Today We Have A Creature Feature!

And you thought the cat was done with his 100,000 comment run. Well the cat was supposed to be. But then old one eye finally got her act together at her sea. I figured I would let the creature out today. Warning, a cyclops is a scary display.

Wow, an old one eye on display,
Never thought I'd see the day,
I must have left the gate open at my bay.
Would you like some hay?

I've arrived at your bay
to save the day
for without me
you'll soon see
an ugly brown boar
creeping about your shore
to eat all your hay
and take Orlin away

I guess it is good you are here,
So in the boars you can strike fear.
Do you do it with a one eyed look,
Or drool and cry out like Captain Hook?

You will tease me no more
about being one-eyed at your shore
when the boar comes 'round
and Orlin he's found

With a pringle can full of crap,
I'll end the poor swine related sap.
Then you will feel better as well.
Focusing on two things with one eye has to be hell.

Once again Orlin plays with poo
when will you toy with something new?
As the cans of crap fly overhead
the swine relative will wish he was dead

It is not a matter of play,
Where else we gonna through the waste at our bay?
Your shore is already as polluted as can be.
As there the canines roam and go free.

Our doggies like to pee on trees
they fill a poop scoop with ease
but you won't find their crap on the ground
we have a goat to follow each hound

You have a goat at your sea?
Damn, dogs, goats and thee.
People must come from far and wide,
In that kind of variety you should take pride.

The goat acts like security
he makes the criminals run and flee
and when he sees you, wretched cat
he chases you back to your Canadian mat

Goats, mutts and a cyclops to boot. There is a show to which you'd have to hit mute. I just saved the best for last at my sea. Or maybe the slow poke for last is here to entertain thee. You can take your pick I suppose. I hope old one eye didn't cause you too many woes. Now the cat will end his sass and wiggle away with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Today We Have A Creature Feature!"
    A one-eyed creature and a monster
    Have a goat
    To chase it out
    One sure way of also ridding the boar


    1. A boar too
      Damn, a lot to come due
      Such a mix and match
      Must have been one hard egg to hatch

  2. Ole one-eye really knows her stuff
    To keep a goat go huffaty puff
    If it's a billy goat they stink to high heaven
    Just give thanks you don't have seven

    1. Seven of those
      Would cause woes
      But keep the crooks away
      No trespassing at ones bay

  3. The goat and mutts
    What a security at one's spot!
    happy to live
    collect the glee
    One-eye playing well her card

    1. One eye knows how to go
      Even if things hang low

  4. Of cyclops I have always been scared/after my poor self they have chased while I have hared/down the rabit hole only to encounter on the other side/another cyclop that of laughter had just died! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Wow, they must be some scary
      Hopefully they aren't too hairy

  5. Everyone needs a nice goat now and again!

  6. Orlin should feel safe with goats on duty.

  7. A regular zoo. The cyclops sounds like the star attraction

    1. People may picket
      But could sell many a ticket

  8. ew ew ew to the goat cleaning up after the dogs. Who is cleaning up after the goats? Nope, never mind, I don't wanna know. ;)

    1. hahaha maybe old one eye will let you know
      Not sure I want to know either where they go

  9. ho ho ho goats on the naughty list ho ho ho

  10. Not sure I'd ever want such a goat. But the cyclops is happy to it.

    1. Cyclops seems happy with her goat
      Maybe she also eats many an oat

  11. I've known a few goats in my day, but not at my bay. No hogs, or frogs, just cats and dogs.

  12. I want a goat to follow my dog
    I think it would save some time
    it could do the cleaning up for me
    and then I would have more time to rhyme


    1. But then who cleans up after the goat?
      Be in a whole different boat

  13. It's been so long since I wrote this rhyme
    I forgot any mention of the swine
    in fact, so much time has passed
    I think I'm the very last
    to help celebrate your numbers high
    my time sure does fly

    1. Yeah months ago
      You came with the flow
      At least now it is new
      For you and all the view

  14. Too funny!! Be nice to Elsie, cat!! She did save the day. haha Besides, she's got boars and goats and all sorts of things that can kick your furry butt. lol

    1. Pffft old one eye the cat isn't nice to
      Her goats are too busy picking up dog poo

  15. The goats follow the dogs and clean up their poop? Talk about a crappy job...

  16. That Captain Hook,
    he really had class.
    But, he really should look
    before he scratches his ass.

  17. Goats will clean up the doggie poo? I'd be inclined to go for that system, but who cleans up the goat poo?

    1. The dog will do that
      A roundabout poo cleaning way is where it's at

  18. The goats clean the poo of dogs?
    First time I heard that!
    All sounds a little crappy!

  19. at least the boar is kept away at your bay,
    though a bore it never would be, there is always much more to see
    whether you are one eye or two...or have 782
    animals at your zoo

    1. 782 animals would be a ton
      Bet that would even make Betsy run

  20. beware of the goat

    they like to gloat

  21. Goats are fun,
    Until they eat your garden,
    For my big dog's behind
    She'd need more than a wee goat bear in mind,
    I'm thinking a yak or two,
    To deal with all that stinky poo.

    1. A yak you say
      Good like with that at your bay
      Would the yak yakkity yack?
      It might talk back

  22. A pringle can full of crap....ha!
    I used to use a coffee can.

    And goats kinda scare me
    the way they butt one's behind
    I try to stay clear!

    1. haha I use a cashew jar now at my sea
      Works easy as can be
      Goats are scary you say
      I suppose if any horns are at play

  23. A pringle can full of crap...
    Does it come with a gift wrap?

  24. Well...a goat would keep you from having to mow the yard, right?! That's one major benefit. Not sure it would clean up after the dogs, though.

    1. That is true
      No mowing works great for my zoo

  25. I have three kittens at my bay now! Want one?

  26. Goats. The new pooper picker upper. I would get me a goat to pick up the dog poo, but I do have a husband for that, so I guess I should just keep the man and leave the goat at the farm.

    1. haha yeah a better bet
      Or maybe get a goat set

  27. This is a really interesting read. I truly enjoyed reading through this.

  28. Another great post to add to your endless collection. most interesting to read.
    Enjoy your day.

  29. I see Santa is visiting you, too!
    I wonder how he gets to our zoos.

    1. Santa has magic I guess
      Or maybe he just wants to confess?

  30. "The goat acts like security"
    I think I'd want a guarantee
    But eating poop might be a perk
    It pays for itself, for that crappy work

    1. Until it comes back
      And the goat goes on the poop attack

  31. Pretty soon your blog is going to be known for pee, poop, crap... Hmmmm.... reminds me of my blog.

    1. Crap comes up a lot
      In the search engine plot


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