Things Not To Mock After You Gawk!

Some humans like to repeat things they see in a movie. But it may not turn out so groovy. So the cat will make sure you don't repeat at least some things out on the street. We'd be here for years though if the cat was to do everyone that ever did show.

Never fly off the top of a moving car.
You may fly rather far,
But the end won't be very fun.
You will end up flat and well done. 

Don't fight with Bob Barker.
You may need a makeup marker.
Bruises may show up galore.
The price is right avoid at your shore.

Never swing off a roof.
For your waist will go poof.
 You will be ripped in two.
Death will surely come due.

Never stand under a brick thrower.
Better off fighting with a lawn mower.
One hit with a brick,
And you will die some slick.

Don't tick off this guy.
He will do more than poke you in the eye.
Make Hulk angry and you are dead.
He'll rip off your head.

Don't hide in a fridge from a nuke.
 If you do so you'll be a mook.
A dead mook that is.
Avoid the nuke biz.

 Don't drink Jobu's rum.
That would be dumb.
You'd get a bat to the head.
That would be something to dread.

Never stick your pecker in the wall,
Or anything to do with a bathroom stall.
 You never know what is on the other end.
Some things just aren't meant to bend.

Never jump from upon high.
It may look like you can fly.
But in the end you will die.
That is surely no lie.

Of course all of this is common sense,
At least to those who aren't dense.
But the ones who have gone around the bend,
May need this to avoid a gruesome end.

Ever tried something crazy off a movie screen? Or are you too wise for that at your scene? Maybe add a few wires and you'd be okay and live to see another day. Other than that you'd be dead and giving off bad gas, trust my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "humans like to repeat things they see in a movie"
    Likely to forget themselves and they go for a spree
    But troubles may hog them
    Be careful how time is spent
    So their fun is always accompanied with lots of glee


    1. Careful can be glee
      While being dumb brings a death spree

  2. Some humans think that they can fly
    Especially if they're a little high
    Watch from below as they wizz by
    Gawkers saying, what a guy

  3. It would be very bad to drink Jobu's rum...
    I hated that scene in the last Indiana Jones movie. He would've broken every bone in his body.
    Remember the movie where the football players laid down in traffic and then some real kids went and did that and it didn't turn out well? Dumb!

    1. Yeah Jobu screw with you
      If drinking his rum came due
      That was moronic indeed
      As bad as all the fake stupid monkey tarzan rip off thing that took seed
      That was The Program right?
      Was a meh movie when it came to light
      Not sure why they'd copy that
      Sadly they did and they went splat

  4. LOL standing under a brick thrower can be a danger
    Especially when they're tossed by a little kid in anger :)

    1. And he has good aim as well
      So one would not live to tell

  5. I don't think I've ever copied a movie. If I did though, it'd be the awesome Christmas light scene from the Grinch... where she's putting up the bulbs w/a machine gun quickness and they all land perfectly in place. :)

    1. haha hmmm not sure you could copy that
      As when done everything may go splat

  6. Since I am not the daring type
    I would never try anything like these
    Way too dangerous for me
    And some would be hard on the knees.


    1. Yeah hard on the back too
      So none any should do

  7. You sound, Cat as if
    you have been tried
    to jump off cliff...
    if not - what a relieve!

    1. Nah, just jumped off the fridge
      Wasn't that tall of a ridge

  8. Bob Barker doesn't seem like such a strong guy

    until he made Happy cry

  9. That sure is a whole bunch of things not to do!

  10. I didn't look to the movies for inspiration,
    I can get into enough trouble on my own!
    Have a good one!

  11. ah it would be cool if we could do some of the things we see in movies... i would love to be able to jump from skyscraper rooftops without getting harmed

    1. Yeah that would be fun to fall
      And then land, not hurt at all

  12. Not one, ever. but I have laughed at the improbable stunts in movies.

    1. Yeah they are laugh worthy indeed
      As they do such a crazy deed

  13. dude bob was a tough old bird
    and i guess its from giving the wheel a whirl,
    a moving car
    looks cool but you will end up like a smoking pile of stool...

    1. That wheel must have worked the muscles out
      Yep, you'd be flatter than a trout

  14. The sad thing is, there are people out there who need this sort of advice!

    1. Yep, very very sad
      As they believe doing it is rad

  15. Really never would hide in the suicidal fridge
    better to jump off the Brooklyn bridge!

    1. More chance of survival to
      A nuked fridge would make you goo

  16. Don't try this at home!
    If you do, you will die alone.

  17. I just cracked up at the one with the nuke and the fridge!!!!! Lmaooooo that warning should be on milk containers. Hahahaa

    1. haha the nuke and the fridge
      Is insane by more than a smidge

  18. I hope stuntmen
    Get paid very well
    Because their bodies and joints
    Must bruise and swell

  19. I'm glad I don't like to copy the crazy things people do.

    1. A good thing to have indeed
      Not copying at your feed

  20. I've never "tried" anything from a movie. But I have said a few quotes at times.

    "I'll be back" is one of my favorites.
    Oh and ..
    "You're gonna need a bigger boat" I said once when a kid got a toy boat and his action figure didn't fit into it and made him cry. I said that and his mom cracked up.

    1. haha good quotes to use indeed
      Such a meanie making the kid cry at your feed

  21. That pecker one
    could be real fun
    But only for the one who pulls
    Pecker stick-ers are such fools
    That one really makes me scoff
    What happens if it gets pulled off?

    1. Not sure it can get pulled off though
      Have to yank real hard to give that a go

  22. orlin N cassie

    we iz knot a loud ta watch tee and vee...we never new why til now !! ♥

  23. Pecker in a wall? that should never be done

  24. The fridge is probably the most insane thing I've seen in a movie

  25. Some of those scenes were classic. Especially Bob Barker.

    1. Yeah they are ones that most know
      As many have given them a go

  26. Haha the cat can fly for sure
    always landing on all four
    climbing like spiderman
    of the movies he's a fan
    hiding except in the fridge
    he won't jump off a bridge :)

    1. He did the fridge once
      Got locked in like a dunce
      Never again indeed
      At our feed

  27. All of these should come with a warning
    don't try these if you want to see morning

  28. Great tips! If you're ever in a house and a madman is in there with you, run out the door instead of up the stairs. I learned that from watching horror movies.

    1. Yep, door is a much better bet indeed
      And no sex at any feed

  29. When Jackass was in its height, I am sure there were plenty of jackasses trying their stunts. The world is full of morons.

    1. That it is with morons galore
      From shore to shore

  30. I think once more, you've shown me some firsts
    Don't think I've seen any of these moments' worsts
    But I think people do copy dumb things...
    Have you heard the butt selfie going ka-chings?!?

    1. Yeah heard of that stupid crap
      People copy garbage across the map

  31. haha!

    I would never, ever fight Bob Barker,
    He loves animals so fighting him would be so darker,
    I'd much rather fight the Hulk,
    And for once, only see him sulk.


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