Scum Suckers And Umm Stupid Smuckers?

This goes out to all the dirty humans at play who think they can just run away. The idiots who should rot in hell for more than a spell. The Beer Guys brought this on with a post at their lawn.

You had a good reason.
It was top of the line.
No matter the season,
You have no spine.

Left a pet to roam.
Left out in the wild.
No room at home,
Besides it was mild.

I hope a bird dumps on your head.
I hope you get covered in tar.
I hope bugs invade your bed.
Hell, just go get hit by a car.

Moving to a new place.
It is so new and grand.
It has so much more space,
But pets gotta go as the place allows none on hand.

I hope your stuff gets taken.
I hope termites infest it.
I hope one day your bakin,
And it becomes a fire pit.

They were cute young.
But now they are old.
A new one needs to be sprung.
This one is too big to hold.

I hope you age fast.
I hope you need a walker.
I hope you're made a thing of the past,
Thrown in a home where they use you for soccer.

I have a new baby.
I just don't have time.
Poor poor me, so maybe,
Throwing them away isn't a crime.

I hope you get no sleep.
I hope you get worms.
I hope you fall in a well so deep,
Lassie couldn't even hear your squirms.

But even a slime sucking shit stain,
Can still have quite the allure.
For whether there is sun or rain,
The maggots still clamor over manure.

The cat just had to get that off of his chest before it became a pest. Did I offend the scum suckers out there? Pfffft great, is what I say at my lair. Anyone to give up a pet because of stupid reasons needs to rot. There are a few legit ones, but not a lot. Death, rabies, biting every person and animal around or super severe allergy at your scene. Maybe even moving to Timbuktu and wanting to avoid having them in two months of quarantine. But other than that you are a piece of crap and deserve a bad rap. I hope such people choke on the gas from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "This goes out to all the dirty humans at play"
    Get to be dumb watching with nothing to say
    They will only wake up
    Not to appear stuck-up
    Pitching for some fun to wrap up a boring day


    1. Stick them in the loo and flush them down
      You'll have fun at least as you watch them drown

  2. I read their post on Monday. What is wrong with some people? Animals aren't possessions - they are living creatures. And when one comes into the home, it's family. You don't dump family!

    1. Exactly, but many people are idiots bar none
      And they still think they are god's gift under the sun

  3. Just yesterday the same was said between my son and me
    Into a shelter your pet you stash, what is the hell with thee?
    Then don't complain when you get old and into a "home" you're put
    Remember the pets you turned away with a thoughtless kick of the foot

    1. Yeah, hopefully karma is real
      And they get the same deal
      Stashed in a place with an out house
      Not even welcomed by a mouse

  4. I also saw that post and it made me wonder what makes people tick. Pets are family once you take them in they become part of the household. They depend on you to love and care for them not abandoned them. These people need a jump start on their hearts as I think they have lost a beat or two, but then again maybe they don't have a heart or it is just defective.

    1. They try and rationalize they best they can at their sea
      I say hang them all in a tree
      Let them dangle until they're biten by every bug going
      Then maybe the blood loss will get things flowing

  5. Well said, my friend. Very well said, indeed.


    1. The cat had to give it a go
      As it festered at his show

  6. I'd choose a babe kitty over a big cat
    They're so small and cute - there's that
    But as anyone who's not an idiot knows
    A little one of anything grows and grows
    Well, unless we're talking about a man's - um - spleen
    Not my man, mind you, but others I've seen.

    1. Yep, but moron people don't see that
      Oh no, the kitten became a cat
      The puppy became a dog
      Like their mind is a fog
      And as for the umm spleen
      Aren't their toys to make it look less umm lean?

  7. Didn't see this article you wrote about
    but it would disgust me too
    years ago made a commitment when we got the dog
    he would go with us wherever we moved.


    1. Yep, disgust is the word
      As many are the equivalent of a turd

  8. We're honored to have inspired you (or uninspired you?) and I have to say, after reading all of the comments on our post (most comments we've ever received on a single post to date) I'm just happy to see how many people have gone out of their way to help rescue animals thrown out like this.

    To (hatefully) add to those people that throw out animals...

    I hope you get every single one
    of Ke$ha's VDs
    And I hope they broadcast it
    live over reality TV

    I hope you get reincarnated
    As Kim K's cottage cheese ass
    And I hope you use a suppository
    made entirely of broken glass

    And when your kids kick you out
    And you're living on a street corner
    I hope people say 'ew, you're old'
    and won't even toss you a quarter.

    1. Yeah it is great to see
      As many help out like thee
      lmao I think cottage cheese ass
      And the broken glass
      Would be good punishment for every one
      Maybe they'll find their head up there when done

  9. giving up a pet and putting a pet out are two different things...abandoning a pet to the wild, that will really get m riled...domestic animals are not fit to be out like that, and they have squat....and it surely pisses me off, the abuse...

    1. True, at least given a chance with the first
      The other is surely the worst
      Throw all such humans in the trash
      And hope they get a bad rash

  10. When I was a kid, we had a lot of dogs (all named 'Duke', for some odd reason).
    When my father (aka "Lover of Mans Best Friend") grew tired of them, he said he "brought them to New York State." I always thought that New York was this doggie Shangri-La where pets had all the kibble they could eat and all the butts they could sniff. As I've grown-up, I realize how heartless and evil this practice was (letting my dogs out of the car someplace). I wish someone had driven my father to New York State. I wouldn't care WHOSE butt he smelled.

    1. Wow that was mean of him to do and lie about it too
      Pretending it was such a great thing as he told you
      I've known a few, still evil suckers, who just let out rover
      But they never, as far as I know, did it over and over

  11. I treat my pets better then my kids, and they appreciate me more, too. Lol

    1. lol that is the way
      And no back talk either at your bay

  12. Putting them out in the wild like many people do, make me hope said people have a special spot in hell waiting for them.

    1. That would be great
      Let them rot their like sitting on a hot plate

  13. There is no excuse for leaving a pet behind or thinking it will be a kitten/puppy forever

  14. Makes me mad, too/the humans who think of themselves, but not of him, her or you.

    Greetings from London.

    1. That is all they think
      Drown those humans in the sink

  15. Animal cruelty is not for me though I don't have pets ~ I think that if people can't take care of pets, they shouldn't buy or have one ~ Have a good day Pat ~

    1. that is true indeed
      They should not have a one at their feed

  16. Pets are a part of a family. I don't understand how people can just forget about them and leave. Even worse than abondoning them, is abusing them! I really don't understand it. They should serve jail time the same way they would for neglecting a child or assaulting someone.

    1. I'd chuck them all in jail as well
      Or fine them to death until they have to sleep on the street and have nowhere to dwell
      Then let the rats chew on them for payback
      I'd watch that attack

  17. ugh... it is just irresponsible to set them out in the can be that life circumstances change and you have to give away a pet - but then please - they should carefully look for a new place for them...

    1. Yeah, health can be a big factor and such to it
      Or moving to some far far away sand pit
      But to just toss them aside
      Makes me hope such people and car collide lol

  18. Ditching a creature should bring on bad karma for sure!

  19. It is the cruelest of actions, to toss a pet away.

    1. That it is
      But many humans still do such a biz

  20. Ha, the Beer Guys are unknown to me
    I have no idea just who they be
    but no one should let a pet out to roam
    when it belongs (just as we) in a warm home.
    I hope they get what they deserve
    that nature will throw them a mighty curve!

    1. The beer guys ranted on about this too
      They'd never do it at their zoo haha
      But yeah anyone who does it
      Needs to fall in a deep dark pit

  21. Those kind of people anger me as well. Though I did adopt an older dog from the shelter a few years back. Brought it home and it was the most unfriendly little bugger. I tried petting his back when he was sleeping and he woke up and nipped at my hand, and kept growling at the kids. I had to take him back the next day because he was a liability with all the children I have in and out of my house all the time. Otherwise, we get them, we keep them. No pawning them off because they are an inconvenience.

    1. Yep, inconvenience is the excuse all seem to live by
      As they throw them away on the fly
      And yeah you can't have a dog like that around kids at all
      As it could snap and chew on them like a ball

  22. Oh yea, watch those birds and don't look up!

  23. I knew of a pastor who abandoned two dogs for no good reason. It's often the people who claim to be "moral".

    1. Yep, those that claim they are oh so great
      Usually have such a piss of crap trait

  24. Oh, that is such a good post and oh so true. My neighbors moved away and left two cats and I have never seen anything so sad. One of the cats wouldn't move off the porch. He just knew they were coming back. I put food and water over there for him and it took him a really long time to come over here, not all the way and the poor thing got cancer and to go to the bridge,Have a great day Pat.

    1. Poor guy waiting and waiting for them to return
      They are the ones that deserve to end up in an urn

  25. orlin N casie

    BRAVO..BRAVO..BRAVO...we total lee agree... N then sum...

    N we thinked we had hurd it all bout petz bee in abandoned...

    heer in de statez itz been everee thing frum horsez on down;

    then R pals over at hutch a good life posted bout two guinea pigs that were abandoned thiz week past..thanx bee ta cod they waz found N will be all rite...

    we haz werdz for de moe foez that due thiz ta animalz ....anda few thousand curzez ta cast upon em two.....think we will go .....con jure up one....rite now


    1. Yeah we'd let the curses fly too
      But need to keep it somewhat tame at our zoo
      Can't go all feck at those who suck
      Although maybe they'll get hit by a truck

  26. I agree but I've recently found that it might be better for the pet to be given up to a good home if the owners don't want them and are abusing them. We took in a puppy that the owner had for 7 months and was hitting him and kept him locked in a small pen the entire time. In this case it was better than they wanted to give him up to a family that actually wanted him.

    1. True, in that case it was better indeed
      As such people who abuse are scum suckers at their feed

  27. Great blog ! Do you want to follow each other ?

    1. Great comment from you
      So great I don't know what to do

  28. I agree. I get SO mad at things like this. I also get mad at people who buy pets and keep them outside in a cage in the cold and heat. I spoil my dog rotten. She's sleeping right now on the sofa on a big cushy blanket.

    1. Yeah, what is the point if you are just going to leave it outside the whole time?
      Hopefully such people fall first first into stairs as they climb

  29. Here the dogs are really spoiled haha! When I eat a bit of something they always look by the window what hell Im eating!
    Ok. Ok. I know I spoiled them I know. When I was swim Mouska wait for me close to the pool lol
    Did you see Mouska picture in my sidebar, she is beauty:))
    Im absolutely agree with you!

    1. That she is a beauty indeed
      Spoil them rotten I say at every feed
      Food they always want too
      The cat sits and waits at my zoo

    2. These hot days (she doesnt like summer to much) she lie down inside the house.Usually they are out inthe garden!
      She is really lovely!

    3. Better to stay in and beat the heat
      Plus there it's all she can eat

  30. The cat is rightfully upset! This really bothers me, when the puppies & kitties grow up and are abandoned, ugh! Pet ownership (in my eyes), is for life. I can't imagine giving up my dog. Preach on, cat!

    1. For life it is indeed
      Unless something super drastic happens at ones feed
      Other than that
      Such people are scat

  31. I couldn't agree with you more
    and I'm glad to took the time to roar.
    Pets are like family and should be treated as such
    but I suppose these scum would put their own mother in a clutch.

    1. Yeah, or they'd keep their mother at home
      Throwing her in a room and not letting her roam
      So they can get the social security checks
      Some people are scum and don't have full decks

  32. Oh, Cat, you are not shy;
    Does this wish also apply
    To those who are waiting to get
    At just the right time the perfect pet? :)

    1. haha no, as sometimes a wait is good
      Then no rushing into it at ones hood
      Know what they are getting into
      And better off for all at their zoo

  33. I'm pretty sure Slate was a castaway.
    He was too tame and too familiar with household sounds that the ferals
    were totally unfamiliar with and scared toilets flushing, doorbells, etc.
    He knew them all....Someone just didn't want him anymore and dumped him. Glad he came to me. He's the best cat ever.

    1. Poor guy had it rough
      But now life isn't so tough
      Found a great spot at your sea
      And is happy as can be

  34. Amen. Pets are for a lifetime. They're gone too soon as is. If you can't love them forever, don't get them.

    1. That is the way to be
      But not followed by many

  35. This topic drives me so nuts that I am not even going to rhyme. I won't read what the Beer Guys posted because these sorts of stories reduce me to tears and make me feel sick. I even got a little teary reading Marg's comments. I cannot believe what some people will do to those who just want to unconditionally love us. Angers me beyond belief. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Thanks for posting
    They need roasting
    Or maybe some toasting
    For all their boasting

    Grrrrr... again.

    1. haha got you going too
      Oh what I can do at my zoo
      Yep they are scum
      And then some

  36. A great poem,
    For a worthy cause.
    How can anyone be heartless,
    To a furry friend with paws?

    It's horrible what some evil people are able to get away with. I'm glad Bryan put her in her place, and you shed another light on this. Both your poem, and the Beer Boys follow-up poem did a wonderful job of getting the message across!


    1. Yep, gave them what hey deserve
      Without a swerve
      Never nice to such ass holes
      Far worse than any internet trolls

  37. Agreed. I hate any kind of mistreatment to animals and abandonment is lower than low.

    1. Yep, those low scum buckets can rot
      With their abandonment plot

  38. I have had a bird dump on my head before. I was at the beach and a huge seagull got me. So gross too.

    1. Uggg nasty as can be
      Shower for a week if that happened to me


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