A Path You Make With Steps You Take!

The cat got asked the other day if I thought there was a plan in place for every bay. So for 7 billion people or so, a path would be made whether high or low. Hmmm maybe, maybe not. But it would sure help those with brain rot.

A path for me,
Is there with glee.
A path for you,
Has glee too.

But then it has crap,
To fill the gap.
Can't know glee,
Without a crap sea?

A likely excuse,
Made up by a moose?
Or was that Yogi Bear?
What do I care.

But if that were the case,
For everyone all over the place,
Then why move at all?
You could just sit at your hall.

My path is to sit.
To get up and shit.
Then sit back down,
After dropping the brown.

Easy as can be.
That is the path of me.
But then I take a step out the door.
Now my path is to explore.

Oh wait!
That must be fate.
Or something else I guess.
This is becoming a mess.

Throw karma in too.
You offended the loo.
It is coming after you.
That is why the bad comes due.

Or is it all in your head?
Find out when you drop dead.
Or maybe you will not,
And just become dry rot.

Choice has no matter.
Just sit and get fatter.
Maybe become a mad hatter.
Time for a new batter.

So does the cat think a path is predetermined that we can't change? Hell no! One can easily rearrange. If there are unlimited alternate realities out there. Then you will go down every conceivable path at your lair. Just a human trait to explain away their path with sass. But I could be a wrong little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. It is now #2
      Slowly in queue


    2. My number 1 too! Hey, Hank! Playing va-bank!

    3. Two in a row
      Humbird tried giving it a go

    4. Great company humbird
      Photo finish at 7.00
      Joint winners
      Both are even
      A fitting bonus!


    5. Good sport
      take first spot
      early morning effort
      maybe next time - a record!

    6. Could break on in
      For the win

  2. "A Path You Make With Steps You Take!"
    Insisting on your choice stamp your stake
    Each with their way
    Made by the day
    Not to be late nor considered to be a fake


    1. to each their own
      As they moan and groan
      Getting there
      Half the fun at ones lair

  3. This is all in our head!
    We can change, rearrange
    Even get some of change
    Not so cash just to cash
    Our efforts to mash
    and dash,slash on the snow
    for trash? no, for fresh
    idea, in flash *

    1. Cash just to cash
      I'd make a dash
      But yeah we can't get it
      Have to work a bit

  4. I've made some steps in life that I haven't done in a long while.......and I feel great, but there are also days when despair is all around. In other words I take each day as it comes. Great verse Pat and thanks for sharing.

    1. Each day will bring something one way or another in the end
      Hopefully more good than bad they will send

  5. Our path is our choice, for better or for worse.

    1. And worse tends to suck
      Making us out more than a buck

  6. I like the cat's path/followed myself as a baby as accurately as math/sleep, eat and shit/that's why babies are always a hit! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. They cry and keep all awake too
      Not sure they are a hit with that and poo

  7. Sadly, I think a lot of people just move through life. They live for vacation or weekends or the day they can retire. That's no way to live, but I think it's hard to find a job that makes you happy.

    1. Yep, that is how most live indeed
      Waiting and waiting and then drop dead at their feed
      But 99% of jobs suck anyway
      Plenty can make one happy, but they have no to little pay

    2. yeah most them are like

      ones you hate

      one you can tolerate

    3. That is the size of it
      Hate or tolerate a bit

  8. This path or that path, oh which shall I take
    Maybe it's easier to just jump in the lake
    Choose a warm day and swim for a mile
    I used to do that when I was a chile
    All thats important is surive the big wave
    Don't have to be strong or exceedingly brave
    Life isn't easy, it's often a fraud
    To find out the truth just ask an old broad. LOL

    1. lol do you charge by the hour
      With your old broad power?
      Lakes are polluted now
      Could come out making all go wow
      As you look like swamp thing
      Or some undead king

  9. Life seems to be filled with excuses these days!

    1. Excuses around every corner for this and that
      You'd think they had the brains on a gnat

  10. All worth contemplating, eh? <-- see, that's an American thing ('eh'), hahaha

  11. Paths are good things to make. Take notice of all and I mean all animals, they make very distinct paths. We should follow their ways. Course there are good and bad paths but you just have to make the right choices on whether to go right or left. Take care.

    1. That we do
      Animals make many paths through and through
      Each make their own
      Around, over and through a pine cone

  12. The cat seems to have an easy path that he takes
    One that probably doesn't vary in from day to day
    Sometimes it is good to be adventurous and deviate from it
    and have some fun while we play


    1. Easy as can be
      Here at our sea
      But yeah a little deviation doesn't hurt at all
      Something new could come to ones hall

  13. Sometimes it is good to go off the path
    I'll ponder that while taking a bubble bath
    a new direction in life escaping the wrath
    what are the odds, I'll let you do the math

    1. The math could be high
      The math could be low
      Oh me oh my
      Damned if i know

  14. We make our own way
    through the filth and the muck
    of life every day.

    At the end may lie fortune
    for some even fame
    but most of us dwell
    in a life most mundane.

    1. That we surely do
      Through the muck and goo
      But they can keep fame
      Fortune is a better claim

  15. Yes, the choice is ours
    May be limited for some
    But if we try to mix it up a bit
    Life is more fun

    1. Can be limited indeed
      With what can take seed
      But fun can be had
      At ones pad

  16. For a buck. What the


  17. The path has choices
    Some rejoices
    Sometimes the path
    Can fill you with wrath
    Yes we can make it so
    Wherever the path doth go
    On the highway to hell
    Some might yell
    On the highway to hope
    Together, we cope....

    1. Highway to hell
      Sure isn't swell
      Highway to hope
      At least has soap

  18. We each have a path we can talk and we decide

    1. Talk or take
      Not sure a talk back one can make

  19. We cats lost our loo, once, thanks to the peep. But I don't think we've ever offended one. At least I haven't. Perhaps my marmie brothers did or somethin'.


    1. haha lost it at your sea
      Where oh where did you pee

  20. Many of us wade through life but the path is ours

  21. Sitting and getting fatter
    deserves a bit of clatter
    truly that is sadder!!

  22. A plan for me's as simple as can be.
    I don't want folks to look askance
    at the sight me, all fancy-free
    in the frozen food aisle without my pants.

    1. That isn't a bad Plan A
      They'd be in dismay
      That way you could avoid a trial
      Or the chopped up meat aisle

  23. I think we all prefer the glee path- though are paths are definitely filled with the good and the bad! :)

  24. I don't believe in predetermined paths. I think we are all faced with choices each day, and the outcome is based on our decision. But to already have it mapped out? No. That's like saying there is only 1 person who is your soul mate. I call bullshit on that too. What is there? 7 Billion people on the earth? To say there is only 1 other person you are meant for is ridiculous. I love my husband, and don't want to imagine my life without him. However, if he never existed or our paths never crossed, I am sure there would have been plenty more men I could have fallen in love with and made just as good a life with. To me, those paths and soul mate feelings just turn into pretty words, and that's it.

    1. haha pretty words is pretty much what they are
      Sure there are a million people you could be happy with at your sand bar
      But people get such a notion in their head
      Then wind up alone in bed

  25. Yep, choices we have
    good and bad.
    Some will affect your life forever
    so be careful as you endeavor!

  26. I absolutely believe in free will. I can look at paths forking in my life, when I deliberately chose a path that completely shot my life off in an unexpected direction. And yet, I can't help thinking that all those chosen paths led to exactly where I'm supposed to be with the E-P! LOL Have fun under your sun!

    1. That is true, you get where you want to be
      But the choice is up to thee

  27. "But then I take a step out the door.
    Now my path is to explore."

    That is always the case! Just gotta open that door.

    1. Or crawl out a window
      Can always give that a go

  28. Karma always comes back to bite you in the arse.....


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