Do You Care At Your Lair?

So the cat was hopping here and there and reading how some people have to watch what they say at their lair. I guess work places frown on such things as being honest in the blogland wings.

Do you care,
What you say at our lair?
Like if some one sees it,
They'll have a fit?

Poor work sees your blog.
Oopsy, they learn you're a word hog.
At least they see you can spell.
Who cares if you said a co-worker has a bad smell.

Most are wise though,
Being vague with what they show.
But even then they whine.
They say you crossed a line.

You said GMO is trash.
That gave them a bad rash.
Oopsy, you can't say that.
Should keep things under your hat.

Yeah, that is right.
Keep your head down day and night.
Be a worker drone,
And clock out at the tone.

Have no opinion for yourself.
Be happy like a Gerber elf.
That is all we really want.
Your words on whatever can really haunt.

Pffft says the cat.
You're the dingbat.
Did I offend?
Nope, won't amend.

There are some things you don't say,
Just because it is civil at your bay.
But most crap I just let fly.
Don't like it, go fry.

Don't even claim to be always right.
But I'll say what I want at my site.
And if you get your undies in a bunch,
Maybe you need more fiber for lunch.

Some basics and really personal things many hide for a reason,
But then that can change with a new season.
So do you care,
What you say at your lair?

Thankfully, besides a few haters at my gate, no one has cared about my rhyming fate. And if they did at my sea, whether work or someone I knew personally, tough luck. The cat won't pass the buck. I think it helps being a crazy rhyming cat though. Would you tone it down or care at your show? The cat would just pass some gas and continue on being a little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "Don't even claim to be always right"
    Lest one is ready and raring for a fight
    That most are wise
    Avoiding such vice
    And not having to put others to flight


    1. Wise indeed
      At ones feed
      To think twice
      Or pay the price

  2. WOW....To be a worker drone on the rung
    And always have to hold your tongue
    That would go against the grain
    Of those with even half a brain
    I'd rather get a brand new hobby
    And leave the fighters in the lobby

    1. Or leave them in the elevator stuck
      Leave them a fart and knock them out with any luck
      That would make my day
      And I'd have my say

    2. Hahahaha
      Stand back from the elevator door
      The image is funny to the core

    3. Death by fart
      Can be taken to heart

  3. i have a few at work that have found me,
    but i dont censor myself...that would be a pain
    in the ass, and stifle my juice

    1. yep, pain in the ass indeed
      Let them find us and see what takes seed

  4. I hear the worker drones are everywhere, watching and listening to everything!

  5. We just stick to the animals and their lives, never mind all the gossip so we are safe. Don't want to get any bloggers upset. You have a great day Pat.

    1. haha that is a good way to go
      But rocking the boat can be fun you know

  6. If someone doesn't like what I write on my blog, fb, twitter, ect..they can kiss my ass. I don't care.

  7. I wouldn't care about much of the stuff

  8. I have to hold back for secret identity and all

  9. Your post today addresses the thing I enjoy the most about your blog, Pat ~ You just let it rip and don't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks. You have no boundaries and your imagination goes in all directions. Do some of your images make me cringe ~ Yup! Would I go where you go in your writing sometimes, Nope! But that doesn't mean I'm going to whine while you play. I enjoy your unbridled freedom. On my blog I say what I want, and I don't worry if people don't like it. If they say something nasty, I just pop out my sharp pointy, velociraptor claws and send the nasty to cyber-oblivion. I was always out on a limb when I worked because I could never be just a quiet, worker drone. What does matter to me is truth. So, go, Pat, go! Sometimes what you write makes me uncomfortable, but it is always entertaining to watch you fly!

    1. I would say: Je Suis Charlie!!!

    2. haha that is sure the way
      Here at my bay
      Some things are nasty to view
      Some things are strange to read too
      But the cat will let it rip
      Not giving a flying fuck indeed aboard my ship
      The truth can must be set free
      But then whose truth at ones sea

  10. I'm careful what I say on my blog
    just in case I am found by work
    I wouldn't want to come across
    like looking like a jerk


    1. I suppose it has to be kept back
      In case of the work shack

  11. I dont know cat!
    You said is really true.
    I say usually all I think but I know some people dont like.
    But always I try be nice.
    But I learn I could be nice but some people dont like:)
    But is ok.:)

    1. Yeah you can't please all
      There at ones hall
      They will find a way
      To be negative at their bay

    2. Is exactly what I think:)
      you are really smart!

    3. Praising the cat
      He'll take that

  12. I think I censor myself in some regards.
    I think everyone does really.
    There are some who hide everything
    I wonder if they even hide from themselves.

    1. That they might
      Day or night
      Hide away
      From all at their bay

  13. GMO does seem to make people say OMG

  14. It feels right, it feels good
    just to say what you should
    for your blog is your home
    whether cold one or warm.

  15. I don't have a blog
    But I post on FB
    Not really concerned what I say
    Run pretty free at my nook

  16. I do watch what I say about my MIL and her crazy daughter, I mean my SIL, just in case my MIL is peeking around. She used to in the beginning, but I don't think she does now. Besides that, I have nothing/no one to worry about. :)

    1. haha the crazies at your show
      Are best to avoid as the crazy can grow
      Especially if they are near
      Then one should fear

  17. I don't have to watch what I say too much.... but I do try to leave my family out of my posts.... unless I am doing a review that they end up with the product.

    1. Yeah that is a good way to be
      Just make it mostly about thee

  18. Well...I try not to be intentionally offensive, but for the most, I don't care.

  19. I watch what I say
    cuz there would be hell to pay.
    Not so much as in years past
    but I've been chewed in the ass.
    Depends on who it is, too.
    To strangers I just say whoopdi friggin do.

    1. haha chewed in the ass
      Poor neighbor guy come after that mass lol
      Whoopdi friggin doo
      Sure works at our zoo

  20. Since my kids can log in and see my blog, I do watch the language as much as I can. Otherwise, I don't care what anyone else things. There's a million other blogs out there. Don't like what I put on mine, move along to another.

    1. That is they way to be
      Wait 8-10 years and then you can let the cursing fly free


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