I Admit With This Fit!

The cat gets blamed for this and that all the time at our mat. But the cat does not do it all. That ghost does some things at our hall. Or maybe it is just Cassie, she's not the oh so innocent lassy.

The cat will admit,
Just a little bit,
What he has done,
Because it is fun.

I jump on the counter with ease.
I do it whenever I please.
I'll even sit and lick my ass.
I know, I have such class.

I'll eat anything left open on there.
I do it all the time at the other lair.
Muffins, cake, and even cheese.
I will eat whatever I please.

I chew the tp any time.
I yank it along in my prime.
It can go right down the hall.
The thing can sorta bounce like a ball.

I flick litter all over the floor.
I jump in and out with a roar.
What can you do?
At least its better than #1 or #2.

I have yanked Pat's armpit hair.
I don't seem to care.
But he throws a fit.
I just yank a little bit.

Anything that is rubber and near,
I'll eat it ear to ear.
I will chew and eat until it's gone.
Then spit it back up on the lawn.

I won't touch wet food.
That stuff is just rude.
Get stuck in your teeth with ease.
That surely does not please.

I will run around when it gets light,
Or maybe when it is still night.
Once Pat gets up and is awake,
A nap I will go take.

And I will meow all through the day.
I just like to talk, okay.
Meow when I go, meow when I eat.
I'll meow to meet and greet.

That feels better getting it off my chest. The cat admits such things are just the best. I do whatever I please indeed. It's not my fault things get left out at the other feed. One just has to be aware with each pass when it comes to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. It's now slowly # 2
      Stumbled and fumbled
      And Hank just got through
      No takers for 10 minutes!
      Just can't believe it!


    2. A little fumble today
      But still in for the win at my bay

  2. "That ghost does some things at our hall"
    It's true one just can't stop them play ball
    Gets the Cat in a fit
    Yanked at Pat's armpit
    Just in fun and to think nothing of it at all


    1. They think nothing at all indeed
      Doing what they please at our feed

  3. I think I'm confused by the time
    Between here and the East coast rhyme
    I wanted to bump Hank and was waiting
    Yet he's been and gone - I'm still debating

    1. 10 mins lead time today
      And Hank was late
      This could have been the day
      To keep the date!


    2. If only I could figure the time
      To be the first in line to rhyme!

    3. lol goes at 7 atlantic time
      So you were an hour late, almost. with your chime

    4. Hmmm... thought I had accounted for that
      But I think my mind must have gone splat

    5. Just a tad off though
      Now you know

  4. I also have a ghost at my apartment, there's and eerie cold atmosphere at times.
    Enjoyed the read Pat.
    Have a good Sunday.

  5. Ha, once again the cats gets away with it/That feline's surely a great hit! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  6. My cats don't mess with the tp now
    but I once had a cat that did with a meow!
    Strips of white stretching from room to room
    as he pulled the roll and ran...zoom!

    They do like to drink from the toilet, though.
    Even though they have a nice clean bowl.
    What's up with that?
    Silly cats!

    Cracking up at the armpit hair.
    Makes me glad I shave right there.

    1. haha I left it out for not even 2 minutes the other day
      Came back in and there he was at play
      Tearing it up and having a grand old time with it
      Like he cat smell the tp even if it is out for a little bit
      Eww to the toilet though
      Trying to be a mutt at your show?
      Cassie almost fell in once here
      So I close it every time I lift up my rear
      I shave it off now too
      He doesn't like it between me and you

  7. Proves that we know who's the boss
    Words are finally at a loss
    Orlin is really king of the hill
    Can even write up quite a bill
    Pulling Pat's armpit hair's a hoot
    Be careful or he'll get the boot
    Puss, too, is sneaky, like a ghost
    Her games with me are already toast

    1. She knows how to win
      Cats can do the humans in
      Even with a thrill
      Though they damn sure won't take a pill

  8. Oh my, I do love counter surfing! That sure was a darn good review!

  9. Better than hacking up rubber all over the house I guess.

    1. Yeah he'll hack it up all over
      Can be worse than rover

  10. Cats are just a law of their own They expect you to respect their throne. They will chew toilet paper by the mass. Not caring if you can't wipe your ass

    1. Well dang I did that from my iPhone thinking it would put each sentence on a different line

    2. haha that is true
      Give you a big screw you
      Wipe with holy tp
      It still rhymed even if the phone screwed thee

  11. Keeping you on your toes with making sure that food's put away. ;) Better to have a cat, than a mouse, nibbling on your groceries. :) :)

    1. That is very true
      Those things just chew and chew

  12. haha... now sounds that ghost is quite busy... maybe you should get some fellows of the mouse police to patrol in your house...ha...happy sunday... and ouch on the armpit hair...

    1. haha a busy be
      It can't be me
      Yeah he yanks and yanks
      Joining the annoying ranks

  13. A ghost at your layer? Hmmm...
    I guess, all bad behavior -
    A team work:
    Orlin, Cassie. No ghost involved. lol.

    1. lol both can get their fill
      Ghost may not fit the bill

  14. It has to be the ghost, just has to be

  15. The cat has many quirks. Ouch to the armpit hair

  16. Oh all those little stunts are very familiar to all of us cats here. We do love to cause trouble. But we sure do provide entertainment and fun.

    1. Fun abounds as we run
      And maybe destruction by the ton

  17. To lick his ass.
    That's pretty neat.
    But, to do it with class?
    That's no mean feat.

    Whenever they view it...
    repulses all, mostly some
    But, if I could do it?
    Just take my prehensile thumb.

    1. You'd take you thumb
      To lick your bum
      Or is that a tale tail
      You set sail?

      Had to look up the word
      A lizard herd

  18. That is really funny!
    maybe the cats maybe the ghosts:)

  19. Won't eat wet food but likes to yank on your arm pit hairs. LOL

    1. Yeah, go figure with that one
      Pain in the ass and arm a ton lol

  20. Glad the cat will admit his faults
    and not hide or ignore them
    got to give him credit for that
    and give him pats again and again


    1. He gets credit where it is due
      As he runs about our zoo

  21. Ha ha! The cat has some bad habits....
    that's why I have dogs. Smiles.

    1. haha they have bad habits too
      At least at the other zoo

  22. Nothing gets built

    like guilt

  23. Maybe it's not a ghost, but a ghost CAT!

  24. My cat has never eaten the tp, but she is hard on cords. Her favorites are thin ear bud cords.

    1. lol the thin ones Cassie will chew
      Have to hide them from view

  25. Well, at least you own up to your annoying bits.
    But you know, toilet paper should be saved for the shits ;)
    And, really, stay out of Pat's pits!

    1. haha the cat doesn't get that
      Guess he'd rather smell Pat's scat

  26. Cats are so refreshingly honest. Happily, my cat isn't into eating TP, but she gives me pause, when she sharpens her claws...on the furniture.

    1. lol they don't do that much
      But they are sharp when they reach out and touch

  27. Cats rule the world
    Orlin's got it down
    Shame about the pit yanks
    Causing Pat to frown

    Surprised about the food
    Most prefer wet than dry
    Makes it so much easier
    Won't stink and make you sigh

    1. Yeah he is fickle as can be
      Eating dry only at our sea
      But that's the way it goes
      When you got a cat that bites toes lol

  28. Only thing missing in this great post
    Are photos of this catty ghost
    Must see proof to believe
    All the mischief you achieve!

    1. haha a cat ghost you say
      Could give that a go at my bay

  29. Oh, Kit-Kat! You made me laugh the most when you told me that you wake Pat up and then go have a nap! You cats have so much darn fun. My sister's two cats have figured out how to get up in the ceiling and knock out the ceiling tiles. They keep finding different ways to get in! Have you put that skeleton in its place yet? Maybe chew on its bones and make it collapse? Meow!

    1. haha that is a neat trick
      Beat they like getting up there some slick
      The skeleton is toast
      Made him roast


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