A Little More Hate At My Gate!

The cat just feels like ranting today at his bay. What can I say? Feel free to join the fray. The cat doesn't mind providing a little relief and letting you rant about your grief.

First you have idiots upon high,
Who I wouldn't care if they up and die.
Let's shrink the packaging and charge the same price.
Maybe not die, but I hope they get mutant lice.

Idiots in the parking lot who go round and round.
Thinking a spot up close will be found.
When they have to walk in the damn store anyway.
Lazy turds need a face full of what's in my litter tray.

The mind readers who think they are so great,
That you should instantly have a mind reading trait.
They don't have to tell you what they want.
Instead, in their want should go at your haunt.

The mooch at work who thinks they can take,
Anything on your desk and theirs they can make.
The mooch at home who takes it all.
Thankfully none of them at my hall.

Whiners who would rather sit on their ass and whine,
Whining all day and hurting the ears of the feline,
Instead of doing something about it.
But nooo, they'd rather whine, hiss and spit.

The people who come and say "followed you"
Pfffffft whoopdi friggin doo.
Shove it up the old gazoo.
If that is it, I'd rather clean the loo.

The politically correct nut who sits and glares,
If you say something out of place he/she stares.
Yep, a glare and a stare can be different you know.
Then they try and correct you on the go.

Stupid blogger and its Error 503.
That is all it seems to give me.
No 500, 389 or 242.
Oh no! Just error 503 comes due.

People who think they can cut in line,
Because their nose is in the air and they are divine.
They can take their rump to the back,
I'll take the grocery divider thing and give them a whack.

People who think they know it all and are never wrong.
Whether MD, street bum or in between they sing the same song.
They think everything they say is pure gold.
I hope their feet turn into zombie toes and they get mold.

There was my rant for the day. So nice to do at my bay. Any of those you agree with at my sea? Any you want to share below with me? Let it fly like a bad case of gas. I also hate if that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Was on the road
      Different kind of mode
      To start all over again
      Not without pain!
      And congrats Jacqueline!


    2. Damn that road
      Causing things to reload

  2. Number 1,
    To break Hank's run.
    From me you won't get hate,
    'Cause today I feel great!
    (But poor Hank, sorry old son!)

  3. Them shrinking and charging the same is so lame

  4. Where's Hank today? Now he has to start over.
    I don't get people who circle the parking lot. What's and extra twenty yards when you have to wander hundreds to find everything in the store?

    1. Exactly, as they go round and round
      Not sure why Hank wasn't found

  5. Look at the cat, just ranting away
    But I must agree with what he has to say
    Just get it out cat, get it off your chest
    For it is the rants that I like best

    Get vulgar, get mean, get downright rude
    Let them know that you don't like that mooching dude
    Tell them all about those lazy turds
    Driving round and round, how absurd

    Just have a go at those PC nuts
    Use your words to kick their butts
    Give those whiners a piece of hell
    Tell them whining will not be tolerated where you dwell.

    1. that the cat can do with ease
      And if all else fails scratch their knees
      Leave a might fine scar
      Or just run them down with the car
      But that might hurt the car
      So just bury them in the litterbox at my sand bar

  6. I'm down with all those rants, Pat. And man, do I wish I could wield mutant lice as my evil super power. Now that'd be fun AND effective!

    1. haha no one would piss you off then
      Could rule upon high at your den

  7. Ranting is good...just get it off your chest!
    If you hold it inside, you'll become a mess!

    1. Not sure about a mess
      But by holding it in I may swear less lol

  8. Be damned and be-willikers you do rant away
    And Cat allows others to have a good say
    Now it is winter with all icy roads
    People are driving like addle-brained toads
    They follow so close with their nose in my rear
    If I tapped on my brakes we'd all disappear

    1. Yeah hate them too
      Brains full of goo
      But there they are
      Near and far
      Right up your ass
      Maybe we need a sign that says "do not trespass?"

  9. That was a darn good rant and we've all ran into most of those!!!

  10. From a kid who had lice they can stay the size they are thank you very much!

  11. Those parking lot circlers are annoying as hell
    Afraid to walk 100 feet, no wonder their bellies swell

    1. Yep, get in the way
      As they go round and round with their play
      Growing more round as well
      But their close magic spot is oh so swell

  12. Hahaha, the grocery divider was a good crack. There are plenty I'd like to give a nice whack. I really hate left turners who don't signal and then glare when I'm riding my bike straight and they're offended I'm there. I guess I'm supposed to read their minds, but it'd be better if they choked on orange rinds.

    1. Yeah they are nuts indeed
      Maybe parking away they think they'll get a nose bleed

  13. You covered a whole bunch of the same things that always get to me,
    No turn signals, slow in the left lane and political correct are my top three.

    1. Those three they can shove
      As they sure get no love

  14. I can't understand why people can't just park further away and walk. It is annoying!

    I've always been perplexed by error 503. Are there really 502 before it?

    1. Yeah not sure where the other 502 are
      All I see is error 503 mostly at my sand bar

  15. The people that look for the closest parking spots ought to stop and think.
    Walking is good for a body, so most of the time I choose a space far away and really enjoy the walk to the store, unless it's raining, of course.

    1. Yeah the rain can be a pain
      But they all need that uber close lane
      Lazy as can be
      Most are from sea to sea

  16. Holy moly did you hit some good rants today
    Every single one of them at your bay
    Now more smiles will come my way
    Because I'll be giggling about mutant lice play

    1. haha mutant lice would scare all
      I'd even run at my hall

  17. A lot of good rants you have today
    I agree with most if not all
    Drives me crazy with the blog followers
    That is the wotst one of all.


    1. Yeah they are a pain in the butt
      Screw them and their "followed" rut

  18. Followed you!!!

    I kid, I kid. These type of people irk me too!!!!

    1. Yeah oh so blind
      What? You don't love their short reply that's not one of a kind? lol

  19. RantZ are good! But... You don't like followers?

    1. Followers that say "followed" and that is it
      Are as worthless as a pile of spit

  20. The political ads this time of year
    give me such a pain in the rear.
    I'd rather hear a clever zinger
    like fart jokes or "Pull MY Finger."

    1. Probably a higher IQ in those
      Then those turds already striking a pose

  21. Haha ! Is true and I hate this thing of 503! What is ? Nobody know!

  22. Such a good day to spew a good rant,
    I'd add more to your list, but I'm afraid that I can't.

    Well, actually I can... how about people who have the nerve to borrow something, and then after losing or breaking it, shrug it off by saying, "Oh well... sorry about that." Sorry about that, my butt! How about REPLACING it???

    1. Oh they can pound sand
      Neither a lender nor a borrower be at my land

  23. ha - you forgot those that need two parking spaces with just one car - and word verification... smiles

    1. WV is a given at my sea
      And yeah the two spots are annoying as well to me

  24. The PC need to leave me be. What is with error 503? I can rhyme!

  25. Missing pictures
    That's the thing
    They disappeared
    Ringy ding ding
    I didn't have to
    Do a thing
    Asta la bye bye
    No rhyme, no reason
    Not even a why!

    1. They can do that
      Sucked into a vat
      Poof there they go
      The evil pic stealing foe

  26. orlin N cassie

    a grate rant two day N de food serviss gurl wood like ta add de ass drivers who pull out in traffic coz they bee in SUCH A HUREE.....then drive 5 damn milez an hour down de damn road, switch lanes without a signal, eat food, drink, text, talk on de cell swerve inta other lanes, drive 900 inna 40 & 40 on de high way...then flip ewe off if ewe honk de horn at em

    bass terds...therz one mor frum R bay two day !!

    heerz two a happee week oh end with plentee oh pie rat perch on yur platez ♥

    1. Yep, those sure annoy the hell out of me too
      Today I just met a few

  27. The list was excellent, and should be extended.

    1. A little extra here and there
      Works for my lair

  28. There are a number of things that get on my nerves. Whiners, definitely yes.

    1. Whiners and poor pitiful me
      Can sure cause no glee

  29. I don't like mean people.
    I don't understand why they don't have an inner voice that tells them to stop being a jerk, but some people really don't seem to have it.

    1. Nope, that voice went out the window
      Never again, if ever, to show

  30. "The cat just feels like ranting today at his bay"
    Many reasons to knock off what they had to say
    The Know-alls clusters
    Thinking they had all answers
    Not realizing how vulnerable to get tripped any day


    1. Yep, and then comes the trip
      And they fall breaking a hip

  31. I hate the people who break in line

    causing a scene so they can rush out with some cheap wine

    1. The drunks love to do that
      Need to get home and drinking stat

  32. Whiners are definitely among the most annoying people!!

  33. Parking? The farther - the better
    To walk, exercise -
    Get thinner - not fatter.

  34. I agree with every one.
    And would like to kick them all in the bum.
    Followed you, oh thanks a lot!
    Then they never come back to our blogging spot.
    Driving around to get a spot near.
    Then they wonder why they have such a big rear.
    Complete jerks seem to come out in masses.
    Wish we could do away with all those ignorant asses!

    1. haha that would sure be grand
      Kick them off the land
      Send them all to the moon
      There they can park near a sand dune

  35. Wonderful post and enjoyed the read Pat.

  36. Here is one thing good that is happeing on blogger. I am not getting hardly any spam any longer. Not sure what blogger did to stop it but I am sure happy about it.

    1. Yeah they are doing great at it
      At least for a bit

  37. Your rants make me laugh, a great antidote to the frustrations of everyday life. You nailed a lot of things I ran about. I hate the food companies that don't shrink the packaging, but shrink what's inside and charge a higher price. Fool me once, but not twice! Have a happy day at your bay!

    1. Those food companies sure like to screw with us
      Enough to make one cuss

  38. Ranting and whining
    All the same to me
    But people feel better
    When off on a spree

    Not sure why you don't like followers
    Am I missing something here?
    Figured that's what bloggers liked
    Their numbers to endear

    1. The fake ones at my sea
      That go on a "i followed" spree
      As that is all they say
      Then they expect you to just follow their bay
      Pffft to that
      Says the cat


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