Blogvengers Part Six, The Group Takes Their Licks!

Chapter 6
Show You Ours
Zombies With Powers

     Mary and the dVerse crew awoke to the dawning of the day, as the sun shined straight into Betsy's bay. She spied Alex in some ninja wannabe stance. He was giving the zombies an evil glance. Hank was declaring he was number one. Neither trusting Betsy's zombies as they enjoyed the sun.
     "Hank, where is Brian?"
     "He went some way. But he is still number two today!" Hank gave a number one cheer and even slapped his own rear.
     "That guitar killer must have got eaten by zombies. Ouch! I was just kidding." Alex rubbed his arm after Mary threw a book at him and caused him harm.
     "I'll sniff him out."
     "She's been hanging around those dogs of hers too much."
     Mary went into the kitchen to find Betsy cooking up a storm, she knew this was just the norm. She heard muffled cries and then Betsy's face turned from happy to that of crazy eyes.
     "Betsy has kidnapped Brian." Mary yelled while Betsy tried to whack her with a spoon, realizing Betsy had sure gone wacko at her sand dune.
     "Chow time, boys. Come and get it." Betsy waved her arm and smiled as in the house her zombie staff piled.
     "I'm still number one. Number one at getting out of here." Hank jumped through the window and ran into the street. He was not about to become a treat.
     "I'm okay with number two."
     Alex followed suit and just made it out, avoiding a zombie brute. The rest of the dVerse crew tried to follow but on them all the zombies began to chew and swallow. Screams echoed throughout Betsy's house while she just smiled being as quiet as a mouse.
     Mary avoided the zombies and made her way down the hall. She noticed the locked door and heard Brian's muffled call.
     "Looking for this?" Betsy held up the door key and then tossed it to Mary. "Go ahead, you are all doomed anyway. At least they will be good and fed to clean this mess up."
     Mary unlocked the door and ran down the stairs as above her zombies ate her friends in pairs. She ungagged Brian and loosened the ropes holding his hands together. Neither had any idea how this attack they were going to weather.
     "I hope you don't have that trait of your so called twin."
     "Not wearing any underwear and crazy zombie hoarder are two things we don't have in common." Brian gawked the room, trying to find a way out of this doom.
     "She did that to him?" Mary pointed to Silver Fox who was still gagged with socks.
     Brian yanked the sock from his mouth and he slightly moved his head to the south. Mary moved some boxes aside and found a spot Betsy was trying to hide. Brian used Mary's key and unlocked Silver Fox's chains. But he said he had had enough of life's pains. He signaled for Brian to give him a gun and then whispered for him to run.
     Betsy came down the stairs ready to gloat. Stair by stair she laughed louder, hitting a high note. She gasped as she saw no legs Silver Fox lying on the floor. He used what little strength he had to ensure there would be no more.
     "Sorry about this, doll."
     "No! My nice clean house."
     Silver Fox fired two shots into some propane tanks sitting nearby and within seconds everything in the house began to fry. The zombies, the dead, Betsy and her clean home all blew up like it was the fourth of July at the Superdome.
     "Well at least there are less people to stop me from being number one." Hank said under his breath, trying to make light of all the death.
     The four remaining survivors watched Betsy's property burn and then heard a car come around the turn. It parked in front of them and they were ready to fight, until the sun reflected off a bald head and gold armor ever so bright.
     "Looks like Drazin missed all the fun. So what has Drazin here? A Gawker, who Drazin hopes is through with his island stint, A ninja wannabe, who Drazin hopes doesn't get naked and send clones after Drazin this time and you two? Drazin doesn't know you two."
     "But I'm number one!" Hank pouted and stomped his feet, as they group heard more zombies coming down the street.
     "Well are you coming with Drazin or what? Drazin doesn't have all day."
     Drazin got back in the car and the four were not behind by far. He then sped off down the road, still hoping like the other realities he had been sent too, that these four did not go all crazy mode.
     Truedessa and Pat had found a tree and rested below it going on an eating spree. The cats licked up the food they were given too. Pat still seemed not to have a clue.
     "That demon has left us to perish. I will call upon Merlin to bring Excalibur so I can smite him."
     "Pat is off his rocker. Of course that is not a shocker."
     Truedessa flicked dirt at his face and his OCD tendencies he began to embrace. Pat came back to reality quite quick. In that moment everything seemed to click.
     "The voices in my head can't trump my OCD."
     "Dirt, tell me about it!" Cassie licked herself clean, rolling her eyes and hating the dirty zombie scene.
     "What's a little dirt between friends." Truedessa's smile turned to dread as some sort of radar went off in her head.
     "I know that look. Now what?"
     The group looked around for danger and then noticed an oncoming strange. He had a big hat and was rather fat. His face even looked like that of a rat.
     "You think he is a pet of Mary Kirkland's? She must have one big cage." Pat laughed at the guy and he soon learned all was a lie.
     "What is that? He is no longer fat. Hell, he is no longer a he. Now he is a she."
     "Great! A shape shifting zombie. What next?"
     Orlin and Cassie scurried up the tree, looking for some sort of safety. Pat and Truedessa prepared for a fight, the voices in Pat's head once again took flight.
     "Avast yee land lubber."
     "Pat there is no boat, choose a voice of note." The cat yelled from up in the tree, trying to hide himself behind Cassie.
     The zombie kept slowly moving forward toward the pair. It then turned into a lion with tye dye hair. It did not seem to be able to control its power. Truedessa then let loose some magic and down came a crystal shower.
     The zombie was quickly turned to mush, as crystals were even lodged in its tush. But before the group could cheer and release their fear, it began to take form again. This time it turned into three men.
     "It's like that Greek dragon thing. Hey, I watched Disney's Hercules too at my wing."
     Truedessa and Pat knew the cat was right and they had to change the tactics of the fight. Pat stuck his finger out like a gun and watched as each of the three men turned into a nun.
     "Again with the nuns. Pat, we are really going to Hell." Cassie chimed in, still not sure on how they would win.
     "Don't worry buckaroo, this super powered zombie is through."
     Pat pulled back his finger and let it linger. He shot it off like rounds from a gun. But unlike Gawker Island, out came not a single one. Truedessa placed her hand on his shoulder and his finger started to smolder. He shot and energy flew from it, with each nun taking a hit. They remained on the ground and Pat grabbed a stick, he rammed it through all three wobbly zombies and hoped it did the trick. They then became as one once more and he waved his arm for Truedessa to explore.
     "You are going to owe me for this one, a lot."
     "Thy, but my OCD says it has to be thee."
     Pat was his normal self for a second or two, pretending a voice was still coming due. He knew what they had to do was rather eww and it was something he would never want to do. The zombie turned into a giant thing that looked like an overgrown Critter and it seemed rather bitter.
     "Here goes nothing." Truedessa let go of Pat's shoulder and ran across the land like an incoming boulder.
     "Yuck but good luck."
     "I have to lick myself just watching this."
     Pat smirked knowing all would be fine as he listened to the comments of each feline. He watched Truedessa jump right into the mouth of the thing and then its body began to sing. it was vibrating from head to toe and before long it started to glow. Seconds later it burst into nothing at all, leaving Truedessa covered in zombie goo while the cats gave her a cat call.
     "Pffft, zombies with powers have nothing on your powers." Pat laughed and ran the other way, as Truedessa tried to give him a zombie goo hug after he had his say.
     "I think it is safer if we stay in the tree. I don't want that goo on me."
     The two cats watched one while Truedessa and Pat ran across the green lawn. Pat trying not to get caught as many of his voices seemed to agree the idea was not very hot.
     Dr. Zoggif ignored the rants from his mother, wishing she would go bother some other. He watched his screen reach ninety five percent and he knew only a few dozen bloggers in the world were left to repent.
     "Pizza is here, you better pay for it because I am not going to."
     Dr. Zoggif muttered to himself as he grabbed some cash and to the front door he was in a dash.
     "This pizza is cold."
     "Well warm it up." The driver waved and walked off while Dr. Zoggif continued to scoff.
     "Next on my list to rid the world of, pizza delivery men."
     Dr. Zoggif took his pizza back to his lab in the basement and saw his mother poking around his machines vent.
     "Mom, don't touch that. What did I say about touching my experiments. Get out!"
     "If you could ever get one to work, you could actually get paid."
     Dr. Zoggif pushed his mother out the door and locked it behind him as his machine gave a roar. He ran over and checked it over as fast as he could and noticed a gear had come loose that his mother had not understood.
     "Damn it! Pain in the ass mother."
     Dr. Zoggif fixed it as fast as he could not wanting to let the remaining bloggers break free and get back home to their hood.
     "Truedessa , did you feel that?"
     The group stood still as they felt a little chill. It was like there was some kind of shift, however swift. Truedessa and Pat then each caught a glimpse of a few towers and they now had a destination that would rid them of this world and zombies with powers.
     "Where are we going? Did you two have a showing?"
     "Let's get our Lord of the Rings on."
     The group honed in on the towers while Truedessa dreamed of hot showers. She still was picking off the zombie goo, disgusted over what had come due. The cats thought she smelled and steered clear while Pat avoided the goo she threw out of fear. They knew the towers were guarded with tons of zombie might but the group was not afraid as long as they were together in the fight.


I guess now they all know where to go, so no more searching high and low. But what will get in their way? I guess we will find out next time at my bay. Are you rhymed out yet class? It still doesn't matter to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Hank gave a number one cheer and even slapped his own rear"
    Just leave it to Pat and the Cat to work out their rhyming gear
    Just being happy
    With great company
    To greet the morning with a wonderful crowd without fear or favor


    1. To greet the morning is gran
      Just maybe not in zombie land

  2. of the things i hope i never say in life,
    "i have to lick myself just watching this,"
    is one of them, ha --- aww, and pretty cool how together
    his finger became a gun, cause together we get more
    accomplish-un....ha...ok that rhyme was a stretch...

    1. lol yeah if that you were to say
      You'd have to be having a really really bad day
      Big stretch rhyme
      Such a crime

  3. Hahaha! !absolutely crazy!
    Still Im laughing!

  4. Wow, another chapter from the rhyming book
    so many twist and turns it certainly took
    Truedessa and Pat can get a lot done
    even turning a finger into a smoking gun
    when friends stick together they can win
    yuck to getting soaked in zombie goo
    but there are things you just have to do
    washing that goo, dreaming of a shower
    as the rain gently falls, restoring power
    ok, added that bit, to the rhyming skit (haha)
    once again the cats and Pat are full of wit..

    1. Away they go
      Fighting zombies high and low
      Covered in nasty goo
      Is truly just ewww
      Have to shower for days
      Once out of the zombie maze

    2. off they go to the tower
      but, will it empower?

    3. Maybe some
      Others may fall on their bum

  5. Oh Betsy, how could she
    Feed the Silver Fox to a zombie?
    Guess it's true what they say,
    A too-clean house makes for crazy at her bay.

    1. Betsy his bat strat crazy in zombie land
      But hey, at least she isn't bland

  6. WOW this was hilarious, Thanks Pat for the laugh.

  7. Well this is getting to be scary
    Do you think zombies will eat dairy?
    Silver Fox needs just one bullet
    Insert in gun with trigger, pull it
    Trudessa comes through to sprinkle crystals
    Saves the crew, no need for pistols
    Some funny lines as plot does thicken
    Like a bomb it keeps on ticken
    Shoot the nuns is no surprise
    Pat's finger smolders in disguise

    1. The Grammar Nazi got payback
      Blowing up Betsy's clean shack
      Never know how it will go
      Or who will blow
      Crystals or guns
      Could even get the runs

  8. Yes, I'm rhymed out. But that's okay, not all rhymes end with mustard.

    1. I little rhymed out
      Is expected with such a shout haha

  9. The Silver Fox sure got his revenge. Another great entry

  10. Zoggif has some load of mommy issues. Super powered zombies would make a great show

    1. That he does indeed
      As long as I get a kickback to my feed

  11. Silver Fox killed me with a gun?
    Wow...that surprised me a ton!
    Such a violent way to go.
    I plead, "wait!", as the kitties and I blow.
    Such a sick imagination
    what's wrong with your generation?

    1. lol he blew up the house
      Getting every little mouse
      But who says you are dead
      All kinds of things run through this head lol
      You could be back
      Just with no clean shack
      Blown to bits
      That's the pits

    2. Blown up and burnt to a crisp.
      If I made it, my scars will make me lisp.

    3. haha you may walk with a limp too
      We'll see what comes due

  12. Glad to hear other people call it crazy but is a great story. Such a great imagination you have. Good writing.

  13. A kidnapping in blogland!!

    And lol at the dirt flick!! Sometimes it just takes a little thing to bring us back to reality. :) :) :)

    1. haha a little thing is all it takes
      Like a dog getting wet and it shakes

  14. No surprise about Pat being off his rocker! ;0)

  15. Ha ha, this made me laugh. I will definitely hang out with Betsy if she is cooking up a storm! But oh no, if she would ever kidnap Brian, I'd have to sic my dogs on her.

    1. haha have to show her what's what
      As she goes all crazy at her hut

  16. Wow, what a way to go! Like the ending of White Heat, with James Cagney. "Top of the world, Ma!"

    1. Now, I expect you to sing She's Gone by Hall and

    2. Hall and Oates? Hm. Maybe "Fire" by Arthur Brown...

    3. Heard of it but never saw that one
      I guess they went boom too under the sun

    4. Guess I'm a copy cat
      As you made besty go splat

  17. You're so funny. What was that..a shape shifting zombie rat? lol

  18. Still alive! But for how much longer?
    Sorry you were covered in zombie goo, Truedessa.

    1. We shall see
      Although soon you may get something nasty

    2. I know zombie goo how rude
      but, at least I wasn't zombie food
      I'll just use my magical power
      to drum up a rain shower...

    3. Good luck with that
      Rain might not be appreciated by the cat

    4. Oh well, I guess I can just roam full of goo

    5. A little goo
      Won't hurt you lol

  19. Lol I love the posts that you put your followers in. They are the most fun :)

  20. Zombies, nuns, and your OCD
    Make for a Holy killer germophobic three.
    This story is even better than most
    Becuz R wrote "great story" and
    Not "great post."

    1. Yeah it changed R
      That deserves a new car
      Waiting, waiting, nope
      Damn, guess I'll have to cope

  21. orlin N cassie....lord of the rings...rings....?? watch out for that gollum a bout a bad rap.....N fish him eatz......even we say...noe thanx on them !!! ' nother grate chapter guys !

    1. Yeah watch out and run
      That guy is creepy by a ton

  22. Kidnapping and murder--who will suffer in the next chapter?

    1. That we shall see
      As come more a super powered zombie

  23. Why call Merlin for a sword?

    magic will never make you bored

    1. Magic will let much come due
      Always something new

  24. Now Betsy is gone too.... pretty soon you won't have a blogger left in the bunch.

  25. I hope we find out this is part of a dream,
    Or else I'll have to let out quite a scream!


  26. Lol. You did a great job.
    Just keep some bloggers up and running. You are killing out the whole community ;)

    1. haha we shall see in the end
      With the killing trend

  27. Oh, that's hilarious story
    first part I cried lol
    second - couldn't breathe
    what gonna be next....

    1. lol you cried at the first?
      Damn, zombies make one burst

  28. Good for her for flicking some dirt your way.
    Serves you right for killing the bloggers off day by day!

  29. Betsy just spent a lot of dough
    On her kitchen reno
    Now it's blown to bits
    Yikes, that's the pits


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