No Need To Roam When At Home!

Ever notice how you humans make up so many sayings for home? I guess you have to as away you roam, leaving the poor cats home alone. Don't even throw a dog a bone.

Home is where the heart is.
That is some weird biz.
If you are away do you rip it out?
Damn, that would make one shout.

My home away from home.
So you like to roam.
But can you have a home when you have a home?
Better off asking a lawn gnome.

You can never go home again.
Damn, have to buy a new den?
That would get expensive I'd say.
In a home you'd forever have to stay.

Bring home the bacon.
So chicken you won't be makin?
That is just plain rude.
I'd give your home attitude.

Come home to roost.
Do you need a boost?
You have to get on top,
So your morning crow isn't a flop.

Keep the home fires burning.
That would make for some u-turning.
Why go were you will burn to a crisp?
Maybe if it is said with a lisp.

Time for the home stretch.
Do they want to play fetch?
Maybe grab a house from either side,
And then stretch it really really wide?

Nothing to write home about.
Does one even write things out?
There is a thing called a phone.
Simply leave a message at the tone.

Eat me out of house and home.
Did you just escape the crazy dome?
House and home is kinda the same.
Maybe they wanted to sound lame.

East, west, home's best.
Some weird test,
But it rhymes,
So not such bad crimes.

Did the cat hit a home run? Or was I not home-y enough under my sun? Is the light on and nobody is home? That happens when you come here to roam. I could go on until the cows come home and spit out regurgitated grass, but you are home free now from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It's # 21 to face to face
      When one comes of age!


    2. Its always fun to check who is on top
      and comes in as number one
      I know I never will be
      too early in the morning for me to get it done


    3. Time zones screw things up indeed
      There at your feed

  2. "Time for the home stretch"
    Offers a competitive match
    A run for your money
    And it isn't that easy
    Unless one willing for the dash


    1. Dash and win
      Not a sin
      Money in the pocket
      Or live in the woods like Davy Crockett

  3. Then some guys in shrink-wrap pants
    Hit a home-run, and do a silly dance
    And the little plaques say it's Home Sweet Home
    Excuse me, from my beer, I must blow the foam
    Do you sit on the stove when it's Home on the Range
    Maybe it's a cure when a cat gets the mange

    1. haha don't like the shrink wrapped pants?
      Can see if inside there is umm ants
      Those plaques are everywhere
      I guess buyer beware
      Proves your a fool
      As it is a home not a pool

  4. Oh LOL, my head is still spinning from the 24 something times I just read the word 'home' (I might have tried counting, I'm weird like that ;)

    P.S.: My cat just jumped when he heard the meow in the video on your sidebar, looking for the other cat ;D Great video!

    1. haha count away
      Here at my bay
      lol wanted to join in on the meowing spree
      Welcome to join me

    2. With Beate other cat will visit your yard lol
      She loves cats:)

    3. Cats can play
      All through the day

  5. A lot of homey sayings.
    Does anyone write letters anymore? I still do thank you cards at least.

    1. I doubt they do
      But maybe a few

    2. Does anyone even know how to write anything but their name anymore?

    3. Some even can't do that
      But cursive has fallen flat

  6. Specially when its cold and icy outside, staying inside the home is the best ~

    Happy Sunday Pat ~


  7. Home sweet home/did the bees replace the gnome?/so it's honey we live on/accompanied to the sound of the drone. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Drones working away
      All through the day
      A gnome for a bee
      With a homey spree

  8. smiles... we have some sayings with home and house as goes - die axt im haus erspart den zimmermann... means if you got someone with repair skillz in the house you don't need a carpenter..smiles

    1. haha that is sure true
      As long as they can fix it right at your zoo

  9. shes a brick...hawse...
    mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out...ha
    see i know that song and my homeys
    can hang and sing it...home is where the heart is

    1. lol should create a youtube video of that
      Bet you and your homeys will get quite the viewing stat

    2. haha - Brian, I want to hear you sing this ..oh yes I do..smiling

    3. Have to get his homeys to back him up too
      Or it just wouldn't do

    4. Well bring on the homeys then a tune will flow
      and we will all be treated to one hell of a show

    5. lol if you say so
      I'll watch him give it a go

    6. Go, Brian, Go
      Sing and give us a show!

  10. If I get home on the range I get in trouble!

    1. haha just don't get caught
      Wait until they are out and make sure it isn't hot

  11. Nothing better than home, no matter how you put it. You have a great day Pat.

  12. Oh this came to mind rather quickly, a verse from "Home on the Range"

    Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam,
    Where the deer and the antelope play,
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
    And the skies are not cloudy all day.

    Or how about some

    Sweet home Alabama
    Where the skies are so blue
    Sweet home Alabama
    Lord, I'm coming home to you

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama Lyrics

    1. That damn home on the range
      Needs a channel change
      Can get stuck in the head
      So I skip that dread

    2. ok, cat how about this one?

      Our house, was our castle and our keep
      Our house, in the middle of our street
      Our house, that was where we used to sleep
      Our house, in the middle of our street
      Our house, in the middle of our street

      Madness - Our House Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    3. Don't think I know that one
      At least not by the lyric run

  13. A house may not be a home
    It takes work to make it be one
    You have certainly listed lots of uses for homes
    Now take the money and run :)


    1. lol take it and run
      Having some fun
      Down where its warm
      Without a snow storm

  14. A clever and fun look at sayings about home, Pat.
    I'm sure you could go on forever where you're at!

    "There is no place like home." That famous line from "The Wizard of Oz" always runs through my mind whenever I return from a trip. As much as I love to travel, there is nothing like coming back to my own space.

    I hope that you weren't hit too hard by the nor'easter!

    1. Click your heels three times
      And say such chimes
      Hope from anywhere you could be
      If you have ruby slippers at your sea

      All we got was rain
      Later in the week tons of snow will be a pain

  15. "Eat me out of house and home."

    I hope drywall tastes better than foam

  16. I love be at home....always!
    And never feel bored!
    Haha the dogs make me Ice Law when I go out!
    They noticed when I have to go out!
    And they dont like especially Mouska:)
    The bunnies you never know I think they miss me whe are hungry:)

    1. Never bored at my mat
      Always have the cat
      Home is where I'll stay
      Once in a while I stray
      The cats get mad too
      But dogs are worse when one leaves their zoo

  17. When asked why I like my home
    I say the answer isn't tough.
    For it's the place where I roam
    and it has all my stuff.

  18. Oh, really like the turtle
    wherever goes someone
    the home with you
    problems - a few
    what else to wish for mortal...

    1. A turtle must weight a lot
      As he moves from plot to plot

  19. Great rhymes
    Certainly chimes
    For home times.

  20. lol I just used the eat me out of house and home this past Thanksgiving when my nephew was here. That boy can pack away the food. Dang.

    1. haha some sure can suck it back
      And not give themselves a heart attack

  21. Oh give me a home
    Where the buffalo roam
    Where the deer and the antelope play..... See, I can rhyme when I want to

    1. Yeah using the lyrics of a song
      You can rhyme along

  22. I am happy to say that no cows have ever come home, here. I've already got my paws full with that Nosey-Neighbour-Cat honin' in on my home, for sure. MOUSES!


    1. haha cows leaves nasty patties too
      Nosey neighbor cat is much better for you

  23. I am happy to say that no cows have ever come home, here. I've already got my paws full with that Nosey-Neighbour-Cat honin' in on my home, for sure. MOUSES!


  24. I could write home
    but that would be nutty.
    I live by myself
    so I'd be my own buddy.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Well could amuse yourself
      Or write to a santa elf

  25. Hermits love to be home
    instead of going for a roam.
    I could stay inside all week
    and never miss going out to the street.
    Home sweet home is the phrase I say.
    I use it a lot to describe my bay!

    1. I can be a hermit just fine as well
      Although wish it was a nicer spot to dwell
      But a step up from my last hell hole
      So that was a lofty goal

  26. I never thought about how much we use the word home in sayings. Though home is my favorite place in the world. I just wish it was currently located somewhere that doesn't have snow.

    1. Yep, home is the best place to be
      And having one with no snow I will agree

  27. Home is my favourite place
    Shuts out the human race
    I can sleep or dance or sing
    At home I can do anything

    Our house is a very, very fine house
    With two cats in the yard,
    Life used to be so hard,
    Now everything is easy cause of you
    (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)

    1. haha prance and sing
      Shaking your thing
      All can be done
      Home without anyone

  28. I would change "home is where the heart is" to
    "home is where the dogs are" (smiles)
    and I am glad they are small because
    they don't eat me out of house and HOME.

    1. haha but do they chew the home
      Or save that for when they roam

  29. How very strange
    Home, home and deranged....

  30. Nope, you're outdated on this one. People don't make phone calls...they text. Well, if they're 25 and under anyway. ;)


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