An Available Rhyme For A Limited Time!

The cat will have this rhyme available for only a limited time. So you better catch it if you want to read a new chime. It is limited I say. Believe in the limits at my bay.

I'm limited today.
You knew that at my bay.
I'm a limited cat,
You can't beat that.

Why limited you ask?
I want to keep on task.
At least for a limited time.
I want to stay in my prime.

I have to follow the limited trend,
Or I could go right around the bend.
I don't want this to end.
So limited amounts I have to send.

Limited edition rhyme.
Sounds so sublime.
Like a limited edition car.
Ten million of those so far.

A limited edition movie,
Is ever so groovy.
Just like the special, 10th, 15th, 25th, anniversary ones.
But this one has limited runs.

A limited edition toy.
It must bring so much joy.
5 million kids have one.
So much limited fun.

A limited edition vacuum cleaner.
That will make shoppers meaner.
They have to have it.
They yank, hiss and spit.

Oopsy, 40 million of those.
No need to step on toes.
Just go to any Walmart,
And put it in your cart.

A limited edition game.
Wow, you play it all the same.
But it has a fancy case.
Yippee, maybe a comic for you to embrace.

Did you enjoy my limited rhyme?
It's the same as any other time?
I'm limited to what I can reply,
So I give a limited oh me, oh my.

So can you see what the cat was saying with his limited displaying? No, you can't? Go ask a limited edition ant. Okay I will tell before you damn me to hell. Limited Edition = Only As Limited As To How Many We Can Sell! Are you under a limited edition spell? The cat is done with his limited pass. This rhyme is limited to anyone who wants to visit my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "Limited Edition = Only As Limited As To How Many We Can Sell"
    What is the projected number they are thinking that they will not tell
    It is hoped to create a demand
    Of what they hope to command
    If they fall short they just keep it to themselves with a 'what the hell!'


    1. They keep it under their hat
      Unless a huge stat
      Then they tell
      Thinking all is swell

  2. A limit meant for all to see
    Twiddle dee twiddle dee twiddle dee de
    Read the rhyme, what does it tell
    Limit time won't sound it's bell

    1. Limit up the arse
      Limit isn't sparse
      A limit to see
      Whoopdi dee

  3. They are only limited by what they can make and sell, that's for sure

  4. So 40 million isn't limited? Who knew

    1. Yeah not limited at all
      Or maybe just a high limit call

  5. limited is a great marketing ploy
    to see how many they can deploy
    charging you more for a limited joy
    "limited" becomes a great decoy
    but, if it is something I might enjoy
    I might buy it, giving a smile so coy

    It's winter..don't get a splinter..

    1. haha fall for the trap
      Of some marketing chap
      I probably have as well
      They sure think it is swell

  6. The limited does not refer to the amount of people who will rush out and buy one.

    1. Nope, they all will run
      It is soooo needed under their sun

  7. I think the cat is ilimited!
    Not limits for the cat:))

  8. If they make us believe
    There are only a few
    We'll pull money out of our sleeves
    And jump to buy two.
    How stupid are they?
    I buy four at my bay.

    1. Well at least you limit your limits to four
      On your not so limited tour

  9. I agree and disagree with you, Cat! I totally agree that many people use this as a scam to get people to buy more things...but certain things are certainly legit!! For example, I have a lenox disney ornament set that they release a new one every year. Once the year is up, they stop making the last one and start making the new. That's limited, right??? hahahaha

    1. haha yeah that is limited to and extent I suppose
      As they go away when a new year shows
      But did they make 5 million of them to sell
      That is kinda a big limit where they dwell

    2. Lol well, a limit is a limit. Hahaha

    3. I suppose that is true
      Even a huge limit that comes due

  10. Actually your rhyming has no limits!

  11. Where would one look to find a limited edition ant? :p

    Happy New Year!!!!

  12. I would never think you had limits,
    When it came to your sonnets (ya, ya, ya? Kinda.. :) )


    1. haha only as many limits as one put on their head
      And let's them fill them with dread

  13. For being limited
    The cat is cute
    I hope he has a good new year
    And does not need a new suit.


    1. A suit he would surely eat
      Hope you have a good new year at your new street

  14. Hey Pat, thought you would enjoy this from my pal Austin...

  15. "Limited Edition = Only As Limited As To How Many We Can Sell!" Exactly. I love it when they actually give you a number the item offered is "limited" to! "If you're one of the first one hundred listeners to reply..." in an ad that runs for months and months, for example.

    1. Yeah they let the ad run forever
      Thinking they and their limited 100 is oh so clever

  16. Labels that keep you antsy with proclamations of show and fancy are bound to suck you in with the notion that you'll win. It's somewhat of a joke, once you see through all the smoke. Happy new year! :) ~ Jess

    1. haha but many can't see clear
      As the proclamations tickle their ear
      And away they go
      Spending the extra dough

  17. Happy New year to all of you.

    1. Hope yours is grand
      And all get/stay healthy in your land

  18. Amazon uses that tactic--most of their items will say, "Only 2 remaining." It creates urgency. As soon as those 2 are sold, it refreshes to "Only 5 remaining" or whatever.

    1. Yep, them and many other websites give that a try
      And it works as they catch ones eye

  19. 'Only limited to how many we can sell.' Isn't that the truth.

  20. Hey! You believe in eternal dalmatian too! MOL

    Very nice pome
    Said Austin the gnome
    With smiling unlimited
    And laughing quite spirited!


    1. An impressive gnome
      There at your dome
      That eternal dalmatian
      Sure cause us little elation

  21. orlin N cassie

    we haz limits two, az soon az we can rememburr what they iz... we will tell ya ....coz we iz online rite now tryin ta buy limited a dish unz oh thiz food { that we haz had aza stapull in de pantree for like de past 3 yeerz.... } & R time iz limited N we hafta hurree~~~~~~♥

    1. haha hopefully you get that food that is always there
      It sure sounds some good and rare

  22. You know what... this never occurred to me.

  23. It's all about the money
    But you're unlimited fun,
    you and your rhyming buns.

    1. like to be unlimited fun
      Will until our day is done

  24. Not really limited but similar in nature, is the ad that says "Call in the next 30 seconds to get a perk to your order"...but the ad runs all day. lol...

    1. The power of marketing at play
      Making a call to action in he ad on display

  25. those words are about as overused as food that is "gourmet"

    1. Yep, that is a good one too
      Over used up the wazoo

  26. I have reached my limit with limits
    Makes me shake my head
    You can take your crappy limits
    While I return to bed

  27. I enjoyed your limited rhyme
    I'd take limited any time!

  28. For just a limited time
    We can still write 2014 with chime
    Then scratch out the date
    In our checkbooks of fate
    Oh, well, perhaps by a fortnight
    I might get it right

    1. Yeah that will come due
      A time or two
      With a scratch out
      Making one scream and shout

  29. But the candies that I bought after Christmas really are limited, only coming out at the holidays. I have to wait almost another whole year to get them, so I was one of the people that scooped up all the limited edition candies that would fit into my cart.

    1. haha limited to a time of year
      But still as many as you can get I fear

  30. Whew, glad I still got in to read...being that it was limited and all. ;) I found some limited holiday coffee k-cups...only two boxes left. I took one and left one for someone else (clearance), hubby's not happy with my consideration, hahaha, they really are limited. :)

    1. haha consideration didn't go over well
      I suppose it doesn't when in limited hell

  31. I can't say I have jumped on the limited edition train yet. You could probably entice my Hubs though.


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