

    7. Trudy goes in
      for the win!
      No extra chatter
      won her the platter!
      You do give out platters, right?
      Or trophies, when the win's in sight?
      lol. Oh, wait you give lottery tickets,
      and tell us to 'stick it'. ha.

    8. wow, gives me hope
      when others come in #1
      I need to either stay up late or get up early
      to partake in that fun


    9. lol a little stick it
      Wit hthe cat`s wit
      Is all you win
      Have cat food though at my bin
      Would you like some of that
      I can be a sharing cat

      Well when the 24 in one day rolls around
      Number 1 for anyone can be found

  2. A Gift To Make Spirits Lift, Get them the best
    They'll fall for it happy and you can take a rest
    They would not know
    Happy with their show
    You can then observe happily from your nest


  3. Wow, Truedessa! Quick with the keyboard this morning.
    Playing the lottery is the biggest waste of time. No, I am definitely not a gambler.

    1. Good Morning Alex,

      Well, you know they say Gamblers never win..but, sometimes in life we all have to take chances and I'm not talking about just the lottery I am talking about taking a chance on your dream. As a writer you take a chance every time you write as you never know
      how your story will be received. The important thing I guess is to enjoy what you do and the rest will fall in place..ok..done with rant..smiling..

    2. I bought one ticket in the last 4 months or so
      can't win if you don't play though
      But yeah it is a load of crap
      Money suck across the map

  4. Good day Pat, another classic verse, as I have mentioned before I do enjoy your verses. Well done.

  5. The best one. Let them think they are going to win when they won't, most likely

  6. Ever see those fake ones that look so real? My husband has pranked our 2nd oldest, his sister, and his niece w/those. I hate them.

    1. hahaha yeah I've seen those
      Fun to use them and cause woes

  7. Great post, that is for sure. Cheery is a good thing and keeps everyone happy and unstressed.

  8. Never buy? Never play? Obviously never win
    Unless your name is Rin Tin Tin
    Rinty can win the lottery every day
    Just toss a bone, point his way

    1. Can rin tin tin send me the way
      Be nice to be rich and play lol

  9. I'm more excited about the fight here for first
    Than dung - that's the worst.
    A gal to the lead
    The men must concede
    I like what I see
    Next time, perhaps me?

    1. Could win
      At my bin
      Need to get up early
      So things may get squirrely

  10. When I read the post name I know you were teasing us again:)))

  11. No lottery tickets at my bay
    money spent for need and play!
    Congrats to Truedessa today!

    1. Yeah a safer way
      Better chance at a casino play

  12. I might need to learn how to play that one!

  13. hubby one year for Christmas
    bought his employees scratch off tickets
    they had fun seeing if there were any winners
    at least they didn't picket


    1. haha that is true
      Would suck for a picket to come due

  14. Lottery tickets are all about hope. You wouldn't want your foe to do anything but mope. Dung in the mail is never a fail.

    1. Dung works well
      Gives them hell
      Let them mope
      In need of soap

  15. That is your evil, sneaky plan? A lottery ticket???? The zebra thong was better than that. Sigh...I expected something far more crazy from you! Lol

    1. lol which is why it was normal as can be
      This way I can irk thee

  16. Forget the dung and don't pop a lung, for sure@

  17. I definitely don't want to find dung in my mail!

  18. Crying again at your bay lol
    lottery tickets
    as gifty trinkets
    Can work for partyday

  19. My cat could care less about the lotto ticket so long as he gets his food and his nap. I wouldn't mind a lottery win, however.

    1. That would be grand
      Winning lottery ticket in hand

  20. def. the chance that the ducks will eat them is bigger than winning something with those lottery tickets... in math we once did the equation of how likely it is that you win... i can tell you.. it's discouraging low...ugh

    1. lol yep, better chance feeding the ducks
      Or robbing armored trucks

  21. ha. give them a leg to stand oon and then knock it out from under them
    and surely you will win.

  22. orlin N cassie...

    troo storee...de short oh it...

    de food gurl buyed 11 tickits for her gram maws
    77th...( date oh birth... numbers thing )

    knot a one oh em winned...we kept de tickits for fun....

    following week rollz around....one on de damn tickits wuz a power ball winner

    her haz knot buyed a tickit sinz


    1. haha not a winner
      With a spinner
      Then the next week
      Should never have taken a peak

  23. I've never thought that dung flung is good idea. Buying lottery tickets can't be sung either. Never buy them, just win. Figure that one out.

    1. Well you can win if you don't buy and steal them I suppose
      Can come out smelling like a rose

  24. We always do the lottery ticket thing:)

    1. I used to
      But just like flushing money down the loo

  25. I must say, I agree with the cat. Lottery tix for stocking stuffers is where it's at.
    They're easy to buy and folks have a ball. Best part is they're one size fits all!

    (Okay, those are rhymes are lame. But I'm on cold meds, so my head's not in the game.)

    1. Hey, they worked just fine
      For this feline
      Ad yeah one size fits all
      Can get them at any mall

  26. My husband's a HUGE lottery ticket buyer. He gets at least one pick a couple of times a week. Someone above said it and it's true--you're buying hope. It gives you a couple of days of thinking you might win a bunch of money and be able to improve your lot in life.

    1. Very true, that is a good way to put it
      Hope is what you get even if it is a little bit

  27. I sometimes do it for fun

    never a long run

    1. Yeah once in a blue moon
      Is fine at ones sand dune

  28. My mom gets my girls one for Christmas each year. They never win though :(

    1. Maybe one day
      They will win college tuition pay

  29. Used to buy them
    But never checked the lot
    Could have won big
    But I would know not

    Yay Truedessa
    Another win
    The gals are climbing
    To Hank's chagrin

    1. Geez never even checked them out?
      Could have won and gave a happy shout

  30. In one week, three calls for interviews and some other good news cam my way,
    so thinking my luck was on a roll, the lottery I did play.
    Well, I didn't win a thing, but there was no need to cry,
    and giving one as a gift? Why not give it a try?

    Happy Fall

    1. Used to get a handful as a gift
      At work which gave a little lift
      Now we get. C-note instead
      Makes me feel so spoonfed!

    2. haha yeah luck with the lottery is a crock
      Better off using a wishing well at the dock

      Spoonfed isn't bad
      A fun time can be had

  31. Hilarious and entertaining, as always.

  32. You know my Hubs son I was telling you about with the toilet paper? We took him 5 lottery tickets too. We watched him scratch away.
    This is getting freaky with you posting my life. LOL

    1. lol the cat is on a roll
      With his post stroll

  33. I might have a tough time with giving a winning lotto ticket to someone else! I'd be kicking myself around the block! I think I'd rather mail doo foo!

    1. Yeah that sure would suck for you
      But hopefully a reward would come due


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