Whoopdi Friggin Doo And The Christmas Crew!

Robbie Raisin is back and today's show sure does not lack. Today on Whoopdi Friggin Doo we ask what the season means to you. Some Scrooges sure abound. But we all know they are around. So without further adieu I give you another edition of Whoopdi Friggin Doo.

Theresa, what do you think of carolers at your door? Singing is quite the chore.

Must easier to call them a dipshit in my head and walk away

Damn, you are mean. Stephanie Faris do you make such a scene?

People are just SO rude! I have always believed it's better to be polite than rude...but apparently other people don't feel that way!

That is one big SO. Betsy, can you add your like of snow?

Yes, but I really am right!
No, really!

Are you still on that? What a dingbat. Robyn, got a gift that will make your spirit lift?

"Women veginas"? Are there "men veginas" too?

Hmmm err umm okay! Brian, can you answer her for us at your bay?

...with a swollen head
thats right

Damn, that has got to hurt. Truedessa, are you that crazy or just alert?

so tell me where does everyone belong
as the wrongs, don't like the rights
maybe, there is hope in the light

Hope in a Christmas tree? Yep, you are crazy. Rosey, any words of wisdom so far on those at our bar?

I'm going to refrain out of good taste for what I thought of for one of them

Damn, she thinks one of the above is, we can't spoil her secret biz. Snowcatcher, did you catch snow? How does that go?

Might as well be a can of worms.

I guess she wants to go fishing. Marg, what are you wishing?

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday

Umm a day late and a dollar short?  Brian the cat, anything to report?

I needed to call FartBusters!

Did you really have to share? Hank, what makes this season rare?


No, that is every day.  Eddie, care to add to the dismay?

Pardon me if I say "shit"
I've just had an almighty fit
Wrong email I have used again
Sorry to be such a pain . . . . lol

This is supposed to be PG you know. At least no wanker came to our show. Manzanita have anything on your mind? You don't have to be kind.

Go, Vacuum Heads, you spoil the day

Who knew those nozzles had such power. Elsie, any good cheer you wish to shower?

I better start eating my vegetables
so I can have something healthy to call
my region down below
to think right now I just called her Moe 

We hope Moe is okay this holiday. Alex, ready to have your say?

I think it means something other than a female vegan

Still trying to help Robyn out? Do the Tabbies of Trout Towne have anything to shout?

we dunno bout ewe guys... but we iz damn thanx full ta lurn other catz fartz bee stinkin two

I guess you and Brian need to call Fartbusters together. Gloria, don't you love this weather?

Ah Betsy dear you are stressed remember??

How nice of thee thinking about poor Betsy. Mary, have you any final words that are good for birds?

You never know what rock they are hiding under

Be one flat bird. Betty, is this absurd?

seems totally weird to me 

See, you all scared her away. Anne, prove there is cheer this holiday.

blow jobs r us
oh what bad taste

Hmm well that can bring some cheer. Sherry, did that cause fear?


I take it that is a yes. Optimistic, anything to confess?

Better you than me, for sure
Seeing these makes me feel impure

Well you aren't supposed to watch. After this I need a scotch. Who knew Optimistic was a peeper? And so ends another edition of Whoopdi Friggin Doo that is a keeper.


Wow, you guys really let all hang loose. That might embarrass even a dead Christmas goose. At least that takes skill. But nice of you to add to the Whoopdi Friggin Doo rumor mill. Now I will go wash in mass, I feel like a dirty little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "Did you really have to share? Hank, what makes this season rare?"
    That is a very good question Pat it is raring to make oneself aware
    Some days one gets to be #1
    Chasing for it is a lot of fun
    But on occasions luck fails at crucial times but still it is being fair!


    1. Luck sometimes wins out
      Or you are out and about
      Unable to get in
      For the win

  2. Taken out of context, that was hilarious.
    Merry Christmas, Pat! See you on the other side.

    1. Anything can be twisted indeed
      Hope you have a great christmas and see you in the new year at your feed

  3. I can come here to have a good gloat
    As I'm careful to never write anything of note;
    It's totally worth it to me,
    Since I can always use more Christmas glee!

    1. lol careful you say
      He'll get you one day
      You just must have missed the post I used
      But always good to have glee and be amused

  4. I guess each bird keeps rolling rock
    in flying life
    for food they strife
    just at the end to find a clock...

  5. Robbie is a hoot. Is he a California Rasin?

  6. LOL with the flat bird
    never saw one of those
    but if I ever did
    I hope it wouldn't be close


  7. haha...there is a slip of the tongue in anne's retort
    the pun in that makes me snort...rare, i like mine medium for sure
    but this year, i am all about family and fun, at least until the season
    is done...

    1. lmao yeah she let it slip
      So used fort a trip
      Family and fun
      Is always grand under thesun

  8. I always love these comment mashup creations of yours. Bravo!

    Merry Christmas, Pat!

    1. Glad they are grand
      Hope a merry christmas is had in your land

  9. Ha ha ha, snowing worms here in my land,
    I think that would be quick to be banned.
    Better than mealy bugs though, at my sea,
    Those monsters really make me want to flee!

    1. They are nasty too
      Have to head when none come due

  10. Great post Pat. Merry Christmas.

  11. I was casually reading your post, until I stumbled accross Anne's answer of "Blow Jobs R Us". hahahaha way to make me burst out laughing cat in the middle of work...thank goodness I don't work at the quiet Japense office anymore.

    If I don't log in today or tomorrow, I hope you have a merry merry Christmas!!

    1. lol Anne sure let it fly
      I think it was a search engine post where she gave such a cry
      Hope you guys have a great christmas too
      And the jolly fat guy comes to you

  12. Well that was a fine "how do you do"
    Know the lines, go carol'n too
    Make up christmas tunes, sing in rhyme
    Pass around Jim Beam for a very giggly time

    1. haha not sure we giggle
      But the cat's butt can wiggle

  13. That was a very creative story, Pat. Have a Merry Christmas!

  14. What funny things we say

    In December, June, or May.

  15. Rudeness is rampant this time of year
    taking away the holiday cheer
    More pleasant to smile than frown
    Makes people's life look up more than down!

    1. Kick rudeness to the curb indeed
      A smile should take seed

  16. haha - We bloggers say the funniest things
    one never knows what our blabbering brings
    sitting beneath a weeping willows wings
    my heart sighs and gently sings...
    I am thinking of you do your ears ring
    cat are you busy pulling on some strings

    Wishing Pat and the cats the best
    and I say this sincerely I do not jest
    as our adventures were quite the quest
    to know you I am blessed..

    1. The funniest things indeed
      Or at least how they are spun at my feed
      Hope a merry christmas is had at your sea
      As the cats hiss and spit at the other with me lol
      Sure more adventures will show
      At least a few more books to go

  17. Love the not so innocent way you take the innocent comments

    1. Some are not so innocent though
      That many let flow

  18. I may have to step up my game and make my comments funnier or naughtier...

    1. Sure you can indeed
      One will surely take seed

  19. Hey Pat in the Hatt
    A rhyming cat
    A rumour mill
    A mixed-up thrill
    Some remarks
    More like barks
    Whatever you harks
    You can see the snarks
    At the very least
    All the beast
    To you
    It's true
    And your cat
    How about that.

    Pawsitive wishes,
    Penny :)

    1. Works for us
      No muss no fuss
      A cat and Pat
      Tit for tat
      Or tat for tit
      Either way it's a hit

  20. I'm right and I'm stressed. See, nothing has changed! lol...

    1. lol need more or less coffee at your sea?
      The later would probably kill thee lol

  21. Well, I'm just here to say Merry Christmas. ;)

  22. Guess I meant "much" lol. Another year gone by and I am still terrible with the typos. And I still hate the carolers as much as I did last year too ;)

    1. lol that hate we have as well
      They should steer clear of where we dwell

  23. Some Scrooges, some crazies
    Your followers are true
    Makes it easy for a
    Whoopdi Friggin Doo

  24. So what did you do for Christmas Pat? I hate to say it but I'm kind of glad it's over

    1. Same old same old,
      Unwrapped and ate as it took hold


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