Are You Ready And Steady?

I bet you just can't wait! It is growing near that oh so magic date. This is the most magical time of year. Fairies and unicorns even come near. Wow, it just can't be. You must be exhausted at your sea.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
Time for some absolution.
Forget things of the past.
Those things never last.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
Suck in some fresh air pollution.
Feel those lungs inflate.
It's such a magical date.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
Act like its in the constitution.
Have to have something on par,
To spread around at the corner bar.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
Time for a simple substitution.
Trade one bad for another.
Hey, may impress your mother.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
This magic day holds the solution.
I will magically get a life.
I may even find a wife.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
So magic I can go to an institution.
There they will set me free,
Because such magic brings glee.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
Forget all the years of evolution,
Here and now magic is on display.
Life can go another way.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
Let's start a small revolution.
Wearing underwear on the outside,
Like Superman it will bring such pride.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
I can commit crimes that bring on electrocution,
Sing a song and forget the past.
The crimes will then disappear fast.

It's the New Year's Resolution.
Kind of resembling prostitution.
A magic day, a magic blue pill,
Both can give one their umm fill.

Pfffffft is all the cat has to say to anyone who believes in a magic day. Do it and its done. Then you can move on to fun. Waiting for a magic day is dumb. Better off asking a plumb. Hey, it could be as magic as the day. But they might lock you up if you tell all what it had to say. So another year has come to pass. It was a fun one for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "So another year has come to pass"
    It seems to have done so very fast
    New year resolutions
    Not giving solutions
    But just to make the conscience last


    1. Yeah no solutions is had
      But they make some glad

    2. What... no GREAT POST?
      Not even from coast to coast?

    3. Guess not yet
      Must be off making a bet

  2. Every year there comes a time
    When humans promise, some in rhyme
    They take a stance like a howling beagle
    To do one thing like it was legal

    They spit and spat and take a vow
    And dance around like a big red cow
    They pledge to do one thing forever
    Or all their fingers they will sever

    Intentions are so strongly said
    May even help to take a med
    Next day of the early morm
    Promises gone, all's left is scorn

    1. That is how they roll
      Same old stroll
      Forgetting what came due
      As fast as they let it spew

  3. Haha! Im agree! Never make New year resolutions!

    And Hank You never sleep dear????

    1. I do Gloria Ma'am
      But at different times


    2. Different time zones help Hank
      So he can take #1 to the bank

  4. My resolution now
    Is to beat out Hank somehow

    Happy New Year's to you
    And your fun cat crew.

    1. Good luck with that
      Hope it doesn't fall flat haha

    2. Getting crowded now
      Good company somehow!


    3. Crowded as can be
      Here at my sea

  5. I try to make resolutions I cannot break
    such as "every morning I will awake."
    Happy (almost) New Year to all!

    1. lol well that one is good to make
      No need to do a double take

  6. No resolutions here, way too old for that
    Rather spend my time petting the cat.


  7. Resolutions have holes,
    so I prefer goals.
    But that's for tomorrow,
    tonight is the Eve.
    The bubbly is chilled
    The clock's counting down
    Onto the new year
    with nary a frown.
    Time to make that scene!

    VR Barkowski

    1. Sounds like a plan
      2015 I'm a fan
      Hopefully it isn't a flash in the pan
      And no one kicks the can

  8. We will have fireworks until at least 3AM in our neighborhood so my resolution is to always protect the dust bunnies that live under the bed!

    1. That is a good resolution to give a go
      They need protecting from the vacuum don't you know

  9. I wish it was magical, and I've never seen a unicorn or fairy, darn it. Happy New Year Pat and Cat!

    1. haha yeah none of those near my sea
      Happy new year to thee

  10. New Year's resolution - to be resolute
    to move, to breathe, now - salute!
    Happy New Year to all cats/dogs and pips absolute(ly) !

    1. Now is the way
      No waiting for any special day

  11. Yep. all it means is a change of the calendar.

  12. Every day is magical, Mr. Cat!
    Have a Happy New Year, where you're at!

    I'll be back to catch up on what I've missed recently!

  13. Ughhhhhhhhh, more reminders! I'm not sure what mine should be!

    Happy New Year's Eve, Pat & Cat! :)

  14. Across a fake divide
    we flow into a New One,
    much like the Old.

    We put our hopes
    into it's hands
    expecting things
    both big and grand.

    With disappointment
    we will find
    it's really all
    the same old grind.

    After that depressing bit of rhyme, I'll wish you a Happy New Year Cat.

    1. That is about the size of it
      Even if depressing a bit
      No magic date will change a thing
      Hope a happy new year is had at your blog wing

  15. Good thing I made New Years Vows, Cat. If I made resolutions I may have gotten you angry. hahahaha

    You are right that people can complete goals on any stinking day that they want. NYE just gives us the motivation to actually do it. Maybe? No? Ok...I tried to justify it.

    1. lol your justification didn't work
      As many find it a perk
      But how many follow through?
      Zero, zilch, nadda, that have to wait for a special day to come due

  16. I resolve to not resolve
    For in resolving I will fail
    Let's just try get through tonight
    With bubbly drinks or other ale

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Pat and Cat! (And Cassie of course)

    1. That is the way
      Screw resolving at your bay
      Just get drunk
      And in a funk lol

  17. Resolutions often fail
    even when you try to prevail
    set a small goal is the way
    you can do that any day...

    Make a wish at midnight
    blow it in the winds of starlight..
    drifting towards moonlight...

    1. That one must do
      Each day push through
      And wishes are meh as well
      Leaves people sitting where they dwell

    2. Well wishes fill one with hope
      help them as they try to cope
      depends on how you look at life
      which lens do you prefer optimistic
      or the dark shadow of pessimistic
      is your glass half empty or half full

      oh cat you know you are all that
      thanks to the love of that human Pat

      wishing you a year full of glee...

    3. Hopefully you have a year of glee
      There at your sea
      And the glass is just there to drink
      Or if it is nasty dump it down the sink

  18. Not feeling the usual joy, magic, or thrill?
    Maybe I'm too old or to jaded.
    Although for the New Year - I still have hope!

    Wishing you all the best for 2015! Prosperity, Health, Love and Peace!

    1. I'm jaded too
      As no thrill comes due
      Just another day
      Along time's merry way

  19. Hoping 2015 is great for you. 14 wasn't bad for us but the world in general had a crappy year. Thanks for all the smiles.

    1. That the world did indeed
      Hopefully 2015 is better at every feed

  20. Have you read all of the crazy superstitions connected to New Years Day? Things like you aren't supposed to take anything out of the house, even the trash, because it will curse you for financial loss throughout the rest of the year? Crazy stuff! You also aren't supposed to do laundry on New Years Day--if you do, someone will die. Even though I'm not superstitious, that one makes me feel like avoiding laundry...just in case...

    1. haha yeah just like walking under a ladder and such
      All of them are out to lunch very much

  21. Hope you have a very Happy New Year.

  22. No magic for me
    But waiting at my sea
    For a new goal list
    I'll once again try not to miss... t

    Happy new year, Pat! Looking forward to 12 new books from you!

    1. 12 new books should come due
      Here at my rhyming zoo

  23. I know very few people who actually keep their New Years resolutions.

    Hope you have a great 2015, Pat! (And cat!)

    1. Yeah none keep them all
      Not even one at many a hall

  24. Never understood why people wait until a set date to get stuff done. Do it when you realize there is a problem and you'll be much happier, much sooner!

    Happy New Year!

    1. That is sure the way
      But many wait for some uber special day

  25. I think the Superman underwear on the outside resolution is really going to catch on. Good suggestion!

    1. haha you just never know
      How such suggestions will go

  26. orlin N cassie

    we haz troo lee enjoyed chillaxin over heer at yur place thiz yeer...thanx for de laffs, de shout outz, puttin uz in a book.... N most lee...understandin that burdz reeely are bass terdz !!

    heerz two a burd free, happee, healthee N blessed 2015 ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. haha hopefully we can have more fun
      As 2015 takes a burd free run

  27. 51!
    Such fun!

    My New Year's Resolution
    Is to start the Anti PC Revolution
    Or maybe feel my lungs inflate
    I mean heal them before it's too late
    Will 2015 be your year, Cat in the Hatt?
    Will you strike gold and buy a new mat?
    Will you find a wife that's, you know, cheap?
    I don't mean it that way, I'm no creep
    I wish you all the best across the lake in the west
    And for once I don't say this in jest
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face
    Even if I can't afford lace
    Superman? Like in a reboot you mean?
    Or a prequel sequel on the big screen?
    No thanks, I'm good - keep that um... spit
    Make sure 2015 is a hit
    Bottoms up - all of them, ugly and bottoms so fine
    Have some champagne or milk or wine!

    1. Hopefully the lungs inflate
      And have a nice healing trait
      That would be good to be on the upswing
      A wife you say for a fling?
      The cat may not like that
      We'll have more scat
      In the litterbox of course
      The cat leaves that with no remorse
      But gold would be nice
      Buy anything at any price

    2. No need
      As the cat has little greed

    3. little as in give me dough
      And away I go haha

  28. Thanks for sharing such an amazing poem.
    Have a very happy new year.

  29. Resolutions make some feel good about themselves for a day, that is about it

  30. Happy New Year, Pat :o) I resolve to rhyme more in 2015.

  31. My only news years resolution was to never make new years resolutions

  32. I very rarely indulge in New Year's resolutions.

  33. I think I'll make one. I'll write more in 2015.

    1. Well that isn't bad
      Hopefully lots of writing is had

  34. NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn, this is an old post.

  35. I DID IT, CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, sir, I did it. Which reminds me.... CLICK

  36. Resolutions are pointless for most

  37. My son's resolution was to stay up to midnight. He made it, hollered 'Happy New Year' and promptly fell asleep. Goal accomplished. ;)

    1. lol nothing wrong with that one
      Give a yell and it is done

  38. haha...I knew you'd do this post.
    You're such a predictable host. ha.
    I made one resolution last year and kept it.
    Need to pick one this year..I'm late, a bit.

    1. Late for the very special date
      That won't be a good fate
      And yeah this one you know
      Next year I may give something new a go

  39. Wishing you all the best in 2015, Pat.

  40. Hope you had a great NYEve. I was in bed at 9PM getting over the flu. Happy New Year!!

    1. Blah to that new year start
      Hopefully that was the worst part


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