What Comes To You As You View?

So Pat is working on some secret project thing and it does not have a rhyming ring. Yeah, he is doing another non rhyming book. How dare he at our nook. So he is trying to get the cover right and figured he'd let all see the one he got now at my site. Using the rhyming cat, I will have to scratch him for that.

As you can see,
The idea has to do with him, me and Cassie.
At least in a round about way.
Fully though, he can't say.

All four versions will be used.
I sure look amused.
But how can all four be used you ask?
Ahh, that is part of the task.

The title will obviously go on the TV screen.
Nice and easily and clean.
That was my goal there.
So left space to spare.

Main thing though.
What do you think when they show?
Do you think kids book?
As it is far far far away from that at my nook.

Do you think comic strip?
As that may be hip.
But not it at all.
Hopefully humorous though at my hall.

Do you think it is a cat book?
 As that isn't true at my nook.
Maybe done through cat's eyes though.
As we know cats are in the know.

Think it is crappy?
Wants to make you take a umm nappy?
Cassie can sure smile.
I guess she doesn't think everything is vile.

Just checking what is the first thought.
Then I'll see if it goes with the plot.
For if it is rhyme or entirely cats,
Those sure aren't the going for stats.

Blink and look,
Let me know at my nook.
For this could work,
Unless it isn't a perk.

This one will be way way way out there,
Different from much I have done at my lair.
Well at least from each book,
May still have perspectives seen at my nook.

So thoughts at your sea? Let them fly to me. Then we'll get back to regularly scheduled ranting with ease. Doing that is a breeze. Let the thoughts flow in mass as that works fine by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Darn! Morning, Hank. I was up late so thought I would try!

    1. 'Morning Suza
      A welcomed hurrah!
      Getting crowded as you can see
      Blue got everyone worked up suddenly!


    2. Blue got all on the go
      To and fro

    3. Kitty and cat
      Same thing at my mat

    4. Tomorrow I might come a-knockin'

    5. a knockin you say
      At my bora bay

  2. Replies
    1. Needed one less i
      Then you may have beat that Hank guy

  3. Methinks anything Pat writes
    Will be more than a little alright.
    Yup, Pat knows what he's doing...
    You can see that at any viewing!

    1. Knows what I'm doing you say
      That's some faith at your bay lol

  4. Cover me says the book
    I feel naked at the nook
    Number 4 might be all fine
    Shows the cats with lives of nine

    1. Seems number 4 is sure a win
      Here today at my bin

  5. The first thing that comes to my mind
    is the fact that now Pat has orange hair
    his mind, a maze never know what you will find
    sharing his imagination with those at his lair

    1. It is kind of orange is it not
      Hmmm that could screw with the plot lol

  6. Ha, I think expand your horizon
    go for an adult book this time
    perhaps a graphic novel
    don't worry about the rhyme!

    1. Oh it will be adult indeed
      The f bomb even comes to seed

  7. Those are such fun drawings. That will make a great comic strip all about cats and their antics.

  8. Pat is working on another non rhyming book
    The cover seems to get him hanging on a hook
    All of the four to be in
    And all four busy posing
    Pat confident getting them all to have a look


    1. Yeah another non rhyming one
      As I go about my fun

  9. i like the third one...
    it is cool that you are branching yourself out...
    trying new things...away from where rhyming reigns...
    my first thought is a kids book, mainly because of the cartoonish
    cover, but you can break those preconceptions...

    1. Yeah that's what I though too
      So may try to make it less cartoonish in view
      Branching out indeed
      Should be interesting what takes seed

  10. Not sure what to make of your new project
    but I am sure it will be a good one like all the rest
    Because even if you don't rhyme
    whatever you come up with always seems to be one of the best

    good luck with it!


    1. I'll get there
      Hopefully the best indeed at my lair

  11. Replies
    1. That one was my first thought
      Then moved them around to a new plot

  12. Great title
    Pat sitting idle.
    Big screen
    is a cat's dream.

    Red couch invites
    cat antic-delights.
    Orange hair
    For Pat's stare.

    Mystery book
    Hanging at the nook.
    What did he say?
    Come back another day!

    1. 4 is a good one
      Cats have fun
      The orange hair
      Needs to go at my lair

      Have to wait a while
      As I have to write a pile

  13. EEP! I'm excited. I don't think it looks like a kids book, so it's good that you specified that it's not. I have a clue what it MIGHT be but I won't share that way I won't have any shame when I'm wrong. :P

    1. haha we shall see what comes to be
      I think I'm going to have to make it far less kiddie

  14. it's a book about waiting - or on chairs that disappear magically...

    1. lol waiting may come into play
      But no magic chairs on display

  15. I like the first one ~ Good for you on expanding your horizons, smiles ~

    1. Expanding a bit
      As they swear and umm shit lol

  16. I kind of like all of them because in each, the guy is at peace, and the cats...they are being cats and not really caring what the guy is up to. Good luck with the new project! ♥

    1. Yeah they are being themselves indeed
      Going around the guy like he's nothing but a weed

  17. The second one - prime
    all covered places
    just a table empty
    what would be a fit to your plot?

    1. A flower pot would be eaten
      The cats would have that beaten

    2. Then maybe the magazine with movie trailers
      to entertain and choose to watch .....?

  18. I have a feeling you rarely stare at a blank screen. You seem to have an endless supply of the right words to say.

    1. Never sit and stare
      Too much to do at my lair

  19. I see a childrens book about cats. I like the idea of the title on the TV screen.

    1. Yeah I figured that would be fun
      So gonna give it a run

  20. Hmmmm I like the cat on the computer. They are all good and I love how the man never moves. The cat might be upset if it is not about her

    1. haha not about them so they may bite
      But then they are there in sight

  21. orlin N cassie...did ewe get yur own tee vee show !!! sa wheat !! N yur dadz gonna rite bout how ya both bee came famouz ....N de book will bee called how we made R dad fame moz now hand over de cash ore else dood.....bye orlin & cassie....N we like fotoz three ♥♥♥

    1. lol now that would sure be grand
      We could get lots of cash in his hand

  22. Although they all sound like good ideas, I am hopping its a children's book. Fits nicely into my blogging niche. :)

    1. Far from it it will be
      A new territory for me

  23. Looks interesting. I like what you've done so far.

    1. May have to make it a bit more real
      So it doesn't go into the kids book wheel

  24. Keep us posted on where you are headed with this. Love the graphics:)

  25. I won't guess, but I know it won't be a mess, so all the best.

  26. Number 1 I find fun. Sure it will be well done

  27. Hopefully you'll have a non-adult one too
    So I can enjoy it at my zoo... ;)

    1. lol well it is not R rated
      So no need to be gated

  28. I like #1 but you may want to go a bit more realistic is for adults, could match the kids books too much

  29. Number three
    Works for me
    If you write a book
    I'll take a look

  30. I know you've been eating carrots a lot
    but I was surprised to see your hair is now a ginger spot.
    haha. Shall we call you Marmalade?
    I'm sure he'd be proud to share his shade.

    1. lol yeah that came through like that
      Have to get that changed at my mat
      Just the skin a little with the carrot spree
      But I'm fine sharing with Marmy at my sea

  31. I was thinking comic strip too, but what do I know? Good luck with your new book!

    1. Well that is good to know
      A changing I will go

  32. I like the last picture best (though it's fun that you're using them all). I do think children's book when I see the cover, but that could just be me (since that's they type of book I gravitate towards these days).

    1. I'll have to tweak
      To avoid the children's book creek

  33. How does your brain stop thee
    from going on a rhyming spree?
    You eat, breath and sleep in rhymes
    But it's good to shift gears some times.

    1. I can switch it on and off with ease
      It is a breeze

  34. Hey, Pat! Your latest writing project looks intriguing; and, given your imagination, lord knows what will come out. I thought children's book when I first saw it. Not a comic strip, perhaps a graphic novel for teenagers or young adults was my next thought. As for your potential covers:

    #1. My favorite. I like the tension of the cats looking out at the reader and the person looking in the opposite direction. Did you dye your hair??? I assume that's you because of the title. Not that that is a critical detail.

    #2. I placed this one third. I thought it was the most static of the group.

    #3. Least favorite. I thought the person and two cats were too bunched up in the

    #4. My second favorite. The cats are licking their paws ~ very cattish; but I like
    how they're more engaged with the reader in the first one. You see the cats'
    curosity and intelligence as they look at you, and you just know they're
    headed for trouble.

    Have a good one, under your sun!

    1. Wow, thanks for the feedback indeed
      #1 I think will take seed
      But have to get rid of that hair
      And make it more adult at my lair
      As it is something new
      Hasn't been done yet at my zoo

  35. I like number four
    Will there be more?

  36. Something new in the land of Pat
    May or may not feature a cat?
    Always fun to branch on out
    As another talent comes about

    Love the big screen
    To write upon
    Or stare at all day
    'Til an idea dawns

    (I like a combo of one and two, with Orlin on the keyboard and Cassie smiling on the back of the couch. But I'm confused because both Orlin and Pat are now red-haired/red-furred? I think, depending on the audience you are aiming for, it does look like it could be more geared to kids and/or a comic strip so if that is not what you are planning on you might want to alter it slightly. Great illustrations though!)

    1. Yeah getting it altered at my sea
      We shall see what comes to be
      As it does seem more kiddie I suppose
      And it has swearing so pg takes a pose
      At the very least
      Nature of the new beast

  37. I have no clue... maybe aliens and outer space??? Am I close??

    1. lol nope, not close at all
      But good guess at my hall


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