Blogvengers Part Seven, Some Go To Heaven!

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Chapter 7
Pushing Up Flowers
Zombies With Powers

     Drazin drove through each zombie he saw. He was glad there was no zombie road kill law. The rest of the group still tried to wrap their head around what Betsy had done. Drazin listened as their tale was spun.
     "First she wanted to feed Drazin, then she was a half zombie freaky thing and now she feeds people to zombies. Does Drazin sense a trend there or what?"
     Drazin smirked while the rest ignored him. They all felt their situation was grim. All their friends were now dead. All they really wanted was a nice comfy bed.
     "I'm number one. I should be driving." Hank declared out of nowhere. He looked the other way as Drazin gave him an evil glare.
     "Look out!" Brian yelled out and Drazin slammed on the brakes heeding his shout.
     "Drazin can never catch a break."
     "I want that." Alex grinned as a zombie with a guitar strapped to him, waved his huge arms like a tree limb.
     "It's arms are bigger than its body." Mary curled up in the back, not wanting to face another zombie attack.
     The super powered zombie waved its arms in the air and they seemed to send out a tune that would raise even a deaf person's neck hair. The group covered their ears while the zombie seemed to be looking for cheers.
     "Drazin will put an end to this."
     Drazin stepped on the gas, going for another zombie run over pass. But as soon as he got near the zombie brought his arms near. They caught the car between them and began to crush it. The group all started to have a fit.
     "I'm number one. I told you I should drive."
     Drazin smacked Hank upside his head. He was not about to lose to some super undead. The car continued to be crushed bit by bit and the roof Drazin started to hit. It was rising up from the crushing of the zombie and soon all the rest joined in on his spree. The roof popped off and all jumped free. Hank continued to shout he was number one with glee.
     "I want that guitar." Alex declared, he felt to beat this zombie he was prepared.
     "Drazin will leave it to you then. Have at it."
     Alex grabbed a rock as the rest sat back and continued to gawk. He biffed it at the zombie's head. It got stuck there seeming to bring the zombie little dread.
     "That was your big plan? Drazin could have done that."
     "Maybe if we all do it at once."
     "Drazin doesn't have time for this."
     Drazin searched the ground and took a gun off the dead guy that he found. He checked to see if it had any ammo in it. He found that it had one shot left that it could spit. He shrugged and walked up in front of the group, ready to turn this zombie into mush like soup. He aimed at the zombie head and then to the car. Alex cried out, "No!" as Drazin blew up the zombie and its guitar.
     "Now that takes care of that." Drazin dropped the gun and by shooting the gas tank he had impressed almost everyone.
     "" Alex fell to his knees and cried, forgetting about his pride.
     "At least you have this, from number one."
     Hank handed Alex a guitar string he had found on the ground. Alex stuck it in his pocket and joined the group. They continued walking, not knowing where to go, hoping no more zombies threw them for a loop.
     "Oh this will be the cream of the crop. We kill them and they count as bonus points." Theresa kept her hand on the button to her trap door as she was ready to kill some more.
     "A little blood thirsty. I like it." Manzanita stopped playing with her herb collection upon Theresa's detection.
     Truedessa, Pat and the cats were coming down the street. They were walking to their own beat. They all seemed as happy as can be, despite being in this over run zombie reality. Truedessa noticed the flower stand and thought it was grand. She wanted some and Cassie thought they looked better to eat than a plum.
     "Get out of here cat." Theresa shooed Cassie away after she jumped up and tried to snack on their flower display.
     "The cat can't take her anywhere. But they do have flowers to spare."
     "I don't trust these wenches. Who sells flowers with such demons about?" Pat listened to the voices in his head and knew these two were going to cause them dread.
     "They are only flowers, Pat." Truedessa ran up to the table and looked them over. To her flowers were as great as a fire hydrant was to rover.
     Pat noticed Theresa's hand hidden away. He smiled while they told him how much he needed to pay.
     "How much are they?"
     "For you Truedessa, only....your life." Theresa cackled and pulled the lever. She and Manzanita thought they were clever.
     "But....but....our streak." Manzanita looked less than thrilled as the pair and the cats were not billed.
     Theresa and Manzantia just glared at the pair while Truedessa took a flower and placed it in her hair. They were standing on thin air. Theresa then began to swear. They would have them added to the streak. They were too busy yelling at the two to die to notice Orlin and Cassie ready to kick them in the butt cheek. Both cats stood ready to go. Pat nodded and yanked Truedessa to the side while the two cats sent Theresa and Manzanita below. They mule kicked them in the butt and their killing streak ending with them making the final cut.
     "I guess all the flowers are now yours." Pat laughed as he hit the button and closed the trap door. He never knew Manzanita had such a loud roar.
     "I think they are mine!" Cassie jumped up and began to chow down. She always loved eating flowers no matter the town.
     "I deserve a few too. I'll eat the blue." Orlin jumped up and joined in, both happy they were able to win.
     "So?" Pat raised his eyebrows to Truedessa and waited for it while glaring at the covering to the pit.
     "You were right. The wenches were evil. But the flowers weren't."
     "They will be when they come out of me and Cassie."
     The cats finished up their snack while Truedessa gave Pat a playful whack. They noticed zombies off in the distance coming their way and knew it was no time for play. They all continued on their way, hoping soon to spot the towers that led home to their bay.
     Betsy limped along the street, having burns from her head to her feet. She was not sure how she survived the blast. But she knew her clean house was a thing of the past. She had seen signs a while back when gathering supplies for her shack. They said, "Blogger Sanctuary This Way," so she decided to follow them as she was in need a of a new bay.
     She came to a gate and peered through. She caught a few people in view. She yelled the best she could, finding that she was misunderstood. They seemed to think she was a zombie. A familiar face came up to her ready to set her free.
     "Eddie..." Betsy whispered, falling to her knees as she felt a cool breeze.
     Eddie Bluelights opened the gate and yanked Betsy through, realizing her burnt to a crisp fate. He lugged her over to a bench and sat her down giving his fist a clench.
     "I really hate zombies."
     "Is that Betsy?" Gloria looked Betsy up and down. She was glad Betsy had made it to her town.
     Gloria ran to tell the others they had a new recruit and that she looked like she had taken on a zombie brute. Gloria then went back to her kitchen she had set up. She poured some soup in to a cup. She glanced at all her dishes on the way out. Zombie head on a plate, zombie toes, zombie liver, were all enough to make any normal person shout. But she fried them up good and knew they had to eat at their new hood.
     "Have some zombie soup to regain your strength."
     Betsy spit the soup out when she heard the name. She thought Gloria was playing some game. The three then heard a big commotion at the gate. It seemed the town was in for a doomed fate.
     Eddie helped Betsy to her feet and the three watched people scurry about the street. Mary Kirkland was running away with her rats. Al was gearing up some barbed wire bats. Betty took in the view from a bench. Stephanie Faris held up a huge wrench. Mama Zen had a chainsaw ready. Susan Gourley was writing her memoir quite steady. The group all seemed preparing for war or something more.
     "What is going on?" Eddie yelled out, with most ignoring his shout.
     "She has brought zombies upon us. A whole army of them. Damn, woman." Holy Ghost Writer screamed and ran, not wanting a zombie tan.
     The gates began to shake and creak. Before long there was no more zombie hide and seek. They busted through the gate and hundreds of zombies came through at an alarming rate. They sniffed out everybody before long and the group of zombies were just too strong. The group had been taken down from dozens to what looked like just three. Gloria, Betsy and Eddie.
     "There is nowhere to run." Gloria looked for a way to go. But zombies were at every exit high and low.
     "I'll go down fighting." Eddie was ready as he held up a log good and steady.
     Betsy smiled finding a second chance and hopped back while Gloria and Eddie took their stance. Zombies rushed them both and soon they were heading south, right into the zombies stomach cavity. the zombies then crowded around Betsy.
     "We will clean this place up and call it home. Now that you have full stomachs, let's get to work." Betsy pointed the zombies to each spot and told them to clean up all the rot.
     "Damn woman!"
     Holy Ghost Writer appeared out of nowhere and the last thing Betsy felt was something whiz into her hair. She had three nails from a nail gun shot into her head. Betsy toppled over dead. The zombies stopped cleaning, happy they were free and ate Betsy with glee. Some grabbed Holy Ghost Writer as well, who was just happy he sent Betsy first to Hell.
     The zombies began to scatter as the one time blogger sanctuary no longer served up humans on a platter. The many bloggers had been picked off one by one. The place was nothing more than rotting leftover flesh under a hot sun.
      Dr. Zoggif threw his hands in the air while sitting in his lair. He watched as the screen read ninety nine percent of the world's bloggers were now dead. He figured soon he would be relaxing at a club med.
     "For years they have taken from me, ignored me, made fun of me and caused my life to be like this. Now they have all paid. A few more to go and my work is complete. I will be rich."
     Dr. Zoggif opened up some program on his computer screen. He laughed as it started to hack each and every blog scene. Then Google Ads from his account appeared on each and every one. After a few minutes he watched as his Google Adwords account jumped a ton.
     "I will be the richest man in the world."
     "Not if you hide in my basement all your life."
     "Mom, mind your own business. Don't ruin my moment."
     The pair shouted at each other through the door. Dr. Zoggif then just hit ignore. He was too busy watching his Google Adwords account rise and rise. It was gaining more money than Africa had flies. His plan was nearing the end, all he needed now was a few more bloggers to join in on the becoming zombie lunch trend. He waited with sheer delight, hoping that one hundred percent mark would soon be in sight.


The evil ones are dead, sort of off with their head. I guess the bad guys do lose. You just have to light the fuse. Of course many went down with the ship. Gonna give the cat any lip? The cat will just give you some gas as he rhymes off his little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Hank continued to shout he was number one with glee".
    Drazin would rather pick up a gun and shot the zombies
    Zombies and guitar were shot to smithereens
    Lucky though to return to Alex one of the strings
    Dr Zoggif's hacking galore made him richer feeling happy


    1. All to be rich
      This zombie glitch
      And poor Alex can sing
      Maybe with his one string lol

  2. Everybody is up and dying thanks to those zombies.

  3. Replies
    1. But then you croak
      Maybe you'll make the zombie choke

  4. Wow that was the quite the trip
    as you let that adventure rip
    no evil can come from pretty flowers
    as Pat and Truedessa have magical powers
    The Ninja wanted that guitar
    he needed it to play Shining Star
    So many great friends came into play
    and some even lived to see another day
    haha still smiling with glee
    perhaps, laughter is the key...

    1. That the cat did
      As many flipped their lid
      Mixed in quite a few
      Gloria and her zombie stew
      That be rather eww
      And Betsy's reign is through
      Only 3 to go
      Before the end of this road show

  5. That is a great story. You just never know what is going to happen next and that is a good thing. Have a great day Pat.

  6. Omy! Zombies soup! Well I never think in this possibilty lol
    Esperanza look all these zombies series sigh!

    1. lol well sure you could make it
      Bake some zombies and throw in a little spit haha

    2. Yes But Esperanza is vegetarian lol
      she doesnt eat zombies:))haha
      BTW I love the name: Blogvengers!!

    3. Blogvengers was a good name
      Adam mentioned it way back when with my name game
      She won't eat zombie toe?
      It is undead and cooked good though

  7. With zombies so green
    And Betsy so mean
    This tale with mad Drazin
    Is getting hair-raisin'!

  8. Ah, those voices in Pat's head...
    deserve all flowers to feed the cats
    1% of survivors bloggers left
    to join Dr. Zoggif 'zombie lunch trend'

  9. Read the review at the other zoo
    entered the contest too :)


  10. Poor Alex. Unfortunately, it's true. On a survival scale, AND on a coolness scale...

    Shooting out gas tank explosion > guitar

    1. Yep, a much better way to save the day
      Then play a song and sway

  11. I know Manzanita and Theresa put some powers into the flowers.
    You just wait!! My two friends are glad Trudessa took the bait.

    1. haha they just might
      As they continue their fight

  12. Wonderful story Pat. Most enjoyable.

  13. Fun zombie story! You have a talent for both poetry and prose.

  14. In WV, you're now legal to pick up your road kill and have it for dinner. If you want. It's not mandatory or anything ;)

    1. Hmmm yeah never will do that
      Bleh says the cat

  15. Typical and funny all the while
    The zombie story makes me smile
    Zoggif is the modern son
    Mom's basement hiding now is done
    Reminds me of another era
    A hero's welcome home was rare-a
    The evil ones have met their doom
    The scent of flower added gloom
    Wannabe's one-string would give a new sound
    A spiritual twang in the country abound

    1. A little twang
      As he sang
      But not thrill
      Could make zombies ill
      Maybe have to give it a go
      You never know

  16. You are one talented dude, my friend.
    I really can't compare.
    And, for that, I must make amends.
    Penwasser Place? There's garbage there.

    1. So is that what is in the loo
      That you sit on and hide from view?
      Must be mighty fine garbage in there
      Something that is rare?

  17. I had to run away with my rats, had to make sure they were safe from the zombies.

    1. Haha can't let them get eaten
      Of course on humans zombies will be umm treaten

  18. Why is it that you always need to kill off your readers? Sigh.

    1. The cat is as violent as can be
      Here at his sea

  19. Burnt to a crisp and nailed in the head
    as all my friends wish I was dead.
    They wish me pain and curse me to hell
    but really, I swear...I truly am swell!

    1. lol say that as you drag them away
      And lock them in your dungeon never to see the light of day

    2. I'm not bad...I'm just written that way!

    3. lol turned from good to mean
      Here at my scene

  20. Goodness, it's just like a soap opera, dead doesn't always mean dead!

  21. I'm sure Manzi can concoct some potion with her herbs to bring us back.
    Then we will be sure not to fail again on our attack.

    1. lmao I bet she could get her witch doctor on
      And have you back before dawn

  22. Too bad about Betsy, I will miss her terribly.

  23. Replies
    1. You can get her in the after life
      And cause her strife

  24. Oh no not the zombies…
    With another one gone, I am getting kind of worried myself.

    1. Getting down to the wire
      As things sure get dire

  25. orlin N cassie

    another grate install mint

    say...haz yur dad ever thinked bout writin a book, thiz wood make a grate book !!


  26. You go, Drazin! "Drazin smacked Hank upside his head." Good phrase.

    1. Drazin gets things done
      As all try and have fun

  27. One lone guitar string... Thanks, Hank. Maybe we should smack Drazin upside the head?

    1. haha Drazin might not like that
      He is quite the dingbat

  28. Wenches and zombies
    You've told quite a tale
    Alex's guitar string
    "Cheers!" with my ale

  29. Very entertaining! Way to keep the readers reading. :)

  30. Yum!
    Zombie soup and zombie head,
    that's quite a spread of the walking dead.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Could have a quick treat
      Hear they are moldy and sweet

  31. So far it looks like the zombies are cleaning up and chowing down.
    Not looking good for bloggers around that town.
    A movie of this would be pretty intense.
    I'd be running from the suspense!

    1. haha that would sure be fun
      If a crazy movie would be done

  32. Buwahahahaha to Theresa and Manzi. What comes around, goes around, I always say. ;)

    The cats were pretty brave to eat those flowers...who knows what was in them, maybe they were 'herbed' in a way the cats might not later appreciate.

    1. That is true
      They may later need the loo
      Or just hack up a hairball
      Splatter it on the wall

  33. Yikes... who knew zombies would have such an impact on the blogger population. Yikes. But we put up a good fight :)

  34. look at you going beyond poems!! zombies and blood even :D

  35. I always knew that Holy Ghost Writer was up to no good!!
    But Betsy should have known better, she really really should

    1. haha yeah she should have ran far away
      And not been so evil at her bay

  36. Not so sure Dr. Zoggif earns my like
    I might run over him with my bike
    Glad Cassie and Orlin had their fill
    Of flowers before all the snow kill

    1. Haha hit him with your bike
      Or put his head on a pike

  37. One string left
    From his guitar
    I sense a garotte
    And a zombie scar


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