Zombies Part Umm Four Take The Tour!

Another year is almost down. That means today the nuts fly all over town. Let's barrel through each other like we are on fire. But wait! The situation is far more dire.

That thingy maggy is $10 off.
It can really cure a cough.
That TV is as big as can be.
I need it at my sea.

I'm a fast moving zombie today.
Buy buy buy they say.
I will charge it and run.
More debt is always fun.

I need this stuff.
Life is so rough.
I will no longer mutter,
If I have more clutter.

Forget about dinner.
This sale is a winner.
I get an extra 2 dollars off with my coupon as well.
I am so lucky I'm going to Hell.

Maybe sooner than I think.
Look at that kitchen sink.
I'll fight and I'll shout.
I'll make the other guy pout.

A thief in the night.
I will win every fight.
I will save a ton.
Shopping is so fun.

Even if I spend, spend, spend.
I save a ton in the end.
I get a lot of junk too.
Whoa hoo!

Now my car is filled.
Next month I may get billed.
But I'll worry about that then.
Now it's off to my den.

Look what I was able to save.
This one is truly my fav.
I bought two of it.
Isn't it just the umm spit?

Who cares if I only have room for one.
Buying two just had to be done.
Don't be a Scrooge at your sea.
Buy, buy, buy on a shopping spree.

Don't you get all cheery and bright when such great sales come to light? You get to be a fast moving zombie at your sea and hit others with an elbow or knee. Black Friday once again get a bash pass from my online shopping little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Buy, buy, buy on a shopping spree"
    Thanksgiving over it is sales for me
    Buy whatever is wired
    Even if not required
    Items useful later for cyberspace glee


    1. That is the size of it
      Buy, hiss and spit
      Until you have it all
      There at your hall

  2. Black Friday has finally come to France,
    People splurge on useless crap without a second glance,
    I think I'll stay at home,
    And watch the crazies from my dome,
    Of all the things to copy from the States,
    They pick the trample-people-over to compete in the consumption race.

    1. You now see it in Canada more and more too
      It used to be low key at our zoo
      But now shop and shop and shop
      Sale are everywhere you just can't stop

  3. 'Fast moving Zombie'
    went to Abercrombie
    he tried the suit
    all thought he's cute
    the cashier got horny

  4. Buy, buy, buy all the stuff in the store.
    Charge, charge, charge till your card won't take any more.

  5. That's why I stay home
    and don't shop on this day
    don't really want to fight the crowds
    just for a little money saved


    1. Yeah save your time
      By not saving a dime
      Better way to go
      As they trample high and low

  6. you will not catch me out there at the store today,
    though my wife is on her way...i value my sanity a bit more
    and i would much rather nap and snore.

    1. haha you in a grocery store on this day
      Would really really cause dismay
      She must be brave to brave it
      Hopefully she has some mace or stun gun in case there is a fit lol

  7. Online shopping is a win/win
    Free shipping and you don't leave your den!
    Would never go out on this day!
    I'd rather stay home and play!

    1. Can get promo codes too
      So it is cheaper at your zoo
      Not free shipping from there to here though
      Crummy border fees screw my show

  8. Stay indoors on this day and avoid the crazies

  9. Today is the time people shop
    They push and they shove till they drop
    They seem to exceed
    To buy stuff they don't need
    So the shopping is all a huge flop

    1. That it is
      With their hopping biz
      Then whine they are broke
      Like they just awoke

  10. That was a fun one, but I don't think I can forget about dinner!

  11. Pairing Black Friday with Zombies? I like it!

  12. Zombies buying what they don't need, so true

    1. Beats eating people though
      Although a few get stomped below

  13. ho ho ho I have the best sales ho ho ho

  14. Online shopping for me too. Not traffic woes or parking at the back of beyond for me. Kids are grown so tech gadgets are our thing.

    1. Tech stuff is easy to order offline
      Avoiding such a day is divine

  15. WEll that is one thing we will not be doing, going to sales. It just isn't worth it. You have a terrific day Pat.

    1. Yep, not worth it at all
      With nuts wall to wall

  16. I can't imagine going out for Black Friday. Not my thing- I don't like crowds! Hope you have a great day. :)

    1. Crowds of nuts can annoy
      And they bring no joy

  17. Oh, please!! I don't need anything bad enough to risk getting trampled. LOL! But, I did order a few things from Kohls black friday sale..online!!

    1. Online is the best way to buy on this day
      And any other at ones bay

  18. The don't just push and shove on Black Friday anymore, they kill each other. What an ignoble way to die. "Here lies Sally. She gave her life for a 60 inch telly"Truly I think this is Darwinism at it's best. A way to weed the stupid out of the population.

    1. haha yeah weeding out the stupid one by one
      As around they get trampled as they run

  19. No shopping for me today,
    I'd rather stay home in my pj's.
    Too full from last nights feast,
    Has turned me into a lazy beast.


    1. Lazy is a fine way to be
      When you are stuffed at your sea

  20. Really there are so many ploys to get us to buy....
    I didn't venture to the stores today
    as everyone who is out is crazy, I say!

  21. That thingy maggy is $10 off.
    It can really cure a cough.
    That TV is as big as can be.
    I need it at my sea.

    Black Friday free here,
    can't think of anything worse.
    a hearse
    of good sense
    need to be free of
    the spree

    1. A hearse would be worse I suppose
      But each year it seems to sink to new lows

  22. No Black Friday shopping for me! No deal is worth wading into that mess. Good laughs with friends and family, followed by a walk in the snowy woods with my favorite labs. Priceless! Have a great weekend, Pat!

    1. Nothing wrong with a day like that
      Although dogs may offend the cat lol

  23. If aliens come to earth to search for intelligent life, I hope they don't arrive on Black Friday

    1. Yeah they'd kill us all
      and be done with it at our earthly hall

  24. Shopping zombies? The worst kind of all! Yikes!

  25. Can't pay me enough
    To go out and buy stuff
    Crowds drive me crazy
    So I will stay and be lazy

  26. I was one of those zombies today. In my defense though, I went out for gifts for the 2 children we adopted to buy holiday gifts for. So it wasn't completely selfish spending, even though I did pick up a thing or two for myself. Since I was already out, you know :)

    1. lmao well as long as you didn't run over anyone
      And yeah had to get the shopping done

  27. I joined the zombies today for a bit
    and I saw a few having a nasty fit
    so, quickly got what I needed & split
    and some zombies couldn't score
    as stuff was gone the night before
    sorry, no new TV at their shore..

    1. haha oh no
      They search high and low
      And no tv is found
      lost those extra inches and surround sound

  28. Those sales are getting earlier and earlier. I feel sorry for the hosts who work so hard to get that big meal out and that family time going...only to be told, 'sorry to eat and run, I've gotta go stand in line for hours to save a few bucks.'

    1. That is true
      They eat and see you
      Have to split and buy buy buy
      Maybe even poke another shopper in the eye

  29. Excellent write Pat, couldn't sleep so am catching up with my comments.


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