Are You Conflicted And Addicted?

So the Internet is great. It allows the cat to rant at a daily rate. But can you be addicted to it? I suppose we shall see with this rhyming hit.

The Internet goes out.
You scream and shout.
You need it back.
The cable guy you attack.

You get sick.
Those germs are ick.
Screw someone in the know.
First to the internet you go.

You have to tell,
Scream, shout, yell.
All the same thing,
With it's loud ring,

Moving on anyway.
You have to join the fray.
Telling all what you did today.
On Facebook, Twitter and whatever else at play.

You take picture of food,
Which your family finds rude,
Every single time before you eat,
So you can go, tweet!

You post on message boards all day.
You have to have your say.
You are Bieber's biggest fan.
He's not a flash in the pan.

You take a vacation days from work,
And to your elation on the internet you can lurk.
You can now spend 24/7 on the internet,
Ignoring your spouse, kids and pet.

Your idea of a vacation is looking online,
At pictures of a beach that are so fine.
You sit and stare all day.
Just look at the volleyball players play.

You watch cute animal videos all day.
You just can't help but hit play.
They are just oh so cute.
You even watch them at work on mute.

You search for ways to get rich.
Believing all with their rich itch.
Wasting money hand over fist.
Adding every new fad to the list.

No, you can't be addicted to the Internet. What was being thought by this pet? It just can't happen to any human near or far. Who'd want to look at pictures of a sand bar? Pffft the cat has better things to come to pass, like lick clean my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It's now # 8
      Still walking straight!


    2. Good morning to you
      I guess that makes me two
      where is blue?

    3. Good morning Truedessa
      Blue said he would not be far!


    4. Blue is a liar
      As your streak goes higher

    5. I would say I am conflicted
      not really addicted...
      can turn it off to do other things
      as I see what the day brings

    6. The best way to be
      Turn it off and live free

  2. "Are You Conflicted And Addicted?"
    Lots of things to think and get adjusted
    Many provocations
    Not so motivations
    That thinking sane can get all cluttered


    1. Cluttered in the head
      Cluttered by what's said
      A whole lot of clutter
      To make one mutter

  3. Oh how true, it makes me smile
    The rants come steady for a mile
    People dearly love to vent
    But it ain't gonna pay the rent

    1. RIght! What she said. ^^^ :)

    2. Nope not at all
      Rant on every wall
      But won't work for pay
      Not any old day

      Copy cat once more
      Or should it be copy grannie at your shore? lol

  4. The internet is amazing and lots of time it is amazingly wrong!

    1. haha amazingly wrong it does swell
      Some is just funny as hell

  5. When you word it that way, no, I'm not addicted. Although it is annoying when the Internet goes down.

    1. Yep, it sure does annoy
      Cute cat videos bring no joy? lol

  6. I think I am not but I get so terribly annoyed when its is slow and down *like yesterday* But a beach is a beach, time to get off the internet & get wet ~

    1. And sand up ones butt crack
      I'll stay at my shack lol

  7. I'm an addict through and through
    And I can't be first at your zoo
    Not sure what to do
    I'm keep trying
    Til it comes due
    Cuz addicts who give up are few
    That's not what I would like to do.

    1. Have to keep on trying
      #1 one day you may be spying
      Wait another 23 days or so
      Then you can give number one a go
      Plenty of chances that day
      Here at my bay

  8. It is so sad how we all depend on the internet so much and go beserk if it goes away. Anyway have a great day with less internet. Read a book.

    1. Yep, depend on it we all do
      From paying bills to giving everything a view

  9. I may be a bit addicted but I know when to turn it off

    1. As long as you know
      When to pull the plug at your show

  10. A necessary evil
    At many a show
    Hate when it goes down
    Fills me with woe

    You didn't mention blogs
    During your net rant
    Step away from the screen
    Maybe you can't! :-)

    1. Blogs are a given
      Have to prove we are livin
      Need to rant each day
      Here at our bay

  11. I guess denial could be a symptom of an addiction. I have always been a big reader and the internet has given me so many points of reference. I spend time just hitting links and reading on Wikipedia. However, I have found questionable facts on Wikipedia.
    I could stay online all day. I quit playing games on Facebook and unloaded all I have. Nonetheless, I limit how many hours I play on the net that is. I was thinking about people who spend time creating and visiting in a virtual world. What a tale you could spin about the consequences of this activity.

    1. Yeah it would sure be quite the tale
      As it would end up an epic fail
      Can't stay online all day
      Get rather fat and out of shape that way haha

  12. I admit I am addicted
    to the Internet I must say
    But there is so much to do on it
    and on it I spend all day


    1. True, there is a ton to do
      Can always amuse you

  13. Oh so true!! Well, except maybe for Bieber!

    No, you didn't mention blogs.
    Next time eh!!! ;)

  14. This is yet another example of your wonderful verses which I enjoy. Thanks Pat.

  15. This is yet another example of your wonderful verses which I enjoy. Thanks Pat.

  16. Sometimes...
    your bones know
    when time
    to close connection
    find new direction
    but we, sure, addicted online.

    1. Bones know
      The neck at my show
      Tells me to get off it
      Or it will hurt more than a bit

  17. Sad, but unfortunately true for many!

  18. Sad, but unfortunately true for many!

  19. I can't say that I am addicted to the 'net. The only activities I do are emails, blogs, and occasionally Facebook. But I know of people who curl up in the dark if their 'net goes down.

    1. haha curl up and wait
      Know a few who have that trait

  20. I think a lot of people are addicted to the internet and to their cell phones. I don't have a cell phone so when I to go online I have to get on my laptop.

    1. Ugg to the cell phone crowd
      Walking with a head down 24/7 should make no one proud

  21. Our Internet went out.
    Gave the phone peeps a shout.
    On day number six,
    I was back gettin' my fix.


    1. Six days is a long while
      That would just be vile

  22. Our Internet went out.
    Gave the phone peeps a shout.
    On day number six,
    I was back gettin' my fix.


  23. I would be in a fog
    if I could not look at my blog.
    I love cute animals and such
    but it can be all too much.
    I make sure I go and play
    with my cards, glitter and spray.
    That is my fun
    I feel my work is done

    1. Get some fun
      Off the online run
      But yeah lots to do
      Time can pass out of the blue

  24. I will admit
    I'm addicted to it.
    I've become an internet sort of guy
    As here I click on my keyboard and heave a sigh.
    No, I can't just say good-bye
    To my computer thing--
    Or the blues I'd sing.

    Hmmm--That's kind of a shape poem or something. Kind of like the stuff I'd come up with if I didn't have my internet. I'd probably be wacky. Oh, wait, I already am wacky.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Wacky is fine
      A shape poem works for the feline
      A tad off and not even though
      At least my ocd says so lol

  25. Is the Cat aware of the Lolcatz phenomenon yet?

  26. I admit I'm a bit guilty of it. Especially at home, I don't have a smartphone and my iPod Touch rarely gets a place for wifi when I'm out.

    Though when my internet at home goes out, I do get pretty mad when it takes more than 30 minutes or more.

    1. 30 minutes you say
      Damn, short temper at your bay
      At least for the internet
      Beyond annoyance for us when it goes out is a safe bet

  27. I don't call it an addiction...more like a dependency. grin.

    1. lol way to split hairs
      For the internet lairs

  28. Stuck on the Internet!
    Facebook, Twitter, never ends.
    But, the best yet?
    Words With Friends.

    I have a problem.

    1. haha been a while since I played that
      At least you can admit it at your blog mat

  29. I am addicted to the internet, but as a lurker. Much better than watching TV.

    1. A lurker you say
      Beats ranting at many a bay

  30. Really Im not (I enjoy but I make many things)
    Only Im a little worry when I cant comment to my friends or still I dont make a post!
    I have ready but I dont have time! Im laundry, washing, order etc.etc

    1. Can only do what you can do
      Real life has to come first at your zoo

  31. Oh of my siblings has done this recently.
    Ruined her life and it isn't lovely!
    Can't relate to real life
    as it just causes strife!
    Would rather be online
    and make everyone think you're sublime.
    Never deal with reality.
    If you don't like it, push a button and make them flee!
    Lie to everyone in the internet hall.
    They don't know the tale is tall.
    Ruined her marriage and the respect of her kids
    now she just swears and puts in her digs.
    Sad but true,
    what I'm telling you!
    A real addiction
    which causes a reality confliction!

    1. Damn, that is bad
      I knew some did it at their pad
      But to actually ruin all
      There at their hall
      Awful in every way
      Reality can suck at many a bay
      But it has to be dealt with indeed
      Or down a slippery slope that will lead

  32. I do alright
    then come by your site
    have to read everyone's stuff
    then leave when I've read enuff.

  33. Ha, I think we are all somewhat addicted......
    paying attention to the blogosphere as we do.
    I guess there are worse addictions though.
    Don't ask me to name them!!

    1. Yeah there are worse ones that can come due
      Blog addiction is much cheaper too

  34. As a blogger, it is a slight annoyance, though I don't go all crazy not having it for a day or two. My kids on the other hand...

    1. haha they need it every day
      Have to know what is going on at your bay

  35. It is sad but true that if I am away for a day or two
    my fingers get itchy!

    1. Never tried a day or two
      So I guess I'm addicted at my zoo

  36. Not too addicted but I like it to be working

  37. I have my addicting days,... I am on vacation for 3 weeks so I won't be around much at all. Maybe I will get over my addiction.

    1. That could cure it
      No internet where you sit

  38. Ha ha, we just got a little better signal at my bay
    And we went crazy for a day
    Now it's back to just like old
    When signal was not quite as bold
    Nice to have when we need
    But certainly not life indeed

    1. Damn, almost had a better one
      Now back to a slow run
      But yeah best to live a bit
      Then be an internet hit

  39. hah, sadly this all rings true ... I fear I might be just a teeeeeeny tinyyyy bit.


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