Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It...Stupid Snow!

The cat sees white. It is all that is in site. It makes the cat sick. The cat knows it is a trick. The cat needs to move far away. The cat needs to stop saying the cat and get on with it at his bay.

The grass is dead,
So is the flower bed.
The sky is dark,
Dogs still bark.

But now you can see,
Where they go to pee.
It makes more disgust.
In yellow snow, never trust.

White or yellow,
It may look mellow,
But it is evil as can be,
For it will kill thee.

Freeze your toes.
Freeze your nose.
Freeze your whole face.
You could be frozen in place.

Snowmen on display.
Oh the dismay.
They aren't works of art,
If they resemble the people of Walmart.

Snow down your shirt.
Snow wants to flirt.
But now it is cold,
So things may not be bold.

Snow balls can come calling.
That is just appalling.
Snow in the shape of a ball.
It can't even bounce off the wall.

Snow hides ice.
That is not nice.
Could end you up in a ditch.
Snow is a real bitch.

Snow on your car,
So you can't even get far.
Have to waste time cleaning it off.
Then you develop a cough.

Snow's just gotta go.
Ignore it's little white glow.
For it will snow you in.
Snow is out to win.

See! Don't trust the evil snow, it is after everyone high and low. It is out to flirt and freeze. Run when you feel a cool breeze. Stay inside and lock your door. Move to a nice warm shore. Snow is coming in mass. It will not get my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "Have to waste time cleaning it off"
    Snow everywhere even though soft
    It has got to go
    Will be a big blow
    At least it will be easy not to scoff


    1. Blow it away
      Works for my bay
      Send it somewhere far away
      There it can stay

  2. Winters
    Always hinter
    My go.
    Damn the snow!

  3. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
    just let it not be here or anywhere near
    for when it snows, you have to drive slow
    that white stuff makes one vision unclear
    especially, when that north wind does blow
    as you use shoveling, scraping & brushing gear
    if not careful on the road, you might need a tow
    Ode to sunny days I would give a cheer
    longing for spring and flowers that grow

    1. Yep, send it to the moon
      Then that man can swoon
      Keep all the snow there
      Leave the land bare
      Driving in it sucks
      Even throws off big trucks

    2. that is does throws off big trucks
      on the road many cars get stuck
      snow is heading my way, that sucks
      may make it up your way, good luck

    3. Ugg hopefully you get it all
      And it stays far far away from our hall

  4. It took a snowman with a crack to finally make you realize that the people of Walmart are scary?? Hahaha

    I'm with you. I hate the snow and the cold and the dried skin..

    1. haha US people of walmart are
      Up here no scaries to be had at our sand bar
      Stupid dried skin
      Hate that a ton at my bin

    2. I think they are scary in Canada too and you just don't notice. Haha. You need a Target.

    3. Target sucks ass up here
      But they are closing I fear
      Walmart is fine
      Up here its divine

  5. Walmart shopper snowmen. That's a whole new visual in my head.
    I like snow though - bring it on!

    1. All of it can come to you
      With a scary walmart snowman crew

  6. I know what you mean
    I'm ready for green
    I like the change of season
    But there must be a reason
    To keep white around this long
    Who can sing the happy song?

    1. Change the season
      Change the dial
      The snow is treason
      Trying to give nature floor tile

  7. A day of snow is nice
    like we recently got
    but a whole season of it
    is way too lot


    1. Yep, once or twice is fine
      Then spring needs to how its sign

  8. I like the white stuff!
    It's so much better than the gray!
    But green is absolutely the best!
    At least at my bay!

  9. The wind when doth blow
    Gets rid of the snow
    Then you shall go
    To the grass and then mow!

    1. The grass we shall eat
      It's a tasty treat
      Rather mow than shovel though
      Shoveling is hard on the back you know

  10. I'm with the cat on this one, all-in 100%.

    I do like to sled, and watch the older kids snowboard. I want to tube down a hill on the snow... but that's it. I could give all that up in an instant for year-round sunshine and be quite content. :)

    1. Yep, so could we
      Give it up and soak up the sun with glee

  11. We do hate the winter but we hate the ice worse than the snow. That ice stuff is a killer. So stay warm in your house.

    1. Yeah the ice is bad as one can slip and slide
      Fall down and need an ambulance ride

  12. Yup. Since Christmas is over, I'm ready for April. But I shouldn't complain since we're warmer than normal this year. But warmer is relative.

    1. Yeah warmer is relative when there is cold
      But beats last year when all the snow took hold

  13. You pulled the thoughts right out of my head. Shoveled and froze only a few days ago and now same thing coming for tomorrow.

  14. Man, I'm with the Cat. We're supposed to get more tonight. I am not pleased!

    1. Send it all into the sea
      Need a big wind machine to blow it away from you and me

  15. We don't get so much where I live. I quite fancy a little flirt with the white stuff!

    1. A little flirt is okay
      Then you don't have to look at it everyday

  16. This is so much fun, Pat! I loved your comparison of snowmen to Walmart people ~ and also your flirty snow verse. I'm one of those weird people who loves the snow, but only if I don't have to drive in it. It snowed here again yesterday, but I was cozy by the fireplace. Terry was most unhappy though, because out into the icy snow he had to go. What I do hate is gloomy, grey skies which Nova Scotia has a lot of! I hope the sun is shining on you today!

    1. haha made him go out and about
      Well you stay home warm without a shout
      Yeah the grey skies there are a ton
      But today there is sun

  17. I hate snow sooo much and now that they are predicting so much of it this weekend all I wanna do is hide under the covers and never come out!


    1. Well at least it is warm under there
      And you don't have to look at it with its evil white glare

  18. Poor you,
    afraid of snooow..
    better get up,
    wear a snow cup
    play a ball with glow
    in a snow!

  19. I dislike when it snows
    and the cold wind blows
    but when it's calm and sunny
    things start to get funny
    I think about sledding
    not knowing where it's heading
    I think of horse drawn carriages
    and celebrating marriages
    and snuggling--not with the horse,
    but with my husband, of course.
    But the weather is so fickle
    The water starts to trickle
    and the snow melts away
    and my ideas then stray
    perhaps spring is better
    who knows, but the weather?

    1. haha you have lots
      Of weather thoughts
      I guess it is what it is
      This weather biz
      Can snuggle and sled
      Forget the dread
      But then comes the sun
      And out one can run
      Not slipping on ice
      That is nice
      Good you don't go for a horse
      The SPCA may lock you up without remorse

  20. We very rarely get snow here in Las Vegas. A few years ago we got 3 inches in one day and I thought the local news media was going to have an aneurysm.

    1. lmao gave them something to talk about
      No snow is great by me as one is out

  21. Now I want to see a snowman with a bright pink thong on-I must see you create this masterwork of Walmart fun

    1. haha maybe one day
      There will be such a display

  22. There ya go, that's why we don't like that stuff down South!

  23. You and I agree.
    Snow will be the death of me.
    I just want to move somewhere warm and sunny.
    I just wish I could convince my honey.

  24. When the snow is falling I want to run away.
    And not come back until a sun shiny day.

  25. I wouldn't mind if snow made a guest appearance for a day or two, but beyond that? No thanks.

    When I was a young girl, it was my job to dig out a parking place for my mother's car before she got home from work. Nothing like spending a couple hours shoveling all that miserable stuff, (made much worse if the snowplow decided to go down our street and throw snow BACK into the place I was trying to clear) only to have some other schmuck pull his car into that place when I finished the job and went into the house. That got to be such a problem, people would put folding chairs in the spots they'd cleared to "save" it for the intended parker. I do NOT miss those days at all. Snow is a rarity where we live now.

    1. Ugg that sounds like a pain in the butt
      Had to shovel away as a kid at my hut
      Hated every second of it
      But when I created a spot I never took a hit
      No spot thieves were at least had
      A rarity would sure work for our pad

  26. orlin N cassie....pleez ta tell yur dad ta get hiz hind end out ta de store N stock up on canned goods bee fore de blizzard sets in...

    faaaaaaaaa....never mind bout food N sundreez for him, just make sure ewe both haza enuff canned goods, kibble N litter ta last ya til may 18th, just in case....

    heerz two a goatfish N guppy kinda week oh end !!♥♥♥

    1. haha that sounds like a plan
      Him starving and us eating of which we are a fan

  27. I've seen snow once, ever. It was certainly fun.

    1. Well it is a good thing to see once in a blue moon
      Otherwise I'll take a sand dune

  28. haha, the cat hates the snow!
    Say it ain't so!
    I love all that white,
    I don't even mind the frostbite.
    Because at the end of the day,
    Inside you can lay,
    Hot chocolate & a fire,
    and the situation outside won't seem as dire.

  29. Not a big fan either but a little is ok

  30. Snow is out to win
    pitch it in the bin
    snow must go
    ho ho ho!

    1. Santa can keep it all
      Up at his north pole hall

  31. Winter is coming

    Jon Snow knows nothing

    1. Jon Snow is obsessed with winter
      Maybe he needs to get in tune like Splinter

  32. What's wrong with you?
    You've got a fur coat, too!
    You should love snow
    as it falls to the ground below!

  33. I remember that rule from when we made snow cream as a kid. We never had a dog then, though. I have heard snow cream is unsafe because of the chemicals, but kids have survived for years after eating it. It never snows in Nashville anyway, sadly.

    1. Yeah years of survival have come due
      From eating it at every zoo
      Good to get none
      As it is no fun

  34. Snow wins. At least in Wisconsin.

  35. haha the cat hates snow
    it's falling tonight at my show
    i may post pics you never know
    just to torture you even more so :)

    1. haha torturing me is mean
      I'll come and pee on the snow at your scene

  36. You can send it our way. I keep praying for snow, but we rarely get it.


  37. Cats never seem to fully appreciate a good snowfall!

  38. Love, love, love the snow
    Dancing around I watch it blow
    Sometimes though it's not very nice
    If it's hiding some evil ice

    1. Your love for snow gets you banned
      The cat would rather have sun and be tanned lol

  39. Snow, snow go away. Little Pat wants to play.


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