Just Apply The Deny!

Ever notice how some humans like to deny that such things will fall from the sky? No, not a piano or something like that. I'm not a chicken little cat. Just stick with me and you'll get it at my sea.

The reality is,
I'll create a biz.
I'll be a whiz,
Pass every quiz.

But I'll do it with ease.
I'll sit and scratch fleas.
It will all come due.
I will trust my crew.

No, things aren't bad.
This is the norm at my pad.
Things will turn around.
New paths will be found.

We just have to sit and hope.
Yep, sit here like a dope.
It will all come to be.
Trust in little old me.

I'm the greatest ever.
I am just so clever.
My bank account may be zero,
But I'm still a hero.

I don't need to get a job.
I have plenty of corn on the cob.
I can last for weeks at a time.
I'll never end up like that mime.

I just have to sit here,
And rest my growing rear.
All will be fine.
The planets will align.

Yep, all will be grand.
No need to go to 9-5 land.
I can live through anything.
Oh, just look at my bling.

I am not in denial.
Who cares if I count each bathroom floor tile.
It was just one day.
Soon things will go my way.

I just have to wait for fate.
I can sit and get food on my plate.
Fate is good to me.
Fate will set me free.

Pfffft is all the cat can say. Yeah, sit there, do nothing and things will go your way. Now maybe if you are a fictional character in TV land or are already super rich, otherwise you'll just end up in the nearest ditch. Humans can deny and watch growing grass, I'd rather live in reality with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Look at you
      FINALLY won at my zoo

    2. Congrats Robyn...you made it to the top...

    3. Wow, nice to see new faces at the top
      wonder if this will ever stop
      gives me incentive to try and get first place
      that would be awesome at my space


    4. haha you never know
      A #1 from you could show

    5. So what if I was snoring?
      From coast to coast!

    6. Everyone's been number one lately

      Number one?

      Not Hank apparently

    7. No Hank
      He walked the plank

    8. Hank?
      The Poetry Tank?
      Say it ain't so
      At your show

  2. Replies
    1. Winner winner
      Chicken dinner?

    2. Yay for Robyn
      The early worm bobbin'

    3. Or would that be late
      As 2 am would be her fate

  3. Seems some of us are working
    Some of us are twerking
    Some of us are number one
    with no competition. Whoopie!
    This is fun!

    PS What do I win?
    Been trying for like a year (not really)
    And I finally made it here.
    I guess the others are asleep
    Like all the normal peep.

    1. haha fun to be one
      As you got it done
      Up nice and late
      So 1 is your fate

      Hank stole all the good prizes I'm afraid
      But what do you care, it's Saturday and tonight you're getting laid lol

    2. LOL. Nah, working overnight
      Instead of getting laid
      You can guess what I'd rather be doing
      But it helps to get paid
      And George doesn't pay me
      Though I could charge a fee
      Then again, he could charge twice that from me.

    3. Damn old work
      Takes away the perk
      But getting paid
      Should not fade
      Be a whole different suck
      One with no luck
      Would the charging though
      For you and your beau
      Be considered fair trade?
      If not, the FBI may raid

  4. Great verse Pat, I have been making friends with my neighbour hood cats.
    Enjoy your week-end.

    1. Bet the cats like that
      There at your new welcome mat

  5. Now I can sing
    Thank god it's spring!

    1. I still can't at my sea
      Snow piled so high there is no glee

  6. Hey, hey, hey
    I'm less than #27 at your bay, today!!
    Maybe even less
    Didn't get no rest
    Eff that
    Hooray for the cat
    whose butt ain't fat
    he likes where he's at

    1. No fat butt
      Here at our hut
      Got some cushion though
      In case any want to know
      And less indeed
      No rest sucks at ones feed

  7. Watch things fall from the sky
    Take note that it's really not pie
    It may be rain, snow or sleet
    But surely not freebies that are neat
    It's free water to make your garden grow
    But first the seeds you'll have to sow

    1. And is the water free?
      With all the crap that falls from sea to sea
      Nasty as can be
      Some of the shit in a water spree

  8. Easy street can't be beat
    Hope the cat gets on her feet

    1. The cat is chilling on the tower
      Rejuvenating his running power

  9. I know a few people like that.
    It would never occur to them to get a job, cat!
    They think fortune will fall from the sky
    And others should care for them bye and bye.

    1. Yep, I know more than a few
      Some so called relatives too
      But I cut them off the tree
      Took the branch and whacked them in the knee
      Although the cat can say Pat is whining, but looking
      For a new job booking

  10. Too many resters and self entitled these days

  11. It is amazing how much some people can deny what is right in front of them for so long

  12. The only time I would be counting bathroom tile while waiting for something to go away is during a tornado warning...

    1. lol that would be a good excuse
      To let the counting loose

  13. Of course they all deny that they deny!

    1. A cycle they are on
      Falling for their own con

  14. Money don't grow on trees
    and nothing in life is for free
    like stealing honey from a bee

    sometimes those needles sting
    even with one broken wing
    my heart will continue to sing

    The reality is we need to work
    it might give your brain a perk
    or it could just make you smirk

    It's spring, discover all that is can bring..

    have a great day there at your bay...

    1. No goose with a golden egg
      Or a round thing in a square peg
      Have to keep with the reality of things
      Been I while since i got any bee stings

  15. Facing reality often isn't fun.
    But to solve a problem it must be done.

  16. Cat, I don't get it!!! What is going to fall from the sky?!?!?! And WHY do you count bathroom floor tiles?? I hope they aren't the little teeny tiny tiles. That would be torturous!!!

    1. Geez, so out of the loop today
      Denial at your bay lol

  17. Well said, there are aways those that expect everything fall from the sky to feed them, clothe them and what ever else. It is fun though just every now and then to stare at the walls.

    1. Never know what you might think or see
      If you stare at a wall or a tree

  18. Ha with bank account zero
    no one is a hero
    if there is no dough
    where can one go
    not even to a show
    better pick up a hoe
    to increase cash flow!

  19. Lots of dreamers there could be
    thinking they can float by
    not caring about money in the bank
    just makes me want to sigh


    1. That it surely does
      As they sit on a couch collecting fuzz

  20. i'm done counting the tiles. now i just read from my files!

  21. "Yeah sit there, do nothing and things will go your way"
    Perhaps expect things to fall from the sky if you may
    It does not work one bit
    May have to work for it
    Just draw on one's guile face them and get into the fray


    1. Have to jump in
      To get the win
      No free ride
      Out with the tide

  22. If you do nothing, nothing happens. Wise words from the cat!

    1. That cat can be wise
      A smart ass in disguise?

  23. If you do nothing, nothing happens. Wise words from the cat!

  24. I have seen this type too many times in my office. They are young, strong, wearing expensive boots and have tattoos but have no job and are on assistance. They have a cell phone and a big screen TV and smoke daily ($300 per month here in Canada) but are behind in their rent and complain people from other countries are taking their jobs but the last place they would work at is a place where many people from other countries are working at. It is a shame that I see this often and more and more from young kids who still live at home and are in the late 20's

    1. Yep, they have to have to all
      Then come and whine when they fall
      Always have a way to whine
      Because they can't dine
      Cigarettes are nuts in price
      Plus smoking them is nasty and not nice

  25. Pfft - reality ain't all it's cracked up to be
    Rather sit in my ditch and count to three
    And then when all the counting's done
    I will roll over and bask in the sun

    1. But what if water fills your ditch
      Or fleas invade and make you itch

    2. Then I will swim
      Or hop on my boat
      And drown the fleas
      So away they will float

    3. You'll have a boat
      While in a moat?

    4. I have it all
      Here at my hall

    5. Aren't you set
      A boat to not even get wet

  26. Reality is for people with no imaginations. lol

  27. There's always enough denial to go around!

    1. And around and around it goes
      Bringing on the woes

  28. Replies
    1. Good ones to blame
      Shiver at the name

    2. LOL... I just watched their new show. Are they getting weirder or is it just me.

    3. Weirder is the word
      As they are absurd

  29. Sit there and do nothing and you will get nothing ~ Fate is what one makes of it ~ Have a good weekend Pat ~

  30. Good to do things with ease
    when you feel bliss
    when you love this
    then stars - falling,
    gifts - calling
    with a breeze.

    1. No stars will hit my on the head though, right?
      That would hurt on some starry night

  31. I know one person just like that..happy to sit and rule the roost at his mat.
    He's not a worker, that's just not his thing. He can't even get married, no money for the ring.

    1. haha poor poor guy
      Whatever will he do when the well runs dry

  32. I've always wondered what fuels the popularity of catch-phrases. I'm going to put effort into popularizing "APPLY THE DENY." ;-)

    1. haha could catch on
      Whoopdi friggin doo works at my lawn

  33. Lazy bums.
    Sadly, in my family there are tons.
    Want, want want all day.
    But refuse to work for any kind of pay!

    1. Yep, have a few too
      But I cut them off the tree at my zoo

  34. It would be nice if I could deny, but someone has to pay the bills.


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