Care To Meat And Unethically Eat?

So the other day the cat over heard an argument being had. Yeah, they always make good blog fodder for my pad. One of them was quite mad but both thought they were rad.

You eat meat?
That you must delete.
How can you do that?
You are a dingbat.

You can't eat meat.
Not even as a treat.
Have to be vegan like me.
You just have to be.

No eating meat allowed.
How can you stand proud.
You eat a living thing.
Hear the song I sing.

You can't eat meat.
Not to beat the heat.
Not to full your tummy,
Even if it is yummy.

You just can't.
Not even an ant.
They may not be filling,
But eating them is just as chilling.

And why can't you?
Because it is just eww.
And there is more than that.
It will make you fat.

You can't eat meat.
Not even as a treat.
Be like me today.
Go vegan, I say.

It is better for you.
So says I at your zoo.
I command you not to eat meat.
Take meat and hit delete.

Not only is it oh so bad,
And you make me not glad,
But it is bad for you.
Oops, I said that, but it is true.

Oh and guess what?
Neither should a cat or mutt.
It is unethical for anyone or thing to eat meat.
Have some broccoli as a treat.

Well it may not have rhymed like that, but you get the jest of this dingbat. Is it unethical you think? What next? Unethical to grab water and drink? Nut cases like that who think one thing is good for every single person on Earth, can spout words, but a pile of crap is what they are worth. Morons seem to be everywhere to give some sass. Well off I go with my unethical, meat eating, little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. When you are an obligate carnivore
    If you eat broccoli you will need to eat more!!

  2. To chew meat or not to chew meat
    a personal choice as to what to eat
    watch those zombies on your street
    as they just might eat your feet..haha

    It's winter, what's for dinner...ok almost rhyme
    well, surely that cannot be a crime...

    1. Almost rhyme still don't count
      With the almost there amount lol
      But good try
      Poke those zombies in the eye

    2. Ok new word

      What's for dinter.. Haha now I rhyme
      No longer a non rhyme crime

    3. A cheat rhyme though
      But works at my show

  3. The O's need meat, the A's do not
    One has to know what they're about
    Jack Sprat can eat no fat, his wife can eat no lean
    So between the two of them they licked the platter clean
    Thus it's been forever more
    Eat no meat or there's the door
    Or eat your meat or you willl die
    This or that, I bet it's a tie

    1. A tie between
      To on scene
      What works for one
      Makes another run
      Need to get that through many a head
      But hard to do so with the undead

  4. "It is unethical for anyone or thing to eat meat"
    Living things deserve respect and no mistreats
    Available are vegans
    Rightly for everyone
    Abundance of grub of all kinds all for big treats


    1. Big treats for all
      Sure do fall
      As some are out to lunch
      A whole bunch

  5. Wonder if a big garbanzo bean
    Considers us a fiend
    Who plummets the mother stalk
    With a lot of talk
    But I know a cat likes their meat lean
    Cooked or in between

    1. Poor plants cursing us out
      Eating them like trout
      The cat will take the meat
      Screw the vegan retreat

  6. The only difference, I deem
    Is not being able to hear the green scream.
    Diversity we must allow
    Lest we be accused of being a maudlin old cow.

    1. The green screams in silence I guess
      Like one big game of chess
      Or maybe with their lingo
      It would be less skilled, like bingo

  7. I am a little confused here. I think you are making fun of those who dont eat meat. Which I am on board with. But I am not 100 percent sure so I will leave my comment at that as to not embarrass myself...

    1. lol the cat confused you?
      Oh what I can do
      Making fun of non meat eaters who declare it is unethical to eat meat
      Ethics are getting thrown everywhere on the street

  8. Brother in law did not eat meat
    but would eat fish, which he ate too much
    ended up with mercury poisioning
    now meat is something he will touch


    1. Mercury poisoning would suck
      Good thing he pass the meat buck

  9. "It is unethical for anyone or thing to eat meat."

    I'll be sure and have a little talk with the lion about this later.

    I once knew a chick who was this kind of vegan, and she even pushed it on her cat. The reason I knew this? I saw her at the vet (her cat was sick out of its mind), and the vet was yelling at her, telling her that if she kept feeding her cat nothing but vegetables the cat was going to die. That cats were MEANT to eat meat and it didn't matter how she felt about it morally; basic biology doesn't lie.

    If people want to be vegetarian and vegan that's great, but there's a special kind of hell for the self righteous sorts like her that want to push this off on everyone... and everything.

    1. Yep, there is a special place in hell
      For these nuts to go and dwell
      Trying to force it on a cat is as stupid as stupid can be
      I knew one who tried to force it on a dog at my sea
      Same thing happened too
      Idiots at every zoo
      A choice one can make for themselves and that is it
      They try to push it on me I tell them to eat shit lol

    2. "Yes but is it free range, organic, cage free, ethically sourced shit?"

    3. Hmm I never thought of that
      I'll have to make sure before I feed them ethically sourced scat

  10. i believe in ethical treatment of animals,
    but dont take my meat --- i gotta eat it,
    but before i do, i wont beat it....

    1. Yeah ethical treatment of animals indeed
      But the whole ethical eating is of no need

  11. I have been a while incognito
    And come back to see a "Meat, NO"
    It's hard to just be Herbivorous
    When I guy is also Carnivorous !!!
    I give it up on Fridays
    More would give me cry days.
    Before the Flood we were all veggies
    But when ark landed we got pledges
    That we could eat anything we wanted
    And meat has the ok and may be granted.
    But we do not live for very long
    Compared to veg diets, if I'm not wrong
    Then they lived 900 years
    And now just 80 it appears . . . lol

    1. Been away
      At your bay
      But back to play
      Come what may
      With the ark
      Came animals in park
      Got to eat
      As they'd eat our meat
      A lion vs a man
      Both a meat fan
      On feeds the other
      As the lion will smother
      900 years you say?
      Are you ancient at your bay?
      80 I would rather take though
      Being that old a diaper would show

  12. Some people really need to mind their own business and not push their beliefs on others.

  13. I don't eat a lot of meat just because I don't like it but I still consider myself an omnivore. People can eat as they wish with no judgement from me unless they're cannibals.

    1. Right! Everything she said. :) ^

    2. lol yeah those cannibals need to be judged
      Everything else shouldn't be nudge

      A copy cat
      At my mat?

    3. I'm not unoriginal just in agreement. ;)

    4. lol tomato tomato
      Here at my show

  14. I gotta have my chicken and beef!

  15. And now they're saying veggies feel pain. Guess we shouldn't eat at all.

    1. Yeah eating everything is bad
      Let's not and die off making no one mad

  16. Agreeing with Donna, we shouldn't eat anything.

  17. I try to talk people into quitting
    Smoking and even just sitting
    So guilty am I of pushing my way
    On people at every othter bay
    I don't eat very much meat
    But I don't tell others what they can or can't eat
    I fed my cats meat to their delight
    The opener on a can of tuna light
    Would bring them in a flash
    Motors on purr as they devoured the stash

    1. haha yeah a cat and veggies crap
      Won't make them a purring chap
      Need the meat indeed
      Well smoking is nasty at any feed
      So telling them to stuff it
      Is a fine fit

  18. 'Broccoli as a treat' - works for me,
    for you - meat.

  19. I once tried to delete meat
    But my body felt too replete
    So I pork out and eat like a cow
    Cause who wants broccoli (besides humbird) anyhow?

    1. What, my deer?
      Sounds fishy to the ear
      Don't be a chicken
      Start a finger lickin

  20. Replies
    1. I'm beginning to think Sherry stutters
      As she repeats much more than the others! Lol.

    2. lol that she does every time
      Mouse sticks or something with her chime

  21. oy - i have to confess that i love a good steak every once and a while - though i don't eat meat often - mostly because i think it's horrible under which conditions they raise and keep and medicate animals... i don't want to support this

    1. Yeah the conditions are awful indeed
      And all the crap they fill them with and their feed

  22. I eat meat... maybe that is why I have worms... but I don't think so. I think you get as many from eating veggies as anything else. And... I also eat more veggies than meat.

    1. Yep, can get them from anywhere
      Just breathing at ones lair

  23. I truly wish I ate no meat,
    For every animal I love to greet!
    I try to eat only from good sources,
    However, I always still feel remoreses.

    1. Have to have a little
      Or the bones may get brittle

  24. Oh Pat I couldn't go without meat, especially roast beef.
    Great poem.

  25. There was a comedian on TV the other day who said he was a vegetarian, but not because he loved animals all that much... it was because he hated vegetables. As for my husband and me, we're card-carrying members of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.

    1. lol a hate for veggies is a good reason
      Also a member of that every season

  26. Did you purposely make this post JUST in time for lent?? hahahaha I used to be vegeterian and then a lot of my hair fell out. Sooo, that's how I feel about that!

    1. lol never even knew it was lent
      Your hair falling our would sure make you repent

  27. orlin N cassie

    last time we cheked.. de lion pride on de Serengeti wuz knot stalkin sell a ree ore carrotz....but gazelle...

    grill any one ?

    heerz two a corydoras & cherry salmon kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. haha yeah no carrots get stalked
      They just get balked

  28. I do believe we need meat in our diets to be healthy - but I so do not agree with how those animals are treated. Puts me in a dilemma right there. I wonder if that's ever going to be solved!

    1. As long as humans consume a ton
      Don't think it will under our sun

  29. My goodness - look at all the friggin comments - nevermind.

  30. I once thought about giving up meat and such
    But I like turkey too damn much

  31. If only I could give up meat
    that would be so damn sweet
    Meat is pricey
    you know it's true
    But I'm not sure
    'bout bean sprout stew.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah it costs a ton
      The price is no fun
      But such a stew
      To me is eww

  32. I used to eat much more meat
    now I eat more beans and fish
    I get my proteins in other ways
    and it still is delish..................

  33. I'm cooking pork steaks for dinner. I like meat. Its good for your body to eat meat. Not sure I'd want to eat people though.

    1. Yeah no people for me
      But meat is fine at my sea

  34. Take meat and hit delete? hahahaha.....that cracked me up!

  35. I had the same thing happen to me on my fb account last week. Someone actually sent me a direct message and called me vile names and told me I can't love my pets if I eat meat. Fricking weirdo.

    1. haha the nuts are everywhere
      Going on with their views at each lair

  36. Why anyone gives two shits about what others eat is beyond me. I had one nutso vegan tell me I was a murderer and should be ashamed of myself. Told her to go f*ck herself and haven't heard from her since. I am not going to change my eating habits because someone wants to lecture me about how wrong it is, any more than I am going to hit up church on Sunday because the bible thumpers come preaching at my door. Why can't others live and let be?

    1. Yep, that is sure the way
      Tell them to feck off and have a nice day
      People need to mind their own business on such things
      Whether eating or waiting in the church wings

  37. On the other side of the coin, there are people who belittle others for not eating meat and asking stupid questions like "do you eat fish? because fish isn't meat".

    Though I suppose it's human nature for someone to want others to have the same likes and dislikes. Though everyone should realize that almost everyone hates those who are evangelical (not to be confused in the religious sense) about what they do and what they believe.

    1. Yep, there are those that pick on vegans too
      And I've seen quite a few
      Usually fat rednecks who all they eat is meat
      Those I don't want to greet

      Yep, the only one who doesn't hate people like that
      Are the actual person whose ego is too fat

  38. Cats and dogs are not vegans
    people who do this to them are heathens.
    To hell with them I say
    and if I had my way,
    I would starve these types for a year
    at which point without fear
    they would eat every type of meat
    and they would consider it a treat

    1. haha with that I agree
      Let them all starve then they'll go on a meat spree

  39. I eat less meat than I used to
    But could not give it up at my zoo
    I do like veggies and such
    But a steak or a burger I love too much

    1. Burger you can keep
      Never a fan of that heap
      But steak is fine
      On that I can dine

    2. I also love chicken or fish
      They make up many a dish

    3. Chicken is all I eat
      Here on repeat

  40. View pushers, no matter who they are or what they push, just annoy

  41. I'm a carnivore, and that's the way I like it!
    And don't want others telling me what to do one bit!

    1. Nope, they should stay away
      And shut up every day


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