As You Take A Whiff It Probably Is If!

So the cat sees one and all. I see everything that goes on at my hall. You humans seem to not see it though. But after this, you will see it high and low.

Humans are in shock!
Bad news decides to dock.
There it will reside.
It changes the tide.

Like they could not see,
Bad news is on a spree.
Are they blind?
Just follow my behind.

The phone rings late at night.
Prank call it just might.
But not likely I'd say.
Usually means bad news is on the way.

So let it ring and sleep.
Can wait until you are wide awake at your keep.
Has been known to mean someone is dead.
Can't do much if they already lost their head.

Get called in out of the blue,
There at your 9-5 work zoo.
Yeah, a big promotion for you.
Whoopsy, to you they bid adieu.

You really didn't see that coming?
Now out you go to drumming.
Well hopefully not that bad.
But still, time to find a new work pad.

The car starts to make noise.
Bah, just some type of joys.
The car is sure a rocking.
So just don't go a knocking.

Oopsy, the car breaks down.
Now you are stuck in Deliverance town.
If you hear banjos, run and run fast.
You don't want to become part of that cast.

Get called to the front.
You squirm up like a runt.
Look you got a big F on the test.
Damn, you are just the best.

Feel like crap all day.
Weeks on end at your bay.
Expect good news when they call?
Nope, you've got worms big, fat and tall.

Geez, you humans can't tell bad news is going to come. Trying to pretend so things aren't glum? The cat would rather just fess up to it and get it fixed. Then no need for things to get nixed. Stole that title from yesterday's rhyming pass, but that is good news from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    Guess who's back on your mat
    It's a wonderful day at your bay
    Hey, let's play:
    Oh it's a wonderful day to fly to that Bora Beach
    And it's a wonderful day when you're out of bleach
    And it's a wonderful day when it's... out of reach

    Anyone joining the number one Bora Teach?
    And if I'm number two
    Well, that's fine too
    Now, where did I leave that shoe?

    1. Did it again Blue
      Congrats to you!


    2. Your copy and paste
      Here post haste
      As a singing blue guy
      Makes hank go oh me oh my
      Hurts the cats ears too
      Can hear you all the way to our zoo

    3. hmm..when are you taking us to bora beach
      and still wondering what you would teach

      Good Morning all
      lets play volleyball
      in the bora sun
      we could run...

    4. He's a liar
      With pants on fire

    5. I'm no politician on a mission
      I'm as truthful as they come and then some
      I'm the fastest typing blueman on the rock
      Got plenty of lines in stock
      What I would teach
      On some island out of reach
      Oh my what could it be
      In the place to be
      With toast
      Don't boast
      From coast to coast

    6. just once I would like to be number one
      that would be so fun
      there must be a way to make that work
      I'll have to stick around and lurk


    7. haha good luck making it work
      Time zone is against you were you lurk
      But wait a few more weeks at my sea
      And plenty of chances will come to thee

      Don't lie you say
      Pfft that's why you want to go to bora bay
      Then you can teach the art of lying
      While your poor tree is left home dying

    8. Well, you were there
      At my Bora Lair
      Did it make you lie
      It sure made me cry
      As you tanned that butt
      Like a lazy mutt

    9. Butt all tanned
      Babes they fanned
      All nice and crystal clear
      With a big litter box near

    10. Betty may be number one come Sunday
      Will not be there to come and play
      Babes they fanned... I bet that's true
      And I'm stuck with Scooby Doo

    11. Blue once more
      At my shore
      Babes beats Scooby
      Ummm err do I have to mention booby

  2. "You humans seem to not see it though"
    Somehow the bad news do come and go
    Good to anticipate
    To avoid one's fate
    Impact will not then be a mystery to know


    1. In the know
      Helps as away you go
      Ready for all
      At ones hall

  3. O I am in shock and stuff
    When the neighbors never get enough
    Their phone rings late at night
    Blue man ready for a fight
    "Care to join us, neighbor?"
    "Have you seen my sabor?"
    I'd club their butts if they didn't like it so much
    I bet they're doing it Double Dutch
    Once got called in at the office zoo
    My money cut down to 85% boo hoo hoo
    Seven years down the line
    It was time to open up that bottle of wine
    For I had somehow managed
    To get rid of that bossy swine
    Hey did you see that coming?
    Did you like my big head drumming?
    Now it's me who's slumming
    Cat never trust the one in charge
    Or you wil end up like El Debarge

    1. Oh I never trust the one in charge
      Love to put them out on a barge
      Watch them float far far away
      That would brighten my day
      Neighbors want you to join in
      Getting a little ass whacking sin
      Damn, are they just attracted to you
      A humping they go at your zoo

    2. This story is as true as gold
      And a story that should be told
      Don't let no big boss man keep you down
      Show the world who is the clown
      My neighbor is quiet now
      But may start moooooing like a cow

    3. A cow moo
      Whip them with your one good shoe
      Big boss man sucks a ton
      Need to get rid of everyone
      But then I'd be broke
      And me the cats would choke

    4. You'd get a brand new one
      A boss man that would be more fun
      You'd get a raise too
      You could buy yourself a brand new shoe

    5. A raise would be grand
      Stay at the bora sand
      Never leaving there
      Work from home at my bora lair

    6. I could help you out
      Won't even shout
      Should buy myself a lottery ticket
      Might even take up cricket

    7. Good luck the ticket
      Better off trying to picket

  4. Daybreak. Have I anything to say
    I'll keep the dogs at bay
    While you do the unexpected
    As you steal goat undetected
    They'll never hear a thing
    An alarm will never ring
    Everything will be so normal
    Conversaton yet so formal
    But they will soon discover
    No goat they can recover
    To this I'll have to say farewell
    Caper of the month goes exceedingly swell

    1. The goat caper was a success
      But now your floor is a mess
      As the goat just goes
      Where, who knows
      Evidence everywhere
      Now at your lair
      In order to win
      Burn down your bin
      Insurance money galore
      And the goat is no more

  5. If you hear banjos, you're going to wish you'd died instead of the car.

    1. lol yep, death would be more of a welcome fate
      Then what comes after the banjo trait

    2. Hahahahahaha..... Now that is funny Alex!

    3. Very true
      Well done at my zoo

  6. ha. i like the banjos, but not that way,
    actually the worst of these might be
    the car breaking down -- cause i would
    be pissed

    1. Yep, hate when the stupid car breaks down
      Usually does it in some strange town

  7. I like the part of a passover meal where they eat a little bitter and another item sweet. Life has the bitter and sweet. Of course the cat only wants to eat meat. He wouldn't understand.

    1. The cat would curl his nose up at that
      Meat sure is needed for the cat

  8. We have a banjo in the house, now that's scary!

    1. haha damn, look at you go
      Chew the strings at your show

  9. I don't like it when the phone rings at night
    as I know something is not quite right
    Oh, and I won't even go there about the car
    need to fix it pronto or you won't go far..

    1. Yep, when the phones rings at night
      Everything is a fright
      Better to turn it off
      Then in the am you can scoff

  10. I'd rather fix it and make it go away
    Than pretend it's not there at my bay. Ha.

    1. Fixing it is the way to be
      Or if too broke, pitch it in the sea

  11. The phone ringing at night is never a good sign.

    1. I usually sleep so hard I can't hear the phone at night. Then find out some idiot tried to call me at 3am later that morning

    2. haha idiots do that
      Best not to hear them anyway at your blog mat

  12. Don't like the phone when it rings
    especially at night
    has been known to cause
    many a fright


    1. Yep, not a good sign
      Either someone is dying or someone wants to whine

  13. Banjos and the woods aren't a great mixture

  14. :hone ringing at night is just not good. I just don't answer and if they want me , they can leave a message.

    1. Yep, best to find out in the am what they want
      As never good at ones haunt

  15. It takes me a while to answer the phone when it rings at night. Anticipation. :P

    1. Nothing one wants to hear
      Is usually talked in the ear

  16. When people call me in the middle of the night I usually don't hear it. Being a mom has given me selective hearing hahaha...yet if the floor creaked, I would jump up out of a dead sleep.

    1. lol that is rather strange
      There at your range
      I stick a fan on and hear nothing at all
      Unless the cat decides to give a call

  17. Hard to tell good from bad/especially when so much fun is had/we, humans, prefer to live in self-delusion/and to others leave the finding of solutions. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. That humans surely do
      Head down at their zoo

  18. A great read Pat, thanks for so much enjoyment to so many.

  19. ha - not all the calls are good ones... though not all are bad ones as well... 50/50 chance..smiles

    1. I suppose some good ones could come due
      Or just a prank call on you

  20. I hate when the phone call rings at night.
    It brings me shivers and fits of fright
    I am always happy if all is all right
    just a wrong number in the dead of night!

    1. A wrong number would just make me mutter
      As I hear the other end stutter

  21. Im with Mary!!
    I hate when the pjone call at night!!
    Of course I think something terrible happens!

    1. I switch my phone off. I don't care if anything happens.

    2. Terrible is usually the first thing thought
      When it rings at night a lot

  22. Right on the phone calls. I used to get happy with late night calls because I was sneaking past phone curfew to talk to friends (how rebellious of me!). ;) Now I hate them because I know no one is calling that late for any good kind of reason.

    1. haha never talked on the pone at my sea
      Boy, were you sneaky
      And yep, nothing good comes of them now
      Usually bad somehow

  23. It always suck with bad news and it happens to all but hearing a banjo when you are in the woods would just suck

    1. Yep, stay out of the woods and all is fine
      No banjos for this feline

  24. Sometimes my cats
    Would get the wind in their sails
    In the middle of the night
    And chase their own tales

    Other times they'd be with me
    In bed fast asleep
    And not move a muscle
    Nor make a meow peep

    1. That seems to be the way
      With cats at many a bay
      As these two sure run
      And then sleep with me when done

  25. If only you could just ignore the ringing phone at night. But you'd just worry about it anyway...may as well answer it.

    1. haha that is true I suppose
      Unless you think it is a dream and back to sleep one goes

  26. It always freaks me out when the phone rings after 9pm. It's never good news. Or it's my husband's alarm company calling him about a stupid false alarm at his work that he has to attend to.

    1. False alarms must sure suck
      But have to go to make a buck


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