Some Dumb Holiday Cheer Or Fear?

So the cat was looking about here and there when he came across the dumb at his lair. Now that is not hard to do with so many humans from zoo to zoo. But these take the cake with their dumb umm mistake.

A person was trapped on an escalator for hours.
They really have such astute powers.
The power was out so it did not work.
I guess walking down it was not a perk.

One person was so grand,
They posted something fun in Facebook land.
They never knew apples could be green.
Yeah, they were old enough to watch an R scene.

When a person showed a Michael Jordan stat plate,
Telling all of his best basketball fate,
Someone thought it was his tombstone.
I guess dumb you can hit there at the tone.

A person left his phone at a friend's place.
The friend found it in his space.
So he grabbed his phoned and texted that he had the phone.
Ummm err okay, groan.

The best of the best.
Can beat all the rest.
Does it take 18 months for twins to be born?
Maybe they ate some bad corn?

Another is such a fan,
You should find her with her bimbo tan.
She just found out the Titanic sinking actually took place.
Cue the wtf look on your face.

Another got to swim in a lake.
This also gets a wtf head shake.
They got to swim in an underwater lake.
Care to go underwater and partake?

Here is a question for you.
Watch out, it may be tough to view.
What percentage of water celery is?
Dumb and said that way to with its biz.

This person saw the dumbest elevator ever.
They sure are not clever.
It had a button for the floor they were already on.
I wish such a dumb thing was a con.

And finally a movie/book one.
You may find it fun.
Is the hunger games based on a true story?
Yep, just like The Neverending Story, morning glory.

So there are some bright humans for you today. I am surprised some of you ever make it through the day. Does that not get you into the holiday spirit? Or does it make you fear it? Either way, was fun to do a dumb human pass for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Suza was fast this morning!
    The elevator one is really funny. Or sad. Or a bit of both.

    1. lol proves how dumb some people are
      So may be sad by far

  2. I'm often amazed by the lack of real knowledge
    Even by those who are still in college
    But with techie things around me they swim
    My wisdom there, is really dim

    1. Yeah all about the push of a button or move of a finger
      Up there brain cells really don't linger

  3. Go Suza
    It's a Hank is two lollapoozoo!
    Have I met any of these humans who are dumber?
    In my bay they have to take a number!

  4. Ha, how could someone be so dumb as to be trapped on an escalator for hours....LOL. And as for the percentage of water in celery, hmmmmmmm, I will have to ask Siri!

    1. lol yeah that is the dumbest move ever
      They truly are not clever

  5. Being stuck on an escalator for hours
    if only they could ascend or descend
    no clue their feet had hidden powers
    waiting for those stairs to start again

    haha - help help I'm stuck on an escalator

    The theatre I go to always has a broken one
    oh no what to do, what to need to fear
    a plan unleashed walk down and give a cheer...

    1. Walk and don't squawk
      But nope have to sit and talk
      Truly stupid who get stuck there
      Should come with a sign, anyone nearby beware!

  6. Well that doesn't sound like much fun to be stuck on an escalator but it does sounds just a little silly. But guess that is the way it is supposed to sound.

    1. Yep, silly as can be
      Not sure who would get stuck unable to break free

  7. Have you seen Idiocracy? That is an excellent movie. This post reminded me of that. People do seem to be getting dumber, Cat.

    1. Yep, that was a good one
      And that is the way people are going by the ton

  8. "So the cat was looking about here and there"
    There are surprisingly dumb things everywhere
    Hit the dumb button
    And without reasons
    One will end up stuck in an elevator just beware


    1. Elevator stuck does suck
      But at least that is bad luck
      Rest is just dumb
      And then some

  9. Stupid is as stupid does
    or so they say
    in the Land of Oz
    which is a real place
    make no mistake.

  10. Most of the time when people are acting stupid they really are not acting at all.

    1. That is very true
      They are stupid through and through

  11. Too funny, Pat! I think my favorite is the Titanic one! LOL! You played me well with Miss Clasteroff's story about Milo. I went back and reread the setup ~ well done! What fun! Have a great weekend!

    1. haha yeah how could you not know that
      Glad it played well as Milo was given a run as a dog an not cat

    2. HaHa! I'm gullible and trusting ~ I get suckered all the time!

    3. So a sucker born every minute you say
      Or something like tat at your bay

  12. I had to explain Salvor Hardin's famous maxim 'violence is the last refuge of the incompetent' this morning to my 5yo daughter. Basically, I was telling her she was dumb for hitting her sister.

    Getting stuck on a broken escalator is a great way to pass the day.

    1. lol just saying it in a more nice way
      Or maybe confusing with sure say

  13. And someday some of those whizbangs will have children of their own. What will that generation be like.

  14. Idiocracy will come to be if such idiots keep breeding

  15. Seriously? Someone got stuck on a escalator that wasn’t working?? I mean, I don’t envy these people with such awful luck that they get into pickles without any way out! Lol

    And LMAO @ at the guy with the green apple. You should ship him a yellow one and really blow his mind. hahahahaha

    1. lol might give the poor guy a heart attack
      And yeah, luck or not, brains they truly do lack

  16. Just a quick hello Pat, great poem as one can expect from you.
    Have a great week-end.

  17. I've had glasses on my head and looked all over for them, or keys in my hand while I was searching for my keys. These things happen, we must not judge. bwuahahahhahaa :)

    1. lmao glasses on you head I can see
      What keys in the hand of thee?
      Umm can't you feel them or don't they jingle?
      May subconsciously you don't want to go out and mingle lol

    2. Ashamed to admit I've done that, too
      Searched for glasses, helmet and shoe
      Only to find them already on at my zoo.
      But text someone from their own lost phone???
      That sure Madelyn eyes roll and my throat groan!

    3. Danged auto correct and too quickly hit post!

      Now I'm annoyed and embarrassed at my coast!

    4. Made my eyes roll and my stomach groan...

    5. haha three comments in one
      Look at you go with your run
      And yeah that is rather sad
      All of them need brain cells bad

  18. Thanks for making my day.
    Each person reacts to a situation in his/her own way.

  19. Hehe those were funny, especially being stuck on an elevator!

    1. Stuck they may be
      But not on a escalator spree

  20. Gah, my WTF look is still on my face!

  21. I think Albert Einstein said it best: "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

  22. "Never underestimate anyone's capacity for stupidity... including your own." -- Erwin Rommel

  23. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
    ~ Albert Einstein

    Yup - it's hard to see
    How others can be
    So incredibly thick
    More smarts in a stick

    1. Stupidity has no limits indeed
      It can grow like a weed
      Or like a stick
      Brains melt away like a candle wick

  24. Oh the things we say and do
    Laughing out loud
    Since it's all too true

    1. True through and through
      But that's nothing new

  25. orlin N cassie

    de food serviss gurl terned ta talk ta sum one at her place oh employ and walked rite in two a wall.......a wall that had been ther... for like... FOR EVER.....wasnt like we iz talkin new constructionz heer...we guess itz a good thing her waz knot runnin....bit mor than ego wooda been broozed then~~~


    heerz two a channel bass kinda week oh end ♥

    1. haha maybe the wall was lonely and looking for love
      At least she didn't hit the ceiling above

  26. LOL Some of those are so fail worthy.

  27. My mom and stepdad were shopping for mailboxes last weekend and, as a joke, my stepdad called the worker at Home Depot over and said, "All of these mailboxes have the same number on them. That's not our number. The worker said, "Oh no. Let me help you look." By then my stepdad felt too bad to tell her it was a JOKE. I'm guessing she isn't their best and brightest!

    1. lmao wow she sure needs to stop and think
      Complete sentences must bring her to the brink

  28. Do not want to be stuck
    In an elevator at any time
    I would ring all the chimes.


  29. Calling from home phone to cell
    to find it - think familiar dumb thing.

    1. Well that one has a use
      Could be under one's caboose

  30. Haha, does a green apple
    keep the doctor away at your bay
    or only red ones will do at your zoo?
    Did the dude ever find the phone
    Or did it end up in the twilight zone?
    Wait, maybe it was in the elevator
    but he dialed the wrong floor?
    Lol! :)

    1. lol couldn't ring up the right thing
      Damn that elevator ring
      The tune could have got in the way
      Elevator music causing dismay

  31. Surprised some made it to thru the day? lol

    1. Yeah not sure how they do
      Being that simple at their zoo

  32. And they walk among us. Scary, huh!?
    I had a friend in high school. I really hope she married rich, because she was as dumb as people. Actually, reading through, I have to wonder if they were all about the dumb things she has done as an adult!

    1. lol all dumb things by one
      Now that would be scary by a ton

  33. Sometimes Street smarts are much better than what you learn in school.


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