A Little Luck? What The Duck!

If there was ever a word thrown around that needs to get stuffed in the lost and found and never found, that would be luck! People use it when they win and when they suck.

Poor poor me.
I am just not lucky.
I am so sad.
Why is no luck had?

Because you sit on your ass,
And let it grow in mass,
Never lifting a finger,
Hoping luck will linger.

Oh no a mirror broke.
I think I might choke.
It is such bad luck.
I'd rather be hit by a hockey puck.

Then comes that frame of mind,
Again head up the behind.
Everything that happens is because of the mirror,
Maybe because they can no longer see clearer?

They are so lucky.
I wish to be their rubber ducky.
I want some of their luck.
Then I'd get many a buck.

Pfft they worked and got there,
Took the time at their lair.
Fortunate, maybe.
But luck had nothing to do with it at their sea.

I just have no luck.
I may as well get hit by a truck.
Goodbye life,
Luck won't even bring me a wife.

Well you had the same luck after and before,
The truck at your shore.
Just too dumb to wise up.
Need to take lessons from a pup.

I am feeling lucky today.
I will bet all my pay.
I will surely win.
Oopsy, broke at my bin.

Such a feeling is all in your head.
Yep, that is what I said.
Luck is a figment of your mind,
Or more to the point, something you pull out of your behind.

There we are a lucky rant at my bar. Unless born rich as you scream at high pitch, then luck is a load of crap. A word made up by a sap. But the cat could be wrong with his luck sass that came to pass. That lucky horseshoe may not be a bad case of gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. 'ever a word thrown around that needs to get stuffed'
    It is not something that one takes with a good laugh
    Not really tangible
    To make it possible
    But it will surely help make things a lot less tough


    1. I suppose it lessens the blow
      When luck is blamed high and low

  2. Why would one chop off the foot of a rabbit
    To carry around, find luck and then grab it
    In your pocket is it better to stuff a whole hare
    You'll have all four feet so lady luck should beware

    1. Yeah that could be a habit
      Walk around with a rabbit
      But then in your pocket comes a smell
      May cause all hell

    2. I remember when we were kids, I had a rabbits foot I had won at the local carnival

    3. Bring you any luck
      Or rather have feet of a duck?

  3. Are you feeling lucky, punk? Well, are you?

    1. Yep, no bullets left within
      Shoot away at my bin

  4. Yup, luck is just something you call when something good happens to you. It can be just anything, not just a whole bunch of money. Have a great day Pat.

    1. A whole bunch of money be nice though
      But yeah luck can go with many things at ones show

  5. I guess "may the odds be in your favor" is better? ;)

    1. That would be a better way
      Makes since with that display

  6. Sometimes ya just gotta make your own luck!!!

  7. Hope I find a lucky penny
    or a lucky four-leaf clover
    if I don't find them today
    I fear my luck will be over.

    1. lol walk under a ladder to reverse it
      I hear that works a bit

  8. Another concept of man. The cat sees all

  9. ha. your opening is so true,
    all those thinking luck and fortune will come to you,
    not when you are on your ass,
    and wont move a bit of mass
    to put yourself into position
    to make it...

    1. They sit and stare
      Nose in the air
      Expecting to win
      Not gonna happen at any bin

  10. Yucky, yucky, yucky!
    Karma + Luck = Unlucky

    1. Karma can screw
      But that is a made up word too

  11. haha - Well today is the first day of the month
    it is said if you say rabbit luck will come this day
    I am not convinced that is true, but I said "rabbit" anyway
    I do believe some have a lucky horseshoe
    how they received it, I really haven't a clue
    Others have to work to bring about change
    some never even try and that is very strange

    1. Rabbit you say?
      haha right and I'll get triple pay
      Some have a horseshoe up their ass
      But then they still have to make things come to pass

    2. Yeah some sort of British superstition that on the first day of the month if your first words spoken are rabbit rabbit it will bring a month
      of good luck.

    3. Haha leave it to the Brits
      Hope it don't give any the shits

  12. As luck would have it
    I don't have a zit!
    No need to spit
    I might throw a fit!

    1. Can you throw a fit?
      Where would you throw it?

  13. Not much for luck
    because maybe I have none
    but you raised some fine points here
    definitely no luck on the run


  14. You sure are bursting some bubbles today!

    1. Hopefully as they bust
      Soap in the eye isn't a must

  15. It's just the luck of the draw. lol

  16. No lucky stars for the cat, huh? :)

  17. Good things come to those who wait, they say?/Get a grip, mate, as if I were born yesterday/You create your own luck/Either that or fate you will f...fail, I meant fail! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. lol fail you really meant?
      Don't umm duck under your tent

  18. Lucky rant
    at your land
    makes believe
    lucky be or just leave,
    grab the horse
    for its shoe
    and just chew,
    chew, chew, chew...

  19. Im agree with you I never think if Im lucky or not:)
    And yes sometimes we create our own luck!

    1. Have to pave the way
      To get what we want at our bay

  20. What, no luck o' the Irish with this. I don't consider mirrors lucky.They never show me what I want to see.

    1. Have a little of that in me
      But nope, no luck to see

  21. “Luck is statistics taken personally.” -Penn Jillette

  22. Lucky I came across this post :)

    1. Glad you were in luck
      And didn't go what the umm duck

  23. The other day, I was thinking about getting Taco Bell for lunch. I pulled into the parking lot and it said, "Closed until 6pm." I actually said to myself, "Guess someone's trying to tell me I don't need tacos for lunch!" As if God or any other powers-that-be care what I eat for lunch!

    1. lol just showed up at the wrong time
      Doesn't have to be a reason or rhyme

  24. Well I suppose it's luck to win the lotteries
    But not sure of other varieties
    Perhaps I'll cook some up
    Then indulge in a cup

    1. Lottery is rigged I say
      But it is luck if not at ones bay

  25. You can't get lucky just sitting around hoping for it?? Dagnabit anyway!! ;)

    1. lol nope, burst your bubble today
      Sorry for that, not really, at my bay

  26. You make a point, a wise one too
    Luck does not just come to you
    We choose our path
    We claim rewards or take the wrath
    It's not about luck
    It's about a good...hot fudge sundae.

    1. haha I suppose that will do
      Although some exercise may be needed when through

  27. I dunno man. I've won some pretty sweet things over the years. Luck might have had a little to do with it ;)

    1. Statistics and odds are it
      But some luck may help the win hit

  28. People have often called me Lucky Louise. I do think I've had a lot of good luck, but I've worked hard too. When I've been "down on my luck" or scared as heck, I've had to come out fighting and make my own luck. I never forget that I am among the most fortunate human beings in history because of when and where I was born. I've done relatively well, but I can never forget that I was lucky to have a lot of love, help, and support along the way. So many start out with such a difficult beginning. I can never forget that either.

    1. True, where we are born and in what time
      Sure makes us think luck deserves a chime


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