A Common Trait In Real Estate!

So the cat has been around the block, and by around I mean like a world wide walk, when it comes to matters of real estate. Moved 16 times so far to date. Isn't it fun to see what they say to try and get you into a new bay?

Great lakeside view!
Even some grass to chew.
The lake = a cow pond.
Maybe there is a lake in the great beyond?

Situated in a unique place.
Such a unique embrace.
High traffic and lots of smog.
That is sure one unique bog.

Security cameras everywhere.
Means it is such a great lair.
It has a high crime rate.
But forget that and take the bait.

Even has a shed!
Wow, can that really be said?
Oopsy, no garage at all.
Enjoy the shed, have a ball.

A great view!
My, it has two.
Each a big hole in the wall.
View, weather, bugs and all.

Unlimited potential is had!
This will be a great new pad.
There will always be something to fix.
Your wallet will take its licks.

Priced for immediate sale!
So come and hit the trail.
Something is about to break.
So come, buy and that burden, take.

Oozing with charm!
Sound the alarm.
The place is damp.
No need for a magic lamp.

A fixer upper!
Better off living in dishes of tupper.
Means you'll have to tear it down,
And build a new one in town.

On a very private lot.
Means to nowhere near you can trot.
It will also be hard to find.
But it is still one of a kind.

Any you have come across you wish to add? They sure try and pull a fast one when people are looking for a pad. Descriptions are sometimes full of crap. It is good most aren't a sap. So run if a place smells like rotten gas, just trust my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A Common Trait In Real Estate Sale!
    The glowing picture one gets to avail
    But in reality
    Quite ordinary
    View on site not just looking in the mail


    1. Have to look at all
      To see the writing on the wall
      Could be grand
      But most are really bland

  2. Searching for a new place
    one that gives you some space
    need some woodland on the estate
    and a small lake that would be great
    that would bring a smile to my face
    and it would be one I would embrace

    if you cast your worries in burden lake
    would you be granted a tax break

    1. No tax break ever
      That is a failed endeavor
      They will come after you
      If in the tax you give a whoopdi friggin doo lol

    2. Had to change
      Time for a rearrange

  3. Never take the fixer-upper. That's code for it's one step away from being condemned.

    1. Yep, one big money pit
      All rotten and umm spit

  4. One of my successful real estate friends told me she basically took a class in how to blow smoke up people's ass. Hey, it worked!

    1. lol that is what you need to do
      And people fall for it at every zoo

  5. No matter where you move there is going to be a problem.. You learn every time. I learned this time to be careful If the real estate agent adds an exception to the contract. It is never in your favor.

    1. Yep, something will always go wrong
      As they sing their song
      The movers were the only thing that screwed me the last time
      But with 16 or so moves I know moving is never sublime

  6. Your life will be upended
    Till everything is mended...
    But then you'll be broke
    And it all goes up in smoke!

    1. As long as insurance is there
      Can take the payout from your up in smoke lair

  7. We've been looking at houses and definitely found that! We found the perfect house...but it's just a bit above our price range...so we're going to wait and save up more for the down payment. We're in a 2-bedroom, 1 bath house right now and we both work from home...so we're definitely living below our means!

    1. That is a good choice indeed
      Both work from home at your feed
      That must sure be nice
      Saves on the gas price

  8. ha you def need to see what you are buying, because they def find ways to creatively see the places, and with your money they are off to the races....

    1. That they surely are
      Taking a creative license whether house or used car

  9. Descriptive words used to describe a house
    Usually one can learn the lingo
    Charming means small I have learned
    Some place one might not want to play bingo


    1. Yep, that is sure the word
      For so small it is absurd

  10. Cat rhymed good, you hit the bait
    Luring in people to buy real estate
    Cute is a word for a little kitty cat
    When said for a house, you better not be fat
    If a house is perfect, it sells in a blink
    Better grab it right away with never time to think

    1. Perfection is choice
      In some they won't rejoice
      In others some will
      But yeah a fat person better hope it ain't on a hill

  11. You have to read between the lines
    in real estate all isn't as it seems
    and definitely must go to take a view
    to see if a place fulfills one's dreams!

    1. Yep, and usually it does not
      Just a house on a small plot

  12. All that is so true! We would have a great lakeside view but the geese are in the way MOL!

    1. lol need to get those geese and have a snack
      Get the ferals to do the attack

  13. Im agree with Mary! You have to read between the lines lol

    oh You change your pic ... a little:)

    1. That you do
      Time for a new view
      Sorta at least at my zoo
      Other was 3 years old to view

  14. You nailed them all. They will say anything to get the sale

  15. Have to watch those tricky word choices

  16. That is exactly right, it always sounds so darn good. We like the last one. Hopefully no neighbors. Take care

    1. No neighbors would be good
      As they can annoy at ones hood

  17. You changed your pic?!?!?!??!?!?!

    I love the show fixer upper on HGTV. Does home renovation reality TV make you squirm too??? Lol what the heck is a cow pond?

    1. Time for a change in view
      Here at my zoo
      It doesn't make me squirm as much
      Maybe just a touch

  18. Fixer uppers scare me! Nice new picture at your pad!

    1. Yep, who knows what they are
      A money pit or termite bar

    2. I I had to sit down
      Scratch my blue head and frown
      Could this be a brand new Pat
      Was it photoshopped at his mat?

    3. Brand new?
      Not at my zoo
      Just more old
      Above the fold

  19. ha - it's funny sometimes how flats and houses are described and once you look at it you see how much space for interpretation there is

    1. haha yep there is a ton of space
      As they interpret almost every case

  20. This house is great
    Listen to the humpers humping late
    From 1 'till 8
    This place needs some nailing done
    Won't that be fun
    You could also run
    Or squeeze your bun

    1. A humper or two
      Can annoy you
      Unless you hump too
      Then a humping party comes due

    2. I hump when I snore
      Dreaming on the floor

    3. Hump the floor?
      Does it bore?

  21. I like your new picture.
    Yes, I do.
    But, like before, you can say,
    "Al, I look better than you."

    1. If I ever find a sidewalk loo
      I'll let a pic fly
      Then it may be new
      But it could be a tie

  22. It was such a lovely house
    with more than just the mouse
    there were bugs, beetles, and a snake
    not too many leaves to rake
    it's a steal
    no, for real.

    1. Yea, so buy now
      Even has a cow
      Or maybe just cow shit
      1,2,3 buy it

    2. Hahahaha -sure
      cow manure
      good for grass
      and yo' rhyming ass.

    3. Grass is tasty
      As long as it isn't pasty

  23. Quiet neighbors probably means there's a cemetery next door.
    Easy yard upkeep means there is no grass, just concrete. lol.

    I like the new profile uptake!
    But do your arms ever start to ache?

    1. whoa....when I typed that first part I thought it rhymed.
      See how off I am with my half decaf chime?

    2. lol damn, that decaf is screwing with your skill
      Sucking away your rhyming will
      The arms do grow tired up there
      But I can also strat with flair

  24. Wow. 16 times. Isn't moving a joy?

  25. I'm glad my brother is one because if I ever need a house, then he will at least give me the honest truth.

    1. That is a good indeed
      Won't get screwed over at your feed

  26. I am trying to find a place in Florida to rent for 2 months next year. Not easy when you can't see what you might be getting.

    1. Yeah you could get screwed over big time
      2 months to avoid snow would be sublime

  27. Thanks for the warnings. I hope I never have to move again, but just in case, I'll know what to look for.

  28. I've moved a lot. But I wouldn't mind having a balcony or a yard with my apartment. lol

    1. The pup would like that
      Easy place to drop his scat

  29. I've been watching internet HGTV fixer upper AND New York real estate sale shows. I have no idea why on the second one. For what my house would bring in a NY sale, I could by a 5' x 5' room, without electricity or plumbing, no windows and unfurnished. Woot. I need to get packed.

    1. haha you better get on that quick at your shore
      If not, you may miss out on the door

  30. orlin N cassie...noe lie...de food servizz gurlz brother, haz mewed...everee....dam....yeer....when de leeze iz up.......for sew long now... that even him hiz self... canna tell ewe how many placez he haz been in....N thiz haz been goin on now ...sinz him wuz like eight and teen

    him iz runnin frum de LAW...we just noe it...ore him bee inn sane....one oh de two.... ore both !♥♥

    1. N that werd iz spozed ta be MEWVED...knot mewed.....

      noe damn wunder him MEWVES everee yeer...peepul thinked a cat bee in de apt wear noe petz iz a loud....

    2. Wow, every year you say
      I suppose a new view is on display
      At least he has that
      And yeah, no pets allowed and has a cat
      That could be why
      His moving is spry

  31. I don't want to see another Real Estate Man, have had my share these past three months. great verse all the same.

    1. There are a ton that are shifty
      But they think they are nifty

  32. Short Sale does not mean short
    I must report
    And a house that smells too good
    Means something stinky in the wood
    Or just down the street
    From a sewer treat(ment)
    Lots of character simply means
    Former residents didn't take all their things
    They leave the work for you
    So there's no room for your zoo

    1. Nailed every one
      As with the word they run
      But mean a whole other thing
      Avoid giving such a doorbell a ring

  33. Real estate
    Aint so great
    Unreal estate
    More like it, mate
    House has "charm"
    In other words, harm

  34. "Great seaview!"/You mean a dumpview, don't you?

    Greetings from London.

  35. If the Ad says it needs TLC
    I would leave it be.
    If the Ad says it has Charm
    you might soon go to a funny farm.
    Buyer beware is what should be on one's mind
    or you might end up in quite a bind

    1. Yep, end up with a money pit
      And maybe even surrounded by cow umm spit

  36. Pat has a new pic
    Looking very slick
    16 times?
    I'd have run out of rhymes

    1. 16 it is
      Might make it to 20 with the moving biz
      At least before I'm dead
      Hate moving things like the bed

  37. Hate moving around & really want to settle down ~

    Hey, nice avatar pic, smiles ~

    1. Yep, moving around is a pain
      Always moving to a new lane
      Glad it is grand
      Figured time for a change in my land

  38. Moving blows. We moved every other year when I was a kid, but I went to 3 different schools in 3rd grade. I swore, when we bought our house, we were staying until we buy a retirement home down south.

    And yes, the crap they try to entice you with to move into a dump is beyond ridiculous. I suggest driving by the house all hours for a few weeks to make sure that the neighbors are folks you can stomach to live by also.

    1. That is a good tip
      Take a return trip
      Back and forth every day
      To make sure they won't cause dismay
      3 schools for one grade?
      Damn, in new kid life you had to wade

  39. Ah the lakeside view that's really a mosquito marsh RIGHT outside of your back door. Or the lakeside view that's not mentioned when a yard is totally flooded ankle deep when it rains. Or the fairly big pond that's awesome in your front yard (right off the deck) that you find out is partially owned by neighbors. We saw all three when we were house hunting for the home we're in now. We put an offer in on that last one until the shared pond was disclosed...then we withdrew. Whew, close save. ;)

    1. Damn, the tricks they try to pull
      Proving of lies they are full
      Have to watch every little thing
      To them cash is king

  40. A shed, but no garage? I don't think so. I need a place to keep my ping-pong table and the shed just won't do.


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