Fiction Or Fact With Each Act?

So just like the magic day is nonsense in every way, the cat thought he would see what other fiction is around that is believed by those with less brain cells than a hound. That may be in insult to the hound and their barking sound.

"The food I eat doesn't matter."
Yep, you can just sit and get fatter.
"GMOs are safe because scientist who are paid by the creators say so."
Wow, don't you want to go chow down on some GMO?

"Mercury in vaccines is oh so safe to use."
Hey, it said it was on the news.
"The news speaks the truth."
So does my 110 year old aunt with no memory, Ruth.

"Swallowing fluoride is so good for you."
Yep, they studied it in Africa so it has to be true.
"Cell phone radiation does nothing at all."
So says the cell phone companies on their wall.

"Dog treats made in China are great for your pet."
Yep, so is a costly trip to the vet.
"My god is right, so yours must be wrong."
Keep singing that age old song.

"Anything approved by the FDA is safe to use."
Yeah, just ignore all those side effects there for you to peruse.
"If any bad national emergency happens the government will take care of me."
Have you been drinking fluoride coated pee?

"Governments in debt are just fine."
Yeah, just keep printing money in a line.
"Organic food is a waste of money."
Don't you just love how pesticides make your stool runny?

"People in first world countries can't get parasites."
And the cat wrote the bill of rights.
"Getting cancer is just bad luck."
Yep, food, drugs and what have you are aboard another truck.

"Humans are soooo special that we must be alone."
Oh yeah, E.T. can't go phone home.
"We will never run out of oil."
And if you step on the sun you won't boil.

"Big business really cares about the little guy."
Wow, and I just saw money rain down from the sky.
"Fracking is just A OK!"
So is dumping garbage in the bay.

"Mds are always right."
If you believe that you need to go fly a kite.
"I read it on the internet so it must be true."
Nope, even can be wrong at my zoo.

Did the cat dispel some things for you? Now what is fact and what is true? Umm my bet is on none of them are true. But that is just me at my zoo. Any to add to my sass? Feel free to enlighten my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. #1 regained
      starting all over again!


    2. Back on top
      With no blue guy to give you a stop

    3. Great post! Watch out for the NSA!

    4. Blue was fast asleep
      Dreaming about some creep
      No, not about me at my sea
      Just some neighborhood flee
      Hank is number 1 again I see
      In the place to be!

    5. Dreaming about the humper guy?
      Do you miss him and his humping so sly

    6. Many humpers in the humper wood
      All of them up to no good
      Don't miss the King of swing
      The stuff he was on ain't my thing

    7. No King of swing
      With his one a day fling

  2. "Fiction Or Fact With Each Act?"
    Can never be true if highly stacked
    Truth be twisted
    A spin got listed
    Perhaps if they turn out to be facts!


    1. A bit twisted about
      By each side who shout
      What is true or not
      Depends on the plot

  3. Cat these are your very best writes
    When you tell who should go and fly kites
    When humans believe all they hear
    Like a pain in the rear
    And nights lights will show sights of mites bites

    1. Mite bites are nasty to me
      I'll run away and climb a tree
      Then kill the suckers one and all
      Plaster them on the wall

  4. The media isn't slanted - now that is a big lie!

  5. Gah, I worry about all of the screen time we're all getting. At the very least, I think it must be bad for the eyes. I'm sure there are other things it's not so great for too. So hoping I'm wrong, since I'm not intentionally planning to cut back any time soon. ;)

    1. True, I think it is bad for the eyes
      Not sure on any other cries
      But hope there is not
      Don't want it to cause brain rot

  6. As an anxious person this post is certainly not good for me!! Cell phone radiation is the last thing I need to worry about!

    1. haha just switch sides on your head
      And that should decrease the dread

  7. Global warming does not exist
    It was made up by some liberal witch
    And I mean witch with a capital b
    And if I call myself an expert
    It's a fact, you see.

    1. haha that is all you have to do
      Make up a degree at your zoo
      Now you are an expert on it
      And can say it's full of umm spit

  8. In truth every single living thing on the planet is a GMO, but at least there's been natural selection, and artificial selection to set things straight. Intentional changes of genes creates many variables of what could go right or wrong.

    1. That is very true
      It's when humans start messing with things that it goes bad for you

  9. That is a very risky game of truth or dare!

    1. Think I should beware?
      Will the NSA raid my lair

  10. Are you saying we can't believe everything we're told by the advertising and government? The NSA is watching you for sure.

    1. Damn, I'll have to go underground
      Or just blame it on a hound

  11. Lot of truth in some of those. Of course, as in vaccines, people can be just as stupid and go the opposite direction. Maybe the pendulum will swing to a sensible middle. Happy New Year, Pat and cat!

    1. Be nice if it did indeed
      As some are useful to take seed
      Preservative crap is what screws you though
      Happy new year to all at your blog show

  12. So I shouldn't believe the FDA all the time? Aren't they god? "Rolls eyes"

    1. Yeah they think they are
      Hit them all with a car

  13. A sliver of truth in everything, we just have to be aware

  14. Of course it is true if on the internet
    Drives doctors crazy
    When patients say they were doing sone reading
    The doctors would prefer they were lazy.


    1. And doctors can be lazy too
      Lose lose at many a zoo

  15. Yup the internets are the worst when coming to looking up illness. It can scare you a bunch. Have a great day Pat.

    1. That it can indeed
      Better off not giving it a read

  16. You sure zoomed in on all the fictional news. I'm going to be depressed for the rest of the day:)

    1. lol sorry for the depressing
      Maybe the cat was just guessing

  17. I'm off to go Goole "GMO". The mercury thing is definitely not safe. As far as the side effects go, yup, they stink. I guess an individual has to sit down and think, "Am I better off in the state I'm in, or is it better to risk the side effects and fix something else." Tough decisions!

    1. You didn't know about GMO
      Are you under a rock at your show? lol
      Yeah have to weigh each thing
      As that mercury crap they can fling

  18. 90% of reality must be fiction
    Creating too much friction
    Leading to addiction
    Or people jumping off a roof
    Feeling so aloof
    Don't believe the hype
    Or whatever they say on Skype
    I'd like to see them swallow their pill
    When I give them the frigging bill.

    1. haha they would have a heart attack
      From your bill flack
      Maybe that is the way
      To get rid of the rich dicks at every bay

    2. Health and money
      Are like bees and honey
      Your health can sting but money can be sweet
      Getting rid of that sting to the drum of a beat

    3. Money can help find new ways
      To get out of the health maze

  19. orlin N cassie...

    one thing proven troo at R zoo...

    burdz iz bass terdz !!

    heerz two a grate week oh end filled with sun, salmon & sghetti ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. That they are
      Crapping on people near and far

  20. I watched a documentary on fracking and it was so sad. Not good at all.

  21. I stopped listening to my doctor when he kept pushing his stupid drugs on me that were making me worse. I have a feeling he was getting some kind of kickback on those drugs.
    It's sad to think of all those people drinking Kool-Aid thinking that our government wouldn't let anything bad happen to use. Just as those from Hurricane Katrina how well depending on government worked out for them...

    1. I stopped listening to the moron when he told me everything was normal for people my age
      Like to hang him in a bird cage
      Then throw him in the river
      Or maybe just kick him in the liver

    2. People... your age? Like you are 110?
      Did you kick his butt with a couple of men?
      Did you give him a pill to make him mentally ill
      Did you tell him that's normal so chill?

    3. Nut job they all are
      Near and very far
      Told him to stuff it
      Every little bit

  22. All good points. But is anyone really saying that big business takes care of the little guy?

    1. The guy on top
      Who wants his stock not to flop?

  23. Mum says that here "you're pushing against an open door"
    I too say you're right, so why don't we roar!!?

    1. A roar sounds like a plan
      The NSA though may not be a fan

  24. Ha, I have become more and more suspicious of GMO's. I don't know why they were allowed in the first place. Sigh. If only we could go back in time......

    1. Profit and rotting ones gut
      Is what GMO is for at each hut

  25. Screwing with everyone's naivety,
    oh, their reactions are not pretty!
    How cruel you are as they mumble
    that you have really burst their bubble.

    1. lol but that I like to do at my zoo
      Burst and watch the soap in their eyes come due
      Then all is clean
      And no longer serene

  26. And don't forget gluten can leave you dead.
    Order a coffin to go with that bread.

    VR Barkowski

  27. What I love are the TV ads that say no harm
    While the side effects scroll by longer than your arm
    On some points I agree with you, some not so much
    But when I return from my other planet, I'll be in touch

    1. haha enjoy the alien visit at your sea
      And yeah those ads are pathetic on the TV

  28. I think my Doctor thinks that... "People in first world countries can't get parasites." He must think I am flipping crazy.

    1. Yeah they aren't wise
      As they roll their eyes


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