A Little Was Is Biz!

A little was is today at my bay. Do you get the was is display? I guess I should explain or we could just do that down the lane. I guess we will go with the second one as the cat has some fun.

That movie is great.
Add it to your plate.
That movie was grand,
All across the land.

The chair was a great thought.
I like the chair a whole lot.
The chair was comfy too.
I need one for my zoo.

The inventor of the shoe,
Was so great at their zoo.
It saves my feet,
As I walk down the street.

Catching on yet?
Confused by the pet?
Oh don't go all shoe crazy on me,
Or I will go pitch them all in the sea.

That was a great post.
R is embodied at my coast.
That is so fun.
An is and was run.

You must know now.
If not, then wow.
I was hoping you'd catch on.
That light has to dawn.

That was a crap job,
You had to sit by Bob.
Poor, poor you.
Isn't it still crap at your zoo?

I know you are close now.
So don't sit and have a cow.
The birth of that would sting.
Not a good type of fling.

Is this post getting to you?
Are you still stuck like super glue?
Yesterday was a good day.
See, that one is correct at my bay.

Was or is,
Out they fizz,
When you use,
And abuse.

If a movie was good, isn't it still good at your hood? If a chair being invented was great, isn't it still such a fate? Is and was used for the same thing at each and every wing. Past tense like yesterday makes sense when was is what you say. But unless something like invisible air comes out and beats the chair. The chair IS still a great invention for lad or lass. Just another observation from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. My old truck that I use in summer
    Was a lolla-palozza, what a great runner
    It runs just as good as when it was new
    With all that pep it must drink Mountain Dew

    1. Or maybe it got bite
      Because it got in the liquor one night

    2. I rode in that ole truck and it did run GREAT. Cody liked to sit right at my feet.

    3. Don't make them like they used to
      Or something like that in view

  2. Some movies really were only good in the past.
    And where's Hank?

    1. You some were only good for the time
      Now they are just a crime

  3. We do really like to sleep through movies!

    1. Easy way to catch a nap
      And not fall into a dull trap

  4. Replies
    1. Today he wasn't it
      With his number 1 hit

    2. his longer records certainly are now a "was"

    3. Everyone must be out on time travel today. That is the only way I can make #1, I say.

    4. Hank is late. Was late when he shows

    5. Was they sure are
      As time travel is on par
      Late as can be
      At my sea

    6. Hank is no longer number one
      he will have to start fresh tomorrow
      Manzanita sure had fun..

    7. Hank is sure late
      Must have much on his plate

    8. "I guess I should explain or we could just do that"
      Caught with some chores it makes excuses fall flat
      Other fishes to fry
      Not in time to fly
      Will get by again never likes to miss Pat and the Cat


    9. Chores do stink
      But have to clean the sink
      Mow the yard
      You'll catch up as it isn't that hard

  5. I love movies (old and new) if they are good, I keep on watching them every now & then ~ Too many folks confused by was or is, I say ~

    Happy New Year Pat ~ Hope the snow isn't too harsh on your side of the land ~

    1. Yeah the good ones can be watched once more
      Got a bunch of the crap so far at our shore

  6. Yup, movies are good sleeping companions for us kitties. Who knows about was is is. What ever.

  7. Yesterday was a great day, now today is!

  8. Was and is to each their own at the was is tone

  9. They do seem to be interchangeable to many

  10. Past and present tense
    Can get a bit confusing at times
    That is why I am not an English major
    And suck sometimes with rhyme.


    1. Bah just make it fit
      And the rhyme can be a hit

  11. Well...there are quite a few movies that were good the first time I saw them. Years later they don't seem to hold up. Some films just don't stand the test of time, I guess...and those are good in past tense!

    1. Yeah some don't age so well
      And become less than swell

  12. It's been a while since I went to a movie theatre but I do on occasion watch movies at home.

  13. was or is in the crazy word biz
    thank goodness I don't have to take a quiz
    I guess this is where the action is..

    Watching Guardians of the Galaxy today
    so much fun here at my bay..

    1. The crazy words
      For us or birds
      Just chirping along
      Singing their song
      Great one indeed
      To watch at ones feed

  14. My mind is all hazy
    Your rhyme drives me crazy!!


  15. You confused me with this one, Cat. I had to read it twice. Then you made me give my poor chair a dirty look for no reason. You owe my chair an apology...I think.

    1. lol poor poor you
      Maybe I'll do a post on shampoo

  16. Movies...sometimes
    at my home chair or sofa
    relaxing times
    computer screen
    what was is
    with coffee.

    1. Coffee can turn all around
      As the was is surround

  17. This past/present stuff confuses me!

  18. MOUSES! What a great point you have made. Or are you makin' it and is it still great?


    1. haha made and still great
      Or great and still made is its trait

  19. Wow, such wisdom here. I am very grateful for the inventor of the shoe. Can't imagine walking in the snow without them.

    1. Wisdom from a cat
      Who'd have thought of that
      And yeah a shoe is great
      Without it be a rough fate

  20. It's tough to avoid was and is
    To be first, Hank IS ever a whiz
    To type "great post" WAS always R's way
    Still IS, 'cuz that he did say. Oy vey.

    1. haha got them pegged
      At least the two legged
      The cat will rhyme
      But hates a mime

  21. Glad no one un-invented the chair. It really is a great thing to use while reading your blog. Shoes are nice too.

    1. Both are sure in need
      Or we'd have to stand to read

  22. I am guilty to intermixing the two. But I am not an English major, and I really don't care if my language pisses others off. I would say "these ones" and it would drive my boss insane. Never stopped saying it though :)

    1. lol I'd do it to drive the boss nuts
      Be fun to stay in such ruts

  23. If it still holds true
    The present should be used
    Otherwise the past
    Is what should last

    BUT each of our views
    Could change with time
    So it's not as easy
    As spinning a dime

    English is for the birds
    Thank God it's my mother lingo
    Else I would be hard-pressed
    And would resort to playing bingo

    1. Yeah I'd be screwed too
      If another language came due
      English is a pain
      And views sure do change lane

  24. Grammar sure can be tricky. If I said 'grahmer' that'd be icky.

    My lame attempt at rhyming, I don't know why I don't give that up. I guess it (quitting) was/is a goal of mine, but I sometimes find it so hard to resist when I'm visiting. :)

    1. haha rhyme away
      No need to quit any day
      Just let it flow
      It all works don't you know


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