These I Hate At An Alarming Rate!

So I was lounging in bed when Pat woke me with the flash of dread. No, not him naked as can be, seen that so much it is no longer scary. It was the flashy box. For that I will chew holes in his socks. Anyway, he said that dreaded word to me, so I ran and hid up the cat tree.

What is the word?
What do you think?
Nope, not a bird,
Or water in the sink.

One I can eat.
The other I can drink.
One Betsy uses for her feet.
Hint, it's the sink.

Is it the vet?
Is it that cage?
A safe bet,
As both fill me with rage.

The cone of shame?
A dog coming near?
The first I'd maim,
The other bite its rear.

By that I mean tail,
Which I have done.
Boy, do they wail.
They find it no fun.

Guessed the word yet?
Still feeling confused?
Follow this pet,
And don't feel abused.

They walk and talk,
The may even gawk.
The can sometimes stalk,
And pets they can mock.

They sound stupid though,
As they try and meow back.
But they don't seem to know.
Brains they must lack.

Humans you guess?
While it is close enough.
Babies/kids you confess?
Still on the right stuff.

But there is one word for all,
Who come and be pests.
They make me run down the hall,
And that would be GUESTS!

See what I had to deal with yesterday? Guests cause us so much dismay. They are just rude. They come and eat all of our food. On a side note though, got a good caption for the guests who decided to show? What, they aren't scary? One isn't even hairy. That is as scary as can be. Plus they wanted to win my money. The cat will not let that come to pass. Feel free to caption that guests who bothered my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Guests all boring not leaving you alone
    Permanent grins and they are all bones
    Looking lean and eerie
    Making them scary
    Better to get themselves good homes


    1. Yeah get good homes and go away
      That would leave the cat happy I say

  2. Hahaha
    Guests can be a pesky lot
    You never know what they're about
    Faults of some are thus unsighted
    Especially the ones who are uninvited

    1. Yet in they come
      Germs and then some
      Inviting themselves in
      With a big wormy grin

  3. The best part about house guests is when they leave.
    That last shot is great, Pat.

    1. That it is indeed
      Can't come soon enough when they leave ones feed

  4. One of your guests looks very thin.
    Bet he wishes you'd serve dinner again!
    Turn off the flash when photographing kitties.
    Then their eyes won't look weird and silly.
    That's my photo tip for you
    From me and my cat crew! Ha.

    1. Well not much here to eat
      So he can't get a treat
      The flash you say
      Can do that at my bay
      But cellphone isn't as grand
      As the camera you use in your land

    2. Cell phone cameras can do just fine
      Use picmonkey to make them sublime.

    3. True that is fine to use
      Can make some that amuse

  5. Looks like that guest has a bone to pick with you!

    1. lol better bone up on my card playing
      Or just continue laying

  6. I like the way this poem reads
    Write more verses like this
    (Just my style)

    1. These ones are fun to do
      As I split the rhyme up at my zoo

  7. The cats don't like when guest give a call
    as they wander up and down the hall
    well, did Pat invite them to be his guest
    hopefully, they weren't being a big pest...
    these two are rather amusing
    playing cards, who was losing
    tell me who was holding the ace
    a straight face they both embrace
    I remember that furry puppet cat
    he came to life at the hands of Pat

    Captions I have a few
    who would've knew

    You look hungry
    Bone appetite

    A game of chance
    tickles my funny bone

    The cat didn't cheat
    it was a purr-fectly legit game

    Honest it was a purr-fect win

    1. Such an uninvited lot
      As they it and plot
      The cat thinks they are nuts
      The boney guy sniffed too many butts
      That is what happens when you do that
      Now you know from the cat
      Puppet and boney at play
      Who won? Can't say

      haha those were great
      Purrfect at any rate

    2. just so people know it is bon appetit ..I did a play on words for the bone man..haha

    3. That I knew
      As they play on words came due

  8. I would think you like guests
    for the attention you might get
    or would you rather they leave
    never come back and forget?


    1. The later is better for the cat
      He sees them and he does scat

  9. Haha guests you say
    invading your bay
    one is hairy, the other scary
    flashing the cat too
    what a day at your zoo :)

    1. haha both sure scare
      Be less the one with hair
      One flashes in the buff
      The other has no below the waste stuff

  10. Want to get rid of unwelcome guests?
    those who worse than invisible pests?
    Tell them about the evening plight:
    How is dangerous life outside.
    They will jump out as best rocket ship
    Never again they will plan so late trip.

    1. That could word indeed
      Go too far one way and could get shot at my feed
      So the cat will give it a try
      If that doesn't work, he'll poke them in the eye

  11. Well they look removabale easy enough at least

  12. Replies
    1. No sure who is the winner
      But both couldn't get much thinner

  13. Well Cat, I figured that if Pat even had any friends, that's exactly what they'd look like.

    I've sat here for two minutes trying to think of a caption.
    This is probably lame but here goes.

    "At least my hand has flesh" That's a play on the word "hand" for cards and the physical hand. I don't know if that's obvious or not.

    1. haha well you are right
      About the size of any friends at our sight
      Humans are too germy anyway
      Safer to just stay away lol

      haha I got it
      Nice you used some wit

  14. Don't be anti-social, cat!!!!! Guests are fun!!!!!

  15. Oh we so hate guests. They are scary, especially the little kind of humans. Yikes they are just awful for sure. So you cars and Pat, have a great day..

  16. Guests are much scarier than vet, bills or telephone calls.

    1. The vet you can pee on at least
      They are used to it from any beast

  17. Guests are fun! I hate being behind a slow driver.

  18. aw really understand you:))
    Love this pic Pat!!

  19. "Ha! Straight flush! Take off another layer!"

    1. lol good one indeed
      Nudity may come due so take heed

  20. Ha, I think my dogs would say guests are more trouble than they are they would probably have to be kept inside their kennels and miss all the fun!

    1. Yep, that would be the way
      As guests cause them dismay

  21. I always hated being the guest for an overnight stay, guess who gets the sofa bed?

  22. The cat beat the pants and skin off poor Bob during strip poker.

  23. Guests are rude, neighbors are rude, and even friends and family can be rude...but somehow life is so much sweeter with all of them around. We had a friend stay with us last night--family stayed with us at Christmas--and I have to say, though, I LOVE that feeling right after the guests are gone when you get the house to yourself for the first time and finally get to relax!

    1. Yep, that is the best feeling indeed
      Some guests though just never seem to want to leave ones feed

  24. Orlin would rather face
    The vet with absence of grace
    Than guests who gamble and eat
    Then with your money try to beat feet?
    Oh, Cat, surely guests are better than that,
    At least no shots or meds at your mat!

    1. haha but the cat can crap on the vet
      At least some anger issues can be met

  25. Poor Cat had a fright
    With guests in sight
    An idea will don
    While I hide 'til they're gone

    "Make a move already
    Before I'm more dead-y!"

  26. ha. especially when unannounced, they flounce down on your couch,
    and belch after eating your food and can be so rude when they
    dont know to go away...

    1. Yep, that is the way
      Just want to toss such people in the bay

  27. I am not thrilled with having guests myself..... although, I do like a good poker game.

    1. Poker can be fun
      As long as after away they run

  28. My husband has an aunt who streaks through the living room fast as can be, when she gets brave enough to run by everyone in the house who is visiting. It is always the one and only time we see her on visits. I think she hides in the basement, lol.

    1. lol well at least for a few seconds she gives you a show
      Might want to cover the eyes of the kiddo though


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