How You Say? Well Okay!

Every once and a while the cat hears it run on for a mile. "Where do you get all your ideas from?" Yeah, I've heard it said to my little rhyming bum. I guess I can share, here at my lair.

The cat will be kind.
Ideas are easy to find.
Just follow me,
Here at my sea.

Ideas come and go.
Then on with the show.
They just like to flow.
That much you know.

Just be open to all,
There at your hall.
Read writing on the wall,
Whether it is in a lounge or bathroom stall.

Let your mind free.
It is as easy as can be.
Just give it a push.
Look at that big tush.

There is a post there.
Post it with flair.
You like big butts and you cannot lie.
Got that in your head, oh me, oh my.

Gawk like the gawker.
Be a bit of a stalker.
Watch and wave.
A new path you can pave.

Just get a dog or cat,
Or maybe even a rat.
There you go.
Pictures high and low.

Look out the window.
Much on the go.
Or get a paper cut.
Viola! Post at your hut.

I hate paper cuts too.
They suck at any zoo.
Look, I just fit it in.
A new post at my bin.

But what I use most,
Here at my coast.
That gives ideas to my behind,
Is just thinking with my crazy mind.

Now wasn't that telling? You could yap about spelling. See, another idea for you. How do you make ideas come due? Is it just like the cat and his brain mass? You can tell my idea filled little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Where do you get all your ideas from?"
    Creating all the lovely and dainty prompts
    One can be having a ball
    With writings on the wall
    That's just it that's about all one chomps!


    1. A prompt or two
      Can come due
      Help a ton
      As the ideas run

  2. Does the cat fidn ideas up on a tree?/does it charge a fee?/does the cat chase ideas whilst looking for birds?/is that why it is so good at connecting words? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Birds add flavor
      Trees are no favor
      But they have bark
      That hits the mark

  3. Well, I have a good idea...oops, too late, it's gone.

    1. Need to stick it in your hat
      So it won't fall flat

  4. I think you are very creative
    You certainly are very clever
    wherever these ideas come from
    Don't get rid of them ever.


  5. Cat grabs a new idea from the air
    Sucks it in with quite the flair
    Revamp the old come push or shove
    It sparkles like a morning dove
    Flitter skitter start the press
    Tell the folks they are a mess
    Pretending to hate to see their name
    They love it cause it brings them fame

    1. They love it indeed
      As their name they read
      With a whoopdi friggin doo
      Or tale or two

  6. Still amazed you can keep going and get so far ahead

  7. Replies
    1. Great post!
      From coast to coast!
      Have some toast!
      You may boast!
      So many ideas at your bay
      Each and every single day
      It's like a day-time job
      No time to be a slob
      Or a snob
      Spin a rhyme or two
      Where's my shoe?
      Pat in the Hatt
      The human um.... cat.

    2. A job with no pay
      Hmph to that I say
      We need a blogger fund made
      Then posts and dough we can trade
      Whether human or cat
      Or something like that

    3. A blogger fund and you would be in charge?
      Buying yourself a name plate that's really large?
      Would we get a loan or cash for free?
      Would there be anything in it for me?

    4. You never know
      I may toss you a little dough

  8. Just have ideas - not enough
    be open, run and
    catch the birds ;)
    but if your muse
    not in the mood
    you won't connect
    the dots.

    1. Connect at my sea
      As as can be
      Mouse or not
      The ideas plot

  9. Nothing better than a good imagination. Just makes great stories and all kinds of stories can come out of owning animals. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Yep, animals can bring many a story on
      As they run about from dusk until dawn

  10. Your brain is a buzz
    like a hive of bees
    whilst you're
    scratching at
    your fleas.

    The grist for the mill
    all around to be found
    you bend it with your will.

    Then out it flows
    into rhyme all
    from your rhyming behind.

    Nothing you won't do
    won't skip the taboo
    won't pander to the masses
    while you write with
    such sass.

    1. Not even fleas are a match
      As I scratch
      And can't stop the cat
      A rhyme is where it's at
      Will go anywhere
      From nasty feet to cat hair
      No topic is off limits to the cat
      He always likes to chew the fat

  11. There is certainly lots to write about if we look all around us. Bathroom walls have lots of interesting words, phrases, and storylines to be imagined. :) Now I will have that song in my mind for a while!

    1. haha even loo walls can hum
      They have rather interesting things and then some
      Although with my ocd
      Public loos aren't for me

  12. I dont see how looking at someones bum gives you writing ideas, cat!!!! :p

    1. haha oh where that can go
      You're the one obsessed with a crack show

  13. I agree, Pat! Ideas are everywhere. I have literally hundreds of blog posts backed up in my mind. I just have to work at getting them written faster. Have a great week.

    1. Write fast and they come due
      Easy as one two three at your zoo

  14. The ones with writer's block just need to loosen up.
    Self imposed writing rules fill their cup!
    Relax and chat.
    Simple as that.

    1. Yep, trying to write a certain way or thing
      Just makes them stumped from fall to spring

  15. Since I've been concentrating on YAs lately, I'm not sure about the bathroom walls.......grin

  16. Hmmm... A lot of references to big tushies there. You are clearly writin' about my my marmie brothers. Those marmies grow big, for sure.


    1. They can grow and grow
      So big tushies all in a row?

  17. I have an lost it

    fell in the forgotten memory pit

  18. People do ask me that all the time. Who knows where ideas come from? They're in our brains somewhere...just waiting to be used!

    1. That they are
      With a few thoughts one can go far

  19. Lots of ideas
    Pop in your head
    Gotta get them out
    Or live with dread

    Cats provide
    Loads of tales
    Choosing just one
    Causes biting of nails

    I write about
    What first lands in my brain
    Win or lose
    It's never a strain

    1. What lands in first
      Fills the thirst
      Them come more and more
      Even some zombie gore lol

  20. Inspiration is everywhere. Go to Walmart. Any day of the week you can find something new to write about with the freaks that like to shop there...

    1. Walmart is fine up here
      But there are a few stores to fear

  21. Inspiration is a wonderful thing, one can be inspired to write about almost anything.

    1. That they can indeed
      Just have to let it take seed

  22. That makes so much sense and no sense at all. I do love how inspiration works.

    1. haha that is the sense of it
      At least a little bit

  23. Going outside gets the mind flowing. So do the animals and kiddos, for sure. :) LOL at Theresa's response above, what is it about Walmart??? We counted five grown people wearing pajamas in ice cold weather when we went there over the weekend.

    1. Animals and kiddos sure provide plenty to write about
      Yep, freaky pajama walmart folk are always out

  24. Oh c'mon, I bet beer gives you some of those ideas, right?
    Drinking a 12-pack way into the night...?

  25. Ideas are is putting them together in some logical way that is the hard part!!

    1. Logical? What is that
      It seems to escape the cat lol

  26. Paper cuts... OUCH!! When I get one, I put a little clear fingernail polish on it. Works like a charm


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