A Little Ho-ing Gets A Showing!

Oh where that could take the mind if you go to a gutter of some kind. But let's just skip that or at least wear a nifty hat. They make nifty ones for this time of year. Okay, on with it from my rhyming rear.

Insecurity is on the rise,
As Santa takes to the skies.
Now it is not just a book,
But presents too at ones nook.

Will they like?
Will it strike?
Will I get the "nice" look?
I could write a book.

Isn't it fun,
How things are spun?
Open a gift or a book,
You want that "wow" look.

Then it gives the ego a boost,
And lets whatever come home to roost.
Yeah, each have a whatever.
I am just so clever.

Set up for a big fail.
Like pulling a cat's tail.
You will get a whack upside the head.
Same thing, sorta, as both cause dread.

By why let it bother you?
The next day the cows will still moo.
You will still rise.
Unless food for flies.

Then you just won't care.
No longer will you be aware.
So either way you are fine,
Just trust the feline.

Praise is great.
Such a nice fate.
All look for the trait,
Hating the hate.

Unwrap it all,
There at your hall.
Then in the end,
You'll be ready for either trend.

With nothing to fear,
You'll enjoy time in the here.
Things will stay clear,
Unlike my confusing rhyming rear.

There is the cat's holiday advice. Now I will go chew on some mice. The cat takes everything that comes his way. What the hell I say. Of course some I'd like to whack upside the head with a shoe, but you just have to give a whoopdi friggin doo. That is all today class from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, beat poor old Hank
      Another day to walk the plank

    2. Hank didn't even try

      let this one slip by

    3. Out on the road
      Or in sleep mode

  2. Fran is number one - whoa!
    Doesn't matter what happens, tomorrow is a new day and it will all be behind you.
    Rather not get slapped by a cat though.

  3. Nothing to fear, don't cry in your beer
    Is the end of the world really near?
    But does it really matter, do your silly thoughts scatter
    Will your bank account just keep getting fatter?

    1. lol nope, to the last one
      My bank account would have a heart attack if there was ever a ton

  4. There is the cat's holiday advice
    Try everything not once but twice
    Just don't care
    But just beware
    And end up the day looking nice!


    1. Beware the signs
      And avoid the fines
      Off you go
      For fun to ad fro

  5. Mice chewing is quite popular here!

  6. Trust the cat?
    I can't do that
    for he's an evil one
    who thinks pain is fun
    but maybe for a gift
    I'll send him into snowdrift…

    Happy IWSG Day!

    1. First we need snow
      Sorry, none at our show
      Good luck with that
      You'd have to catch the cat

    2. No snow? Never fret!
      Next big storm we get
      I'll send your way
      To whiten up your bay!

    3. No thank you
      Don't want it at our zoo

  7. So where's the nifty hat you were offering?

    1. Stuck in a drawer I hear
      It is something to fear

    2. Fear a hat? Really? Of all of the things that could be stuck in a drawer, the hat would be one of the things I'd be least afraid of.

    3. Well you just never know
      What could show
      The hat may hold something inside
      It is a good place to hide

  8. should i get slapped
    or chew on a rat, our mouse
    i hope i have none in my house
    i try not to read too much into praise
    cause the raise can go to your head
    and inflate you ego
    which will wreck your show.

    1. Yeah the ego boost
      Can come home to roost
      And then you're screwed
      With any added attitude

  9. Unwrap it all,
    when stumble at pothole
    dig it down
    and find your crop. lol

    1. Find a crop of treasure?
      That would bring pleasure

  10. I wrap lousy gifts extra pretty
    Then watch their faces when they see something sh*tty.

    1. lol I used dirty wrapping paper
      Then get embarrassed by such a caper

  11. Always taught to like what I got
    even if it was not true
    that's why gift returning is so popular
    at least at my zoo :)


    1. Fake it to make it
      Or something like that bit

  12. It's all about the praise. Definitely. ;-)

  13. Gifts can be so difficult.
    If you get the wrong one, it feels like your fault.
    But at least you thought to get a gift.
    That should be a holiday lift!

  14. Mouse chewing sounds like a good idea. Think we cats will go get on that. And I agree with another comment, that it is all just another day. Take care.

    1. Another day shall come to pass
      As the parts of mice might come out in mass

  15. I hate to admit it, but you're right, Cat. Sigh. I said it.

    It is a huge deal to spend all that time (and money) on gifts for all your friends and family. You want them to not only appreciate that you thought of them, but to actually LIKE what you got them. It's certainly causes pressure. I take a lot of time and effort to find things that people will enjoy and still be within my budget. That means lots of coupons and loads of circulars.

    Is that cat done shopping yet?

    1. The cat is all done
      His shopping run
      Just went into an 18+ store today
      And finished up at my bay lmao
      The cat gives dirty ones
      May give some the runs
      And you agree with me
      That is sue weird to see
      Must be all couponed out
      So you won't pout lol

  16. My kids are easy...even the grown ones. They're appreciative of whatever they get. My husband and I aren't huge on the gifts, but we like whatever too...truly the thought that counts. My MIL ... ha! She gives me lists of things that cost in the hundreds of dollars and then STILL isn't happy, always wanting more. 'well, dad got five presents, and I only got four...did I miss one?' I wish I was joking. It stresses me and Santa (her husband) out. Been happening for many a year, so I doubt it will change. Hubby said to get her a $5 Blockbuster gift card and call it a day (scandalous!). :)

    1. hahaha wow she expects a lot
      And counting everyone that's caught
      I know a few counters too
      They think they are popular at their zoo
      Could be crap in a box
      But they are still happy they have more even if socks

  17. Praise is good. Mouse chewing - not sure about that. I'll have to ask Bootsy his thoughts about it.

  18. No to mouse chewing too ~ Open a book and enjoy the cheers ~

    Have a good week Pat ~ I am finding my way around again ~

    1. Glad you are back around
      Yeah mouse chewing for humans may not astound

  19. A half eaten mouse as a gift would start a rift. This poem says it all so in the end, just have a ball

    1. That is what one must do
      Even with a mouse that had a little chew

  20. And here I thought I was all caught up
    as I sat down with my coffee to sup.
    Bam! Here's another one
    under your sun!
    Such a fun take on holiday giving,
    with your rhymes it's surely winning!
    I definitely want that "Wow" look.
    Want no gifts of mine given the hook.
    But you're right at your bay.
    What the hey?
    I'll give a whatever,
    and hopefully be fly food never!
    Take care
    at your lair!

    1. Fly food isn't rad
      Always another at my pad
      Done until June or so
      So more shall show
      Wow or not
      The cat is hot to trot

  21. The gift list gets shorter every year as the kids get older. They want fewer things but all are expensive.

    1. haha that seems to be the way
      As it works at my bay

  22. Great post Pat, here's one very insecure person right now,

  23. May all your Christmas wishes come true, and you be a winner with all that gift-giving, too.

    1. So my lottery wish will come to pass?
      That works for my little rhyming ass lol

  24. Isn't it crazy that someone might give us a gift ... and we complain? There's something wrong in that whole mentality, and I'm guilty of it myself. When hubby gave me legos one Christmas ... I need to be a nicer person. :D

    1. lol didn't like legos at your sea?
      Very true at some point we all have that mentality

  25. Whoa, all of that came from your little rhyming ass? Lol

  26. orlin N cassie...we new frum de get go... de post title wuz all bout ...de gardin tool !!

  27. So there once was a boy named Max,
    Who kicked two other boys in the nutsack,
    This new book we got is anything but tame,
    Trudesile I must say is a weird weird name,
    My kids and I can't wait to read on,
    To see what adventures Max will happen upon.
    *sorry this comment had nothing to do with your post, just mixing it up and keeping you on your toes at most, or maybe inside there’s some hidden praise to be spied… ;)

    1. That is fine by me
      Go off topic at my sea
      Especially on that
      A weird name indeed at my mat
      Wait until a few more
      One's a tongue twister galore

  28. Yup the whoopdi friggin do works for less than stellar responses.

    1. Works easy as can be
      Unless you want a swearing spree

  29. Insecurity is highly overrated
    and ya, I am familiar with the 'wow' look.....
    and hating the hate -- I will second that!

  30. Oh the rush of the season
    Give it a pause
    For a very good reason

    1. Take a step back
      From the crazy shopping pack

  31. Nothing wrong with praise a spirit it can raise

  32. The next day the cows may become food and not moo too!

  33. You need a show like Dr. Phil
    where you can give advise at will!

    1. haha and get rich?
      I'll have to work up a pitch

  34. I honestly hate getting gifts. I buy what I want for myself throughout the year, so I don't need anything when the holidays roll around. I am always stuck with the fake "Ohhhh! Thank You!" I guess that's why I like food gifts so much. At least that's something I could use.

    1. haha true, can chow down on that
      I just ask for money at my mat

  35. Oh to get a great book as a holiday gift. :) Gift giving and receiving can be tricky!

  36. The search for the perfect gift
    some spirits you could lift
    do you adhere to a wish list
    or buy something with a twist
    I do enjoy giving music & books
    gift cards are good at any nook
    unusual gifts are always nice
    but, please don't send any mice

    1. Not a single mouse?
      Don't want a friend at your house?
      Can run and run and run and squeak
      Then you get to play hide and seek

  37. The cats are waiting to tear into their stockings.
    If they find books there it will be quite shocking.
    They'd rather have a kitty treat.
    And then they'll be oh so sweet.

    1. A kitty treat and cat nip
      Those things they will grip

  38. Sometimes gift certificates are the best
    Get what they want at their nest
    But I do like opening gifts
    Gives me a lift!

    1. Opening is sure fun
      Tearing into them until you are done

  39. I gave up looking for that certain "you did well" look from my kids a long time ago. Even if they are happy, it wears off too soon as something else is always "trending" in their world.

    I read your last post too - sorry, not blogging much - and agree with the cat that I'm not patient enough to wait all year to give a gift. Thats why I don't feel tooooo guilty not gifting in December. I give great gifts all year long :)

    1. That is a good way to be
      All year long at your sea
      And yeah things change fast
      Always something else to add to the cast

  40. Bad responses after giving a gift,
    Definitely create a relationship rift,
    They say better to give than receive,
    I say it is unless the receiver is peeved.

    (I tried) :)

    1. haha a peeved receiver
      May need a reliever
      For in the end
      You never again hit send

  41. I hope the mice you're chewing on are toys. lol

  42. Someone commented today that kids don't get that same thrill out of Christmas and gifts as they get so much all year. That may be a bit cynical. I'll go back to chewing on my rubber mouse!!

    It just takes a little gift
    To give me a lift...:)

    1. That may be true for some
      But I know many kids who jump around and bounce on their bum

  43. To avoid that "insecurity," I try to attach gift receipts with the gifts.

    1. haha that works I suppose
      Then they can take them back if it curls their toes

  44. Advice from The Cat...
    Could I use some of that?

  45. I can't tell a lie
    Well I could, but why?
    I've stood in a 'vator
    and pushed the button.
    When the car doesn't move,
    I gripe and swear
    only to realize I'm already there.

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha maybe in a hurry at your sea
      And just on a vacation brain spree

  46. Well this year... I got the perfect gift for a lot of my family. If they don't like it... they can just give it to me and kissmyrear


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