Head South And Don't Knock A Gif Horse In The Mouth!

The cat wants to head south and away from the cold. But since he can't many more things will take hold. Just you wait and see what we will do when we have to deal with cold at our zoo.

Cassie will make a racket.
She'll make you want to pack it.
She will never stop.
This will make sleeping a flop.

Watch that ball go round and round.
More annoying than a yappy hound.
Well she may stop to stretch out.
But with all the noise you may pout.

Then we will get out this guy,
And make him umm die?
Can a dead thing die?
Redundancy you will spy.

This will make your brain hurt.
At least no blood will spurt.
Might be off with his head.
But what does he care? He's dead.

I'll germ up the table too.
Sit there right in your view.
Acting all serene and such.
Maybe even scratch if you touch.

See my big eyes watching you?
Whatever will you do?
Have to clean the table every day.
Poor poor you at your bay.

And then comes the real mess.
This is so fun I have to confess.
The cat will kill the TP.
It gives me so much glee.

Cassie will just sit and stare.
She thinks I'm nuts as I tear.
But when I am through,
You can bet a big mess will come due.

And we'd be all nice and calm,
If you moved us to a place with a palm.
But oh no, we have snow.
Can you see we shake our heads no?

The sun needs to shine bright,
Giving us sun puddles at our site.
The white stuff falling blocks that.
Snow just makes the cat even more of a dingbat.

Now you can see how we do what we do. Didn't you enjoy the gifs from me to you? The cat is on the gif train now. May have to give such posts an annual meow. They are fun to come to pass, plus they show off my snow hating little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. look at R with a new word "gifs" haha
      nice post

    2. A new word for R
      He's come far

      For me

  2. "Snow just makes the cat even more of a dingbat"
    Showing its temper may well trigger off some spats
    May be lots of fun
    Seeing them run
    Just one of those things not causing that much flax


    1. No flax at all
      Here at our hall
      Maybe gas though
      As we run to and fro

  3. Oh, the dreaded white snow
    it is here once again at my show
    and soon it is off to work I go
    like the cats I am shaking my head no

    I wasn't expecting a flashing show
    as the cats went to and fro
    belting a rhyme with a nice flow

    heading south might be a bit of fun
    basking away under a glowing sun..haha

    1. That white stuff does annoy
      As it brings no joy
      Heading south for a bit of fun
      Beats any white snow run

  4. Cassie and Orlin really do some antics
    Some are close to being frantics
    When one lives in the land of snow
    One thinks of where the wind won't blow
    Where the sun will shine and make you hot
    It's really on your mind a lot
    One won't think of bugs, snakes, floods and storms
    No thanks, I'll take my dew point in other forms
    I've spent half my life in climates hot

    1. haha very very true
      Don't think about nasty bugs coming due
      As the mosquitoes are large
      And they are in charge
      Snakes I could care less
      Storms here can make a mess
      Floods not usually though
      But a few did show
      Plus at least in a hot place
      You won't get water all over the place
      As your pipes freeze and burst
      But that again at least you won't die of thirst lol

  5. A lot of us here in Australia dream of seeing snow. Quitcher yappin'.

    1. lol trade places and you can have to snow
      Out with the kangaroos I will go

  6. The one with the toilet paper is priceless!
    Stay indoors, cats. Much warmer.

    1. He loves that stuff
      Indoors is warm and nice as the cats run in the buff

  7. Hahaha! Gif us a break will ya!! MOL

  8. Cassie does look rather annoyed
    At the TP bomb you have employed.
    And dead guy looks a little cold.
    He needs a shirt if truth be told!

    1. haha the dead dude in a shirt you say
      I suppose that would make a fun display
      Hmmm idea maybe
      Here at my sea
      Cassie thinks I am nuts with the TP
      But then she is prissy

  9. CLEVER! They are beautiful and (obviously) entertaining. I really love how cats will do something they (know they) aren't supposed to do and then just stare at you like, what?

    1. haha yeah they don't know the word no
      Or they do and just ignore you as away they go

  10. Tha is a lot of fun going on! Hey, it is cold here in the South too!

  11. I'm sure the cat prefers to be in toilet paper than in the bath tub

    no pets like the clean club

    1. Actually he likes to scratch at the tub and will play in water too
      If left up, he'll even explore the loo

  12. The gifs are cute. It's funny that the glass table is a comfy spot to rest!! I think that'd be nicer in the summer (because it's cooler?). Smart cat though, I want to go south for winter too. Who knew cats and birds had something in common??? :)

    1. haha maybe the birds would give the cats a ride
      If the cats didn't eat the birds with pride

    2. I suspect it's better for the birds not to risk it. ;)

    3. Yeah safer all around
      As the cats would eat the birds and then plummet to the ground

  13. If I bring a couple more rolls of TP, can I come play with you, too? Looks like a lot of fun.


    1. Sure, any time
      Come play and the cat will rhyme

  14. Your cats are beautiful! Back when I had a glass coffee table, my cats enjoyed it too. Until one jumped on it and it shattered. Haha! That was a long time ago.

    1. Damn, that must have been a sight
      As it shattered creating a fright

  15. These are great pictures! Hubby was walking by as I was checking out the post, and he wondered what was going on with the skeleton. lol

    1. lol they didn't know what to make of it
      Was scared of it for a bit

  16. Dammit, that's what my post needs more of - cat gifs! Can I get a do-over?

    I love that toilet paper one, and Orlin looks majestic as hell. But, you know, I may be a little bit biased now...

    1. Sure you will have a ton
      As cats and dogs around you run
      He thinks so too
      Alright to be biased at your zoo

  17. the gifs are cute by the cat
    anything to get through the cold
    and none of these looked
    like they were very old

    (stay warm)


    1. Most were taken within the last year
      As the cats run around and shake their rear

  18. Love the gifs!! Too cute!!! Did Pat wrap you up in the toilet paper like that?? Not nice!!!!!

    1. He had himself wrapped for the most part
      I wrapped more and he took it to heart

  19. Oh, my head!
    One can gets the vertigo
    from that.
    still fun to see
    how cats're nodding 'no'
    at winter sea.

    1. haha yeah vertigo could come due
      If you try and look at two

  20. The cat kills a skeleton to stay warm? Sounds like he has a frigid heart!

  21. The dreary, cold is making me near as nuts as your cats though I'm staying off table tops and leaving the TP alone.

    1. haha well at least you are a step up from the cat
      The cold surely isn't where it is at

  22. For a moment I thought my Dizzy Dame Syndrome was back!
    This was great fun, Pat.
    It's grey, icy, and really cold here, too! :(
    Maybe I should try playing with TP!
    Orlin is having piles of fun with it!

    1. The smallest things can amuse
      As around the cat does cruise

  23. Cats sure know how to keep themselves busy, even when it's cold!

    1. That they do
      Letting little things amuse at their zoo

  24. Gotta do something to stay occupies in winter, right? I throw doggie toys down the stairs and have my dog run down and fetch it. Over and over again. It's her exercise.

    I've seen cats with TP. It ain't pretty.

    1. haha that works for good exercise indeed
      Yeah it can be a big mess that takes seed

  25. If you drop a thing that's already dead and it breaks into a million little pieces, I'm sure it will die again (ha ha).

    1. haha I bet it will too
      Smashed to bits and the rest we'll chew

  26. Cassie is looking a big large. Need exercise?

    1. Cassie may need to move more
      But she naps too much at our shore

  27. Cassie is so pretty and TP is a challenge.
    Patches has a soft little meow. But Tiger can be heard in the whole neighborhood. And in the country the houses are far apart. :)

    1. haha those big meows sure are fun
      As they can scare away everyone

  28. Aww loved the pictures. Such a pretty kitteh.

  29. Oh our favorite thing to do is to shred TP. Now that is a good time. The Mom now hides all our TP. That was fun seeing pictures of the kitties. Looks like they keep you busy. Take care.

    1. Such a grand pass time
      But yeah humans think it is a crime

  30. orlin N cassie....shred N shredd a way...next stop, paper towelz...pee ezz...cassie...hide de ball thatz in yur race trax...dad will think itz misin N buy another...sum nite aza surprize put de furst one bak in de trax with de replace mint...they make a GRATE sound at like 2:47 AM ..... when they run inta each other ♥♥

    1. haha that is a good plan
      Sure he wouldn't be a fan
      Waking up at that time
      But we don't think it a crime

  31. I could just stay here all day
    And watch your mischievous kitties play
    Orlin, you could make this a weekly thing
    Your acts of fun make my heart sing

    1. We'll do it here and there
      Already have another set to go at our lair

  32. That toilet paper never stood a chance

  33. Your cats sure know how to have some fun

  34. I hate snow too. Maybe I should rip up some toilet paper to keep myself distracted until my kids move out and I can pack it up and move to the beach.

    1. haha well it could work
      But the tp bill may not be a perk

  35. The giff that keeps on giving

    Cats and butt wipe
    One swipe
    And yipe...

  36. A gif horse - ha! Love it. I don't want to rub it in, but it's supposed to be in the 70s here in San Diego this week. Really. I really didn't mean to rub it in! :)

  37. While hating snow looks like fun at your place,
    those Gifs make me feel like I'm rolling in space.
    Round and round those hep cats go
    all of this because of some snow?

    1. Well I just blame snow
      But we do it every day don't you know

  38. Oh, that TP looked like loads of fun. Its good to find fun distractions when theres all snow and hardly any sun :)

  39. Love cat gifs
    Plenty to entertain
    Cassie so cute
    And Orlin does reign

    Shredding TP
    Makes me laugh
    But Cassie won't indulge
    Thinks it's a social gaffe

    Shaking "no" to snow
    Don't think that works
    But looking forward to more
    Of their funny quirks

    1. Quirks abound
      At our ground
      Bad as a hound
      As they run around

      Cassie does think he is nuts
      With his tp tearing ruts

  40. Excellent gifs!
    Heading south would be
    the way to go
    to escape the dreaded snow!

  41. Your cats must be very entertaining. I love your animated photos of them. Have a terrific day!

  42. I want to head south too... but we aren't going anywhere until March.

  43. haha, I don't think it's just the cat! I think everyone gets a little stir crazy stuck in a house for months on end!

    I love all these cute cats.


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