Need A Box For More Than Socks?

So it is boxing day, whoopdi friggin doo I say. But I'll always take a good box at my sea. I can jump in and out of them with glee. It does not matter the size. Although today you won the box prize.

Take coffee on the go,
Or just let it flow.
Get your caffeine high,
While you wash and dry. 

Or yap and drink.
You can create a coffee link.
What better way to yap,
As coffee fills your trap.

Never worry about the kids again,
As they sit and play games at your den.
Now they can stay hydrated with ease.
Playing games is such a breeze.

For you lazy humans out there,
Or those who work all day at our lair.
We need to get some attention,
So this needed a good mention.

Dance like a loon,
No need for a spoon,
Just put on some slippers.
I'm sure some will dance like they are wearing flippers.

Clean yourself!
Go hire an elf.
Animals should not do your work.
But using the pup and not a cat is a perk.

Don't like the light?
Want it to be night?
Get your handy dandy hood.
Sleep all day you could.

Make cleaning fun.
It can be done by everyone.
Who wouldn't want to rake the yard.
It isn't that hard.

Have a birdie belt.
It will make all melt.
They will swoon over your birdie.
Just wear one and be absurdie.

And when a day is done,
All come together as one.
Blankeez just for you.
Can fit a ton at your zoo.

And now you've been boxed and had. Yep, had at my pad. All the boxes are fake. In none of these you can partake. Prank boxes for a pointless day. How about that at my bay? Did I have you going with my box showing? Sadly more dumb things than these have come to pass. Hope you enjoyed my prank boxing little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. So it is boxing day and all done without boxing gloves
    'Toys' being devices these days no need for big boxes
    The smaller
    The better
    Big values contrary to belief is the one small in sizes


    1. The small can value a ton
      So it is fine to get that one

  2. Oh my, some of those are strange but I might actually use a nap sack!

  3. These are funny! Coffee in the shower is gross. The pet dust mops could be useful, until the pet jumped up on you or the furniture, lol

    1. haha very true, the furniture would get dusty then
      Guess a negative side to everything at ones den

  4. is WAY too early to be laughing this hard!

    1. haha never early for cheer
      From my rhyming rear

  5. Can have your coffee and talk too. That would be a perk

    1. A perk that would rival much
      To those that drink and talk and such

    2. Think I'll order those to use one day

    3. Sure they will be fun
      To use on every one

  6. what no toe tunes (haha)
    no merry ballad to croon
    to make my head swoon
    under that glorious moon
    drifting away in a blue lagoon
    or flying high in a hot air balloon...

    1. A toe tapping
      While one is napping
      Might not make one swoon
      But there still may be a moon lol

  7. I liked that pet sweep indeed
    good way to take care of hair
    as long as one didn't slip wearing them
    and cause a major tear


    1. Yeah that would be worse
      Cause some pain to pet and purse

  8. Put on Napsack
    Blankeez over
    love your pranks,
    thanks, lol
    made my morning!

  9. Those are some mighty fine boxes. We love boxes too, even the fake ones Have a great day after Christmas.

    1. The fake ones still work
      As boxes have a perk

  10. The very first two
    I could see at Betsy's zoo
    'Cause of coffee she's a fan
    But the shower she might ban

    I could just see myself
    With that crazy coffee phone
    Spilling over my shoulder
    And burning as I groan

    The pet petter might be handy
    If one has a lot of critters
    But they may start a riot
    And miss their box of litter

    Now the toe tunes I could go for
    As I dance around with glee
    But I want the manufacturer
    To send the batteries for free

    These were funny to behold
    And I was laughing quite a bit
    There will always be a customer
    For a box full of... s**t!

    1. lmao that their will
      They'll get their manure fill
      And away they will go
      Betsy could sure use a few at her coffee/cat show

  11. I guess I won't feel so bad about the the nostalgic Atari I got for Christmas. It has almost 100 games of the very earlier versions. Dreadful graphics. The 4 year old grandson likes it. A little.

    1. lol well it can be fun for a while
      Nice to have a 100 games to play on file

  12. No such gifts appeared beneath my tree
    No strange contraptions, thankfully
    A big back roller we did get
    Complete with box even bigger yet
    Now we just need a kitty to play
    And make even brighter our Christmas day!

    1. I tried a back roller at my sea
      Sucks big time for me
      Acupressure mat works well
      That makes all feel swell
      A kitty though
      Need one or two in tow

  13. Great post Pat, most imaginative.

  14. The first one looked like it could possibly be true but after that they got more crazy than any thing a glue-sniffing inventor could create.

    1. haha yeah there was no glue involved this time
      As such products may be a crime

  15. You did fool me. My mouth was agape at the absurdity of those products.

    1. Well there are many absurd ones out there
      But yeah, these are fake with their affair

  16. ummm which do I like the best
    And say take a hike to the rest
    If I had to take one over all
    I may even stumble and fall
    Could slippers that sweep up the floor
    Win over the ones that can dance out the door
    I think I may just go to sleep
    Choose the hood and not make a peep
    Boxer's day and did you shop
    Or for you was it a shopping flop?

    1. The hood and fade away
      Forgetting the light of day
      And the crazy on display
      Nope, stayed home, aren't getting my pay

  17. Glad to hear they are all fake although some of those are pretty damn funny.

    1. Yeah be funny if true
      But the boxes are more than enough to view

  18. Ha - where you find those products I will never know--
    a market for everything these days, it seems so!
    And yes, ho ho ho.

  19. I need a PetPetter... Don't ask me why.

    1. Not sure I want to know
      Here at my show

    2. Smart thinking, Cat.
      No PetPetter on your mat?

    3. Nope, the hand does the work
      Hmmm still a perk

  20. I could sure use that pet petter when I go to my Daughters. Her dog just thinks I love petting her.

    1. They want all the attention
      Or you get put in detention

  21. Fake, you say? Damn It! I really wanted those cleaning pet slippers. With 3 dogs, that's 12 feet. My house would shine!


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