Grocery Shop Until You Drop!

There are all kinds of things about, even a scream and shout. You just have to look. One place you find them is the grocery store nook. Yeah, the gawker's scary place. This won't put a smile on his face.

It's grocery shopping day,
The fridge has become bare.
That processed food is just A OK.
Forget the mixed in rat hair.

It's grocery shopping day,
Your credit score is calling.
Credits cards want out to play.
Who can deny those prices falling.

Everywhere the carts are pushing.
It's the end of being stress free.
Parents all around are shushing,
Some kid always has to pee.

Well it's grocery shopping day.
Your cart is already half full.
Why not try the sample tray,
Grab some testicles of a bull.

You might find some more deals,
Or something completely gluten free.
But even with your cart's squeaky wheels,
With wheat you still strongly agree.

Oh it's grocery shopping day,
Your limit has been met.
It's almost time to pay,
There's just that thing for the pet.

It's grocery shopping day,
The line up has you waiting.
With your fingers you play,
Well reading who plastic face is dating.

It's grocery shopping day.
Your turn has finally come.
You load the belt ready to pay,
Well talking out your bum.

It's grocery shopping day,
Your credit card has been maxed.
But you'll pay that next May,
After all you were just taxed.

The fridge has been totally filled,
The best before dates are one day away.
Your family will be thrilled.
Until next grocery shopping day.

Now doesn't that make you just want to go out and shop until you drop? Would you rather do the bunny hop? Enjoy shopping at the store forevermore. The cat will stay home and let you humans roam. That way he won't end up giving slow pokes sass. But that would be fun for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. "Enjoy shopping at the store forevermore"
    Leisurely pace for choicest items every floor
    Prices are reasonable
    Where most are able
    Stocking the larder at great prices is a pleasure


    1. Great prices be nice
      But now a days everything has a high price

  2. I shop til I drop whatever shopping it is, Drop is the operative word as I can't carry shopping very well, by the time I get home I am shattered.
    Great post Pat.

    1. That doesn't sound fun
      With such a shopping run

  3. I leave shopping to The Staff! I have better things to do .... like nap! mol

  4. My mother loves to grocery shop. We spend all day Wednesday doing it. My mother complains how she is rushed. I do not rush her. Resigned is what I am. We buy groceries whether we need them or not.
    The good thing is my mother is still here to do the big grocery run.

    1. That is the good thing indeed
      But all day? I'd go nuts at my feed

  5. Only shop the perimeter of the store
    There you find REAL food forevermore
    The center store just takes up space
    All devitalized food, it is no ace

    1. Yep, crap that is from the loo
      And will make you go there too

  6. I did my grocery shopping yesterday and ran into everyone I knew. No more Sunday shopping. I thought the God squad went to lunch after church not the grocery store? Me, the sinner, just needed food after a wild Saturday night.

    1. lmao the God Squad came after you
      Weren't they off milking things that moo?

  7. I hate grocery shopping. I always pick the longest line.

  8. I feel as though I grocery shop every day. Piss poor planning on my part.

    1. Damn, maybe you need a better plan
      Save the piss and poor a bed pan? lol

  9. I love grocery shopping... I just don't love the prices (and my credit card most definitely reflects that). Want to eat healthy? That'll be $50 for ingredients. Want to eat a box of Twinkies for dinner? That'll be $1.99.

    And we wonder why we're so damn fat here.

    1. Yep, nuts it is in every way
      Eat healthy and spend all your pay
      Eat crappy and spend it on pills
      Either way, one has bills

      Then you have the nuts
      Who says to everyone and their mutts
      That my grocery bill isn't high
      But they are fat, crippled and have a crazy eye
      They saved money though
      With a twinkie hidden high and low

  10. If you'd plan my dinners
    You'd have a winner
    I don't mind to shop
    But meal planning? I'm a flop.

    1. I eat the same
      Some find it lame
      But easy as can be
      No planning for me

  11. Groceries, kiddos having to use the bathroom (mm hmm, happens every time), credit and rag've got the store trip covered right here to a T. :)

    1. lol they always seem to have to go
      Ugg to the stupid credit as it likes to show

  12. Wow, your sample trays
    are more exotic at your bay.
    We just have cheese and crackers,
    of which I'm not a partaker.
    I don't do community food
    some might think I'm rude
    but I just see everyone's germs!
    I'll pass in case I would catch their worms.

    1. lol the right way to be
      There at your sea
      No germs or worms
      As in you it squirms
      I avoid community food every time
      But that you knew without a rhyme

  13. Oh the joys of going to the grocery store
    credit card adds up more and more
    to buy pizza with rat hairs by the score!
    (Quoth the raven 'nevermore.')

    1. Ugg to the rat hairs
      But true affairs
      As there they will be
      Being chewed on by thee

  14. I put groceries in the cart
    I put groceries in the car
    I put groceries in the house
    I deserve a shining star!

    1. I put them in the microwave
      I put them in my mouth
      I put them in my least fav
      I then flush them south

    2. Getting touchy you say?
      Whoops, that was another way

  15. The return of the grocery shopper is always the fun part of the day here!

  16. Bleh gag barf!!!!! Rat hair?? Really, cat, you went there??? That's why I try to buy natural, fresh things and cook them myself.

    1. lol well it is a possibility at any sea
      To get some rat hair for thee

  17. I really do not like to go grocery shopping
    but lately I've been trying to be grateful
    that I do have the money to spend
    and bring up a big crateful


    1. That is very true
      At least the money is there for you

  18. And this is why I have most of my groceries delivered. I never eat off those sampling trys. Germy kids and their grubby slimed hands taking a sample and leaving behind snot. No thanks. lol

    1. lmao snot they like to leave behind
      With germs they are unkind

  19. I hate grocery shopping and I always complain about how much a few bags cost. Did our taxes yesterday so the cupboard is bare for a little while.

    1. The tax man takes it all
      And then some at every hall

  20. I'm not shopping fan
    I leave that to my man
    Not really. I use my own money and feet.
    And then I go there to eat.

  21. I have hated shopping all my adult life. It lost its thrill when we had to pay for everything ourselves.

    1. Yep, when we shell out the dough
      Away any fun will go

  22. haha, being 'almost done' but still having to go buy something for the pet is the story of my life. I always love buying him little treats when I go. And good for you for making an entire post about grocery shopping - it's definitely consuming enough to warrant one!

    1. Consuming week after week
      One spoiled pup at your creek haha
      Good way to be
      Just like the spoiled kitty

  23. WEnt to the grocery this morning and it wasn't bad at all. The secret is to not go there while you are hungry or else you come home with everything.

    1. A good tip indeed
      Also helps when you eat the same thing over and over at your feed

  24. I don't understand why gluten free is so expensive. I hate grocery shopping, especially if I've got the munchies; I'm an impulse buyer.

    1. That is actually an easy one
      And a clever trick they have done
      Gluten and gluten free are made by the same company in some form
      So they sell cheap gluten stuff at the norm
      And sell the other higher priced to win both ways
      Because if it was the same price, gluten free would be where most would gaze
      They could sell the crap
      They peddle on every chap

  25. That's exactly how grocery shopping is for me. Great post! Have a terrific afternoon.

  26. You know cat sometimes I dont want go to grocery shopping many times I finish exausted like last Sunday, alot of people, a lot of kids, etc.

    1. Best to go on a school day
      So not as many kids are in the way

  27. orlin N cassie...we haz hurd de food serviss gurl say her wood rather eat cat lit tare then go groceree shoppin...we R like ...give uz that charge o plastix then....N we will be mor N happee ta buy canned goodz out de wazzoo....can ewe say ocean white fish times 900 !! ♥♥♥

    1. lol you could get all you want
      And leave her eating litter at your haunt

  28. Grocery shop until you drop
    this dreaded deed will not stop
    fill you cart with this and that
    see someone you know better scat
    read the tabloids oh, this is wrong
    magazines tell you how to be strong
    can we just move this line along..

    1. Would be nice
      Plus a cheaper price
      Move the line
      And all be divine

  29. I love it when the fridge is bare
    It's when I clean it everywhere
    Then the shopping must be done
    Oh that part is not much fun

  30. Spending all my money sure is not funny

  31. You know what's worse?

    working at one

    1. lol very true
      All the grumpy people coming due

  32. Well said. Who can afford to eat.

    1. No one now a days
      With the rising price craze

  33. I like the sushi the gloved chef shares
    No kids, just for old squares
    Love the blue flowers they often show
    Love the cedar-smoked salmon, you know
    But why oh why such crap at the checkout stand
    Don't they have quilting magazines in this land???

    1. haha people would rather know
      The celeb crap on the go

  34. I hate grocery shopping so much.
    The idiots that fill the aisle, I want to punch.
    The squeaky cart I always get.
    And germs on the handles are a sure bet.
    The food prices hurt my head.
    I would much rather stay home in bed.

    1. Three for three
      As those too are hated by me

  35. Such a chore
    And a bore
    I often get delivery
    Stops the misery

    1. Easy as can be
      Plus must be a pain in a taxi

  36. I make a list and bring only cash
    I will not eat processed trash.
    I check out coupons
    but not the group-ons.
    I go to 4 different stores
    it is a real bore.
    If I go over my limit
    I look at the food and trim it.
    No credit card is used by this lass
    cos it becomes a pain in the ass

    1. Credit cards are a pain
      I tossed them at my lane
      If I can't buy it at my sea
      Then it is not needed by me

    2. I wish I were that smart
      Put too much in my shopping cart

    3. Can't each much here
      So easy for my rhyming rear

  37. If you shop till you drop
    You end up buying slop
    That's all I know, and it's time to go


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