A Little ABC To Z Flow At My Show!

The A to Z is a few months away and the cat thought he would play the ABC game today. I mean many have to start now to get it done, if they still want to have fun. I guess that is what happens when you're not used to posting every day. No sweat for my bay.

A is for addition, as more visits will be had.
It has free admission, but there is many a pad.
B is for bounce, what you will have to do.
At least if you visit an ounce of the list in view.

C is for clutter, which some should shed.
Their posts will make some shutter, being hard on the head.
D is for dormant, what you surely can be.
There is no informant to bring visits to thee.

E is for effective, something you need to know.
Or you may become defective with no visits to your show.
F is for filler, of which there is no need.
No need for a word pillar to dawn your feed.

G is for generate as you need a post each day,
If you want one to venerate at least some of what you say.
H goes with horse, because its a run not a sprint.
It is a long course and you might grow some lint.

I brings initiate, as that you will need to do.
Even with a few to officiate, visits can only be done by you.
J is for jumble, like you can't even speak.
Don't write like you mumble, use spell check at your creek.

K is for kite, which some can go fly.
Don't go to a site and say, "nice post" from upon high.
L is for link, another complete waste of time.
It will go down the drink as you spam with your chime.

M is for moon, something you may see,
As from night to noon you may be on a blog spree.
N is for nadda, the best topic of all.
Don't just yadda yadda about how you have nothing to say on your wall.

O is for ongoing, it just does not stop.
This is a constant showing, so swim or flop.
P is for pat, no not the human here.
Don't be a dirty rat and expect a pat on the rear.

Q is for quiz, a checklist of sorts.
Know the best blog etiquette biz whether talking about shoes or sports.
R is for right, something all think they are.
Just say good night because you aren't always at your bar.

S is for search, look for others that you like.
Don't just sit on a perch or you'll be told to take a hike.
T is for time, a thing you will have to watch.
For even in your prime you could get sent to the scotch.

U works the universe, many out there to explore.
So don't recite a loon curse, instead open a new door.
V is for victory, a sense you may feel,
But don't get contradictory or that could ruin the whole deal.

W is for work, that awful, ugly word.
But in it will lurk, as you can't flip it the bird.
X is for xerox, something you may not want to do.
Repeating at your docks may shun more than a few.

Y screams out Yahoo, for you are close to done.
Wiggle your gazoo and prepare the final one.
Z is for zip, maybe a little pep too.
For you may need it to get all the way through.

Now wasn't that fun? Going to give A to Z a run? If the Grammar Nazi, who posted 5 times in a year, can do it at his sea, I'm sure it can be done by thee. Of course it gives the cat a break and a way to sass, so it will be given a go once again by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The A to Z is a few months away
    Playing to practice can be a fun way
    An everyday affair
    As all are aware
    Yes, it gets to be a fun way to play


    1. Can be fun to hop and pop
      In and out the a to z crop

  2. The A to Z will keep you busy at your bay
    as you blog hop around each and every day
    I say R should be for Reciprocate
    or some reader may dissipate
    I say E should be explore different shores
    while you are doing the A to Z tours

    It's winter are you a sprinter...
    you will need to be for the a to z

    1. Those two work
      As they are a perk
      Busy you say?
      Bah, just a smidgen more at my bay
      As all I will need to do
      Is visit a few more at my zoo

  3. You are good and ready as daily is your thing, although a little practice never hurt.
    R can say 'Good post,' can't he?

    1. Nah, a little practice never hurt anyone
      Maybe R needs a practice run

  4. The "time" you ask, no it's not Howdy Doody
    It's A-Z when your own horn you may want to tooty
    Cat gave good suggestions, just follow them home
    A fun time you'll have as blogsites you do roam

    1. If I toot my horn
      Death may be born
      As the smell of the cat's gas
      Can kill in mass

  5. No A B C to Z for me!!
    No time for daily rhyme
    But good for you to give it a run
    I'm sure it will be lots of fun
    Here is a pat on the back for Pat :)

    1. The posts are the toughest part
      But when you take being ahead to heart
      It is as easy as can be
      Can rhyme with glee

  6. "G" is for "groove", the cat's "groove"/How do we know? The cat's got the "m", too, it's got the "moves"! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Grooves and moves all day and night
      Although may cause some a fright

  7. So cute you did this to announce A to Z
    Such a fun time for those who like to blog
    And of course you are already ready with them
    And I still sit here like a bump on a log

    Got my theme, just have to begin the work
    Hoping the letters come together and not be a jerk


    1. All ready indeed
      Months ago at my feed
      Sure your log will get hard on the butt
      And then you'll get them all done at your hut

  8. Q is for a letter that always ruins my scrabble games

    1. Qi is the way
      Can score big with it at your bay

  9. W and T are huge at my shore
    Work and Time, always need more
    Admire, though, folks like you
    Who peek and comment at every zoo

    1. Time I could use more of some days
      But can make some in a few ways

  10. Pinky: Gee, Brain, A to Z is back. What are we going to do this year?

    Brain: The same thing we do every year, Pinky. Nothing. Nothing at all.

  11. Nice post.

    Just joking!!! There are some excellent tips in that rhyme. I should start with the declutter...especially of my brain!

    1. Declutter that brain
      And easier to board the train

  12. C is clutter, i need that as my first initial
    more than B for butter....or maybe N for nutter....
    i can G-roove but G-enerate a post each day
    i lest that in the dust a ways back....

    1. A bit of a nutter is grand
      Once a day if not ahead can be rough at any land

  13. Well said, well said. I will really need some zip this year to keep up with my responsibilities.

  14. Nice post.

    :) lol. that was great! this was so on-point:

    K is for kite, which some can go fly.
    Don't go to a site and say, "nice post" from upon high.
    L is for link, another complete waste of time.
    It will go down the drink as you spam with your chime.

    hahah, yup! I should probably follow more of these tips! I don't spam or say 'nice post' but I'm pretty sure I've posted many a boring posts in my day, lol. So clever as usual.

    1. Bah as long as it isn't nice post
      There at your coast
      Or some other stuff
      Never that rough
      Always fun to be clever
      With the rhyming endeavor

  15. 'Z', as you see
    can be called 'Zed.'
    But, why not "zee?"
    The other hurts my head.

  16. Playing catch up again today,
    started with Ewwwww! at my bay.

    Ewwwww! is right! I will never eat that great western delicacy ~ Rocky Mountain oysters, let alone anything else! Ewwwww!
    I'm surprised that you haven't taken on astrology before; it seems a natural at your door.
    Darts freak me out, but I loved the glass bullseye recommendation for success. I had a mean kid throw darts at me in grade one ~ one of the darts tuck deep in my calf. I've given them a wide berth ever since.
    I love your great blogging advice done A-Z. I don't think I will be doing the April ABC ~ in Petra I finally may be!
    Have a great day, Pat!

    1. Damn, caught up indeed
      Here at my feed
      No tallywhacker for you
      There at your zoo? haha
      Ouch to the dart indeed
      That would heard at any feed
      No a to z for you
      There at your zoo

  17. What a fun post! For some reason, I REALLY LIKE what 'n' stands for. Don't know why. Just do. MOUSES!


    1. N speaks with the nadda
      As one goes yadda yadda

  18. What a fun post! For some reason, I REALLY LIKE what 'n' stands for. Don't know why. Just do. MOUSES!


  19. No alphabet or blog hop for me
    I'll be abstaining at my sea
    Blogging is fun til it turns all to work
    I'd rather be writing than going berserk!

    1. That is the way to be
      Can't let it become work at your sea

  20. Nice job on the A-Z. I've got a clutter problem with paper. I stack everything next to me and swear I'll go through it later. Later often takes a whole day because I've let it get too big. Silly! And totally uncharacteristic, yet I have a hard time shaking the habit.

    1. haha well each have our things i suppose
      Can't say I have paper woes

    2. or should that be 'show-off?' either way phft :)

    3. lol pffft paper hoarder
      Killing trees in short order

  21. Your prep for the A-Z challenge was great! I'm sure we're all in the A-Z spirit, now.

  22. Your prep for the A-Z challenge was great! I'm sure we're all in the A-Z spirit, now.

  23. Now that was a great use of the alphabet. I liked them all. You have a great day Pat.

  24. I've done the A to Z Challenge twice and I don't think I'll be doing it this year though.

  25. What is the A to Z challenge?? Whatever it is you obviously don't like it, Cat.

    1. I like it just fine
      Will always be done by the feline

  26. orlin N cassie....we fall under J....& if we used spell chex...we wood knot make sense !! ♥♥♥

  27. Now that was totally impressive!

  28. Well now that you have again accomplished A - Z
    what a happy camper you must be!

  29. I can't wait! Many of the blogs I read today came from that challenge. In fact, I think we may have met each other through it! It amazed me how few people actually went through and read the other blogs participating in the challenge, though. Otherwise, the challenge is just a writing prompt. People need to read several blogs a day at least to build their readership during that month!

    1. Yeah can't just have it a writing prompt at all
      People just think others will magically appear at their hall
      Not gonna happen like that
      At any blog mat

  30. Me thinking of G...
    to post every day,
    but also in need
    of T. W. A.

  31. Way to get ready for the AtoZ ahead of time! I won't be posting this year, but will be visiting. Enjoy!

  32. I'm not ahead, as you know
    but that doesn't stop me from giving a daily go.
    Five in a year?
    He may kick you in the rear! ha.

    1. You forgot to say that 4 of the 5
      are saying he's alive
      but not going to post
      as he has writer's block as the host.

    2. haha he's not around
      So it won't be found
      Daily can go well
      With tons of cats to use where you dwell

      Uggg to the writers block ones
      They annoy tons

    3. annoying is true
      I don't reply to such pouting blues.

    4. At most I just go R
      Nice post at their bar lol

  33. You went from A to Z
    In January, I see
    Think I'll copy from you
    When the challenge comes due.

  34. A to Z sounds like it would take a lot to do

  35. The big long posts tend to hurt the eyes

  36. Wow! A big one Pat, so I can say amazing post??
    (not great of course) lol

  37. Looking for April 1. Between now and then--lots of writing.

  38. Looks like you got the A-Z challenge done in one fell swoop.

  39. I wish I could be post ambitious as you.
    There will be no A to Z challenge happening at my zoo.
    This may sound crazy.
    But I admit, when it comes to blogging, I am lazy.

    1. lol lazy you say
      You still get around to many a bay

  40. A-Z right up your alley
    If I had a blog I might rally
    But if it feels like work
    I might just shirk

    I wrote for a living
    Sometimes it's less forgiving
    Having to meet deadlines
    Can be worse than landmines

    1. Yeah deadlines can sure suck
      To them I just say umm duck
      Write when and how I want
      Here at my haunt


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