Imagine That With The Cat!

So the cat had an idea for a ditty at his sea as Pat went all non rhyming with that latest novel added to our book tree. You know Max Blizzard and The Gem of Camelot. Seems to be a hit more than not. Anyway, this is what came due. Not as sure on it as others though at my zoo.

Along comes a problem,
Stumped you grump and growl.
Stuck, sinking in the mud.
Left alone crying foul.

What can you do?
Can't find a resolution.
Things are out of control.
How about a new solution.

Squash that problem like a gnat.
Use that given imagination,
And you're free, imagine that,
Use that given imagination and imagine that.

Trapped in the ever spinning world.
Can't break free from strife,
Too much routine on your mind,
Left bogged down from life.

Passengers on the bus of fate.
Drivers taking you for a spin.
Trapped with no exit or end.
So here's what you do to win.

Squash that problem like a gnat.
Use that given imagination.
And you win life back, imagine that.
Use that given imagination and imagine that.

You can't hope to win,
Following the set rules.
To beat the stacking odds,
You have all the tools.

Imagine that!
You can change life,
Just imagine that,
You free from strife.

Let your imagination fly free.
New roads will come up to bat.
Don't be a stick sinking in the mud,
And let your imagination just imagine that.

So what do you think? A good missing link? Bring you to the brink? Another anyway I add to my rink. Hey, a little extra promo isn't bad. So I figured I'd shove it up on Youtube at my pad. So use that imagination class and imagine along with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "You can't hope to win following the set rules"
    Rightly so not breaking rules are obviously fools
    Must act to be wily
    And to just go easy
    Times of crisis not to panic just but play it cool


    1. Play it cool
      And don't be a fool
      Believing all
      Written on the wall

  2. Rules are to be broken/they merely serve as token/it's good to abide by some, though/like the one that says, don't drive in the friggin' snow! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Oh yeah some are good to have indeed
      Stupid snow driving one should take heed

  3. Don't be a stick sinking in the mud
    It's soft and won't make a thud
    Or it won't even make a splash
    It oozes like a potato mash
    Imagination is your tool
    You'll never have to play the fool
    Great tune, words to live by

    1. Stuck in that crud
      Would sure be a dud
      Nowhere to go
      But sinking low

  4. We'd never get ahead without our imagination and a little rule breaking.

    1. Have to have both to get ahead
      But then progress can bring some dread

  5. Rules? That word is unfamiliar to me!

  6. I was listening to the video...who composed it, who sang?

    Sure, can imagine where my imagination will take me ~

    Congrats on the new book Pat ~

    1. Imagine can take one far
      Same guy who did the others at my bar

  7. Don't dread...
    Just use your head. Ha.

  8. Step off the cliff
    Of what if,
    Learn to fly
    Instead of sigh.

    1. Just make sure there is a river below
      In case you fall when you let go

  9. Promos are a good thing
    I do believe
    I'm still amazed you wrote something that didn't rhyme
    that was mind boggling to see


  10. Turn out great, like the lyrics as well

  11. How fun! Putting it up on Youtube is an excellent idea. :)

  12. Passengers on the bus of fate.
    Drivers taking you for a spin.
    Trapped with no exit or end.
    So here's what you do to win.

    imagine that...
    yeah..imagine that..

    That's one hell of a song
    I think I'll sing a long
    Imagine that
    yeah imagine that...

    1. can't cross that river
      then build a bridge
      need a pot full of silver
      it's over the rainbow ridge...

      imagine that..yeah imagine that

    2. Imagine away
      All through the day
      Can always find a way
      Bury the crap in the litter tray

  13. Rules are for breaking!!! Sounds like you're making your own rules.

  14. Extra promo is great and it turned out awesome.

    1. Extra promo can't hurt indeed
      As a new song takes seed

  15. Yup extra promo workds and squashing the problem quickly works too. Too many rules that is for sure.Take care Pat.

  16. Where would we be without imagination?

  17. Imagination is the key to freedom :)
    And I'll plead the fifth when it comes to rule breaking.

    1. Have to imagine to get far
      Otherwise stuck at the corner bar

  18. Do something out-of-the-box. More fun that way

  19. Imagine that
    Create a map
    Nobody to blame
    With imagination flame.

    1. Imagination will flow
      Ideas can grow and glow

  20. Wonderful verse, enjoy my Monday morning read.

  21. Replies
    1. Just it replay
      To bring it about at your bay lol

  22. Imagine that, my tire's flat
    At least it's not my arse
    Eating this, but never that
    To keep my arse more sparse

    Imagination, skip the box
    Don't tie yourself in knots
    Better to put down those rocks
    And think of all you gots

    1. Untie the knots
      Forget the robots
      Find a new way
      Changing your day
      But watch the ass
      No need for a huge mass lol

  23. Now all I need is a beer and a bucket of peanuts and my night would be complete.

  24. Imagination is an important gift, and we need it to survive in this life. And you have one rich imagination!

  25. Dancin' around
    To this tune
    Don't care what others think
    I'll shimmy like a loon!


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