Another Chime In Good Time!

We went down the old time road and were caught up in a timely mode. But this time of year when all give a cheer, time seems to be steady and always at the ready.

Time is real.
Time will heal.
Time you can feel.
Time for deal or no deal?

For what is time?
I know, such a crime.
I am making you think.
How dare I at my rink.

Time is man made.
Whether in the sun or shade,
Time ticks on,
And brings forth dawn.

But it was still man made.
You can watch a growing grass blade.
You can see the leaves change.
Heck, one day you'll go out on the range.

It is measured by time.
By each clock chime.
But what measure is real?
Is it the clock's wheel?

Is it how you feel?
Is it the length of an eel?
Too many questions for you?
Don't worry, almost through.

Can time be changed?
Daylight savings time was rearranged.
Who gets to change that?
Maybe 8 days a week is where it's at?

Why stop at seven?
Can say it is something to do with heaven.
But man still created time,
To use as the years climb.

But is time all in our head?
Things change no matter what is said.
Is that a specific notion though?
Maybe just ducks in a row?

If time is fiction and nothing more,
Can time travel still be used to explore?
Maybe that is why time travel has not come due.
Because time is nothing but fiction for me and you.

Time to end this chime. Is time in its prime? Is time real to you? Maybe time needs a whoopdi friggin doo? Things will change with or without time. They sure can change on a dime. Now I am done with my time sass and off I go wiggling my timely little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "time seems to be steady and always at the ready"
    Seems to restrict movements yet wanting to be free
    No holds barred
    Just be on-guard
    To each his own gang-way and run away fast to flee!


    1. Run away fast
      Thing of the past
      Leave all alone
      At the sound of the tone

  2. Im agree time is absolutely real
    And is a man made.!

    1. Real and man made
      In the time waters we wade

  3. Time can be changed, rearranged,
    One's life can be thought through
    for only short minutes before the time due...
    but say, how many New Years we celebrate!
    we - so rich, it's so great!

    1. True, the more that come to pass
      The more time we do amass

  4. Honestly, we do wish everyone would quit tinkering with the time.

    1. That would be nice indeed
      No more fall back spring ahead crap at each feed

  5. Happy New Year, Pat
    I have been away from BlogLand for a while but hope to return soon.

    Time is truly fascinating:
    Do you know this?

    There was a young lady called Bright
    Who was could travel much faster than light
    She went away
    In a relative way
    And returned on the previous night . . . .

    The direction of time as we know it
    Is only forward as out ageings show it.
    This, when our universe is expanding
    As some big brains have in their understanding.
    But if the Universe starts contracting
    Will time reverse as we start compacting?
    And then the old may become younger
    And end as babies with a lot of hunger.
    All the dead would rise again
    And all would be unborn which is insane.

    I think the created Universe is very limited and confined in time and space but outside the Universe lies something far better and infinitely wonderful but completely beyond our comprehension . . . . just yet . . . . but one day I think we shall be there.

    Eddie . . . :)

    1. That would be a trip
      Unable to give lip
      Backwards to baby land
      Would sure not be grand
      Would be birth out big?
      Or just the dead comes back looking for a wig
      A lot can be thought with time
      Some not so sublime
      Yeah limited in what we know indeed
      But one day maybe more will take seed

  6. All I know is the older I get, the faster time moves.

    1. That seems to be the way
      At each and every bay

  7. I can't get ducks in a row

    all they do is run and quack as they go

    1. Need better training
      Maybe they will if it is raining

  8. It is so silly changing the time around all the time. The english language is silly too. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Both are silly
      As they are switched willy nilly

  9. I was going to ask, 'what time is it?' just to be fresh, and then I started singing the old Time song..'What Time is it?' so I guess the joke's on me (since it'll likely be stuck in my head awhile). Oh-wee-oh-wee-ooh

    1. lmao poor poor you
      The cat could help at his zoo
      Start singing the brady bunch or wheels on the bus
      Or maybe the song that never ends to create more fuss

    2. It is the song that never ends...
      Yes, it goes on and on my friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiends

      I like that one better. :)

    3. haha started singing it
      And you'll be singing it for a bit

  10. The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things
    of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings.
    What is it walrus talk about
    In low pitch voice or with a shout
    Cabbages a healthy food
    Always puts them in the mood
    Sealing wax is mighty handy
    For writing letters it is dandy
    It would be keen to wear some shoes
    I ask what would a walrus choose
    Kings are sparkly with their crown
    The jewels are heavy they cause a frown
    A ship makes pleasant conversation
    While gazing at a constellation
    That was the time for a walrus rhyme
    What was truly said ain't worth a dime

    1. Going all Carroll today
      Here at my bay
      Cabbage makes them in the mood?
      Cabbage must have some attitude.
      Maybe worth a dime I suppose
      If with shoes on you can make the walrus pose

  11. It is amazing how caught up we get in our age and the passage of the years--we should stop worrying and just enjoy life!

    1. Yep, just need to forget it most days
      And enjoy lifes maze

  12. Time is man made.
    This much is true.
    But, each year I age.
    And need fiber to poo.

    1. Fiber is dandy
      And rather handy
      For with a little bit
      One no longer is full of shit

  13. Time keeps marching, whether we're counting or not. So we should just enjoy the moment and not worry about it.

  14. Hehe loving the rhyme
    Talking about time
    Which is all part of physics
    And has many critics!!!

    1. That it does
      Around they buzz
      Full of crap
      Or need a nap

  15. Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin...
    into the future... ♪♪♪

    1. Fly like an eagle at your sea?
      Don't get that song stuck in the head of me

    2. You would deserve it as payback it would be
      for all the times you did it to me. lol

    3. lol still might not be even on it
      As I've done it more than a bit

  16. Time really is an enigma; and I think we are all much more aware of it at the beginning of a new year.

    1. That we surely are
      As another year is added to our sand bar

  17. Hey Pat in the Hatt
    And a rhyming cat
    Time depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on
    And on and on....

    No such thing as time
    And time rhymes with rhyme....


    1. And mime
      And grime
      Maybe lime
      How about climb
      And if you need to pee
      Open the window and hit a tree

  18. I watched a program on history channel this weekend that explained how the time zones were established. Interesting. Seems to me time is speeding up. Perhaps soon we will all end up in the world of Dark Tower and hoping Roland Deschaine can save us all.

    1. One day time may run out
      Never thought about how time zones came about

  19. When I was little I had all the time in the world and it took a long time for Christmas to come back around. Now the days sort of meld together and Christmas seems like it's here all too soon each year. Time is relative..

    1. Yep, that is the way with age
      Flipping faster the page

  20. We are bound by time
    It can control us if we let it
    From the bell to the chime
    Unless we forget it.


    1. Forget and go with the flow
      Works here for my show

  21. Wow, gettin' all philosophical at your zoo. About time, it's hard to know what's true. I do wish I had more, though other times I wish it'd speed up during a bore.

    1. About time
      Nice with the pun and rhyme
      Yeah during work
      Speeding up be a perk

  22. If I could save time in a bottle
    The first thing that I'd like to do
    Is to save every day
    'Til eternity passes away

    sing with me Cat...

    1. Don't no the words to that one
      With its timely run

  23. Time to read, time to leave a comment, time to leave

  24. Time is relative. It's my Uncle.

    1. Can he speak
      Or does he leave you up shit creek

  25. Time. Never seem to have enough when I want it. Always seems to drag on when I am waiting for something. Time is never on my side.

  26. By time I can not abide. It goes too fast, yet I cling to the past. What will this year bring? As long as it's positive, I'll take anything.

    1. Positive works for me
      No need for any negativity

  27. Time can heal many things... Not only a broken heart... but the flu. Man was I ever sick with it... It just took time to get over it.

    1. Yuck to the flu
      Had that nasty thing last year at my zoo

  28. Tick, tock, tick, tock
    Forever fixated on the clock
    But in the last year I have found
    That ignoring time is where I'm bound

  29. Graphs and cats?
    Where are the bats?
    I know there are stats
    on bat.
    If not, try rats.

    Happy rhyming in 2015!

    1. Stats galore
      At every shore
      Even a stats on the missed
      As you hit the wrong list lol


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