Buck The Trend Of Borrow And Lend!

The cat is a hog when it comes to things anyway here at our bay. I steal from Cassie and Pat. Everything I want is owned by the cat. If I don't want it though, you can give it a go.

Can I borrow that?
Just annoys the cat.
Hell friggin no.
Now away you should go.

Oh lend it to me.
Sure, here's some cat pee.
That is all you need.
Now go away at top speed.

But why? They say.
After told to go away.
Like no is such a bad thing.
Damn leechers feel the sting.

The answer is easy.
It may not be very pleasy.
Yeah, made up a word.
I know, how absurd.

But if you want it,
Don't hiss and spit.
You damn well go buy it.
Then you won't have a fit.

Leave the cat be,
As you'll get nothing from me.
What is mine, is mine.
I'm such a greedy feline.

But borrow and lending,
Just leads to offending.
Yeah, you can borrow this,
Hope it brings you bliss.

9 months later you still have it.
But ohhhh it's only been a bit.
Yeah, friggin right.
See the borrowing plight?

So people can curl their lip,
Or wiggle their hip,
But they won't get nothing from me.
Go spend their own money.

If the cat doesn't want it though.
They can have it and go.
But that's not borrowing or lending.
Get the message that I'm sending?

Are you a borrower and/or lender at your sea? Did you get offended by little old me? Yeah, I doubt that, as I'm such a loveable cat. Now I am pushing my luck. At least I don't quack like a duck. Now I am done with today's sass and off I go with my non-borrowing or lending little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Congrats Blue
      Over to you!


    2. Blue is back
      Giving hank a heart attack

    3. From coast to coast!
      How's that toast?

    4. Thank you, Hank! How are you doing today? I hear you were on the road.

    5. Hank is ok
      Only half-way
      It was bumpy
      As one can see!


    6. Bumpy along the way
      Keeps one alert through the day

  2. They may curl their lip
    Don't look hip
    Time for a kip
    Or just go flip
    People ask me money too
    Like I can buy a kangaroo shoe
    Then they never give it back
    Or go a-hiding leaving no track
    No more lending at my sea
    Leave the Bora Blue be

    1. Yeah funny how they run
      When the deed is done
      Usually they aren't even a looker
      Better off paying a hooker

    2. Sound advice from the Cat
      A hooker... well, how about that?

    3. Just have pay
      Or they'll be dismay

  3. Don't mind lending as long as I get it back!

    1. That is the key though
      At each and every show

  4. Grumpy: You are disturbed Hank !
    Stop with that silly!

  5. Oh Pat / cat You have to continue with your life and dont worry!
    Always are people dont like these but you go with your little rhyming ass :)

    1. No worries for me
      Let things fly free
      In more ways than one
      Under my rhyming ass sun lol

  6. Blue has number one again,
    When will Hank's misery ever end?
    Probably never if he goes to lend
    And being a borrower will never win!

  7. "Buck The Trend Of Borrow And Lend"
    Try not to experience it with a friend
    They take gleefully
    Taking it for free
    That'll be the last one sees of them


    1. Yep, away they will go
      Never found high or low

  8. borrowing can lead to frustration...esp if it is something you want back...and in half way decent shape cause the other party may use your book to scrape shit off the floor, before they read some more and leave stains cause in their brains that is how it works, of course you get it back and go berzerk

    1. haha I take it that has been done?
      Yep, borrowing is never a good thing to give a run

  9. I'm more of a lender, but I've learned how to borrow. (But I do return my neighbor's super tall ladder right away.) I probably loan out DVDs more than anything.

    1. I hated doing that
      As they took their sweet time returning them to the cat

  10. ah it is frustrating if you borrow sth. and don't get it back - i do borrow things but usually to people that i can trust

    1. Trust goes a long way
      To preventing any dismay

  11. Hank's chain is being jerked by Blue
    Better watch out, there might be a coup
    Sell peanuts and popcorn on the side
    Watch who wins the turning tide

    I 've learned my lesson thru and thru
    I never lend anything at my zooI
    I give it outright, no need to return
    No expectations to make me burn

    1. There is hope where there is life
      One needs to go though a strife
      Just a temporary set-back
      Takes a little time to correct!
      Thanks Manzie!


    2. No coup
      Just a guy and his kangaroo shoe

    3. A cup on the go
      Watch each foe
      Who will win
      At my bin

      Best way to be
      Just get rid of it at your sea
      Then that is that
      Easy peasy says the cat

  12. I hate to tell you, that there really isn't anything I want to have dear cat. I don't want to borrow anything, I want to own it. TAke care.

    1. lol own is a better way
      Even if it's a litter tray

  13. My sisters alway borrow the good stuff!

  14. Whew - I'm glad it didn't snow in central Georgia
    I was going to borrow your snow blower.
    I knew it would floor ya
    To find me at your door.

  15. to lend or borrow
    I'll return it tomorrow
    that can bring sorrow

    Some borrowed things never return
    and a few lesson I did learn

    1. Yep, a lesson to all
      Burned and never again take the fall

  16. The title made me think you were talking about a bank
    But then I see the topic and it did stank. Lol.
    Hate to lend, too, and it comes back in worse shape to you
    Ripped, worn and broken can make you blue.
    They shouldn't ask.
    Buying their own is not a hard task.

    1. Banks suck a ton
      They can make one run
      But we all know banker
      Is just an annoying wanker
      Always comes back screwed up
      Like it was eaten by a pup

  17. So nice of Cat to share his pee. Not much of a borrower or lender.

  18. I know when I lend something out
    Coming back may not come about
    So I don't consider it a lend
    But a gift of kindness to a friend
    If it comes back, a bonus for me
    I sing and shout, "Yippee for me!"

    1. lol R may like that
      As he gets it always from the cat

  19. My daily smile at your post is always a pleasure to look forward to.

  20. It's kinda hard to be friends with a person who owes you money or something they borrowed and won't give back. So for me anyway, it's better not to borrow or lend to anyone. If I do give something to someone, I think of it as a gift and that I won't be getting it back. That way I won't be disappointed when I never see it again. Which is probably why I don't lend out much at all. I learned it's better to neither a borrower nor a lender be.

    1. That it surely is indeed
      Being neither is the way to stay friends at ones feed

  21. Neither a borrower or lender you must be. Do not regret. Stay out of debt. Think twice and take some good advice from me. Guard that old family tree.


    1. The old family tree I chopped up
      All but a few and a pup

  22. I never borrow or lend, I have seen what can happen and I don't want to tend to tears, anger or sorrow. If I lend it is considered a gift, then I and no one else will feel miffed.

  23. "can I borrow a piece of paper?"

    that was my favorite question in school.

    Would anyone take it back?

    1. lol yeah not getting that back
      Have would be a better term of attack

  24. Tend to be a lender here
    of almost anything
    good to share if I can
    for the joy it may bring


    1. Well if joy comes do
      A good way to be at your zoo

  25. Neither a borrower or a lender be.
    That's what Grammie drummed into me!
    Have a good one at your sea!

    1. A good lesson to learn
      So you don't feel the burn

  26. I can't think of the last thing I borrowed
    I can't think of the last thing I lent
    I seem to have all that I need
    at least that is what I think I meant!

    1. That sure is the life
      No borrowing or lending strife

  27. Blue is lucky to be no. 1 ~ Always fun to see who gets to beat Hank, smiles ~

    I borrow if I need to but always return it ~ If its the bank though, I take my time, ha ~

    1. lol yeah screw the bank
      Always fun to see who is first to fill the tank

  28. Haven't done either
    For a very long time
    I don't mind if people ask
    It's certainly not a crime

    Some things though
    I might not lend
    Like my polka-dotted rhino
    Or my octopus friend

    My collection of wombats
    Is rather unique
    So you'd have to be special
    If those you should seek

    1. Geez, not sure any would ask
      Unless needing a wombat mask
      To that I'd say no
      As a wombat crime spree may show

  29. Lend only to one you trust. At least that way you can keep most of your stuff.

    1. Yep, that sure is the way
      If you have to lend at your bay

  30. Many years ago my MIL asked to borrow some movies. I lent her about 6, but not before hubby got in the pile and took out the two he liked... and I replaced with something else. He was smart...we never did see the movies again. When I asked about them I got, "I didn't borrow any movies, did I?" I named a title... "Oh yeah! I wondered how that got on our shelf." BUT we still never got the movies back. -_- I bought and replaced one, the rest I just let go.... ;) Silly non-returning-borrowers. Smart cat. :)

    1. haha that is why I never do it
      As at the borrowee's they will sit

  31. I don't loan things out at all, because I know that once it leaves my sight, it's gone for good. I don't blame the cat for being stingy and hording his stuff. It's the only way to keep it yours.

    1. That is sure the only way
      Horde and never let others sway

  32. I loan things to family... Well, some family members. But I would rather not lend anything to neighbors.

    1. Family can be okay
      But they still take their sweet time sometimes returning it to your bay


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