Whoopdi Friggin Doo Is In Charge Of You!

Robbie Raisin here and all better run in fear. I will have my say and make you all play. Yep, you will have to play my game. Whoopdi Friggin Doo is never tame.

Manzanita you first, I will make you go as you are old and may burst. What will you do to clean the whoopdi friggin doo scene?

A little porn at early morn
Makes the day bright without a scorn

Well, I think that would get rather dirty. Rosey, with customers how will you get flirty?

Anyone else thinking Frederick's of Hollywood on that last one? bwuahhaa

I suppose that would do. Theresa, will you stand guard at Whoopdi Friggin Doo?

I know a few in real life and want to punch them in the mouth every time I see them. 

That will keep a safe set. Betsy, will you take care of every pet?

Just makes you want to cross the line when someone says you can't.

So just say no and away you go. Got it!  Fundy Blue, will you clean up audience spit?

this post made me feel like I was in a straight jacket and having trouble breathing

Umm so in the loony bin? Adam, will you do it my way and pass work in?

I always hated "their special way" when people transfer it to work and their your boss

Damn, how rude. Suza, will you show our patrons attitude?

So what if I told you
I was a Nigerian Princess
And needed a small investment
Would you give me your business?

High and mighty you say? That works any day. Humbird can you keep up or fall behind like a pup?

Even if he wrote months ahead
he always finds the food for your head.

Feeding us and ahead, check!  Truedessa, can you amuse from our ship deck?

even if I wear mismatched socks
I would gladly dance with a bear

Yeah, that would amuse and maybe confuse. Alex, will you fix a fuse?

I'd say there is more than one way to skin a cat, but that would be really wrong here

I said fuse, not cat. Hank, can you do better than that?

Without a break # 43
Progressing slowly!

I suppose you could count our money. Gloria, will you make the honey?

Well you always surprise me (in many ways) creepy dolls? Uh?

Is that a yes? Brian, will you be our lawyer or something like it I guess?

definitely you should read the fine print or you might get bent on a deal

Hmm I suppose that will do. Al, has a question for you.

For the money I pay
Don't wanna go THAT way.

Hmmm oh so wrong. Betty, ready to sing our theme song?

Oh the power of advertising
it catches a few
with promises of things
that are rarely true

Is that a yes as well? Tabbies of Trout Towne, will you spell?

the cats orlin cassie & their dad Pat ...
yes their books have crossed our mat
we have really enjoyed each & every one
so sit down & read coz they are quite fun !

That is a no. Mary Kirkland, anything to add below?

Yeah because drunk airline passengers seems like a great idea

See, such confusing cats. Mary, will you clean our floor mats?

Holy cow!

So enthusiastic for such a thing. Keith, ready to clean the garbage out and sing?

Well this solution is rather, um, shitty
But i must admit, it's quite witty  

Another yes that we'll take. Snowcatcher, ready to make a snowflake?

Now I know what I should have done
With the raccoon poop left under my sun

I guess not. Stephanie Faris, ready to make the crowd hot?

My husband does that in the car.

Hmmm err umm okay. Anne, can you keep all in play?

The Pumpkin Man of Doom  

A nice threat I suppose. Marg, will you keep us on our toes?

Also I have Netflix deal so I will see if I can get some of them like that

World wide fame. Brian the cat, what is your final claim?

Maybe I will try to Count Dracula!

Halloween is over. Next time I'll ask rover. And there you have your jobs, or lack there of. I hope your new career at Whoopdi Friggin Doo you love.


Good luck working at whoopdi friggin doo, it is not something the cat would want to do. But you may all have fun or just turn around and run. So ends this latest whoopdi friggin doo pass from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Finally!
      How long it'll be?
      To sustain the spree!


    2. Good Morning Hank,

      Once again number one!

    3. Thanks Truedessa too
      Good morning to you!


    4. Hank #1 under the sun
      Hard to maintain that spot
      People scurrying around here and there
      Trying to take that lot


    5. Hank is back
      No on the road at his shack
      Have to chase he blue guy and suza away
      So the #1 will stay

    6. I'm shocked R was not in this story

    7. R has less to say
      Here at my bay

    8. R likes things to be concise
      Like me walking on thin ice
      Hank is back in town
      Regained the Kitty Cat Crown

    9. Hank won R is the same
      All is back to being tame

  2. What d'ya say? a little porn every day/keeps the doctor away?/that's a bit too novel for this geezer/me, give me still the old lady and a pizza! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha well whatever works for you
      There at your zoo

  3. "Whoopdi Friggin Doo is never tame"
    Whole crowd is there to accord fame
    Can be flirty
    Perhaps shitty
    Good company is just devoid of blame


  4. The world has not come to an end...
    Nor will he go round the bend...
    Since he's re-starting his run:
    It's Hank again as number 1!

    1. Thanks Jacqueline
      It had gone through many hands!


    2. Back to the way it should be
      With the world and Hank's spree

  5. haha, we say the funniest things

    I did say I would dance with a bear
    now, I wonder what one would wear
    a dancing bear might cause a stare
    as it would be a sight, rather rare
    whoopdi friggin do, I wouldn't care
    in the presence of a bear beware
    if he is mad he might cause despair
    then you might need some prayer
    giant paw claws, could cause a tear
    when dancing with a bear take care

    1. Hopefully just a bear suit
      And not an actual brute
      That would scare all away
      And not make for a nice day
      All have to watch what they say
      With whopdi friggin doo at play

    2. I still would dance with a bear
      as a breeze blows through my hair
      might even ignite a solar flare..
      Whoopdi friggin doo
      bring on the dancing shoes..

    3. Enjoy the shoes
      And the bear with booze
      That way you'd be safe
      Shoes though may chafe

    4. A bear drinking booze
      that might make one snooze
      forget the shoes
      I'd rather dance barefoot
      care to give it whirl

    5. Enjoy the barefeet
      Here that isn't neat

  6. Stephanie's husband must put on quite a show!

    1. Yeah, must indeed
      Not sure I want to know what takes seed

  7. LOL, don't want to hear me sing
    have been known to chase away the cat
    married to a musician and all
    but tone deaf I am at


    1. haha chasing away poor cats
      Well maybe you can also scare any rats

  8. betsy is so daring, crossing the line
    when everyone is looking, aghast, esp when alex
    wants to skin the cat, perhaps we can all do the bear dance

    1. Betsy doesn't like lines I guess
      They just make a mess
      Drawn in the sand
      Not sure dancing with a bear would be grand

    2. The bear dance would be grand
      we could do it across the land

    3. Caught me being rebellious!
      Is my twin a little jealous?

    4. That he could be
      As he likes to color outside the lines at his sea

  9. He really counted to #43??? Hahaha that made me giggle. Besty will always take care of pets. I don't think she can turn her back to an animal in need . :)

    1. He got over 50 a time or two
      Can't be stopped at my zoo
      Betsy has quite the clan
      Cats everywhere are a fan

    2. 50?? Lol that's quite a feat!

  10. Princesses, cars and dancing bears, oh my!

  11. Like the name Pat, most enjoyable to read.

  12. Fun read! Whoopdi-friggin-do!! and porn too! Lol

  13. Manzanita is going to knock you on your rhyming ass if you keep calling her old.

    1. lmao no afraid of her
      The cat will blind her with fur

  14. Porn every morning and dancing with the bears
    Whoopdi-Friggin-Do and who gives cares
    If you want a purpose just sign the dotted line
    Take a walk on Boardwalk, forget about the fine

    1. Park Place I can play at my zoo
      It is more fun to have two

  15. You know many bloggers, and so far no one has egged your house.

    1. Nope, not an egg was thrown
      For my whoopdi friggin doo tone

  16. hahah, this is all over the place!! And it's amazing how many Nigerian Princesses contact me for money on the reg... my oh my!

    1. haha yep, all over indeed
      I think they must need it from every feed

  17. Haha! Cat has a way of using our words against us!

  18. Haha! Cat has a way of using our words against us!

  19. "So what if I told you
    I was a Nigerian Princess
    And needed a small investment
    Would you give me your business?"
    Let me think again. I've seen enough of those.

  20. Guess I better watch what I saw...or maybe not.

  21. This is quite cute-it is quite a hoot to read:)

    1. Always fun to do at my zoo
      A whoopdi friggin doo

  22. orlin N cassie

    a fun post guys with all yur blog pals.....

    grate quest shunz ya asked... ta everee ones commints...

    tho we did wunder what de hell wuz wrong with R speech til we remembered we rited that when yur dad wuz a guest post poster this past summer.........

    phew...we scared R selves fora minit thinkin we had loozed de power oh spellin !! ♥♥♥

    1. haha scared you for a second did we
      As you go all normal speak at your sea

  23. Love the way you strung these bits
    Into a discourse of random wits
    Mary Kirklands made me laugh most
    To drunken airline passengers, I toast!

    1. Can string anything together
      No matter the snowy weather
      Those drunks can bite
      Especially on a flight

  24. My days of FoH ordering are long gone. I'm a grandma now, and I look like a grandma, lol (that's fine, I like being a gramma. At a certain age you just have to walk away from the lingerie and everyone thanks you. :)

    1. lol could start a new trend
      Grandmas in lingerie around the bend
      Hmmm maybe not
      Might not do so hot lol

    2. I'm sure there'd be an audience, but I'd pass on partcipation, lol! Looking forward to the nut jobs who search your blog for granny lingerie though, hahahahahhaa

    3. lol another I can blame on you
      After shot in the ass at my zoo

  25. Darn if that doesn't sound like bunches of emails I get!

  26. well is true you always surprise me lol !!

  27. The conversations really funny Pat ~ I see hank is no.1 again, smiles ~

  28. Ha, I am sure that Truedessa can amuse from the ship deck.
    No doubt she could draw a large audience if she read one of her tales!

    1. Doing her tale and dancing with a bear
      Many sure would stare

  29. I always forget what we have to watch what we say around here.
    You always make it come back to bite us in the rear.

    1. lol only once in a while
      When I have enough ammo on file

  30. O, Whoop Dee-Friggin-Do!
    I have Midas Touch, I knew
    I sensed ahead the check here
    brought to you!

  31. Ha! We have to watch
    What we say and do
    In case we're exposed
    In Whoopdi Friggin Doo

    My first time included
    A virgin no more
    This princess will curtsey
    To you at your shore

    1. The can can attack
      Here at his shack
      A whoopdi friggin doo virgin no more
      Damn, I'll have to get all out of virgin lore

  32. I want to play too....

    Whoopdi friggin doo
    Mismatched socks of red and blue.
    The bear would look at you with scorn
    Unless you bring that morning porn.

    Then dancing bear would leave your place.
    with every dancing hair in place.
    And you'd be wondering what went through
    The palace of whoopdi friggin doo-zoo.

    You are so funny!

    1. Play you did
      Adding your bid
      In a bear suit
      Sure not a brute
      Dancing away
      Whoopdi friggin doo gone astray

  33. Getting your blogging buds in the game,
    Is enough to drive them all insane.
    Glad you didn't change their names,
    As that would simply be deranged!


    1. Yeah that would be out to lunch
      Changing names of the whole bunch

  34. So what if I told you
    I was a Nigerian cat
    How about that?

  35. Whoopdi Friggin Doo!
    I'm an old hand at cleaning up spit goo!
    25 years with second and third graders,
    I have my own spit proof waders!


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