Blogvengers Are Done, But Where's The Final One?

Looking for chapter ten at my sea? The cat is going to be mean to thee. I know that is not very Christmas like with this spree. But oh well, it is July as I write this, so sue me.

Blogvengers is done,
The end of its run.
Part ten is written.
Who got bitten?

I guess you will have to see,
With another book from me.
20,000 words in rhyme again.
I can't be stopped at my den.

Some bloggers got eaten,
Some others beaten.
Some went crazy loon,
Like a Saturday morning cartoon.

Well Betsy is more Hannibal like.
But many took a hike.
A tiny bit more serious tone then the last,
But still bloggers added to the cast.

But how does it all end?
I guess you'll have to hit send.
Or click here below.
Then you'll be in the know.

Hey, at least I saved you the time,
It would take to read the huge rhyme.
Or to skim away,
So you can enjoy your day.

Now Blogvengers is through.
The big story for this year has come due.
Next year's is in mind.
Sure it will be crazy of some kind.

Orlin, Cassie and their crazy human Pat are back. Once again they have been whisked away from their comfy shack. Zombies with Powers are attacking this time. Duke Drazin also shows up still gloating about being a god in his prime.

Unlike their adventures in Island of The Gawker and Glitch of a Witch, this time seems a bit more like they may end up dead in a ditch. Someone is out to kill bloggers everywhere, whether cat, dog or human blogger he just does not care. He will end bloggers by sending them to a land filled with zombies with powers. Will they survive the grueling hours? Will they find a way back home once again? Find out as bloggers everywhere lose their ability to pen.

Click Here for a peer

Enjoyed your part in it? Are you sad that you got bit? Or thrown in a pit? Or violated by a tiny zombie a bit? The cat could go on and on at his sea. But I will relieve thee. So another book is added to the mass of those put out by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "The big story for this year has come due"
    Another book is available for view all new
    Some given clues in a sense
    But to know more 'click send'
    Powered zombies, big fights coming through


    1. Clues from beginning to nine
      The rest have to read to see how it will align

  2. Zombies With Powers, another book
    Open a page and have a look
    That thought must give a terrible fright
    With magic added to a fatal bite
    Congrats and lots of sales with another book

    1. That be nice with sales
      Then the 9-5 could hit the trails
      But doubt that
      Still fun to do for the cat

  3. Awesome! Will download that one today. Had a great time reading it.

    1. Glad it was fun
      Sure there will be another one

  4. Any offering from thee
    Is likely to cause me glee...
    But for now I'll just be happy if Hank,
    I can again give a no.#1 spank! ;-)

  5. The final chapter is a mystery! Does that redefine the genre??? :)
    Congrats to you on the finish, and high five to a job well done.

    1. haha could pretend it redefines it
      As another one gets added to my book pit

  6. Congratulations! And just in time for Christmas too!

  7. Sounds fun Pat! And yes I know you can't stop lol

    1. lol can't stop at my sea
      Well at least until May or so with my book tree

  8. Replies
    1. Another on the pile
      As I turn the zombie dial

  9. Congrats on the last book You seem to be able to put them out there.
    Have a super day.

  10. Bravo Pat, it looks darn good!

    1. Another indeed
      Cover turned out well at my feed

  11. Though ' bloggers everywhere lose their ability to pen.'
    we're here to celebrate your trend!
    Congratulation....sorry, no magic bird with wand...

    1. No bird with a wand
      To make sales go beyond? lol

  12. Hey cat, you're such a tease!/It's Christmas, mate, be cool as the breeze. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Cool the cat can be
      With some tease at his sea

  13. 20,000 words in rhyme
    that is an amazing feat
    good job with the book
    I'm sure not one to beat


    1. Maybe next time 25k words in rhyme
      That will be a fun time

    2. I don't even know 25,000 words...

    3. Damn, need to get on that
      At your blog mat

  14. Ah the cat is sly leaving us to wonder
    as a spell he did cast taking us under
    how will the Blogvengers story unfold
    more adventures are yet to be told
    I will have to go to the amazon nook
    and buy up the book for a deeper look

    1. A deeper look in the end
      How will it set the trend
      Hmmm one shall see
      What happens to all in the blog land spree

  15. First off, the fact that you wrote this in July kind of makes me sick!! lol Want to donate a few for R&W? I could sure use some help. haha

    What a sneaky, sneaky thing to do, Cat! You start the story and then make your readers go on a treasure hunt to finish it!! Clever, but sneaky!! lol

    1. lmao well I'm writing posts for June now
      Does that make you have a cow?
      I'll donate top 9, 6, 3, 8 lists to your sea
      But no 10, just to screw with your ocd lol
      Like being sneaky indeed
      Here at my feed

    2. LOL That's really not nice at all!!!!!! I can deal with a "5" list. How does that sound???

    3. haha I'll make it 5 and a half just for you
      That half will make you stew

  16. Alrighty then...that is just having life a little too planned. I think you make me sick too! LOL I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants at the last minute kind of girl. LOL

    1. lol the cat makes you sick
      Damn, who knew ocd was so slick

  17. You wrote this post in July? Haha! Well, I guess that shouldn't surprise me since I've reached June on my posts for next year.

    Congrats on yet another book! This one looks good! I'll be downloading it soon. :)

    1. haha yeah I'm in June now to for next year
      Spreading all kinds of cheer

  18. Very good, will download later on.

  19. Some of the blogvengers were eaten? EATEN? MOUSES! Hmmm... Were they served with a side of nip? Just wonderin'...


    1. Nope, no nip was added
      Those zombies didn't need fat to be padded

  20. Love the cover.

    This was me. "Some bloggers got eaten,
    Some others beaten.
    Some went crazy loon'

    For 1.99, that's a good price.

  21. Must be stronger zombies than those in Walking Dead.

  22. I think it's cool how you have bloggers in your books. Very fun! Congratulations on yet another book under your sun!

  23. You are quite clever Cat. Get us hooked and then BAM! If we want to know how it all ends, we have to buy your new book. You sir, are a master at self promotion :0)

    1. haha too bad marketing is such a pain in the ass
      But you learn with each pass

  24. I knew this was going to be a book, Cat Pat! I bow down to your creative output! July, eh? I'm hoping to finish tomorrow's post this afternoon. LOL! I'm reading Max Blizzard right now, but I'll download this new book later. Maybe Santa will give me an Amazon gift card. I'm going to spell it out for him in a list ~ more chance of the card than the big iPhone 6 with all the bells and whistles. I hope Santa gets a Wow! look from me! Have a good one under your sun.

    1. haha a wow look he may get indeed
      If the iphone 6 comes to your feed
      But a gift card isn't bad
      There at your pad

  25. Wow, another book coming out. You are quick, quick, quick. A hard worker. You must live on the computer. :-)

  26. What a tease
    as you aim to please!
    Luring us in
    with that evil grin.
    And Drazin, too?
    What are we to do?
    His gold shiny head
    gives me dread.
    Does my tongue get numb and I die?
    Tell, me Cat, and don't lie!

    1. Not a Drazin fan
      He's quite the man
      Err umm god
      With the brain of a cod
      In most everything
      You may come back in the final ring
      As may all
      Or all may fall

  27. ha - congrats - unbelievable how you deliver book after book... awesome... and hey... i don't wanna get eaten.. just saying..

    1. haha you may have been eaten at the start
      Zombies ate each part

  28. Oh my dear friend Pat
    Another book here
    At your mat
    You sure are busy
    You and your cat

  29. orlin N cassie...way kewl bout dadz new book, now if thiz one sellz 420 bazillion copeez, may be him can think bout purchasin a calendar coz it reely iz decemburr.... and like joo lie wuz..... a few dayz ago... !!

    best fishes on sales ♥♥

    1. haha yeah he may need a calendar to keep track
      Always so far ahead at our shack

  30. You must dream in rhyme
    Or maybe that's the only time
    That thoughts are quiet
    You're a riot!

    Congrats on the new book
    Love the cover at your nook

    1. haha they still flow
      But no rhyme will show
      Just dreams abound
      Strange things are found

  31. Congrats on another one. You really have a ton

  32. Nice job on your book. It was such a pleasure reading it on your blog.

  33. Replies
    1. haha no Groot indeed
      Get copyrghted at my feed

  34. Congrats on another book. I think all the bloggers that were killed off need to come back as zombies themselves. And bite Pat too. Then we can all live happily ever after in zombieland :)

    1. lol they may all come back
      If they make it out of the attack

  35. This book looks very cool
    Congrats and you rule!

  36. Replies
    1. Not even just right
      In the middle of the night? lol

  37. You are quick with your tricks, writing in July. Now churn out another, brother, a book of lies. (write fiction--don't really lie.) :)

  38. What a clever marketing scheme
    Get 'em hooked, the entire team
    Then dangle your latest under their noses
    And book sales come out smelling like roses

    1. That would be nice indeed
      For some to take seed

  39. Well maybe there will be a sequal,... The Bloggers revenge of the Blogvengers


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