In The Cheap Trickle Along With The Fickle!

The cat watched the other day as some bid on things at another bay. He thought it would be a fun experiment to toy with people at his sea. I know, so mean of me. So he put up a fake ad or two on Kijiji and let the fun ensue.

Price is firm,
Was a used term.
Would you take this or that?
Hmm am I a Spanish talking cat?

How about this?
This price is not a miss.
Have pity on me.
That is all the money I have at my sea.

Hmmm right!
Cheapo #1 in site.
Nope Hank, not talking to you.
Your streak is still in view.

Have to pick up,
Seemed to be another hiccup.
Can you deliver it?
Was said more than a bit.

Why are you ignoring me?
Because you can't read dumbie.
No, didn't respond to any,
As there were too many.

Plus it was fake.
All so a post I could make.
No harm no foul,
Just a whine and a howl.

I was an undercover cat.
Could become a thing at my mat.
Hmmm I like that.
The undercover cat.

Oh yes, stop talking to myself,
Or that elf on the shelf.
It is a year old and in good shape.
People truly are as dumb as an ape.

Insult to apes I think,
Has to be a missing link.
What kind of shape is it in?
Can't you read? What a sin.

Will you take this much?
Why aren't you in touch?
You are rude for ignoring me.
Can I come over to see?

Oh the fun the cat can create, at least for me as I watch a common trait. Cheapos everywhere, even for fake stuff at their lair. If the cat ever has to sell a thing he would rather tie it to a piece of string, stick the other end on the car and turn it to tar. Of course that would waste gas, but it does not bother my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Nope Hank, not talking to you" so says the Cat
    Not to worry just try to persuade and don't fall flat
    Going undercover
    One way to discover
    Some good at bargaining but not to end up in a spat


    1. haha yeah undercover can be fun
      Can annoy some people a ton

  2. Everyone wants to save a buck
    Some are really down on their luck
    Then they brag about a good deal
    Makes them higher than a ferris wheel

    1. They have to have it to
      To keep up with those in view

    2. You know me Manzanita... always ready to save a buck or two. I am so cheap I squeak.

    3. haha need some oil
      So the squeaking you can foil

  3. The cats should always do your bidding for you!

  4. Hank's back!
    Undercover cat. Hope you're paid well, Cassie.

  5. reminds me of people who haggle at yard sales.

  6. Replies
    1. lol well maybe and and #!1
      Can go have cheapo fun

  7. LOL! Omg, if only my man could read this one!! He would tell you how that's me!!!!! I try to get a deal on everythingggg...I'll bow my head down in shame and quietly walk away from your website, Cat. :(

    1. haha yes you should go hang your head in shame
      The cat will never look at you the same lmao

    2. The cat won't forget at his sea
      You can't fool the pet with your cheapo spree lol

  8. Something for nothing is how many work

  9. That was one thing about garage sales that turned me completely away from them. You could have something priced at a quarter and someone would come up and say, "Will you take a nickle for this?" I always loved that about eBay! People bid UP on the price you set! I sold tons of stuff on there back in the 90s, when you could still make money doing that.

    1. Yeah people still try and get away with a lower price
      That just makes you want to go no dice

  10. I love car boot sales here in the UK, Always try to lower the asking price. Successful sometimes, others not. Great verse and subject.

  11. I don't enjoy and mostly don't allow for someone to try to get a price down. I used to sell horses and my price was always firm which turned away some sales but not many. Have a great day.

    1. There will always be a few
      But just say no and let them stew

  12. I have friends who love to hold and to attend garage sales... and flea markets...and God knows what. I don't get it. And I hate to haggle ~ just give me a fair price to begin with. I'd rather save time and energy! I can drop off things at Goodwill on the way to the grocery store. Yay! Pat, have a good day!

    1. Yeah an easier way to do it
      Then going with a haggle fit

  13. So many things are so cheaply made these days and people want to sell them for a higher price than they are worth. People rip you off if you let them.

    1. Yeah that is true too
      They can rip you off with cheapo crap at their zoo

  14. So undercover cat likes to toy with people
    he's selling a thing
    ties to car a string
    and driving till somebody click on it.

    1. haha drive it home
      Screw with people when in Rome

  15. The cat is a little confuss for me today
    Is not you is me in my bay
    Who ignoring you ?
    I can't believe that
    Nobody can ignore thw cat:)

    1. haha confusing you?
      That is fun to do
      Nothing ignoring me
      Here at my sea

  16. People want a bargain unless it is their things
    that they are try to sell
    and then they want more money than it is worth
    and think that is just swell.


    1. That is very true
      Sell as they want not as they do

  17. My kids buy fake stuff all the time. It's always junk, but it's a decent lesson in understanding that you get what you pay for in life.

    1. Teaching them a thing or two
      So they don't get screwed when leave your zoo

  18. People honestly never want to pay any more than they have to. Seriously. But they expect top dollar for their used stuff or to trade for better stuff than what they have.

    1. Yep, always looking for an in
      At each and every bargain bin

  19. Rudeness is not necessary!
    I say boycott it.

  20. an undercover cat
    just imagine that
    trying to get cheap stuff
    just cut out all the fluff
    trying to save a buck
    you might be out of luck

    1. They can annoy
      None bring any joy
      But fun for the cat
      To make them scat

  21. I would love to sell everything I own! Do I want more than it's worth, of course! Storage and handling, I figure! Oh and those layers of dust, doesn't that add to the value too! LOL

    1. lol sell and run away
      Start again at one's bay
      I guess there are fees
      For dust older than anti freeze

  22. Kind of sneaky
    To post a fake ad
    But cats will toy
    With anything bad

    I don't haggle
    But I do ask
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained
    In a bargain I bask

    1. That they will
      For a thrill
      True, doesn't hurt to ask
      As long as there is no haggling task

  23. What a bad cat
    playing people like that!

  24. The cat's not the only one who likes to mess w/people, I see. No wonder Pat and that cat get along so beautifully. ;)

  25. I hate selling things. Sold something on eBay this week and the really dumb people came out of the woodwork. Then I sold a dryer on Craigslist for dirt cheap, but they still tried talking down. Take a hike, I say!

    1. Yep, they all need to take a hike
      As they make you want to see their head on a pike


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