Brain Rot Been Caught?

The cat skipped it last year but now it is all you damn well hear. There are friggin signs on signs hanging around. There are too many to even pee on for a hound, which is what they are worth. The Flu Shot spreads its filth across the Earth.

A sign at every place.
The flu shot you should embrace.
A sign on every door.
Listen to our lore.

The "safest" way to prevent the flu.
Forget hand washing at your zoo.
It is just oh so safe for one and all.
Believe the writing on the wall.

If you're pregnant, get it now.
Even give it to your pet cow.
If you're young or elderly get it today.
Continue to listen to what we say.

Pffffffffft stick it up your ass.
Is what I say to them in mass.
I've said it right to their flu shot pushing face.
And I'll say it again at a steady pace.

It has been tested out and about.
Half got a placebo, half got the crap they shout.
There was no difference in numbers at all!
Same amount in each case got the flu at their hall.

It is the biggest placebo going itself.
Just as magical as a Santa elf.
Oh you won't get the flu with it,
But if you do it won't be as bad a hit.

Pfffffft that is like saying a little crap has a different smell,
Compared to large crap where you dwell.
Crap is the best comparison for it
For it is completely full of shit.

The mercury in them alone will screw you.
You are MUCH better off catching the flu.
That will go away in a week or so,
Where as the mercury can bleep you up forever at your show.

Take them if you are sick?
Pffffft hit whoever said that with a brick.
Your body is already fighting junk off,
Add mercury to it and it will further scoff.

Safe is the biggest shame of all.
Safer to lick the litterbox at your hall.
And just one final thing from me to you,
There has been no increase in death rates from the flu.

That is right. No increase in death rates from before the flu shot and now with the flu shot on our Earthly site. So what does it do? Gives you piece of mind so you are lazy, don't wash your hands and catch the flu. But ohhhhh it won't be as bad. Pffffft right! And I live in King Tut's pad. Don't be sheep and look things up, from multiple places, when it comes to such crap. It can give you worse things than the big dirt nap. Flu shot pusher advice is worth less then that of a singing bass. That is just the opinion of my little rhyming ass.

 Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I've never gotten the flu shot, and in the past twenty years, only had the flu once. On the other hand, my mother gets it every year, and yes, every year she comes down with the flu. (Maybe that's the point - the flu shot is supposed to give you the flu?)
    Waste of time and money!

    1. Could be the point of the stupid thing
      That it it let's big pharma go cha ching

  2. No shot for me!
    We just do the hand washing spree!
    Healthier than most
    although I don't want to boast.
    Never covers the current virus, either
    so I don't know why people bother.

    1. Yeah, as stupid as can be
      Pollutes one's body from sea to sea
      And no benefit at all
      But they believe the writing on the wall

  3. I know people, my late husband included who have had the flu jab and had awful reactions after the injection. I have never had the jab, being epiletic I have to be care what I take, Hopefully the flu will stay away from my door I have other health issues to contend with.
    Good verse Pat most topical.

    1. Yeah I've known people as well
      Who the flu shot sent straight to hell
      With an adverse effect or two
      They were better off catching the flu

  4. It's been years since I had the flu

    though needles make me feel blue

    1. Yeah chuck them in the sea
      The flu is less scary

  5. "The flu shot you should embrace"
    Seems it should keep things in place
    It's no dice
    Just pack of lies
    Just hold on to your horses and be safe.


    1. One big pack of lies
      Better off eating flies lol

  6. My Dad and Mom both got shot for the flu!

    1. Shot it the butt?
      Oh the shame at your hut lol

  7. Love it, from the rooftops shout it out
    Let flouride heads know what it's about
    They're dumbed down anyway, what do they care
    Perhaps they'll listen if Cat says beware
    Who makes money? Big pharma dope
    While fluoride heads walking on big long rope
    Don't get me started, time is passing by
    I must feed the chicks, day is getting nigh

    1. Let them all know
      As they're just after dough
      A placebo case everyone
      Nothing but a loaded gun

  8. The flu shot is not for me
    almost killed me at my sea
    I am not kidding it was bad
    will never do it again at my pad
    sick for many weeks couldn't breathe
    thought I was going underneath..
    you can stick those flu shots
    sure CEO's are sailing on yachts
    as plenty of money is made
    as they give you a band-aide.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. PS let's try this again Congrats on the interview wishing you much success on your latest novel Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot.

    3. All it is is a band aid
      Money for health they trade
      A bunch of crap
      Not even taken by a rich chap
      They just get the dough
      And away they go

      Glad it was grand
      At the other land

  9. I liked the interview
    especially when you mentioned your vivid imagination
    that is truly not an understatement
    it is bigger than any nation!

    Haven't gotten a flu shot in years
    though might get one this year
    haven't been sick with it either
    but that is because I work so near


    1. haha it can go anywhere
      Here at my lair
      That is true too
      Easier to avoid when no sick people around you

  10. Seriously??? They showed no difference between the placebo and the regular shot? That's interesting!

    1. Yeah read that a while back
      Have to see if I can find it again at my shack

  11. With all the sickies at my place,
    I just shove the flu shot in their face.
    I'd kick it up their rear -
    But don't want to get that near.

  12. Many viruses in nowadays
    Kill one, another bites your tray
    So, better buy the soap
    Wash your hands and all
    Spray the air with spray.

    Interview was fun
    Love imagination fountain
    This is real key -
    We hold up characters
    we want to be...

    1. Yep,just get the soap
      And don't be a dope
      Wash before you eat
      The germs you can defeat
      Glad it was grand
      At the other land

  13. Since I am older than dirt, I did get the flu shot. Rather be safe than sorry. And it sure doesn't hurt.

    1. lol well older than dirt
      I suppose it can't hurt

  14. I was pregnant and didn't get it...and EEP...I lived.
    Mushy was a baby and didn't get it...and EEP...she lived.
    We have enough things in our body that aren't natural. Why should we add another? Besides, I still still blame that stupid shot for putting more little, invisible flu virus bubbles across the world than we already have.

    1. lol what? They said pregnant women and babies can't survive
      How did you two ever make it out alive
      Pffft to their stupid claims
      Enough crap in our body indeed as they add to their flu games

  15. I'm 44 years old and I've only had the flu one time that I know of. but I had Pneumonia at the same time and ended up in the hospital where they gave me a flu shot while I was sick and didn't even ask me if I wanted one. o.O

    That is the only flu shot I've ever had. I don't get one each year and the worst I ever get is the common cold. But I wash my hands all the time and even carry hand sanitizer with me and keep some here in the house.

    1. That hand washing is the way to be
      And yeah the flu shot they can stick it up a tree
      One time isn't bad at all
      Had it 1 time in the last 15 years at my hall

  16. ha - i never got one - i heard that it helps only for one sort of viruses - but there are thousand others waiting... ha - so better keep washing the hands..

    1. Yeah just more waiting at your shore
      So wash the hands forevermore

  17. I got one several years ago and got so sick for two weeks. Every year I don't take it, I remain healthy.

    1. That is the way to be
      Ignore it and remain healthy

  18. I think it is a crap shoot one way or another
    but I usually end up getting the shot any way
    as you never know when someone will cough in your face
    or you will touch an escalator just touched by someone
    with a runny nose!!

    1. A crap shoot it can be
      All depends on the taste/risks of thee

  19. The sickest I ever got
    Was the year I got a flu shot
    No more ever for me
    I, too, take the hand-washing spree
    Commuter train ups the germ risk
    But better than the stupid shot, tisk, tisk

    1. Seems many are that way
      Get sick with the damn thing at their bay
      So wash and screw the shot
      Trains sure are a place germs can be caught

  20. Great interview and yep, that sot can rot

  21. We don't need more of that garbage in us

  22. At the insistence of my husband, I got one last year. Never again! I felt absolutely horrible for a week afterward. I would have been much better off chancing getting the flu then going through that crap. Hand washing and sanitizer are what I stand by now.

    1. Yeah, I've heard it did that to a ton
      So will never ever get one

  23. Totally disagree
    But we're all free to choose
    For some it may help
    For others not good news

    I tend to go holistic
    For most things I buy
    But as I have immune issues
    The shot I stand by

    Hand washing is key
    But sanitizers are over used
    Everything in balance
    To not get abused

    1. Oh yeah, everyone has their way
      What works for one not another at their bay
      If it helps it helps in the end
      So have to go with your own trend

  24. I've never gotten a flu shot, but everyone who does seems to be getting flu symptoms straight afterwards. No thanks :)

  25. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't think these are the end all to end all. My SIL is required to get one (she works in a hospital) OR she has to wear a mask all day, every day while working, lol

    1. lol not sure I could do the mask all day
      Glad I don't work in an germy hospitals at my bay

  26. I get the flu shot every year but I still wash my hands

  27. An interesting commentary on flu shots, Pat. You've certainly given me something to think about. Btw, I caught your interview on Alicia's blog. Well done!

    1. Thanks for the look
      And yeah I avoid that trash at my nook


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