With This Jam We Tackle The Pangram!

The cat has yet to do this one. I guess it got lost amongst my fun. The word just makes one want to go, damn. For it is a pain in the butt to come up with a pangram. Then again not if you blither on for a while, which of course is easy to do as I go the rhyming mile.

Fox dwarves chop my talking quiz job.
The chopped it like corn on a cob?
Quick blowing zephyrs vex daft Jim.
Daft Jim must be rather umm dim.

Fat hag dwarves quickly zap jinx mob.
So see dwarves, lock door knob?
Jack fox bids ivy-strewn phlegm quiz.
That sounds like some nasty biz.

How quickly daft jumping zebras vex.
I guess they are after sex.
Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz.
Jocks know how to fax and not just take a whiz?

Now fax quiz Jack! my brave ghost pled.
No ghost better bother me while in bed.
Do wafting zephyrs quickly vex Jumbo?
Better off asking poor Dumbo.

Go, lazy fat vixen; be shrewd, jump quick.
Oh that could be taken the wrong way if you add dick.
Fickle jinx bog dwarves spy math quiz.
Dwarves like that numbers biz?

Jumping hay dwarves flock quartz box.
So what's next, dwarves eating socks?
Five jumping wizards hex bolty quick.
I hope their robes don't fly up and reveal their umm wick.

Five hexing wizard bots jump quickly.
Robots have nothing to fear and aren't tickly.
Quick fox jumps nightly above wizard.
The fox better be slick to beat the old gizzard.

Vamp fox held quartz duck just by wing.
The duck got his blood sucked or something?
Five quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed.
You have a bed made of wax where you rest your head?

The five boxing wizards jump quickly.
I hope after all the hopping none look sickly.
Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.
I hope it doesn't cause warts.

Show mangled quartz flip vibe exactly.
Is that some kind of factly?
My jocks box, get hard, unzip, quiver, flow.
I better stop as no more do I want to know.

Make out what a pangram is with my little crazy biz? Yes? No? Maybe so? It means all 26 letters from the alphabet show. Even if the sentences are crazy, no letter gets left out to be lazy. Now I am done with my pangram sass and off I go with my 12 letter using little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "a pain in the butt to come up with a pangram"
    Good idea to blither for a while and then slam
    Many to choose from
    Even it sounds wrong
    Play safe and make them all to nicely rhyme


    1. They can all rhyme
      Even with a grammar crime
      And sounding wrong
      The cat can play along

  2. Your pangram definitely does take time
    Especially to come up with a jingly rhyme
    Today I'll let the effort take a pass
    Just leave it to your little rhyming ass

    1. Yeah took a little longer to do
      Here at my rhyming zoo

  3. Replies
    1. haha add in a dick
      And it changes some quick

  4. The five boxing wizards jump quickly.
    avoiding danger they move swiftly
    a pangram is too much this early
    reading this made my head whirley
    might try it if I had more time
    but instead I'll leave this rhyme

    1. Yeah it takes time
      And need a brain in its prime
      Early to rise may not win
      With a pangram at my bin

  5. So glad you explained what a pangram is
    I was totally confused today
    But now I know a new word to use
    So I will go along my merry old way


    1. A new word
      Even if absurd
      All can do it though
      Just write a run on sentence until a through z does show

  6. That was certainly a task to tackle! I was a bit confused but I see you accomplished the goal of a pangram so congrats!


    1. Yeah it was weird to give a go
      But the rhyme still did flow

  7. They sure bring some scary images to mind

  8. That would take me about six years to make sure I got all the letters included in every line. Wowser. You probably did it an hour.

    1. Took me a few to get the first one
      Then I just went with it under my sun

  9. I seriously applaud you!!! Pangrams are difficult and I really just know the "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." one. Go you and go cat!!!

  10. Wow, Pat!
    Thought 1 ~ I'm making jam now ~ mixed berry.
    Thought 2 ~ WTF?
    T3 ~ This is making my head hurt.
    T4 ~ OKAY, I know what's going on.
    T5 ~ Maybe I can use these for typing practice!
    T6 ~ I checked a couple to see if the whole alphabet was there ~ yup!
    Way to go, Pat!

    1. haha good you caught on
      As by 4 it was able to dawn
      Not bad at all
      I had to recheck a few at my hall

  11. Quick blowing zephyrs?
    That gives me a stir.
    I don't care what her name is.
    I'd like to meet her.

  12. Whoa! I am duly impressed. Your creations beat the ol' "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog's back" hands down!

    1. But at least a fox and a dog
      Beat a lazy hog

  13. I am and totally impressed by you, Pat (cat) Hat! I find it excessively hard. Quite a jape, but you got down to business and quickly buzzed through the alphabet. :o)

    1. It isn't easy indeed
      Took longer than usual at my feed
      And you almost got all
      In your comment at my hall

  14. Very good for you. I never would have been able to accomplish this task.

    1. Took a while
      Sure you could get one in a run one style

  15. Thanks for clarifying what a pangram is. I had no idea. Was feeling pretty dumb. :)

    1. That cat wouldn't leave you hanging
      After some head banging

  16. Your rhyme today barking
    Five jumping wizards
    at pangram
    hope they won't harm...

  17. orlin N cassie...thanx bee ta cod ya eggs planed it coz frank lee we thinked ya getted in two sum troo lee bad veree junked up grazz....


    heerz two a warm, walleye, whitefish week oh end !! ♥♥♥

    1. Could have been some bad grass
      Don't worry, it will come out my rhyming ass

  18. Lol!! I didn't figure out what it was.. it just sounded like jibberish mentioning little people a lot. Hahahaha Well, you taught me something, cat!

    1. A taught a little person at my sea
      Go little old me!

  19. Okay, it was impressive enough that you rhyme everything, but now I'm astounded!

    1. i can rhyme all
      But yeah fun to astound at my hall

  20. Damn, you are good
    And your jocks are hard too
    A gal likes that in a man
    A pangram I couldn't do.

  21. That was a hard one! Hats off to you for slamming that challenge!

    1. Have to push myself ever now and then
      Here at my rhyming den

  22. "My jocks box, get hard, unzip, quiver, flow.
    I better stop as no more do I want to know."
    Fanning myself at my shore
    As I imagine quivering galore... :-)

    1. lol got you all riled up at your sea
      As to the gutter you flee

    2. I wouldn't say the gutter
      Just a nice place to flutter

  23. All 26 letters you say
    Lots of pangrams at your bay
    Seems hard to do
    But easy for you :)

    1. Easy once a few are done
      But harder than a normal rhyming run

  24. My heck. That could almost have been a Dr. Seuss project. :D

    1. haha may need to screw with it a tad
      To make it like his pad

  25. Oh my GOD! What the hell are you talking about today!?!? You have my eyes going back and forth trying to decipher the words, but my brain is just not latching on lol ;)

    1. haha confused the halloween nazi at my sea
      That works for me

  26. Your "jocks box,"
    Safely slips in a strap.
    Protected from hard knocks,
    While bopping to the pangram rap!

    This was clever and fun,
    Rhyming cat number one!


    1. haha slips right in
      For a little sin
      Clever and fun
      Works for everyone

  27. oh snap, i bet that would be a beast including all the letters as some dont lend themselves to inclusion, and thinking of all that revision kinda makes my head hurt, but even the worse is better than a dwarven curse...

    1. Yeah, pain in the arse for the first few
      Then just mixed and matched and I was through
      Beats such a curse
      That would end one up in a hearse

  28. Ha ha, this is as understandable to me as the poetry of some people I read every day.....the kind people rave about but means nothing to me. Smiles.

    1. haha yeah those ones are kinda meh to me too
      Not sure why the raving comes due

  29. Wow, you are brilliant with your writing.

  30. Oh man... you have way to much time on your hands. That would tax my brain.


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