Today We Explore The Night Before!

So it is the night before Christmas, or technically day, and you know the old tale, everything wasn't stirring as Santa hit the trail. But why does Christmas only get a rhyme? Aren't other nights still a fun time?

It was the night before Valentines Day and two started to sway.
A guy with a loaded diaper came and ruined their day.
Yeah that would not go over well.
So better scratch that diaper guy hell.

It was the night before an Anniversary and both wondered why.
Thankfully with a good divorce lawyer the end was nigh.
That may be a downer too.
Plus it will surely cost you.

It was the night before Surgery and the bottom was bare.
You were cleaned out so well it even took the hair.
A nasty thought.
Ignore that one a lot.

It was the night before New Years and all were drunk.
They cheered and sang until they upchucked, kerplunk.
Blah to that too.
That will turn one blue.

It was the night before Daylight Savings Time and everything was set.
A little fall back and spring ahead gets your needs met.
Hmmm a bit dirty.
It might even be flirty.

It was the night before Retirement and the last of the work was done.
The bags were packed but it turns out you have no money to have fun.
Those credit card bills caught up.
Damn, that would be a hiccup.

It was the night before your Birthday and your need for math.
Adding another number can also give you an excuse for wrath.
The big 50 may scare some.
So repeating such a verse could turn them numb.

It was the night before Moving and all was packed.
A cat came along and now everything was no longer stacked.
Hey, what goes up must come down.
Yeah, that could make some frown.

It was the night before a New Post and Hank waited with glee.
He wanted to be number one and shout out, yippeeee!
At least Hank would appreciate that one.
Not sure others would find it fun.

It was the night before another night and it was nightly.
The black was so black that the black was just sightly.
Yeah, that could bore.
So that one we won't explore.

So I guess Christmas gets the win as it rhymes away the night before at every inn. Any other nights that deserve one you think? None with any diaper stink. Now another day/night before Christmas has come to pass. Enjoy and be merry like my merry little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Xmas Eve back to # 2
      Feeling rather swell
      Merry Christmas to you
      To Pat and Orlin as well!


    2. Hope you have a grand day
      Too you and all at your bay

  2. "It was the night before a New Post and Hank waited with glee"
    You bet I will Pat and all in anticipation to shout 'yippee! he..he.!
    Certainly it's a lot of fun
    For just about everyone
    But nothing beats getting #1 being able to shout 'yippee for me'!


    1. lol yippeee for you
      Gets shouted a lot with the many #1's that come due

  3. The night before the wedding, I thought I would smile
    The very next day I cried all the way down the aisle
    I loved the party, the cake and the dress
    Thought of losing my freedom brought nothing but stress.
    Don't forget to put out the scotch for the jolly old elf. LOL

  4. Look at the rhymers! ;) You've brought out the merry, and it's not even Christmas yet. Oh wait... :D :) Woohoo, Christmas Eve! I love the holidays!

    1. The merry sure came
      As they play the rhyme game

  5. I loved "The night before surgery" also "The night before moving (I've yet to go through that).
    Great post.

    1. Hate moving at my sea
      That is a pain in the butt and has no glee

  6. hmm..I still like the night before Christmas
    How could i not like a story about visions
    and a moon on the breast of new fallen snow
    and a jolly man and flying reindeer..haha

    the night before my birthday that one can go
    as another year creeps in ruining my show..
    hope santa is good to you & brings lots of dough
    let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..haha

    1. Lots of dough be fun
      And sure you like the moon run
      Birthdays are just another day
      But yeah a new number goes on display haha
      And all it will do here is rain
      Fine by my lane

  7. 'Twas the night before Orlin's birthday,
    And all through the town,
    Everyone stood amazed
    As Pat Hatt stripped off his old sleeping gown.
    Was he naked? He'd be telling you 'nay'
    But twasn't a thread on his heinie, so go make a scene!
    He tossed in some garlic, some lemon and bay,
    Then jumped in the hot tub and stood on a bean.

    No, really, it's the newest sensation,
    'Cause even cannibals deserve a celebration.
    There, it's a gift from me to you...
    Now share it with Pat please. (Since it's really Orlin's zoo!)

    1. lol look at you go
      Quite the flow
      But is this fright night?
      We see Pat naked in the dark and light
      Not sure on the sensation
      But it gives him, and nasty neighbor guy, elation

  8. Dang, now I can't even remember the night before...too much Nip I guess!

  9. A good divorce lawyer solves everything

    1. I suppose so
      If that is the way one were to go

  10. Boy, those nights before are pretty scary:)

    1. haha that they are
      Maybe not for a drunk at a bar

  11. When I was about 14, I wrote a long, dirty poem called "The Night Before Groundhog's Day!"

    1. Have to find and post that
      This groundhog day, stat

  12. Merry Christmas to all. It is a special time of year. Although, all those other night before are special for their own reason. Have a good one.

    1. I suppose each one can be
      At each and every sea

  13. 'Night before moving'
    played many times
    although it's nerve-racking
    but refreshing like ice.

    1. Once done it can be grand
      But the moving part I can't stand

  14. I love the thought of Birthday Eve.
    This coming year, I'm keeping this thought up my sleeve.
    Double the celebrating to 48 hours
    Maybe double the presents as the gift boxes tower?

    1. haha that would sure be a perk
      I'll use it in march and see if it will work

  15. Twas the night before Christmas and already we
    Had to deal with Uncle Ted's debauchery.
    Maybe not.

    1. Maybe you drank yourself silly
      And didn't really see his willy lol

  16. Night before New Year's, huh? Yup, I'm plannin' on gettin' nipped myself. Nothin' wrong with a little nip, I say. NOTHIN' wrong at all!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!


  17. Twas the last day of Hanukah for some
    We Jews will eat Chinese food with a side of rum
    And on this nite before Christmas for most
    R dropped by to boast his usual greeting: "Great post."

    Merry Christmas to you and the cat.

    1. Hopefully the rum goes down fine
      And George will help tickle your spine lol

  18. Nice poem. I hope you have a very happy holiday.

  19. You did a great job on this one. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

    1. Was fun to do
      Hope a great christmas is had there too

  20. Hank The Poetry Tank waiting to be one
    Numero uno at your bay is so much fun
    I will never separate, you know I never will
    I'd rather loose another shoe than pay that damn bill

    1. lol yeah that would be a hefty price
      Plus it just wouldn't be nice

    2. Or lose my spelling after a drink or two
      Bills aplenty in my shoe

    3. Bills no more
      At my shore lol

  21. I hear Santa on the roof

    then when I get my camera, I never get proof

  22. Well, it is the night before the morning of!
    Merry Christmas, Pat!

  23. Needed a laugh today at my zoo
    got it and more when I read what you wrote
    and now I can leave here
    on a more cheery note!

    (seriously, really a good one; truly enjoyed it; Merry Christmas!)


    1. Glad I could bring cheer
      Always grand this time of year
      Merry Christmas to all
      At your hall

  24. This was good. Some before nights are never fun

  25. I think the night before Christmas was always my favorite story. I still like it to this day

    1. Yeah and one easy to repeat
      While walking on the street

  26. 'Twas the night before Thanksgiving
    And turkeys were alert
    "It's time to eat chicken," they said
    "So we remain unhurt!"

    1. haha with that I agree
      Chicken always works at our sea

  27. Yeah, better stick with the Night Before Christmas. The rest just don't have that special ring to them.

  28. Sorry I missed this the day it went up
    Made me spill my orange juice cup
    I'm laughing so hard, I think I'll burst
    The night before surgery was the worst!

    1. haha yeah that would sure suck
      Glad it was fun and hopefully only a little orange upchuck


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