Are You Ever If You Are Clever?

So the cat is here to talk about lost today. Nope, not the show with the crappy ending on some funky island in the bay. The cat is getting lost. Don't worry, nothing is tossed.

Lost you say,
There at your bay.
Or is it my bay?
Lost yet with what I say?

Lost in the city,
Isn't it a pity.
Lost in the woods,
Beats violent hoods.

Of course instead of beaten,
You could get eaten.
If no orange is on,
You can get shot at either lawn.

What? You are lost?
What's it going to cost?
Just a few brain cells.
Who gives a hells bells.

Oh so lost now.
You can't even meow.
So you have a cow.
You humans can really wow.

Lost at sea.
Lost with nowhere to pee.
That has to be rough.
Being lost is some tough.

Lost in your head?
Beats being dead.
Or the undead,
Then off with your head.

Look you've been found.
Look it's the ground.
What, you're still lost?
Do brain cells cost?

Maybe you could buy a few.
They'd be brand new.
Recover what was lost.
Don't you hate being bossed?

Lost you were not.
Don't suffer brain rot.
Unless you are in some strange place,
Lost isn't an embrace.

You humans throw around lost way to easy at your sea. Why? Beats the heck out of me. Lost is when you have no idea where you are. Otherwise, you are not lost in your car. You may not be able to find what you are looking for. But you can turn around and go back to your shore. That is not lost at all. So ends my lost call. The cat is done with his lost sass, now I'll go get lost with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    Still snorin' on your Bora mat?
    Guess who comes a-knockin' on your door
    Don't panic, don't go yellin', 'No more!'
    It's time for an encore
    So play some music n' hit the floor
    Just steer clear of that Bieber tune
    He's too much of a freaky loon
    Hello world, whatcha got in store today
    At the Rhyme Time Kitty Cat Bay?
    How do you do?
    The name is Blue.

    1. The name is Blue
      hello, Blue I am true
      would that make us true blue
      is the cat hiding your shoe
      are you lost when it's not in view
      can lost be found in tears of dew
      in dreams, many trails we pursue
      as clouds drift by in a pearly hue
      find a way, try something new
      may all your visions return to you
      stroking the cat would it mew
      let us float on the river in a canoe
      we could drift away to peru...

      Hope Pat and his cats are not lost
      as the morning melts lingering frost

    2. Up with the stars, does your insulation work
      Did you hammer all those nails to silence lusty jerk
      Are the carharrts in the closet waiting for your hammer
      Get the Cat to help you and you won't hear a yammer

    3. Blue is up and about
      Ready with his copy and paste shout
      Press ctrl v
      And hit enter at my sea
      Viola there he is
      Ready with his #1 biz
      Three in a row
      Can he reach 50+ though?
      Hank may not allow that
      As he is on his break at his blog mat
      Not wanting to beat his stat
      He stops you where you're at
      The cat was snoring away
      Cassie was anyway at our bay
      She snores most of the time
      The cat and Pat don't commit that crime
      We just steal a shoe
      Leaving you grumpy and blue

      It me and you
      True blue in view
      A lighter shade today
      At the Kitty Cat Bay
      So that's okay
      He stole my shoe alright
      Been searching for it day and night
      New is scary
      Bald ain't hairy
      My shaky view is such fun
      Like when you're on drugs and you need to run
      Peru you say
      As in today?
      Well, show me the way
      Or maybe Bora too
      See, it's hard to do something new
      My hammering did the trick so now I'm free
      Well, Angie is for I sleep on the couch
      Grumbling like a grump grouch
      The cat knows how to... nail?
      That's quite a refreshing tale
      In the blue man cave, the place to be
      It's just telepathy
      I close my eyes and write to um... thee
      Three in a row
      At you show
      Am I on a roll?
      Time to take a stroll?
      Will Hank return
      And make me burn?
      So the cat was snoring at your bay?
      You don't say
      Don't you steal my shoe
      Go sniff some poo
      That's what kitties do
      I know it's true
      Does it make you smile?
      Does the sniffing take a while
      And then you feel all lost and blue?
      Does it make you go booooo hoooo hooo?
      I raise you a Scooby Doo
      Where does the cat go when he's away
      At 7 AM on a sunny day?
      Does he get kicked outta the house
      Or does he go hunt a frigging mouse?

    5. That can will hunt
      Growth it may stunt
      But not for the cat
      As he turns things to scat
      Mostly a bug or fly
      As they try and get by
      But then there is a shoe
      That may or may not be from you
      With your ctrl v-ing ways
      For the number one maze
      Turning this way and that
      Nailing things, stat
      Hmm that could go wrong
      As you nail along
      Might take a hammer to the thumb
      Or get herpes on the bum
      See, i went with both
      To add a little growth
      Not just in the gutter
      So you can't stutter
      Or stutter and snore
      As I sleep at my shore
      7 AM is too early
      I may get squirrely
      At least when i don't have to work
      2 days is a nice perk
      But not for long
      As I sing the new job song
      Grumble grumble hiss hiss
      Hopefully I find one that is more hit than miss

    6. A bug or flye
      Would make me cry
      Which I never do
      At my shoe
      7 is to early, Cat?
      How about that?

    7. Too early for me
      But a bug and thee
      Can have a yipppee
      At my sea

  2. It took me 45 minutes the other day to find my destination that was 3 miles away. Talk about lost in my car, lost in my head, and just plain lost on how to use my freakin' GPS!!!!!

    1. lmao wow, you could have walked there faster than that
      Need some GPS tips from the cat

    2. Frommmmmmm...... coast to coast!
      Who's your host?

    3. Here's a question for you:
      Guess who's number one at your shoe?
      Number four
      At your shore
      Will there be more?

    4. Four in a row
      Look at you go

  3. You lost me...
    And I have no sense of direction. If not for the map feature on my phone, I'd get lost driving someplace new every time.

    1. I thought ninjas always new where to go?
      Geez proved the wannabe at my show

  4. I feel overwhelmingly lost some days just getting out of bed until I realise I am in a different apartment.
    Great post Pat.

    1. That won't last long though
      As you get used to the new show

  5. It's morning, tweets the all-night stars
    Time for closing city bars
    And where's the babe who's lost in the woods
    Beware of those who wear dark hoods
    It's like the Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    Lost at sea again I fear
    Find a treasure in "Lost and Found"
    Follow the red herring if you're a hound

    1. A hound and a cat
      Following herring scat
      That would suck
      Nose not in luck
      Does a bear shit in the woods?
      I'll avoid those in hoods

  6. "I'm never lost", she said.
    "Oh", said he, "then where are you dear?"
    She, not being one easily misled,
    Replied "Our destination is misplaced, but I am right here."

  7. Lost -
    a. my keys
    b. directions
    c. my mind
    Which one would you never miss?

    1. haha the mind maybe
      As you would have one to miss at your sea

  8. Had to laugh in your opening lines
    talking about the lost TV show
    that truly was one crappy ending indeed
    and made the rest of the show go

    Yep lost is another one of those words
    we casually toss around for this and that
    but at least it gave a topic
    that was able to be rhymed by the cat


    1. Yep, gave me a topic to rhyme
      So that is not a crime
      That ending was such crap
      Making everyone a dead chap

  9. Hard to ever be lost these days
    with GPS on every device in every way!

    1. Unless the GPS screws up
      Can happen if spilled on by a coffee filled cup

  10. I hate getting lost and I don't have a phone with GPS to help me if I do get lost.

    1. That would sure suck
      Without GPS may not be in luck

  11. I hate getting lost and I don't have a phone with GPS to help me if I do get lost.

  12. "Lost is when you have no idea where you are"
    Insecure, tense as though doors are left ajar
    Asking for directions
    Makes one a nuisance
    Master the GPS just get led sitting in the car


    1. Sitting in the car
      Can now get you far
      With a little GPS
      You're outta the mess

  13. You are only lost if you can't be found

    1. Can't be found in the woods
      Or some scary hoods

  14. Getting lost we can pass
    if prepared well at our coast
    with some little plan
    GPS and!

  15. Unless you out in the wilderness it's very difficult to get lost today. Too many ways to figure out the way.

    1. Yep, one way or another home you can find
      Unless totally away from mankind

  16. The meaning of this post is not lost on me. ;) :)

    1. Good no lost in translation took place
      Even with a happy face

  17. I got lost once when coming back from the airport. I went the wrong way on the freeway and ended up 2 hours away. lol I had to stop at a gas station and call hubby for directions.

    1. haha two hours away sure would suck
      Wasting gas that costs more than a buck

  18. FUN this one!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  19. Lost at sea?
    With nowhere to pee?
    Golly, you oughter
    take a piss in the water.

    1. As you dangle there
      You might hit your mark
      But pissers beware
      It could become bait for a shark

  20. I get lost in parking lots. I could wander for hours and not have a clue where I am. ;0)

  21. I get lost in parking lots. I could wander for hours and not have a clue where I am. ;0)

  22. Being lost is not fun at all. It is very scary. Sure don't want it to happen to me very often.

    1. It can scare
      If no idea where you are from your lair

  23. Recently I was trying to find a business to pick up a package. Ended up almost to the next town. Wasn't sure how to get back home. I was lost. It had a good ending. My van headed in the right direction. Beautiful home.

    1. haha well at least the van knew
      Sucks when you are far away without a clue

  24. I think I am the only one who like the ending to "Lost". I am actually quite good in directions and enjoy reading maps. I don't mind being lost as long as it no where creepy

    1. Creepy Hills Have Eyes ville
      Or some other scary hill
      Would not do
      At any a zoo

  25. I don't drive
    So I don't get lost
    My mind, on the other hand,
    May be frazzled and tossed

    1. No driving at all
      Damn, must be a pain at your hall

    2. Nope, in what one pays for a car
      Parking, insurance, maintenance, and stuff
      One can take a cab at least four times a day
      Way more than enough

      Or hop on the transit
      Streetcar, subway or bus
      Or rent a Car2Go
      Lots of options for us

    3. Damn, that isn't bad
      Car payments aren't rad
      But waiting for a stupid transit time
      Also is a crime

  26. My Dad lost his mind once, but I really don't think it ever turned up again.

    1. Hidden under the bed?
      By now it might be dead

  27. I have a terrible sense of direction.
    Where am I?

    1. haha found and lost at the same time
      That would be a crime

  28. orlin & food serviss gurl can get lost goin ta her car in de parkin lot at her place oh employ... even if her iz de last one out oh de buildin ....N her carz de onlee one left on de lot.....N hay...we see yur dad final lee changed hiz shirt !! ☺

    heerz two a zingel…zander…ziege…kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. haha wow, now that is bad
      Might want to put a tracker on her so your feeding time is had

  29. Thank goodness Mushy mastered the art of meowing because having an actual cow might kill her...

    1. Having a cow is as easy as can be
      Grabbed a stuffed animal and squeeze with glee

  30. I'm always lost somewhere: in my head, in my bed, forgot what I said, brain like lead. Here's to the cat who knows where he's at.

    1. Damn, that must be a fate
      Lost everywhere on every date

  31. I hate being lost without a GPS

  32. I often get lost in my thoughts. My friends sometimes need to send in a rescue team.

    1. Do they go all Inner Space
      When they invade your place

  33. I'm never ever clever
    unless I'm wearing leather
    hahahahaha, nevermind.
    the image made me blind.

  34. Oh, I'm like a machine
    I'm so clever
    Don't believe me?
    Just pull my lever.

  35. I may not have a stellar sense of direction, but I don't ever get LOST. Just temporarily disoriented. Sorta.

    1. That is a better way
      Or describing it at your bay

  36. Yes, I'm always lost when I stop here
    But that's the point. You've made that clear.
    Or must I get a GPS?
    Nah, Lost at Rhyme Time is the best.
    Another good title, too, to add to all the rest.

    1. Lost is the way
      Here at my bay
      Nonsense galore
      Is surely in store

  37. I get lost all the time and Jason hates it because I call him pissed off and screaming about where the #*@! am I? If a destination should take 10 minutes via shortcut, he'll give me 30 minute directions if it's a clear shot, just to avoid those phone calls.

    1. Hahahaha Theresa,.. Your Hubs acts a lot like mine.

    2. hahaha one straight shot
      Must save him grief a lot

  38. I got lost going to the dentist one day. I had been there lots.... How the heck I got lost I will never know.

  39. Ah, with a GPS I don't get lost!

  40. I never get lost with GPS, thankfully


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