Even A Job Picking Corn Off A Cob!

Have you ever noticed a thing at each and every wing? That no matter what job comes from summer to spring, there is always someone around that will do the thing? Some even whistle and sing.

A bull fighter is needed.
That job can be seeded.
A dog pooper scooper is had,
That person must be mad.

A pilot for a big death trap,
Takes many a lap.
The tole booth change guy,
Sits and stares at the sky.

A nuke bomb maker,
Even has a taker.
A crossing guard comes due.
I've seen one or two.

An actor with the skill of a gnat,
Can be fake and all of that.
A construction sign holder,
Making you stop while you grow older.

An on air Priest,
Saying give so he can feast.
A grocery store bagger is there,
Even has to bag underwear.

Some fashion guru crap,
Makes me want to nap.
A celebrity impersonator umm guy,
Gives off some sort of cry.

A vet that is so great,
Sticking thermometers up my ass is their fate.
A long haul trucker umm long hauling.
I wonder how that becomes a calling?

A author that sells a ton.
Damn, not under my sun.
A kitty litter maker.
They are a real mover and shaker.

A doctor who looks over humans all day.
That has to be a scary display.
The guy who picks up the trash.
It is sure gone in a flash.

The school teacher we teaches each day,
Getting summers off to play.
The blogger who works a ton,
And still makes less than each and every one.

No wonder there are so many welfare bums out there. They are too disgusted by cleaning toilets at their lair. So instead they would rather starve. Maybe a house out of a tree they could carve? There are jobs for everything and everyone in mass. I guess they just have to have standards like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "No wonder there are so many welfare bums out there"
    Happy joining the queue waiting in line never you care
    "It is plainly my bother
    Am getting legit fodder
    Queuing my time and limits so take your time to stare"


    1. Queuing they do
      More than a few
      Too lazy to work
      But some really need the perk

  2. An actor with brains
    thinks she can make it sound sane
    to vote one way or another
    but with facts don't bother
    because what they say must be true
    actors and politicians never lie to you!

    1. haha and if anyone believes that
      Come here and get shit on by the cat
      It cures baldness, cancer and migraines
      Plus all other aches and pains

    2. um, so is this your warped way of offering to poop on me to cure my migraines? I don't think so cat! hahaha

      You must have seen Horrible Bosses II lmao

    3. lol the cat thought he'd offer to help
      Even if you did yelp

  3. Kitty litter maker. At least it's clean at that point.

    1. That is true indeed
      Unless a cat breaks into their feed

  4. Crossing guard would have to be one of the most boring jobs ever. At least the toll booth guy gets to sit down

    1. Standing there in the cold
      Would be awful, young or old

  5. Countless jobs are everywhere
    They're even at the county fair
    Sell candy floss on a cone
    Then go out and float a loan
    Or sell corn dog puppies on a stick
    Than everyone can take their pick
    But I guess most go the welfare route
    And get free money, what it's all about

    1. That is where many go
      Instead of searching high and low
      Easier to be a mooch
      And such back their hooch

  6. I think working in a coffee shop would be fun
    happy people drinking coffee with everyone
    or perhaps working in a book store
    where I'd spend all I make and even more
    crossing guard a few hours a day wouldn't be bad
    helping children to school one really can't be sad!

    1. If it is freezing out
      The crossing guard would make me pout
      Coffee shop I don't drink
      So there would be a missing link
      Book store would be fine
      That could be done by the feline

  7. Replies
    1. Get to stay home
      Unless an auction makes you roam

  8. I've wiped up crap,
    Watched babies nap,
    Made cakes, funny and fair,
    Monitored asbestos in the air;
    Never did anything needing a gun,
    But just about everything else at my sun.
    Now I mostly sit and rest...
    Maybe I should up and re-feather my nest?

    1. Re-feather you say
      More babies on display
      Cleaning up more crap
      As they take a nap
      A crappy job indeed
      But has to be done at ones feed

  9. Replies
    1. Glad it was grand
      Here in my land

    2. Oh, you kill me. As I don't have a rhyme, and this thyme.

      I did though just use thyme to roast chicken and make gravy.

      Cheers and boogie boogie.

    3. Thyme for cooking
      Is well worth looking

  10. An actor with the skill of a gnat- yup if your mommy and daddy is famous, you are gorgeous or have the right connections!

    1. That is true
      That is all they need and are stupid without a clue

  11. There are just all kinds of jobs to be had even if they are hard, it is a good way to have food and shelter. It is very hard to make money blogging. You have a great day.

    1. Oh yeah, making any money blogging is far and between
      There are many if one looks near or far from their scene

  12. Yes, as a teacher I learned as much as my students. I always say I taught them to read and write. They taught me patience. Little angels. :)

  13. Lots of jobs out there to do
    One can pick for a variety
    Better than being on welfare I do think
    Except if you have a job that you work for free


    1. Yeah just have to adapt a bit
      Free you can find but isnt a hit

  14. I was just saying someone could make a lot of money just running around, putting up lights for people. I guess that's what TaskRabbit is for--but it's not available in our area yet!

    1. haha yeah that is very true
      Could make some nice dough taking them down to

  15. I'm going to call you out on this one Cat. Your world view is confined to what you see in your own country. There are not jobs out there for everyone. Go to Greece, go to Ireland, go to Iceland, go to Spain. It is this kind of rhetoric that makes people in these countries feel horrible shame if they are forced onto the dole.

    In the community I live in know there aren't enough jobs to go round. When there is an opening at a McDonalds, 300 people apply. Only one of those people will get the job. There are men out of work here who worked hard all their lives to support their families. These are solid, decent men of high ethics, yet they cannot get a job cleaning a toilet. You are living in a fantasy world Cat. You are not superior to those men, you are fortunate. Be grateful, lest you find yourself walking in their shoes one day.

    1. Call the cat
      He is fine with that
      And that I know
      Not the same at every show
      And it does take dough to make dough
      But it can be done at ones show
      With an internet connection
      One has more selection
      But few are willing to adapt at all
      Instead wait for Mcdonalds to call
      Plus there are jobs, even if not near
      Even though moving is a ginormous pain in the rear
      And sometimes it cannot be done
      But you cant say there are none
      One just has to adapt and be willing for change to happen
      Instead of sitting around toe tappin.
      But yes, some just cant work
      That is when help is a huge perk

    2. I haven't said anything inflammatory for about a year. 'Twas fun Cat, hahahahaha

    3. haha got you going
      Once a year isn't a bad showing

    4. I got you to give me more than a two line reply Cat. So i win!!

    5. Made me use my one arm to type a lot
      Such a rude plot

  16. That was a darn good rhyme, but they don't work cause they haven't the time.

  17. I have had all kinds of jobs, some have lasted for a long time some have been short lived. It hasn't always been about finding the right job, sometimes it has been about finding the job that will pay the bills. Definitely have had some jobs I never want to have again!

    1. Yep, all comes back to paying the bills for me
      That is the only purpose a job has at my sea

  18. Your standards for job- insightful
    We need just find the job,
    where we get excited.

  19. I made my fortune in real estate
    Now I just sit back and wait for a poor man to date
    But that never works great
    They have no pizzazz
    Have no allure
    They eat all my pizza thats for sure
    The rich ones are mean
    So I send them away
    And have decided to be just a rich old maid

    1. lol sounds like you have it made
      May the riches never fade
      Rich men are pricks
      Kick them in their rich dicks lol

  20. Enjoyed this, can always rely on you to cheer me up.

    1. Glad I can bring cheer
      From my little rhyming rear

  21. All jobs are needed, and I'm glad some get done by others, not me. Hey, whatever makes a living, right?

    1. True, glad some get done not by me too
      Here at my zoo

  22. Lol these are good jobs!!! I would love to make $4000000000 to make bombs. Even a crossing guard is a decent job.

    1. Yeah that would sure be grand
      Not sure I'd want to blow up an land

    2. Stop being negative, cat!!!!! Lmao

    3. A negative nelly
      At least I'm not smelly

  23. You made some great points here. There are a lot of different jobs out there, but here in the United States we are turning into a nanny state and too many people are becoming dependent on government handouts instead of getting off of their butts to get a job, even if it is only to hold a construction sign all day.

    1. Yep, the handouts are what many go for
      Instead of getting off their butt at their shore

  24. Oh how I would love to be that author who sells a ton!!

  25. Make bombs, I would make bombs and blow sh&t up. lol

    1. lol blow worthless crap up
      That would be fun to do for cat or pup

  26. there def. are all kinds of jobs out there... would never wear bag underwear though...not even if requested for the job show

    1. lol scratch that one off the list
      As it should be missed

  27. orlin N cassie

    ya noe de saddest part oh kitty litter.....what...it....started....out....ta....be....



    1. haha well when the beach isn't in reach
      We have to teach

  28. Lots of great jobs...the place where I have been working (I am a sub at the school cafeteria) have been cutting hours and laying people off. So there isn't probably much chance of me getting called in. :( The problem for me is being qualified for them and then explaining that I stayed home to raise my kids all these years since my husband is never here. Yeah...I hate job hunting and the excuses they give me why they can't and won't hire me. UGH.

    1. Yep, that is one big pain in the butt
      They make up so many excuses at their hut
      The search can suck
      Until we find luck

  29. The doctor one was funniest! How about a honey pot cleaner? That would be rough! Have a happy day at your bay!

    1. haha yeah that would be a pain
      But beats any job where you stand in the rain

  30. Someone has to do these jobs, but boy do I wish I was the author who sold a ton. lol

    1. Selling a ton would be grand
      All across the land

  31. Always needs to be someone out there to do such jobs, just not me.

    1. Yeah I wouldn't want to do some
      They would suck and make one glum

  32. An author that sells a ton
    Damn not under my sun--or moon--either;)

  33. I've had bad jobs and bad bosses. So glad those days are mostly over

  34. ha. those construction sign holders have def stolen
    a few years off my life...all the strife...worse than waiting for
    a light....there are def some jobs i would never want to have...

    1. You? You've had like 100 jobs anyway
      Some you'd avoid at your bay? lol

  35. I think I would be ok with most jobs if it came down to working or not eating. Except cleaning the bathroom at Taco Bell. I'd rather starve than deal with the messes that probably happen in there!

    1. Yeah that be as nasty as can be
      And super duper germy

  36. You mean to tell me vets haven't come up with the forehead thermometer, or thermometer for the kitty's ears??? Woe to the kitty who has a fever, ahhahaha

    1. lol supposedly they have one in the ear
      But we tend to get it up the rear

  37. Thank heavens there are so many jobs out there
    Keeps me from being bored at my lair
    But my favorite I've done for quite a while
    Crossing eyes and dotting teas with a smile :)

    1. A criss crossing at your sea
      Making sure all is perfect with its spree

  38. At first I read "nude" bomb maker
    Don't think there would be a taker
    As exposed skin
    Could cause ruin


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