Another Flap Of Her Trap!

So it seems Flappy has to come around once a year to annoy my little rhyming rear. Well she annoys Pat, but just hearing of it annoys the cat. Damn woman never shuts the hell up. I'd rather take a butt sniffing pup. At least I could swat them and not get into trouble. If you ever hear her, get out of there on the double.

"Hi, long time no talk. I wanted to book a room for a night. My group has a special meeting coming up. I want to book a room for the night."

Yes, she repeats like a broken record day or night. The dingbat just needs to take a one way mission to Mars flight.

"What? You don't do that anymore? But I need to book a room for the night. We have a special group meeting and I need to book a room for the night."

Ever deal with such a nitwit? Can you believe she isn't a two year old having a fit? More like sixty or so with enough make up on to make a car glow.

"But can't you still book a room? I need to book a room. Just one night is all I need. I really need to book a room. We have a special meeting coming up. I need to book a room."

A flat no and away she still will go. Pat, thought about saying yes and then saying got you or something. But then she'd never stop her ring.

"But I need to book a room. Can you go see if the room is open? I need to book a room. I can check back later. I really need to book a room."

Nope, cannibals have the room. They would bring you doom and gloom. Hey, it was the first thing that popped in. Yeah, I really said cannibals at my bin.

"I don't appreciate your tone. I really need to book a room and you are mocking me. I really need that room. But if you don't want to get it for me, I'll go find another room."

Fine by me, Pat said with glee. He then heard a huff and puff on the phone and expected a dial tone.

"I really need to book that room. Are you sure you can't book that room? It is just for one...."

And Pat went click. Shoved the phone down some slick. At least she wasted a few minutes of the work day. The only positive thing that came his way. Do these people ever take a hint? Maybe their brain is shaded in some sort of dufus tint? The cat is glad she never gives him sass or he wouldn't be such a nice little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "Another Flap Of Her Trap!"
    Some people don't take the rap
    Even if slammed
    With a big bang
    Just give them somewhat a slap


    1. A slap would be grand
      But then end up in fired land
      Or maybe they find it rude
      And you are sued

  2. Woohoo! Three's a charm.
    It does no harm.
    I'm #3. I'm #3.
    This gives me such gless!

    1. Gless? Come now confess
      Did the chocolate high make glee a mess?

  3. PS What the hell is gless?
    I guess you'll have to guess.
    Could she have meant glee?

  4. PPS What's this post about?
    Did you used to run a B&B?
    Heck, I don't really care
    Cuz I'm number three!

  5. I used to work at KFC. One time I was in drive-thru and a customer ordered an Ultimate Meal with a Fillet Burger and a crispy strip and another one with a Zinger Burger and a chicken leg. Later they cam back around and said "You got our order all wrong! We got one Ultimate meal with a Zinger and crispy strip and another with a Fillet and drumstick!" I said "Can't you swap the burgers?" and they said "Mate listen, you got our order wrong. Make us another one." That was one of the last customers I ever served.

    1. They don't know what they want
      Change their mind and then taunt
      Or just do it to screw with you a bit
      I really hate that umm spit

  6. I've missed Flappy
    With her silly yapping!
    She cracks me up.
    Dumb as a pup.

  7. She's a Flipity flapity
    Who won't stop her yapity
    She's a sorry old tune
    Who howls at the moon

    She's made up like a hooker
    With no one to book her
    Perhaps her eye is on Pat
    As observed by the cat

    1. lol no friggin way
      She'd scare a straight guy gay
      I'd rather be a monk
      Then ever deal with her bunk
      The cat would rather date a dog
      Hell, we'd take a hog lol

  8. You must really have nice rooms
    Better rooms than room with a view
    Even though you sing a great tune
    :You find yourself in stew

    1. Nuts are everywhere
      They aren't even that great at our work lair

  9. ha. perhaps they will guilt you into booking a room
    even though you dont do that no more...but some are sure
    to take their time catching up, catching on

    1. Not gonna happen with me
      No guilt trip works at my sea
      I shrug and walk away
      Sometimes I tell the slow minds to have a nice day

  10. Ha...with Flappy booking a room
    you certainly did not swoon
    Flappy sounds like quite a loon
    marching to her own tune!

    1. A loon that is scary
      Rather drink dairy
      That is saying something
      Here at my wing

  11. Flappy sounds like quite the character

    1. An annoyance more like it
      Dumb as umm dog spit

  12. I would have reservations about a call like that MOL!

  13. You should book her a room in a a nearby crappy hotel.

    1. haha - now that would be funny

    2. I know a druggie one
      Stick her there for fun

    3. she might not like her stay
      quickly she would run away

    4. She'd then not shut up
      Worse than a yappy pup

  14. I remember you speaking of flappy
    wanting a room, she is yappy
    this doesn't make you happy
    and might induce a nappy...

    1. She is an annoyance in every way
      Needs to go walk into the bay

  15. Well we sure don't think that woman should be able to book a room. She sounds like double trouble. Take care.

    1. Double trouble and a headache to boot
      No way you can put her on mute

  16. someone get that woman a book in her room

    1. In her rubber room
      Maybe whack her with a broom

  17. As long as the room is far away from worries!

    1. Not that far away
      So she can stick it at my bay

  18. As long as the room is far away from worries!

  19. I would've strangled Flappy by now...

    1. lol don't have the money to skip the country here
      So have to avoid that and jail I fear

  20. I feel as Pat okey with her,
    Just Cat gets irritated toe,
    so if this is the problem though
    have the color id,
    and leave message from thee:
    all your needs will be met
    as soon as request left.
    Then call the crew
    to help her with room.
    The flappy makes life
    not so gloom...

    1. If I don't pick up
      She'll come sniffing around like a pup
      Better to do it over the phone
      Where I can hang up at the tone

  21. Er Pat
    Just in case you did not get it,
    I think she wants to book a room for the night . . .

    She is persistent isn't she? . . . :)

    1. haha yep, doesn't shut the hell up at all
      Like talking to a wall

  22. You do come up with some good post and this one is no exception. Nice one Pat.

  23. What would you have done really? :)
    Another nice read from you. Happy weekend!

    1. Not much i could do
      Have to bite my tongue at my zoo

  24. Sounds to me like she really needed to book a room! ;)

    1. lol sure sounds that way
      Rather drown her in the bay

  25. Oh we get this on a fairly constant basis.
    You see the case is
    that we deal with people who have bad credit
    they not only use debit
    but every credit that can be.
    all some want is to be free
    of the debt that they spent
    they do not hear my ideas of good intent
    they want the debt gone
    but not lose a thing
    which often makes them a ding-a ling.

    1. haha want their cake and eat it to
      Doesn't work that way at any zoo

  26. oy - sometimes people seem to get stuck in a specific thought and cannot find the exit...

    1. Even if the light flashes in front of them in big letters and has an arrow
      Their brain is waaaaay too narrow

  27. I see she is annoying to get that question again and again ~

    Just book her a room, smiles ~

    1. lol not gonna happen at all
      Then I have to see her at the work hall

  28. Replies
    1. Not enough money in the world to buy her one
      Brain cells see her and away they run

  29. Awww HIIIIII flappy!!!! We missed stories about you. Cat, she is a celebrity in the rhyming world. For the love of God, give the lady a room!!!!

    1. lol never gonna happen at all
      But I can ship her to your hall

  30. Can she not take no for an answer
    must she blither on and on
    about the room not going to be available
    I think you were wise to click to make her gone


    1. Yep, the click had to come due
      As she cannot get a friggin clue

  31. I talked to the same woman
    really it's true.
    She asked for Gil,
    and I said who?
    "Gil," she said.
    There's no Gil here.
    She hung up the phone
    and I went for a beer.

    The phone rang again,
    and I answered once more
    The click in my ear
    made me want to roar.
    When the third call came
    from the very same number
    I hung up on her,
    courtesy torn asunder.

    Still she called, a fourth and a fifth
    This had the makings of tragic myth.
    Finally I'd had all I could take
    Weary and angry at being stalked
    I called the phone service
    and had her blocked.

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha damn quite the nut
      In a dialing rut
      Calling and calling
      How appalling
      Block the nuts
      To end their ruts
      A good way to be
      There at your sea

  32. When she gives you hell
    Bean her with a shell.

    1. Right upside the head
      And hope she doesn't drop dead?

  33. Flappy may need to be hit in the head with the phone

    1. That would be nice
      But may pay a lawsuit price

  34. Never heard of Flappy yet
    Sounds like a bit of a knob I bet
    But I hope you don't get chastised
    For not booking her room prize

  35. Yappy needs to come with a side of Advil. She sure knows how to give someone a headache with her yapping!

    1. Advil would be nice
      She'd skyrocket the price


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