Party On From Dusk To Dawn!

The cat saw one of these the other day that housed a bunch of drunks near his bay. Loud, idiotic buffoons. I guess that can easily describe many human loons.

Party and get drunk.
Get in a big funk.
Puke on the floor,
Bang on the door.

You annoy the cat.
So just scat.
Leave me be,
Go to another sea.

There are parties about,
You should check out.
Old people party sounds fun,
Pretend you are an old fart and come undone.

A rubik's cube party is grand.
But sadly you'd need a hand.
So simple at your sea.
Don't look at me.

Snuggies or Huggies is up.
Might make some hiccup.
Come wearing a snuggie,
Or an adult diaper in your buggy.

An ABC party is grand.
Go to that in your land.
Can you guess the meaning of ABC?
I'll let you think on it at your sea.

A Tetris party could be fun.
Around and around you will run.
You have to fit together with other shapes.
Beats a party with bare naked apes.

An offensive party is all you.
It would be very easy to do.
Show up as yourself.
You offend all already at your shelf.

Your mom party is all yours.
You can skip the chores.
Come dressed as your mom.
If male, strange and then some.

And best of all,
A three legged party at your hall.
Tied to someone else the entire time.
Going to the loo may be a tough chime.

There you are drunks nuts out and about, go there and scream and shout. Still deciphering the ABC one? It means Anything But Clothes under the sun. Could wear duct tape and go. Ouch, when you rip it off though. Now my party suggestions have come to pass from my ever so Scrooge like little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "ABC one? It means Anything But Clothes under the sun"
    Youngsters have their rounds so adults too want their fun
    Pull of old given new names
    The old spin none to blame
    They don't wait for their turn they too make their fine runs


    1. Adults sure do make up weird things
      As they party in the wings

  2. Replies
    1. Hank the Poetry Tank beat me to it
      Now I need a drink and I bet you knew it
      Belly-licking students aplenty in my neck of the wood
      Drunk as a skunk feeling vomitty good

    2. Drunk as a skunk
      Vomiting in a funk
      That you can keep
      As it rises ever so deep

  3. My friend Russell once held a "Russell gets his VCR back" party. He ended up getting his VCR back.

    1. lol one way to get your VCR back
      Although now anything to watch on it it does lack

  4. Duct tape is the answer to everything here in the South.
    We do movie and game parties, but easy on the drinking.

    1. Movie and game ones would be fun
      That much duct tape would make me run

  5. Your party suggestions are quite up to snuff
    Wear something filmy as a pink powder puff
    The three-legged party would be a delight
    Who would you dance with all through the night
    Menage a troi it could be, it's also a wine
    Drink till you've passed out, isn't that a good time?

    1. haha no thank you
      I'll stay sober at my zoo
      Three legged all night
      Would sure be a fright
      Or maybe not
      Depends a lot

    2. nyuk, nyuk, nyuk
      Depends on the mood
      If you're wearing a snood
      Not afraid of getting boo'd
      If you're not being lewd

    3. No fear here
      Of being rear to rear
      Unless its a mighty big one
      Then I`d want to run

  6. Drunk is only good when you are young and don't care what you feel like the next day. You have a great day Pat.

    1. Yep, now it just sucks a ton
      Done with that run

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Mistake caught
      Shame on you and your mistake plot lol

    2. Have to point it out
      As a mistake comes about

  8. Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Cats and Pat!!!

    If Mushy comes dressed as me, does that mean I don't have to cook dinner that night? Wait, that's a bad idea. I'll probably get a baba for dinner and milk skeeves me!! Bleh!

    1. lmao don't want milk just for you
      Cows blood and dye turn you blue?

    2. You just made me barf!!!!!!!! blehhhhh

    3. lol well it is true
      The nasty milk is bloody that comes due

  9. Happy New Year! Enjoy but don't make yourself sick. :D

    1. Hope a great new year is had at your pad
      And no sickness here will be had

  10. Anything but clothes is better than what I was thinking. Already been chewed would happen after some drinking. Happy New Year. Party 'til you can't hear!

    1. Where were you going with that lol
      Not sure my ears would like that stat

  11. We are not looking forward to the New Years Eve fireworks!

  12. Every party I go to is a three legged party. The only problem? No one ever wants to see my "third leg." :(

    1. lmao bring the wife along
      Then your third leg, hopefully, can do no wrong

  13. My idea of a party is popcorn and a movie on TV.
    But then I'm a senior citizen (they call us), as you can see.
    Happy 2015.

    1. Nothing wrong with that
      No mess to clean up at your mat

  14. How would a huggie make you hiccup? Unless you eat the contents....

    1. An adult diaper may scare
      Causing hiccups, so beware

  15. An ABC party would lead me to drink
    A place full of nude boozers who stink
    Plus I'd have to reveal my albino-ness
    And I'd be awfully cold without any dress
    I think I'll stick to a party for two
    Wearing clothes...for a few.

    1. haha but it isn't cold there
      Could easily go bare
      But yeah drunk nude people near me
      Would sure make me flee

  16. We lock our cat in our bedroom for our annual Pre New Year's Eve party as there are some people who are allergic. Late into the party, when only a few stragglers are left, we let him out. I'm not sure an ABC party would go over very well, though I do know there is at least one exhibitionist in my group of friends who'd enjoy it. We have a theme for our party this year, it is 'Red'. What this means is, wear something red, or bring something red to eat or drink.

    1. Safer for the cat that way too
      As all the people might not be liked tramping through his zoo
      Red may get some bull fighters coming in
      With a toro toro for a win

  17. Replies
    1. Some use duct tape and TP
      But beats the heck outta me

  18. I'll think we'll stick with football watching, some cards, beanbag toss and lots of lots of laughing. ABC sounds like no party I want to attend.

    1. That sounds much more fun
      Than any of the above one

  19. Any party - rewarding
    if you feel like party.

    1. I suppose so
      The cat would rather hide than go

  20. New Years Eve: a party for all
    with food and drinks at my lair.
    But, instead of watching the ball
    we'll watch ME fall from the chair.

    1. haha and then comes the cursing
      Does it take any rehearsing

  21. Speaking of ABC, the liquor stores in the south are called ABC stores. I'd never heard of that before I moved here.

    1. Hmmm never heard of that at my sea
      Guess they like the liquor and abc

  22. I'm too old to do anything but just have one drink. As to the ABC comment above, I once worked for the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission. They regulate all the liquor stores here. I don't know why some areas of the South call them ABC stores, though--I know in Tennessee, only beer can be sold in grocery stores, so liquor and wine has to be sold in dedicated stores. They finally passed a law that wine can be sold in grocery stores starting in 2016.

    1. Hmmm I guess in a round about way
      It works for the south and their abc display
      2016 is a ways away
      Come what may

  23. The more I get to "know" you, the more intimidated I am by you and your talent. :)

    You're always amazing. Love. Laugh. Awesome.

    1. Not need to be intimidated by a cat
      We run under the bed and all of that

  24. orlin N cassie...

    meowloz N hope ya hada grate Christmas !!! N hope ya getted like 87,409 cases oh fresh perch...N hope yur dad haza reeeeeeeeeely big freezer for de perch...N hope ya guys LIKE perch


    azz bad cat

    which if ya hold up ta a mirror iz

    bad ass cat


    1. Not sure that much fish could ever be had
      But we agree with bad ass cat at our pad

  25. nothing wrong with a tetris party

  26. Ha, give me any kind of party this time of year!!
    We all need to party hardy!

    1. A party animal at your sea?
      Even for the ABC lol

  27. I'm sure anyone could do the offensive party. Tetris may be neat

    1. You all can be rude
      Connecting could also give one attitude

  28. Not a partier at my zoo,
    But Tetris would be fun for me, too.
    A chess tournament might be fun,
    Or just a long bike ride in the sun,
    The more the merrier, I say,
    But not too many cyclists out today!
    (-6 and snowing heavy,
    Most would rather drive a warm Chevy!)

    1. I agree with the warm
      And avoid the snow storm
      But no snow here yet
      Works for this pet

  29. Makes me want to just stay home
    not into the partying where they roam.
    Too many crazies there,
    want to stay in my lair.
    Duct tape outfits sound rough!
    Better wax before wearing that stuff! lol...

    1. haha yeah they would hurt when being ripped off
      That would sure make one scoff
      Any hairs one missed waxing
      Would get yanked off and be rather taxing

  30. A Rubick's Cube Party? Um no. I'd get to pissed off and throw it at the wall!

  31. If these are your idea of a good party, I'll stick to sitting at home on my couch, snug in my jammies :)

    1. haha they are for some
      But not my rhyming bum

  32. All Bare Cats
    Any Boring Cats
    Awfully Bad Cats
    Able Beefy Cats
    Artistic Born Cats
    Agile Baby Cats
    Actually Basic Cats
    Aptly Bodacious Cats
    Arguably Better Cats
    Atrocious Booing Cats

    That's enough ABC-ing
    To make me think of fleeing!

    1. lol that was quite the abc run
      And great with cats in every single one

  33. I worry about people drinking and driving on the road, esp. on the holidays if we're out and about. Seems so many could care less they've indulged and they get right on in their cars. Phft, that's obnoxious.

    1. I so agree Rosey, They have no care if they hit and hurt someone else. They are just out for a Good Time.

    2. Yep, those nuts need to be thrown in the clink
      For being too stupid to think


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